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Jessica Biel Dines With Justin Timber-take-out

Jessica Biel Dines With Justin Timber-take-out

“Special friends” Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel grab take-out and enjoy dinner together back at their hotel while in Toronto on Friday.

Back in the Big Apple, Timberlake‘s upper East Side BBQ joint “Southern Hospitality” is welcoming fans from both teams at its Jets/Giants game-time party today.

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  • igotyou


  • igotyou

    YAY i was 1st haha

    were these pics taken Friday or Saturday ?



  • betduke

    Why in the hell do these two morons have a surprised look on their faces when caught by the photogs? Get over it already. You’re famous and making an overly amount of money for doing basically nothing. So, they take your picture, duh. Idiots!

  • Abc22

    They have been all over Toronto these past two weeks! JT is here filming ‘The Love Guru’ ….Just the other day, Justin was playing golf in a small town just north of the city (about 10 min from my house actually) lol…at Magna Golf Course in Aurora…they also have been out to many local hot spots in the city. It is much easier for them to go out and do things here because even though we do have paparazzi – it isn’t nearly as crazy as say LA or NY!!

  • Alex

    they looked stoned

  • Maria

    Jessica looks awful, as usual. She looks like a horse and is losing the 1 thing that got her famous-her ass! Enough with the damn boots already too!

    Justin can do wayyy better than her!


    They are stoned!

    It is nothing wrong here!


    That is why they have that suprised look in their eyes! :P

    I just think that she looks boring as hell, and Justin needs to Flavor his dipping with a sista!

  • Kimmy

    Is this JT’s new pet? She’s following him around like a dog! I guess she has nothing better to do. Her acting sucks and can’t get her movie roles….maybe she can do another scantly clad photoshoot.

  • Sandra

    Look at her looking at the camera, such a publicity whore!
    They look bored.

  • sarah


  • igotyou

    ESTRELLA no need to get all snotty – I asked because he wore the exact same thing on FRIDAY

  • Regina

    What is going on with Jessica Biel? I find it ironic how she suddenly has turned ugly after dating Justin.

  • Lara

    they look bad together and Jessica is seriously fugly, she looks like a ghost

  • Mili

    I can’t stade Jessica Biel. She’s using him, she’s just an attention whore.
    Justin deserves a lot better.
    Justin Is So HOT though

  • Lexyane

    I am agree with you all!!!!

    Jessica, like Lindsay said “it’s a joke” ah ah!



  • evan

    both look unhappy and creepy. But they deserve each other; both are a-holes.

  • Bitsy

    GO GO GO TO TORONTO PAPS!!! Apparently some of you are already there. Really, really would like to know what other people around Justin honestly think about her. There haven’t been many positive comments about him with her. At least with Cameron he had a little support from a lot of his fans.

  • Go sox

    Celebrities have the right to go out with whomever they choose, just like we do. People are attracted to each other for many reasons, and they obviously have something. Why do people have to be so harsh about who others go out with??? I wonder if all you would like the world dissing your choices in dates………

  • marsha

    Jessica is working, her hair is dark for a role which makes her look a little pale. This girl is a natural beauty, you did’nt see Cameron out and about without make-up. You could tell on Justin’s Oprah appearance that he totally adores this girl, they should’nt have to pose for the paps when their just trying to have dinner.

  • jon

    “GO GO GO TO TORONTO PAPS!!! Apparently some of you are already there. Really, really would like to know what other people around Justin honestly think about her. There haven’t been many positive comments about him with her. At least with Cameron he had a little support from a lot of his fans”

    His fans like her

  • Lexyane

    i don’t care about him and i am happy that Scarlett is not in Jessica place!

    They can do what they like, i don’t care of their lives, but it was a bit weird to me when I heard they were dating….

  • Sanjuanpuma

    Jessica look pretty here. I’m glad she didn’t cut her hair. I was starting to think she wacked it off. She wears it pulled up a lot.

  • Natalie

    They are such an odd couple. For some reason, they just dont seem like they *go* together, lol. If they are happy tho, good for them!! =) Big up to Toronto, my hometown.

  • crissy

    She’s wearing those boots again! She’s looks horrible, Justin of course looks like his usual gorgeous self. Don’t see his attraction with this girl (assume her ass has alot to do with it). Her hair looks really greasy! Notice she’s not wearing her William Rast jeans again…at least Cameron advertised for Justin, that’s the least this horseface could do!!

  • Eva

    He needs to dump her. They don’t look good together.

  • Sally

    Both ugly inside and out.

  • N

    boring and odd-fitting couple.

  • Joseph

    You People just Jealous of Jessica Biel because Jessica Biel azaming talent actress and beauitful gorgeous woman and make alot of money and is famous. Jessica Biel is My faovorite actress of all time.Jessica Biel is going win Oscar very soon because she azaming talent actress.Jessica Biel has kind big caring heart she always will to helping others who need help.Jessica Biel Rocks!

  • @BB@

    she looks like crap…

  • lola

    there it is…that hypacritical upset look….i swear to god the paps should boy cot her….then lets see what she will do…..she makes me sickkk….hey missy if you canèt smaile for the camera…..get a new job you ugly biatch

  • Bitsy

    His fans like her==== maybe some of them, but the comments here and other places say different, and they all seem have to have the same observation about her. I still would like to know what the people who are around him all the time, beside his Mother think of her.

  • so sweet

    First picture ever in which he looks good! LOL

    He always looks like a truck driver (no offense to them)

  • mmm

    Uh… Jessica is udly I don’t now what people find in her… Her body is good but there are a lot of girls in hollywood with great physic..And what is she known for? I haven’t seen any movie with her.. So why justin dates her? No one can top britney in her old days…

  • Orsi

    Ugh, and she was once named the “most beautiful woman on Earth”?!?! Then I can be on that list as well…

  • Tory

    She is ugly as hell! Don`t know where he has his eyes…There are so many attractive girls in the world and surely more intelligent ones as well and he only chooses the most ugly ones…And she`s not talented either…The only publicity she gets is when she is going out with him…She always chases him around – should a girl do that? I`m sure she will get on his nerves pretty soon…and she`s getting uglier everyday as well, so…

  • cutie pie

    she should take that butt implant out.

  • samantha

    Justin look cute.

  • no name

    I work at the magna golf course. JT and Jessica were suppost to come but Jessica never made it in that day only JT. I met him that day he’s a great solid guy really low key about things .He had lunch and check out items in the pro shop than he played only 4 holes than the rain started to hit hard . So he took off.

  • muzz

    every1s jealous of justin
    jessicas hot ur not
    and he doesnt like YOU
    simple as that