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What Happened to Dr. Sara Tancredi on Prison Break??

What Happened to Dr. Sara Tancredi on Prison Break??



Find out the answer inside…




Yes, Dr. Sara Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) was decapitated and her head stuffed in a box. So what really happened to SWC? TVGuide interviewed Prison Break executive producer Matt Olmstead to get to the bottom of things:

What was your understanding as to why she didn’t want to come back? It seems strange that she refused to return in any capacity. Doesn’t it seem strange to you? It looked like a pretty good deal on the face of it. We definitely came up in money. Thirteen episodes would have allowed the character to have a proper exit. We were willing to push the start date back [to accommodate her maternity leave], which would have meant her coming in [around] Episode 10, but that wasn’t accepted. So then we offered to come up [to Canada] before she gave birth and film at her house. Pretty good money and she wouldn’t even have to leave her house. That wasn’t accepted. So it was a little curious to me and to others why she was taking such a hard stance. [Maybe] she felt that she was made certain assurances about being part of the show this season. And in fairness to her, those assurances were given, because she was such a valuable member of the show…. Also, she’s up [in Canada]. She’s comfortable. She’s starting a family. Maybe she didn’t want to have to fly down and have to do this stuff. Or maybe she felt like she wanted to be part of the show [full time], not just half the season. Perhaps she felt a little jilted. Our [original] plan was to definitely keep her for [all of] Season 3, but after a couple of times of getting it kicked back from the network, we had to come up with a new idea and that necessitated her character being killed.

Read the full interview here.

Sarah Wayne Callies response via her spokesperson:

“As hard as we all tried, the Prison Break powers that be and I were unable to find a way to meet both the needs of the story and the needs of my family. We parted wishing each other well. I had a wonderful time working with the creative team and have a world of respect for all of them; they took great care of Dr. Sara. I’m also enormously grateful to the fans. They’ve been so gracious and supportive, and I hope they continue to enjoy the show.”

There’s also a video interview with Wentworth Miller, Amaury Nolasco, and Dominic Purcell with E! here.

WHY DO YOU THINK Sarah Wayne Callies didn’t return to Prison Break? Was it really all about the money?

WHAT DO YOU ANTICIPATE for Michael’s rebound romance?

P.S. Isn’t all the interaction between Michael and Lincoln talking through the gates getting really tired?

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  • sigh

    Would it be too soon to say “jump the shark”?

  • Jess

    I am SOOOO MAD! I knew it was going to be her decapitated head in the box though. It still pisses me off! And I can’t believe that Lincoln didn’t tell Michael right away! Damn you prison break! But Went is still the hottest sweaty man alive :)

  • Jennifer

    her head is whats in the box. in three seasons i havent missed a episode. they killed her. no more sara and that makes me sad. :( its going to make me even more sad when scofield finds out that sara is gone.

  • nadia

    I don’t understand why they would kill Sara off. They need her, every good show needs a love story. When Scofield finds out, that’ll be the end of him wanting to get out. This Sucks!

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    i told yall.. It’s sara’s head in a box, sing along everyone! sara’s head in a box babe
    It’s sara’s head in a box, sara’s in a box girl.

    1: Cut off a head for the box
    2: Put that head in that box
    3: Make linc open the box
    And that’s the way you do it
    It’s sara’s head in a box… sara’s head in a box babe
    It’s sara’s head in a box, sara’s head in a box girl! lmaoo

  • Rachael

    Prison Break is over for me. I find episodes without Sara very boring and I was only watching this season for the little glimpses of her or her name just being brought up, but now it is over for me. 2 years down the drain.

  • Tim

    this show is officially dead. butchered like every other American show.

  • Damion

    Honestly They should have brought in another actress and killed her off later. I think the character sara was too valuable to cut loose like this. Michael is going to go nuts when he finds out. He might even turn on or get really mad at Lincon if he holds the information back for too long. This is a big hit against fox.

  • Sheree

    It’s a shame they couldn’t come to a better decision than that. It was already said on the net what was discussed above. They couldn’t come to an agreement so the producers had to consider the rest of the cast and crew for the season. I don’t know why the “powersthatbe” are so hard sometimes but it’s their money; they run the show.
    Let’s just hope if there’s a reunion, it’s polite and cordial.
    IMO, SWC is better off leaving the show. She’s got potential; she’ll go far.

  • daadw

    FUC* PB!!!!! Im never going to watch that shi* again!!!!

  • lila

    Oh that’s so sad. I really liked Sara and her and Michael made such a cute couple. It’s a shame she couldn’t have just left for a season or so, rather than having to kill her off. She will be missed and I am sure the show will go down hill from here. In fact I don’t think I am going to watch it anymore, I will be too depressed as Sara was such an asset to the show.
    R.I.P Dr. Sara Tancredi

  • Ally


  • Hannah

    I hate to say this, really, but I stopped watching after the first season. The whole premise of the show, for me, really evaporated after that point. =(

  • blabla


  • Someone

    Geez Relax people. if you know whats happening right now Sarah Wayne Callies aka Dr. Sarah Tancredi. is having a baby that is why shes refuses to be on season 3. listen people you never know whats going too happen…just like all the mysteries and the surprises comes out of Prison Break. (Shara’s Head in the Box) you never know…The company probably killed some other lady and put her head in the box. too try too trick Lincoln Burrows… again i want you guys too think about it. after Sarah Wayne Callies having her baby and returns to her normal life. she might return to the show and then producers will write her new scripts. you never know people….. =]

  • lene

    Prison Break is over for me.

    Fox, and the writers must be stupid. What about the females watching the show? I think many of them was watching for MiSa & Sara, I know i was.

  • NesseGirl

    hmm. don’t hate me y’all, but I could care less. I hated Sara on the show– I don’t know if it was jealousy or if I just have a thing against girls– cuz I hate MaryCruz too. Anyways I just shrugged it off when I heard she wasn’t coming back, and now.. another shrug.

  • Jacqueline

    very dissapointed :(

  • Celebrity Trashcan

    Tonight’s episode of Prison Break was a shocker. I waited all week to see what was in the box. I expected to see LJ’s finger or something but not Sara’s head. I was not aware there were film and contract issues behind the scenes with Sarah Wayne Callies. Sucks that she won’t be a part of the show anymore. Best of luck as she tries to raise a family in rl. Hopefully the producers find a way to maintain the suspense from week to week or it’s gonna get boring soon.

  • piece of mind

    I don’t think the show will be interesting anymore

  • Christy

    If you arent going to watch b/c sara is leaving you were never a fan of the show to begin with. This show was never meant to revolve around a romance, and if that is what you were watching it for then you should have never watched it in the first place. I mean did you really sit down and pick this show to give you a good romance, its called PRISON BREAK. Go rent Love Story. Her character did not bring that much to the show, they havent been together in ages and in two years we have gotten two kisses, a fake flower, goofy stares, and a very awkward I love you. This is an action show, and I am glad that we will finally be able to get to that w/o MIchaels constant moping about Sara. IMO I was sadder when Veronica died, and may I just say that Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is so good in her role. NOw there is a female lead for the show.

  • CDman

    I loved Sarah. She was so nice, its a shame she has to leave the show.
    Damn PB. I’ll still watch it because its a good show but its not going to be the same without her.

    R.I.P. Dr Sarah Tancredi.

  • spooky

    21 Christy : 10/09/2007 at 1:48 am
    If you arent going to watch b/c sara is leaving you were never a fan of the show to begin with. This show was never meant to revolve around a romance, and if that is what you were watching it for then you should have never watched it in the first place. I mean did you really sit down and pick this show to give you a good romance, its called PRISON BREAK. Go rent Love Story. Her character did not bring that much to the show, they havent been together in ages and in two years we have gotten two kisses, a fake flower, goofy stares, and a very awkward I love you. This is an action show, and I am glad that we will finally be able to get to that w/o MIchaels constant moping about Sara. IMO I was sadder when Veronica died, and may I just say that Jodi Lyn O’Keefe is so good in her role. NOw there is a female lead for the show.


    I’m totally with you there. I can’t believe people are so up in arms about Sara dying. Personally I knew it was coming. I actually WANTED it to happen. But I also felt really sorry for her when they showed her head in that box. Sara lost progressively lost usefuleness after season 1 was over. I don’t understand why some people aren’t going to watch the show after this. It was never meant to be a love story…….If that’s what you’re looking for, go watch a soap opera.

  • Laura

    Christy is soo right! i agree!
    Prison Break is the #1 show ever!!!! i love it!! and wentworth is HOT!!!!!! im obssesed with him..oh and about sarah, yeah sucks but she’s missing out in kissing wentworth haha

  • huh

    how did they make that head? It’s kinda real.

  • simona

    1.sara is dead. the motivation for that is useless to seek because it’s depends of multiples items, and more important is someone’s will.
    i’m aware now that they didn’t want to kill the character, but forced to do it
    2.sara might be come back at some point.if there will be an intention from swc, the whriters are very good and creative and they will come up with an idea.
    3.more interesting above all is wentworth’s acting about finding out that sara’s dead. he has a difficult job to do and i can’t wait to see how manage to express his feelings toward this matter.his acting has improved a great deal and he’s more confident in his skills.
    4.if the shows calls they will bring another love for michael.
    5.let’s be patients and not say hard words about the show, because everybody’s trying to do the best they can
    6.i like the vulnerability that michael shows and i think this season will be very challenging for wentworth’s talent.
    7.and above all, i’ve seen and read many statements and interviews of wentworth and i think he really is a gentleman.

  • lexy

    The writers might as well just kill of Michael and Linc while they’re at it….

    AND if the company has so many connections and no remorse, why don’t they just kill off all the guards and break that Whistler out of SONA themselves?

    Prison Beak is turning into the Worst. Show. Ever.

  • Lolita

    Count me in as another devastated fan.Thank goodness, I caught wind of SWC maybe leaving the show (thru this website, thanks). Otherwise, I would’ve been shocked as well as I am devastated.

    I loved this character. Sara was a cool chick. She was smart and she was real.

    They built the romance between her and Michael slowly. Most tv shows don’t do that—they go straight for the gusto to get the quickie ratings boost.

    But that slow building love affair got us fans invested in these characters and this particular relationship.
    How cruel and insensitive to kill Sara off so suddenly, so harshly without giving fans what we have so patiently waited for—Sara and Michael to be together.

    They didn’t even give them (and us) closure for their relationship. There’s a million ways they could’ve done that.

    How they killed her off like that seems like a representation of anger. Meaning the powers that be were pissed at SWC for dissing their offers and decided to make her absence from the show irrevocable.

    Too bad. They should have been more considerate to the fans who are invested in this storyline. The show is good but it is and will never be as good………..

  • katie

    priosn break season 3 has been rubbish and sara not returning there is no point in watching the show :(

  • wentworthlady

    Well, well, She “lost her head” for Wentworth!!! Who did not “lost his head” for this handsome “cute-cute-sugar” Went’???
    Well… Anyway, actually I find it’s a rude and strange way to fired Sarah Wayne!!! but you know “no one is irreplaceable in the terrible jungle of TV casts!!!!

  • Violet

    Get over it. Abruzzi was my favourite character and he was killed off way before Sara did. If you only watch PB for the Michael/Sara storylines, well you’re missing the main point of the show:family. Meaning, Michael and Linc. Prison Break is that kinda show were you have to expect the unexpected, and this is a good example.

  • Kellie

    Oh that is so creepy looking!!
    I hate to say it, but I probably won’t watch Prison Break anymore.
    It’s just ‘ok’ for me now. I was an avid watcher of the romance.

  • ana

    maybe it was not about a love story, but becouse of that love story had many viewers that the show isn´t going to have now, so maybe that won´t be good for the ratings, not good for having the show many seasons, you know what I mean.

  • me

    I’m glad she’s gone……

  • darc

    this isss bull shit i cant believe they did this fuk im sooo pissed off i dotn really care that she dead but im pissed for michael and her relationshoip s shake hes go to die when he finds out and thats what gonigto slip him and linc up awww gay as plllz


  • Violet

    Well from what i gather, she seems like an uptight bitch. I mean how fustrating would that be for the writers? They offered to come to her damn house and she still said no! They had to rewrite majority of the 3rd series at first because of her pregnancy and now she decides to bail out on them. The original plan was for Sara to die of that OD at the end of season 1, but they decided to kill Veronica instead (which IMO, her death was alot more dramatic hence her whole body was chopped up.) If you don’t believe me, they say so on the audio commentary on the Season 1 boxset. So be glad they kept her around for season 2 aswell.

  • FreakChiq

    I don’t know what’s worse the fact, that Sarah is gone and that they killed one half of MiSa or that the writers have no imagination. Come on – a head in a box? How unoriginal is that???

    PB is so OVER for me

  • suzie

    prison break is a load of rubbish now it is the worst show on tv

  • http://emma suzie

    prison break sucks

  • an11

    I hate writers.

  • johnnycodswallop

    THIS SUCKS BAD!!!!!!! This sudden turn is so disappointing i cant even measure it.

  • http://emma nina

    the whole story line between micheal and sara has been built up for over 2 seasons and then just for her to have died is rubbish and so all along there has been no point in the story line and season 3 has been rubbish.

  • simona

    i was reading all the comments that you did.
    i saw the interview the actors did and please not be so judgemental.
    in a show that continues for many seasons things may change.
    people who are acting are human beings.they have their privite lives.
    did you wanted them to make a statement at the start at season 3 to to tell us in episode 4 sara will be decapitated?or to tell us she must die cause she didn’t want to return to the show or whatever?
    in my own experience i must tell that i participated once on a shooting and it was exhausting. they shoot a scene of 8 minutes for almost 6 hours, as far as i could support.
    it’s very difficult to make things real for viewers and requires concentration, talent, patience and a lot more.
    i don’t say i will not miss sara but it’s beyond our control and sometimes even to persons involved.
    for the show i just hope they will not transform it in something too tough to watch, but for this we have wentworth, who is like a fresh take breath, so clean and simple in all this mess.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    This is just a bunch of crap..If the network really wanted her to stay they would have found a way.. and if SHE really cared about the show and it’s fans, she would have given her character a PROPER ending..this was just stupid….I get it, she had a baby, but it’s not impossible to make it work IF you really want it to..this was just disrespectful to all of the fans/viewers ….the show has completely lost it’s former allure..Good bye Prison break!

  • Amanda

    I personally will enjoy it much more with sarah gone. Call me crazy but I think Michael is much hotter when he is in angst over her. I am not watching PB for the love story, I am watching it for the hot, sweaty wentworth factor.I think the best thing the writers ever did was moving the show to a really hot and humid enviroment.
    The only way I would stop watching PB is if it moves to antarctica and everyone starts wearing huge parkas.

  • Sinead

    What were they doing killing Sara off, the whole point of this show is for Michael to break out of Sona to keep both LJ and Sara alive.

    Dose anyone think its stupid that her head is in the box? how are they going to work around this one now.

    it really has pissed me off, i’m sorry but that was so thick to kill her off.

    Michael loves her she loves Michael and the deal of Michael breaking your man out of Sona is that the both of them is going to be alive. it is just stupid what they did.

    i am still going to watch the show but it is runined for everyone now.

  • Stace

    this is so sad :(
    sara was a great character
    this had spolied the whole MiSa storylines :(

  • sarah

    ok, yes the whole head in a box thing (se7en anyone?) was a horrible way to send of the character, although i have to admit it was shocking which, for me, makes goods tv i mean this is prison break after all and the body count is always high on this show!
    after reading both sets of statements i think both the the network and swc are both guilty parties, understandably sarah wants to spend time with her new baby and i dont think anyone can judge her for that, however the fact that she feels she was promised a full time role in season 3 makes you wonder why she dug her heels in not coming back to send of her character properly when she wanted to come back full time anyway, which the network rejected.
    its a shame that some people will no longer be watching the show because of one actor leaving, the show has a great ensemble cast and i, for one, will be looking forward to seeing michael’s reaction to the death and i dont think it’ll make michael stop the escape, i think it’ll make him want to get out even more because now its even more personal.
    i also think they should leave off having a new love interest for michael, at least for now anyway, as it makes the last 2 years worth of the michael/sara romance as if she meant nothing to him.

  • tash

    omg! i dont believe this……like seriously…they took her off the show by decapitating her head….couldnt they have made her dissapear…get ubducted by aliens… or something..anythings better than decapitating her head…suddenly i dont like prison break that much =[

  • quen

    well they just definetely ruined the show for me.

    but i read in an interview somewhere they are they – being the shows executives- are the ones that made her leave. I think it was in an interview with Kristin Veich – definetely didnt spell her name right.

    if i find it i’ll put up a link