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Halo Enjoy Hockey Game... And Each Other

Halo Enjoy Hockey Game... And Each Other


Hayden Panettiere laughs while sitting next to fellow Heroes Milo Ventimiglia while attending the NHL hockey game between the St. Louis Blues and the Los Angeles Kings on Saturday in Los Angeles.

Hayden, 18, and Milo, 30, attracted much attention from fans and cameras throughout the game. Aww, how cute!

More pictures inside of Hayden at the Hollywood Most Wanted Art Show at The Venice Grind Gallery in Venice, Calif. on Friday. The Art Show was hosted by Heroes star Zachary Quinto.

Heroes returns will all-new episode “Kindred” tomorrow, Monday @ 8PM ET/PT on NBC!

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Photos: Danny Moloshok/AP, Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage/Getty
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  • abby

    awww, so cute!

  • +greenpeace+

    i couldn’t believe milo is 30! but this, i approve!!!

  • Aly

    Thanks for the new Halo pictures, they are adorable.

  • marie

    they’d make couple….i hoe they are cause they look so cute together…much better than steven colletti

  • Lindsay

    thanks for the Halo pics! i love them. they are so together, i love it!

  • charm

    it should be HAYLO – to differentiate it with the game :P

  • Fleasha

    Heh, the lady at the front doesn’t seem very impressed with these two.

  • lovely

    i see you posted the pics :D

    they are soo cute :D, hope there will be more pics of them

    oh BTW milo was at the hollywood most wanted art show too and there are also pics of them !!!!


    A 30 year old man and an 18 year old girl. I hope they are not together. No matter how much money she has, she is not emotionally mature enough to be in a relationship with a grown man.

    I hope they are just friends.

  • Sandy

    OMG he is too old for her.

  • so sweet

    Funny, she is the only one laughing like a mad woman!

  • Jane

    He dont look old..they look great together

  • claire

    damn the girl is cute…and the guy is really charming! they would make a great couple,though i personally think he’s too old for her…

  • LoveLee

    awww they’re so cute together!

  • Fug Face Jolie


  • Cris

    actually, heroes isn’t on at 8, that’s when chuck is on. heroes comes on at 9pm.

  • ho

    When are you idiots gonna understand that age is just a number and that your emotional age is far more important, when you want a good relationship?

  • Lauren

    i hope he wins DWTS. him or jane.

  • Zenah

    Seriously, what is he doing? He’s a grown man and (as much as she and every other 18 year old might deny it) she is just a child. I mean, I really hope that there’s nothing between these two, because frankly, it’s going to be all kinds of ugly.

  • babyblue

    age is just a number – my mum was 19 when she met my dad who was 30 and they are married for 25 years now! it’s just a number, nothing special!

  • Regina

    So are they officially shagging?

  • tracycutie

    this made my day.
    finally new pictures of them out together.
    Halo is LOVE!

  • ghostgirl

    This is starting to get very interesting, in a lab specimen sort of way. For me, at least.

    Random commentary on this:
    IF this is true, either Hayden Panettiere is emotionally mature, or Milo Ventimiglia is emotionally unripe. Hmmmm, which witch is which?

  • liveinlove

    funally new pics of halo!!!! :]]]]]]

  • Taylor_Blue

    i love these pics Jared…keep them coming!! I love Milo!!! Halo are so cute together…

  • abby


  • Kaitlin

    Halo is so cute together….I don’t care about the age difference as long as thier happy.

  • Sophia

    They don’t look twelve years apart, and they probably don’t act it either. Hayden’s been in the business so long, she’ll have had to mature very quickly to deal with it. Besides there was 20 years between my grandparents and and they couldn’t have been happier.
    Everyone’s only making the fuss because she’s just turned 18, if she was 22 and and he was 34 no one wouldn be bothered. I think they’re sweet together and if they’re happy and don’t care about the age gap and neither should we.

  • feebz


    Alexis Bleidel and that Colletti loser

    Super cute and keep it up, Hayden and Milo!!!

  • amle

    the people at the game seem annoyed with the midget. they are trying to concentrate and enjoy the hockey game and some little chick is laughing like a hyena behind them. Which we all are aware is because she loves the attention. Woooo Hoooo the blues won!!! Hayden probably didnt even know who was playing.

  • Fug Face Jolie

    lol @ hayden laughing @ her haters.

  • Mehidi

    Thanks ! If you want to see pictures in HQ :

    Thanks for your visit =)

  • WoW

    He’s 30! Milo is hot but I didn’t think he was that old. Age is just a number though.

  • Shannon

    Aw I love them!

  • suzy

    Halo so cute. love milo

  • shiloh nouvel

    why does it bother people that she is dating your life how you want to and dont worry about her.who is anybody to say she isn’t emotionally ready:::::::News Flash:::: YOU DONT KNOW HER.

  • pwincesspink

    They r so cute 2gether n no 17 is so totally right age is jus a number

  • deb

    hes hot, hope there not shagging

  • Kristen

    lmfao i bet she doesn’t even know what teams are playing

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    HALO SIGHTING! :D Haha Jared, I’m lovin’ the nickname..did you come up with it? :D

  • Ps

    Their age difference is apparent by their demeanor. She is laughing hysterically and he is looking at her like she has lost her mind, but too each their own. If they like each other, great!

  • kakc

    milo is way too old for, what a loser he has no game

  • gala

    c’mon angelina jolie and brad pitt are also like, 12 years apart!

  • unimpressed

    I don’t think it’s the age difference so much as its her AGE. I know that when I was an eighteen year old girl I wouldn’t have been emotionally mature enough for a 30 yr. old man. Besides she can’t even legally go to a club/bar with him. I think its totally inappropriate.

  • Lo

    Yay for new Halo pics! Thanks Jared!

  • HAlo is love

    Oh man HALO is love! they are totally cute together

  • Christy

    There is an 95% chance they are going to break up in less than a year. She just got out of a relationship, and is too young to settle down. Now if this was like 1950 or something she might be the right age to settle down. All they are doing is creating a problem on the set when they break up. All i have to say is that one of them better not have to leave the show when the break up happens. I will be mad. lol

    Also, imo i dont care if he doesnt look 30, a 13 year age gap is a lot less icky when the younger party is over 21. I think alot of yall are seeing two gorgeous people, and ignoring the fact that if these were “normal” people persay, you would think it was not right. I am only 24 and I would never date an 18, I dont care how hot he was. However if he was Wentworth Miller, I might have to make an exception. LMAO.

  • Lara

    yuck, they better not get together he is WAY too old for her

  • Lara

    yuck, they better not get together he is WAY too old for her

  • jessica

    i totally agree with Gala! no one ever mentions that brad & angelina are 12 yrs apart! so all the other people get over it!