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Sadie Sandler Gets Lotsa Laughs

Sadie Sandler Gets Lotsa Laughs

Funnyman Adam Sandler takes his daughter Sadie Madison, 16 months, to grab lunch at Hamburger Hamlet in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon.

The father-daughter duo was accompanied by, presumably, Adam‘s parents. Sadie was seen giving hotel staff high fives!

Baby Sadie is Adam‘s little hamburger helper!

20+ pictures inide of Adam and Sadie Sandler going for their hamburger helpings..

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sadie sandler laughing 01
sadie sandler laughing 02
sadie sandler laughing 03
sadie sandler laughing 04
sadie sandler laughing 05
sadie sandler laughing 06
sadie sandler laughing 07
sadie sandler laughing 08
sadie sandler laughing 09
sadie sandler laughing 10
sadie sandler laughing 11
sadie sandler laughing 12
sadie sandler laughing 13
sadie sandler laughing 14
sadie sandler laughing 15
sadie sandler laughing 16
sadie sandler laughing 17
sadie sandler laughing 18
sadie sandler laughing 19
sadie sandler laughing 20

Photos: Jri/Shinn/Bauer-Griffin
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  • rory

    i’m sorry (i’m not, really) but sadie is one of the uglier toddlers i’ve ever seen. that dumb mug works for her dad in comedy–but here’s hoping she grows out of or into it eventually.

  • ash

    awwwww she may grow up to be a supermodel

  • Bite me

    i love chubby baies

  • Ciya

    haha awww look at her chubbbbbyyy cheeks..i love it!

  • miranda

    she’s not really that cute….im not gonna call her ugly because she’s not even 2 years old and maybe she’ll grow up to be prettier.

  • AUGH

    shes so cute
    i’m glad she not dressed in girly clothes like shilo

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    She seems as funny as her dad :D

  • Ellie

    She’s such a cute little kid. Bless her!

  • G.g

    Now, that’s one ugly kid.

  • kittyB

    she is ugly kid. She wont never grow up be a supermodel. Her parents should never make any kids anymore. not good genes.

  • c

    It’s utterly disgusting when you call babies ugly and utter derogatory remarks about them.

  • miranda

    i dont like calling kids ugly, but that isn’t a cute kid. and honestly, i thought that was a boy at first! it’s wayyy cuter when girls are dressed girly like shiloh, zahara, suri:)

  • veronica

    I don’t think she’s ugly. She just has a very mature looking face. She seems to be loved and happy, that’s all that matters.

  • Bradleyfan

    She is not ugly, but a little bit fat and she looks like her Daddy!!


    Those of you who consider her ugly should never choose to have children of your own. Karma is a bitch!

  • Naty

    OMG she is so ugly….sometimes she looks like a boy…ugly ugly girl…

  • Lena

    cute. At last something different than the tiresome Angelina and Brad. Those two are media overkill and I have no respect for them.

  • Lara

    i don’t wanna sound slack but i thought she was a boy

  • gen

    Jesus, KB. Get some help.

  • micky

    Cute funny-looking kid.

  • Z

    I thought she was a boy.(sorry)

  • Stupidpeopleannoyme

    KittyB- how fug are you? Maybe your parents shouldnt have bred.

    Bradleyfan- did you really just call a baby fat? You should NEVER breed!

  • :-p

    Oye Vey!

  • Jess

    Poor kid. She doesn’t look like she will get any better. She is going to end like the oldest of the Willis girls.
    She really is ugly

  • Adrian

    I’m sure her parents are ashamed of her and don’t love her because she is not beautiful.

    You people are disgusting. No wonder this site is known as the most hateful vile bunch of crazies around.

  • remember da truth

    I cannot believe someone was so shallow as to say that parents shouldn’t have kids if the child isn’t cute.
    What is WRONG with you people?!?! If anyone shouldn’t have kids, it’s disgusting useless people who think like that!

  • Anonymous

    Not only is Sadie adorable, but she is normally developed for a 16 month old toddler. It’s so sad to see how underdeveloped little Shiloh is. I don’t believe that little thing can even walk.

  • Anonymous

    She’s beautiful. Just look how wonderfully developed she is. When I see a 16-month old like Sadie, I feel so sorry for poor little Shiloh who can’t even walk at this age, much less do all the things that this precious little girl can do.

  • groundcontrol

    Obviously we don’t see her in real life so we can’t appreciate her adorable nature. There, is that better? But please don’t suggest she is a good looking child. At this stage she is not.

    Fortunately, her daddy is loaded and will be able to pay for all the plastic surgery she needs or wants. And she will get it. Plus with her money and connections, she’ll have lots of men lining up to marry her. Men are just as gold digging as women. Maybe she’ll be a brain surgeon – much better than a model.

    Anyway, isn’t Sandler gay? He got married like the good son he is and produced the obligatory grandchild.

  • Sadie

    Probably this child will grow up and tell people, “I was one ugly toddler!” So no one should feel bad for saying she is ugly. She is. oh well.

    And there have been pictures of shiloh walking. Who said she does not walk?

  • please

    Don’t pick on the baby. That’s not nice.

  • connie

    aweeeeeee. she’s soo adorable!!!!

  • idiotas

    que tiene que ver una cosa con la otra? esta niña es fea. punto. su papa tal vez la ama mucho al igual que su mamá. pero de que es fea, es fea.

    Shiloh si camina, busca ya y verás

  • Bite me

    thats pretty low to pick on a child… why must Shiloh be compared to every stupid celebrity baby out there

  • hotbitch

    Not only is she overweight for her age but let’s keep it real….the kid looks like the reincarnation of Walter Mattheau.

  • hotbitch

    Not only is she overweight for her age but let’s keep it real….the kid looks like the reincarnation of Walter Mattheau.

  • joy

    i guess she looks cuter when she smiles but when she doesn’t… well like everyone keeps saying maby she will grow up to be pretty

  • still better than shislow

    She looks bright, happy, healthy and normal. That makes her adorable. A lot more fun to look at than a blank face, slack jawed, dull mouth breather.

  • loverly

    yall shiloh can walk but brad and angie just carry her for safty purposes

  • loverly

    there are much cuter kids in hollywood like suri zahara and shiloh

    but in all honesty lets all hope adam sandler has no more kids their all going 2 suffer for uglyness! poor kid

  • Ash

    39 loverly : 10/06/2007 at 10:35 pm
    there are much cuter kids in hollywood like suri zahara and shiloh

    but in all honesty lets all hope adam sandler has no more kids their all going 2 suffer for uglyness! poor kid
    your parents shouldn’t have given birth to you for the same reason.

  • Gem

    What a bunch of f*ucktards, to say such hateful stuff about a little child!

  • Anonymous

    Shiloh has problems that are not being addressed. Sadie is a normal little girl. Believe me, Shiloh is no raving beauty. She’s cute because all kids are cute, but Shiloh does not compare to other babies her age.

  • groundcontrol

    You cannot diagnose any developmental issues from a few seconds of a child’s life in photographs unless the disability has obvious physical symptoms like Down’s Syndrome. Babies with low IQs are generally happy babies so smiling and laughing doesn’t tell you much.

    Why don’t we quit playing Dr.Spock and concentrate on the more important things like if she’s pretty or not? Just kidding. Or if her daddy’s gay? Not kidding.

  • purple gem

    So what if Sadie isnt as adorable as Shiloh or Suri, she looks like a happy kid and thats all that matters right now.

  • Bee

    She’s going to need on helluva personality to compensate for those “looks.”

  • xena

    I honestly dont think Shiloe is any better ( in terms of beauty) than this baby. I think this girld looks funny and cute. I think Shiloe was above the average baby when she was born, but now she is not anymore, IMO.
    But of course life is not only about beauty. So in the end it doesnt matter. I like to see pictures of Sadie.

  • xena

    I just saw all the pictures and Sadie is very easegoing with everyone.. she looks adorable.

  • KrungKrung

    she’s Shiloh’s age? she seemed bigger but she’s cute and chubster hehe.

  • Stoned

    are we sure Drew barynmore is not her momma? she looks like Dreww barymore and adam sandler to me.