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Victoria Beckham's Elle Magazine Photo Shoot

Victoria Beckham's Elle Magazine Photo Shoot

Victoria Beckham channels her inner-Big Bird and inner-martian during her Elle Magazine photo shoot at a Luxembourg park in Paris, France on Monday.

Can you imagine? Posh blogged this from Jardin du Luxembourg in one of these outfits!!!

25+ pictures inside from the Elle photo shoot and Posh leaving the Ritz Hotel in central Paris for her Elle photo shoot. She wore an LBD and Christian Louboutin peep toes…

Which look is best — BIG BIRD or SPACE SUIT?

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victoria beckham elle magazine 01
victoria beckham elle magazine 02
victoria beckham elle magazine 03
victoria beckham elle magazine 04
victoria beckham elle magazine 05
victoria beckham elle magazine 06
victoria beckham elle magazine 07
victoria beckham elle magazine 08
victoria beckham elle magazine 09
victoria beckham elle magazine 10
victoria beckham elle magazine 11
victoria beckham elle magazine 12
victoria beckham elle magazine 13
victoria beckham elle magazine 14
victoria beckham elle magazine 15
victoria beckham elle magazine 16
victoria beckham elle magazine 17
victoria beckham elle magazine 18
victoria beckham elle magazine 19
victoria beckham elle magazine 20
victoria beckham elle magazine 21
victoria beckham elle magazine 22
victoria beckham elle magazine 23
victoria beckham elle magazine 24
victoria beckham elle magazine 25

Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin,
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    She is still UGlY!

  • Kira

    Enough already….

  • Bite me

    pig nose

  • lily

    are you for real? red hot? i think not.

  • Still Pondering WTH??

    Again Im still wondering, whereis Cruz, did she bring that adorable little boy of hers all the way to Paris for some French babysitting, I bet you he misses his brothers and the Outdoors.I am starting to second guess Vicky.

  • sophie

    HAHAHA CHICKEN XD i feel a bit sorry for her, her life must be pretty shallow

  • http://justjared lippylou

    Sienna Miller copy in these shots

  • dancingqueen

    Those silver shoes look hot. How the hell are her eyebrows straight across. She looks great though, no matter how much people like to lick her image apart.



  • lily

    And people, just to let u guys all know, David Beckham has not had a relationship with his Dad. Even just as recent as a year before or 2, the Dad wrote some book about him and DB was upset. Now I am not saying that he can’t be sympathetic and want to reconcile with his Dad on hearing he had a heart attack but I believe he just used that excuse to leave since he is not doing anything close to what he is being paid millions to do in the US. ALSO, if it really meant anything, his devoted and beloved wife would have dropped everything to be with her husband in his time of need and grief. SO people, make your own conclusions…..

  • KC

    She looks HIDEOUS!

  • anonymus

    I don’t like them..I don’t like them AT ALL!
    That eye make up and those dresses..ugh.

  • Yay Jared

    No the best clothes but she’s not the one with creative control. It’s very fashion-y.

  • LJ

    To you #5 she took Cruz with her because she will go after Paris to London to see David’s dad..

  • Fashionista

    This isn’t fashion enough. If this is for an editorial spread it needs to be more theatrical, more diva, more out there dahling.

  • Koko

    OMG!!! i think the ELLE team wanted to make a fool of Victoria. This is one of the ugliest photoshoots I’ve ever seen and it seems Posh’s look can’t be versatile. Many celebrities can play around with hair, make-up and wardrobe on magazines spread, but it just isn’t working well for Posh. She’s better off with her usual blonde- bimbo-orange-skin look. And how did Posh allow the two bags under eyes?! Are the photos the raw version?, if not they should do some serious photoshop work on them. She must be missing her beauty sleep in Paris.
    #5,Maybe she sent Cruz to England to his grandparents,via Paris! At least she should give Cruz some mommy-and-me time in te parks, museum while they are in Paris, but guess what Vic doesn’t do that!

  • yawn

    Elle magazine is a wanna be Vogue or V magazine. Elle should stick with models wearing clothes from The Jacklyn Smith Collection from Kmart.

  • Me

    Is she supposed to look good or like a joke? I think the people behind these photos set her up and are laughing their ass off. They probably way will she allow herself to be photographed with that makeup and those outfits….Posh, the joke is on you….there is nothing this woman wouldn’t do for the attention of a camera.

  • Just me…

    She looks more than ridiculously… :(
    This poor woman tries too be pretty… but she’s always looks like a very ugly robot!!! :(
    I’m sorry but that is true!!

  • Regina

    She tries too hard sometimes.

  • Eathan

    I like the space outfit more, especially the shoes!

  • Okay?

    Sienna Miller is the one who’s the trainwreck. Sort of like SJP. But Posh always gets it right. Anyone who manages to upstage that TomKat wedding is alright by me.

  • anon

    Xtina wore that first outfit before.

  • Liesl

    she is trying so hard… too bad she isnt pulling it off.

  • sara

    so fucking fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jess













  • Kily

    poor woman, so ugly!

    and c’mon victoria, you look ridiculous!

    BTW this hair color makes u look worst!

  • piper, with a low

    Posh has fabulous legs, but those shoes distract from them.

  • lops723

    She looks rediculous, as ugly as ever! She would do anything for publicity, who even likes her? Seriously? Sometimes her outfits are alright… if I had unlimited funds to stockpile my wardrobe I’d look better than she does. She is so phoney, pathetic how hard she tries. PLEASE NO MORE BECKHAMS!!!!!!!!

  • Brad Addict

    omg Victoria look so ugly and silly

  • sara

    Her face looks bad. Thank god for photoshop.

  • alex p

    she’s a fashion icon. end of story, get over it

  • Ace tomato

    I’m with you, Koko. These need Photoshop in a big way. The makeup is rough. The clothes are absurd. The bags under her eyes are ENORMOUS.

    I’m saving these pix just to see if they use any of them in the mag. I want to do a Compare and Despair on the Photoshop work.

    Have to say, I find Victoria Beckham a little absurd already, but when I have seen video of her interviewed, etc., she is pretty funny and friendly and likeable. I want to like her. I like when she plays with couture. Unfortunately, 80% of the time she dresses like a backup singer for a Prince video.

    I’m torn. She’ not attractive. She IS stylish. Sometimes. Eh. If the magazine article that goes with it shows a sense of humor about the shoot, that might work.

  • monika505


  • anna

    Who was it who said that after 30, a woman must choose between her butt and her face? Deneuve? I think Posh has chosen. I’m afraid it’s too much, tooooooooo late. After 3 kids, the woman should have some gravitas. Some things just cannot be bought.

  • anna

    Didn’t even look at the close-ups of her face! My goodness, is that her skin quality? And what about those bags? The make-up artist should be arrested!

  • IMO

    legs = great

    UGLY = OMG

  • tony


  • bloatedbotox face pitt

    never seen her look better. she usually looks so greasy and gross.

  • Dancer

    Love the white dress, but she needs to lose those horrendous eyebrows. Eye makeup does nothing for her either.

  • smooth

    OMG Vic looks very tired,she needs to stop flying around the worls and have a break for a month at least. She have been traveling all the time for some good weeks already. You can see it on her face…
    Like always the best thing in her body are legs. Wow.
    Make up -bad
    Red dress-bad
    Hair…she needs to grow her hair back
    White dress is Ok.

  • tony

    she looks like a big fool!

  • Ron

    She looks like something the cat dragged in. Does this woman have no pride?!

  • jan

    OMG…Frightening Spice….Too Sad…
    She is famous for nothing..
    And will be forgotten just as quick as she burst onto the scene
    This is the worst yet.

  • smooth

    Jared why don’t you post David’s pics from the park with boys and Vic’s parents?

  • dogandponybot

    love the spacesuit dress.

    Why can’t sex and the city stuff be this cool?

  • Regina

    Sienna Miller rip-off.

  • pancakebottom

    The white robot dress is cool…i think she practices posing in the mirror at home.!

  • Caroline