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Nicole & Keith: A Romantic Dinner For Two

Nicole & Keith: A Romantic Dinner For Two

Australia’s hottest celebrity couple, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, hold hands as they leave a downtown Japanese restaurant after a romantic dinner on Saturday night in New York City. (The pair dined at the delicious Omen restaurant in SoHo.)

Nicole has been in town to promote her new movie Margot At The Wedding. The dramedy is schedule to open in limited release on November 16th.

10+ pictures inside of Nicole & Keith‘s romantic dinner for two…

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nicole kidman keith urban nyc 01
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 02
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 03
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 04
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 05
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 06
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 07a
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 08
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 09
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 10
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 11
nicole kidman keith urban nyc 12

Photos: Mario Magnani/Bauer-Griffin, Arnaldo Magnani/Getty, Ronald Asadorian/Splash News Online
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  • Jane

    First~ hope their marriage wil work out right

  • Fug Face Jolie

    lol lame couple – he downgrades her.

  • ©-!

    I love her.


    Hope and pray their love conquers all

  • cateblanchetfan#1

    oh my God…Keith’s so hot!!!

    I adore Nicole’s dress, she’s very sweet.

    There’s no doubt: they’re happy and very much in love!


    2 Please. If anything He has bought spice, and passion into her life! I am not saying that Tom didn’t produce that, but SCORPIOS are Freaky! LOL

    OH and Angelina IS NOT ugly, MANNISTON IS UGLY!

    I love how his shirt is open here, and it looks like they have INSANE SEX! GO KEITH, and NICOLE! :P

  • Regina

    Someone should tell Nicole that polka dot was out seasons ago!


    Should anybody tell you that you are shallow?

  • peace

    jared u site was on the insider omg i could not belive it it was the pic of anna smith yay u

  • Daisy

    Jared, thank you for the pictures! I love Nicole’s dress & shoes & Keith’s “3 button rule” is in effect! They both look great.

  • Regina

    Should anybody tell you that you are shallow?

    Was that aimed at me? Because I said that polka dot was out ages ago.

  • natalie

    So she wears Prada out for dinner, and he wears jeans – someone is either over-dressed or under-dressed for their night out on the town. Someone should fire her hair stylist – color those gray roots Nic! A barrette in her hair – is she trying to be four years-old again?

  • i love angie

    they are great

  • Jamie

    My favorite couple!! They both look amazing! I love how Keiths shirt is all un-done and I am in love with Nicoles dress! They make the cutest couple!

  • cal girl

    Keith is WAY HOT!! Yummy pictures. Nic looks very ladylike. They each have their own style which does not match, unlike Brad and Angie who always look adorable dressed so much alike. To each couple their own. Glad to see them out and looking happy.

  • Me

    He really needs to button the shirt up a little. I like him but I think he looks silly with his shirt unbuttoned to his waist all the time. Why not just leave the shirt at home? Keith is cute but his body is not that great.

  • Terry

    I wonder where Isabella and Conner are? I wish she could get them out of the cult. They’re both close to their teens. Hopefully, they will realize on their own how dangerous and sinful belonging to the cult is. Of course, everything good that Nicole tries to do for Isabella and Conner, Tom tries to undo.

  • Gabriella1555

    i wish that were zanessa…:)

  • awaiting moderation

    Hey if they are Australia’s hottest couple why do they live in Nashville? They both look great.

    (It was just a snark question, I know why they live in Nashville).

  • Brad Addict

    I love Keith he rocks and he looks so happy, he’s the best singer ever

    And I love his accent I think he’s so cute, Nicole is beautiful woman

    Thanks Jared for the photo

  • Anya

    who cares!!!!!!

  • Regina

    who cares!!!!!!

    Clearly you do because you posted?

  • ally

    They both look great!

  • LOL

    I want them to last like most married people in Hollywood and regular people on this world but they’re not lovely looking nor all that.

  • Fans

    Down under and out

    If only … Nicole Kidman would retire. John Patterson breaks the news to the Australian diva that she’s no longer a commercial proposition

    Saturday October 6, 2007
    The Guardian

    Nicole Kidman
    Come in Kidman, you’re time is up. Photograph: Gareth Cattermole/Getty

    So Nicole, I’ve been watching your latest movie, Invasion, and it seems your number is up. You should row yourself ashore, hand back the boat, hunch your shoulders against the rising wind and just go home. Invasion was almost your 10th movie in a row that has vanished without trace.

    If only you’d retire. Because now would be the time. If you wait any longer, Hollywood’s powers that be – or their accountants – will rise from their crypts one morning and realise it is time to cut their losses re: your not entirely brilliant career. Anyone devoted to the bottom line will sooner or later notice that you have become Miss Joan Crawford 1944: which is to say, box office poison. And judging by your recent choices, I don’t think you’re savvy enough – or hungry or ruthless enough – to revive your career by latching onto a Mildred Pierce-style career-turnaround. Perhaps one of your movies in the pipeline, Margot At The Wedding or Australia, will serve this need, but we won’t cry ourselves to sleep if they don’t.

    Article continues
    It’s bad enough you’re in the 19th remake of Invasion Of The Bodysnatchers (and even worse that you screwed it up this horribly, since the property has withstood two passable remakes already, from Philip Kaufman and Abel Ferrara), but it also comes in the wake of two equally dimwitted remakes that likewise tanked abysmally: Bewitched and The Stepford Wives. Either of those two dogs would have ripped another performer’s career limb from limb, eaten the carcass, puked it up and eaten it all over again.

    To make matters worse, I note with no little sense of horror that you are slated to appear in a mooted remake of Orson Welles’ The Lady From Shanghai, indicating that the habits into which you have lately fallen are unlikely to be repudiated any time soon. There is also the niggling question of your other, non-derivative/plagiaristic recent movie choices: Fur. Enough said. The Human Stain, in which Tony Hopkins was a black man and you, no less implausibly, were a cleaner. Ditto. Birth, which died in its cradle. I realise that you are on occasion a middlingly fine actress, that you have an Oscar (albeit for wearing a false hooter), and that you are not without a brain, but still I have to ask: what have you done for me lately?

    If only you weren’t married, because then you could fade away like Grace Kelly, marry the witless king of some corrupt, made-up, toy principality whose only redeeming feature is its colorful Ruritanian military uniforms. But then I remember: you were once a Scientology hostage bride, so you’ve done all that before.

    And what magic are you working on these big Hollywood producers that persuades or forces them to let you keep working? Does Keith Urban know what you’re up to? Or do you just have some really juicy Polaroids of Tom and his crazy co-religionists locked together in some sort of sweat-soaked Scientological excelsis? Because if so, well, do your worst. But if not – retire!

  • micky

    Gabriella1555, get out of here.

  • marley

    They look good together.

  • Jane Doe

    She looks like his grandmother.

  • Eva

    Love, love, love…

    This couple is adorable.

  • Zac

    Regina, this dress is from this season Prada cruise collection…just for you know!
    I adore the dress, very lovely as the couple!

  • Mandy

    i love this couple and i’m happy they are in love!They deserve to be happy.

  • Raichill

    He looks like he’s holding hands with a manequin.

  • Vannie girl

    Oh Nicole and Keith are such a down to earth people. I think they look great together, and it’s great seem that two people in totally different stlyes, combine in heart matters.

  • Carla

    Nicole she is definetly the most elegant and beautiful woman in Hollywood. It’s good to see these days, someone who knows what to dress.i don’t like the way Keith is dressing but i like him.

  • Naomi fan

    her dress and shoes are so feminine. I want both!

  • Satine

    Nicole knows better than anyone how to be elegant and chic with simple dresses. what i like most in her look is her shoes!!!!I want it so much!
    I’m not a fan of keith stly either, but we have to understand he is a coutry star, not a hollywwod one.

  • grey

    I’m not a huge for of Nicole, but these last days i have to admitte she is simply gorgeous.the dress, the hair, the blue shoes…everything is right!

  • Jeniffer

    They seem so happy together.

  • fendi fan

    i’m so happy for both. I am a huge fan of the two.
    I’m glad Nicole is getting again her hair red.

  • John

    what a beautiful couple. I’m sure the day Nic get pregnat, the baby will be very beautiful as the parents.
    I was not a fan of Cruise, so now i’m glad she is with Mr Urban, he is a nice man. My uncle knows him and he just said great things about him.

  • Dani the great!!!!

    I love keith Urban, he is the best country music singer. He has lovely melodies. I’m very happy he has a woman as Miss Kidman, she is very sweet and kind.and beautiful of course…

  • LADY T

    Nicole and Keith are a great match. I can’t wait to see Nicole pregnant with Halle and Jennifer pregnanices, I pray that Nicole will be next…

  • Foxy

    Nicole is very cutie these days, she is so pretty in that dress.I like this couple, they are very in love, no doubts about it!

  • Jenix

    Nicole looks like a doll, she is so beautiful, her face is porcelain.Altough first i didn’t like him,now i think he is the right man for her.I hope they have a baby soon, he/she will be beautiful.

  • Dancer

    Thanks Jared! Nicole looks stunning and the dress/shoes are fantastic. Keith looks like a bad country boy! Wow! What a great couple.

  • Tina

    He’s a loser. She looks like her Stepford wives character.

  • fug face katie

    ha they are better than tiny Tom and his giant robot wife katebot.

  • Sandy

    Love both…ok i love more Nicole, but…i like him too.Hope they saty together for a long time…

  • lennie

    I love them both. I’ve always been a great fan of Nicole and I deeply think that Keith is the one who can make her happy. I love the way they are as a couple, and Nicole would have never stood by Keith despite his drug addiction if he didn’t worth it.

  • Paola

    I love Nicole and now I love Keith too, they are a beautiful couple.