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Rhys Gets in Sienna's Pants -- Literally!

Rhys Gets in Sienna's Pants -- Literally!

Deny deny deny!

Close “companions” Sienna Miller and actor Rhys Ifans arrive at a bar where they kissed over drinks before heading across the road to a nearby restaurant in Ireland.

The pair got rather close while taking a cigarette break, with Ifans actually putting his hand down Sienna‘s pants. Not the back of her jeans’ pocket. IN HER PANTS. IN PUBLIC.

Maybe his fingers were cold?

Other pictures include Rhys, 39, getting the same swallow tattoo on his right wrist as Sienna, 25 (she has the swallow on her left wrist already) at the Classic Ink Tattoo Studio on Crowe Street in Dublin’s Temple Bar on Wednesday.

Supermodel Kate Moss reportedly accused Sienna of stealing her style, lifestyle, and her friends too. Kate might have a point, though. She already has swallow tattoos on the base of her back and uses swallows in her Topshop fashion collection.

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Photos: Big Pictures/Bauer-Griffin
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  • gisille

    team kate!!!! i guess kate should be flattered sienna copies her so much!!!!!

  • Penny Lane

    Thank god Sienna didn’t copy Kate’s personality.. and actually has one instead. :D
    I love Sienna she’s brill! Kate is up her own ass. AS IF she is the most original thing out there. I don’t think so.

  • Fug Face Jolie


  • joi

    eww that’s distgusting, but it’s so sienna’s skanky style

    go team kate!!!

  • Tigerlily HOneydew

    1ST OF ALL



    You are wayyyy to old to act like that! You have a daughter, that you should be focused on raising, instead of acting like a teenager! DUMP this chacter PETE! He isn’t good for you!

    Sienna, is young, and if she loves dating older men, then more power to her! OH WELL! JUDE LAW IS GAY!

  • sophie

    Do you think Kate did coke while she was pregnant?


    How did this ever happen. Good for him.

  • oh my gawd

    These two are completely and utterly disgusting…ick! Why can’t you blur THESE pics so the passerbys don’t have to be exposed to them?????

  • liz


    And just what the H E L L is your point in bringing up JUDE LAW’S name in this???

  • Jake

    The British are nasty, just look at their imports, Kate, Sienna, Hugh, Elizabeth Hurley and their men are disgusting too with their bad teath, chest hair and not to mention their infidelities

  • liz

    Oh, give me a break…the U.S. has just as many infidelities as the Brits…Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, every other sports figure…

    Uh, let’s see, and the U.S. has Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Paris Hilton…

    You just need to not talk…you don’t sound very, well, intelligent.

    Oh, and chest hair? Much more MANLY than a shaved bare chest…yes, much more hot. You must not be very manly, are you?

  • kathy

    i happen to think hugh is very very sexy, i also agree that british people are the most digusting types, i am vacationing in malaga spain and they are everywhere..

  • DUI

    Aww Jake,and Liz

    You should know by now: Canada rocks!!! (rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Kristin Kreuk)

    PS-You should not be doing that in public!

  • liz

    Yeah, DUI,
    But there is no excuse for Pamela Anderson LOL!

  • DUI

    ^ But, she’s an American now

  • liz

    DUI, how is she an American? Did she become an American citizen? If so, when?

  • angie

    Rhys and Sienna: I just threw up in my mouth a little bit…

  • Jazz

    These two are disgusting! Both famewhores. The next pics will probably show the two of them having sex in public.

    Great show Sienna. We are so envious of your ugly boyfriend. Please tell him to grow his hair longer so it covers his ugly face.

  • Jazz

    Is there anybody more disgusting than this girl? All she ever does is make out with his bf in public. There are stuff that should be left at home. A friend of mine saw her in New York with her then bf Jamie Burke and the two of them were making out like mad outside a restaurant in front of a lot of people and both of them looked as high as a kite and she did not mean just drunk.

    Also disgusting is her denials about not doing it with Diddy which was outed as a lie last week by one of Diddy’s ex girlfriend. I guess
    guys she calls “friends” are those that she occassionally go have sex with.

  • DUI

    liz, yeah she become an American citizen a while back, can’t give you a specific date.

  • Sanjuanpuma

    OMFG! That is what you call DISGUSTING!!! I guess Rhy’s want’s to play w/ Sienna’s little pooper! Couldn’t wait until he got home! LOL!!!!

  • zovivi

    Sorry Jared, but a swallow is an iconic `sailor` inspired tattoo, no t exactly something that one `it-girl` has exclusive rights to. Quite a few girls have star tattoos on their wrists, but no one is going around accusing them of copying anyone.

  • brenda

    Now this is what you call “white trash.”

  • Jazz

    She is exactly that – white trash. Every other word that comes out of her mouth when she is not in front of the camera is f–ing this and f–ing that.

    This is also what she said to Diddy that was overheard in a club:

    “So baby, are you gonna get all oiled up and shit”?

    I’d like to wash her mouth with soap and maybe spray her with some anti-STP stuff.

  • lola

    She was born in America-New York in fact.

  • whaaat?

    I’m out of the loop on the Sienna and PD hook up.

    when was she heard saying this and by who?

    When did the ex girlfriend say something about Sienna?

  • Natalie

    Sienna is trash and so is this dude groping her in public. Ugh, some people have no dignity.

  • Corleone

    I love Rhys.

  • Jazz

    Answer to whaat’s question:

    There was an article 2 weeks ago by an ex gf of Diddy(he went with her for 10 months during his relationship with Kim Porter the mother of his kids)where she said she and Diddy were in a night club when Sienna Miller came in. She and Diddy were all over each other all baby this and baby that and then Sienna asked Diddy the question “Are you gonna get oiled up and **** referring to Diddy’s preference to having sex using baby oil.

    There was a a rumor before Sienna and Rhy’s hookup about Sienna aborting Diddy’s baby when she came back to London that was getting out of hand and Sienna being harassed about her relationship with Diddy since he and Kim broke up. I would venture to say that her hookup with ugly here could be one way of her getting out of that mess since she has always denied her relationship with Diddy.

  • ericap

    This girl has some serious freakin’ issues…it’s just a good thing SHE doesn’t have kids, too…

  • kiki

    what the hell?? are you guys so envious or what? what’s wrong with them flirting/making out in public, they’re not having sex and correct me if i’m wrong but you get to see couples making out on the streets every day. You’re all throwing up and saying how disgusting it I mean come on it’s very pathetic…You must either have no life if that really bothers you so or you’re way narrow-minded….However, sienna is a beautiful young girl who’s enjoying her life because she has one lol and actually she’s a pretty good actor as well:))

  • Jazz

    Envious? You have to be kidding! I have been married for 25 years to a very good looking and nice guy, have a nice life and a good job. If anything I feel sorry for this mess of a girl.

    Simple PDAs I can live with but extreme making out in public and this guy grabbing her boobs in public and now putting his hand inside her pants I consider very low taste and disgusting.

  • sugaross

    oh well, next, piblic sex. I love her.

  • ericap

    I hope he washes his hands…

  • Pole

    She’s far too attentionseeking IMO. I wonder if the only difference between her and Lohan is that Lohan got caught?

  • brenda

    Geez, who even cares if they are sleeping together, if they aren’t sleeping together…why play mysterious about it? Just freakin’ DO IT and keep everyone else out of it! I mean, crap, if this girl is a Kate Moss wannabe, she might as well just get a tattoo that says “Washed up hag druggie” and get it over with.

  • selwyse

    35 ericap : 10/08/2007 at 12:16 pm

    “I hope he washes his hands…”


  • rooms

    Manage Your Cholesterol

  • fsdfdwfds

    what the fuck why is she settling for that ugly bastard
    Im no fan of sienna either what the hell is she even famous for
    i was reading an article about her and she said:

    “There are always men waiting infront of my front door. Sometimes they wont even let me go into my own house. They always say horrible things that I cant get my head round like, who did you sleep with tonight you disgusting whore?”

    At first I thought it was just the paparazzi being rude but I bet she sleeps with someone different every night. Heck, I bet she was even cheating on Jude while he was cheating on her.