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Jennifer Lopez @ TRL

Jennifer Lopez @ TRL

Jennifer Lopez fuels pregnancy rumors on Monday at TRL by wearing a very, very loose black-and-white striped dress, thigh high Christian Louboutin boots and a floppy hat.

J.Lo sure likes to keep us guessing! She stayed mum on the question of whether she’s pregnant Sunday during her MSG concert despite published reports that she would take that opportunity to announce. Also expect to see her on Good Morning America Tuesday morning… in another baby baby-covering ensemble.

Watch the video below for Jennifer‘s appearance on TRL!

Jennifer LopezTRL, 10/8

40+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez @ TRL

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  • Tash

    Pregnant pregnant pregnant. And good on her and her hubby. Haters get a life. Watch the number of people who hate her spend time making a comment. Thats the funniest thing of all. If you hate someone why waste time on them? Because either they are secret Jennifer lovers or they need a life! hahahaha

  • gorgeous

    She is so pregnant.

  • Regina

    Once again, she’s trying too hard. She’s going all over the press because she wants people to speculate. What a loser she is, you’re pregnant. You’ve had your fun. MOVE ON!

  • Gabi Frones

    aaaaand pregnant again!.. :D

    wherever, I love J-Lo!



  • Ps

    Who keeps lying to these celebs and telling them they look good in these fug hats.

  • the_original_nika

    How these celebs love their their egos pampered. Nice boots, ugly dress.
    Seriously woman, how long do you think you can hide the pregnancy lol.

  • Socksnsandels


    This outfit is really Ugly! :O

  • xioneida

    Hello….She’s there and will be on various shows because she has an album coming out tomorrow. That’s what singers do, it’s called PROMOTING!! It has nothing to do with whether or not she’s pregnant and not wanting to announce it. It’s her business. If she was talking about the pregnancy all you haters would be here saying she’s selling her baby, etc. Get a life people!!!!

  • http://justjared Steph

    Nice outfit beetlejuice..don’t you think you should start dressing like a grown up? A bit cheesy to be on TRL at your age, aren’t you twice the age of everyone on the show and in the audience? She and her nasty husband are so gross.

  • ash

    please kill yourself so your spawn will not live and wear future skinned alive animals.

  • Tash

    Yep, there’s all the people who hate her spending time reading and posting about her.

    Why does she have to announce shes pregnant to ANYONE? Isnt it her business? Why is everyone so narky about the fact that she hasnt? Because you dont like the way she is going about it?

    Well, too bad for all of you. Suffer in your jocks.

  • EWW


  • mar

    fag hag
    washed up

  • gOssipbitch

    She might be in her late thirties but i bet she looks hundred times better than a average twenty year old.
    FYI im not a fan of hers!!!



  • KrungKrung

    breaking news:

    jlo will announce her pregnancy on the day she give birth, that will be the day y’all hehe.

  • Katie N

    I like this striped dress. A great maternity dress.

    # 11 ash is crazy. So much hatred, it must be killing you inside to have so much hate.

  • kitty

    OMG PPL U all need to get a life!

    Jennifer Lopez is most likely pregnant that face does not lie.

    That she wants to keep it to herself……thats her right!! newsflash she isnt the only celeb that has done this and she wont be the last …celebs are people too.

    Why oh why does she have to say anything until she is ready?

    Her problem the way I see it is that she is not and never was a stick thin bean pole ….she is cruvey with a big butt and being pregnat has made her expand and she is on tour and promoting her new album so no way to stay home and hide.

    Her boobs gave her away …way back in August…..Just like Salma Hayek at the Oscars nominaton…and Golden Golbes u just knew she was preggers…but she kept it to herself as long as she could.

    I dont defend celebs …they have enough money to do that on their own but this subject is already getting on my nerves but hey….its better then …..britney britney britney so hey I’ll take Jlo any day of the week.

  • toni

    You guys are pathetic idiots. Brave album coming out tomorrow = promote the album…not the PREGNANCY!!!

  • may

    Jlo looks georgeous, she looks really healthy and happy. Whoever thinks Jlo is old must be 15 years old.

  • mimi is the best

    what a has been whoree.
    She’s too old for trl.

  • mimi is the best

    what a has been whoree.
    She’s too old for trl.

  • Koko

    Anybody who could contact that fan in the audience who hugged J.Lo? I bet she had the opportunity of getting a nice feel of J.Lo’s bump, and let me say she had a good squeeze! Obviously J.Lo was acting weird and being ccautious to hide and trying not to get her belly too close to that woman!.. And there’s this different vibe about J.Lo too, like she was dreading to be ask the million dollar question, and trying to act cool at the same time, yet there was something different about her..she looked ike something was weighing her down..maybe it’s just me. I’m sure she made the TRL crew sign a clause to avoid pregnancy questions.

  • melissa

    I say… why does she have to tell anyone? (besides those close to her)… I love Jennifer Lopez but I really could care less if she was pg or not. Who really gives a crap? Is it THAT important?

  • grace

    IMO she´s so pregnant!JLo would never ever play a tour that “fat” or preg.
    And why should she ALWAYS wear such dresses?She´s so pregnant!

  • remember da truth

    #12 tash I was going to say the same thing!! She’s not denying she’s pregnant, she’s just not talking about something that is the most private, intimate thing between her and her husband! Why people feel that celebs OWE them an announcement of their private milestones is amazing to me.

    At the beginning of the relationship between Brad and Angelina, they said they weren’t sure where it was going, they had a friendship, but they were seeing what it was. Then they shut up, so everyone said they were denying it! No, they just didn’t announce it! Even the pregnancy, it wasn’t until someone else said she was that she finally confirmed it.

    So what? Like dating — do celebs have to announce they are dating one another? Why do you feel they owe you? Is your life bereft without news of theirs?

  • Celebrity Trashcan

    Jen is glowing and looking really good. She’s wanted to have children for quite awhile and it looks like she got her wish. She’s unveiled a whole wardrobe of loose clothes, no longer dances like a Fly Girl on stage, and so far refuses to announce she is expecting. I figure she does not want to jinx herself after trying so hard to have children. Look at all the media attention she is getting while on tour. Keeping everyone guessing is a great way to stay in the spotlight.


    she is SOO pregnant!!

  • Katie N

    That jinxing thing makes sense. She is at an age where anything could happen within the first few months. It would be heart breaking to tell the world about preganancy and then announce any mishap later. Wise decision to keep this to themselves for a while. Good luck with everything.

  • KD

    Her tastes in clothes makes Katie Holmes look like Audrey Hepburn.

  • claudia rosa

    i am so happy for her!!Congratulations to her and to marc anthony!!

  • vengat


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