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Posh @ Paris Fashion Week 2007

Posh @ Paris Fashion Week 2007

Victoria Beckham attends the Louis Vuitton fashion show during Paris Fashion Week on Sunday in Paris, France. Posh hit up Chanel’s fashion show on Friday with Dita Von Teese.

According to beauty products manufacturer Coty’s Stephen C. Mormoris, David and Victoria Intimately Beckham fragrances are “off to a very strong start in consumer sell-through in U.S. retailers after only two weeks.”

Vix‘s Intimately Beckham for Her is outselling Becks‘s male version at a rate of two to one in the US.

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Photos: Julien Hekimian/Getty
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  • Jennifer


  • Cindy

    FIRST!!! For the first timer, go me!!

    She actually looks decent, but maybe its cause we can’t see the rest of her o too skinny self :S

  • JAS

    she looks great !!

  • lki

    Her bodys that thin shes got a Bobbble head lol oink! oink!

  • jess



  • jess

    I love her outfit, she looks fantastic..

  • Just me…

    She really looks like a inflatable doll!! :D

  • Just me…

    She really looks like a inflatable doll!!! :D

  • Egoistic joker

    It is so crazy that people don’t or can’t tell the difference
    between fake and real. Posh is as fake as they come and she is ugly to boot. Her head is so huge and than hiarcut does not help and than she uses make-up like a drag queen and she takes most of the designer clothes and make it look as cheap as a flea market clothing which makes her look more like a hooker.

  • Wooden Legs Angelina

    sticks and bones

  • Fran

    She looks much better with her hair out of her face!

  • Omfg;


  • galaxy


  • Lara


  • nina

    I could hardly say she’s pretty/beautiful.

    Does she ever smile?

  • nina

    Does she ever smile?

  • BBperfume

    I smell some haters up in here! Com”on ppl, Posh isn’t butt ugly and isn’t top notch beauty either. I understand that she’s annoying to many of us regular folks, bcoz she flaunts her wealth, while we are sweating from 9-to-5 to make a dime. So we feel like venting our frustrations to feel better.
    I wonder why Posh hardly wears any jewellery, except for a pair of studs or a finger bling. Does she have a skin allergy with metals? For a fashionista, i find it weird that she doesn’t accessorize much.

  • Egoistic joker

    Posh is ugly and but she thinks she is a beauty and expects people to worship her. I do hate Posh, She dresses up like a hooker and looking like a pig who is trying to live up to the last three letters of her name. h a m! The resaon I don’t like her is because she is majah snorty ass and I really don’t care how rich she is, I love a lot of other rich stars and celebrities.

    Just because you don’t like somebody does not mean it it because of their money it is for their arrogance amongst other things. I love Will and Jada Smith and also Katie and Tom Cruize and Oprah Winfrey but I don’t like Tyra Banks lately because she is sick and disgusting and has no class. I also can’t stand that moronic dumb ass, the VIEWLAGE (village) IDIOT Hasselcrack.

  • nokia

    for # 18 Egoistic Joker

    Does she dressed up like a hooker here? wow, your definition of how hooker dressed up is interesting


  • sly

    Typical PR bullsh*t. According to retailer reports their perfume is hardly selling.

    As for Posh, she seems so fake and desperate. She is not healthy and looks anorexic. Does this woman actually enjoy life or is life one great big photo opportunity for her.

  • so sweet

    I understand now why she uses sunglasses at night … she needs to put them back on, it might even help deflect the attention of her greasy face.

    She looks like hell!

  • http://deleted flower

    she is so,so,so ugly!!!!

  • N

    What does she do? I can’t stand her. AWFUL!!

  • Kacky

    How much botox does she have in her face?!

  • i love angie

    does she EVER smile!?!?!?!?lol

  • ed

    woah. so many jealous people
    wonder all of those haters up there are the same guy, might use different emails and names to spread bad comments
    well, pathetic, what a loser…loserS
    but doesnt matter tho, as long as her family and her famous friends and her fans love her, why does she have to give a shit about these losers
    stay happy Posh, your fans will always support you, because u didnt do anything wrong, we love u for who you are, and the spice girls are back, girl power

  • Caroline

    wow!she looks gorgeous!!!!

  • Pondering

    Posh is ok, but where is Cruz, I dont expect to see him that late at night,(I guessing it was late) but why bring the child all the way to Paris lo leave in a hotel with the babysitters, why not just leave him in LA where he would be with his brothers.

  • Ellie


  • RGM


  • Seektherapy

    I am amazed how materialistic and self centered people are. I love stylish clothes and wearing the hippest new fashions. However, when it involves destroying helpless animal’s that make up the earth’s circle of life, I start to question mankind and human compassion. I am not a PETA fanatic, nor do I enjoy bashing another person on their decisions. Instead, I can only try to educate people on the unspeakable acts these innocent animals have to suffer and endure, before they make it onto the runway. Most individual choose to ignore the reality of what it takes for Posh or other celebrities to look “glamorous” in their designer clothing but the animals that sacrifice their fur, live in utter fear. Personally, I think Posh is a beautiful and intelligent woman and if she was given the opportunity to tour the Chinese fur farms, I am positive she would never want to wear another fur again. I hope that pushy hate groups have not left a bad taste in people’s mouths that may prevent one from becoming educated on this heartbreaking matter. These are the facts of what was found:
    Frequently these animals live miserable lives and face excruciatingly painful deaths. Workers at these fur farms routinely skin animals while they are still alive and conscious. Most animals are struggling desperately to escape when they are flipped onto their backs or hung by their legs or tails and skinned alive. When workers on these farms begin to cut the skin and fur from an animal’s leg, its free limbs kick and writhe in an attempt to escape from the pain. If an animal struggles too hard for its life, workers stomp on their necks and heads to make them stop and allow a clean cut. When the fur is finally peeled off over the animals’ heads, their naked, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of others who have gone before them to the same gory fate. Some are still alive, breathing in ragged gasps and blinking slowly. Some of the animals’ hearts are still beating 5-10 minutes after they are skinned.
    Can a person view this as “high-class, vogue, glamorous or beautiful?”