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Victoria Beckham Blogs From Paris

Victoria Beckham Blogs From Paris

Victoria Beckham just wrote a new blog live from Paris! Check out her posh thoughts:

“Hi everyone

Hope you are loving the new pictures in my blog section – my beauty team were in full spirits in Paris last week. I am absolutely loving my green dress – it’s a vintage 50′s dress that I’ve mixed with Fendi shoes and DVB sunglasses. Classic but chic.

I’ve been quite busy in Paris. I went to the new Cavalli store opening last Thursday, which was incredible. So many beautiful clothes! I went to see the Chanel show on Friday and I sat next to my friend, the lovely Dita Von Teese.

I also went to see my friend Giambattista Valli at his showroom – sadly I couldn’t make his show but his new collection is fabulous, he’s definitely one of the most exciting designers around at the moment. He has even made a pair of super high platform shoes which he has named the Victoria Shoe – they are gorgeous. I will just have to learn how to walk in them first they are so high!

I went to the Louis Vuitton show last night and it was fantastic – the colours were amazing and the shoes were gorgeous as were the use of different fabrics and sequins. The bags were really interesting too – a collaboration between Marc Jacobs and the artist Richard Prince for Louis Vuitton. Then I was kindly invited to dinner by Marc after the show, with some fascinating people including Sophia Coppola, who is one of Marc‘s friends and long time muse. She was amazing.

I’m writing my blog to you from a cover photoshoot for American Elle, which I’m doing in Paris – it’s going really well so far and the clothes I’m wearing are incredible. I’m going to have to sign off in a moment though because I’m needed for the next shot.

Before I go, I would like to say a very big thank you to everyone for the wonderful support you gave to David and his family when his dad fell ill recently – it was greatly appreciated at a very difficult time.

Speak to you all soon

P.S I will be coming to England this week to work on my new DVB collection – I have a photoshoot for some of the new designs this week as well which I’m really looking forward to.”

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  • WOW

    The color of this dress is stunning and she looks fantastic in it.

  • so sweet

    Her posing is hilarious…LOL

    I love her too, specially on the photo were she is in the background, from far she looks good! But, what is with the horizontal hand?

  • galaxy

    Busy days before the SG concert. She’s full of energy!!!

  • joi

    Her face looks rough. She only looks good when wearing sunnies. Much like Nicole Richie.

  • jericho

    her blog is great
    she’s really a fashion victim

  • mgt

    the second picture looks like the grudge!


    2) I would have to agree with you on that! :P

    OK, She shows more passion to these fruit cakes, than her own SEXY *SS HUSBAND!

    I would show him Passion! OH YEAH!

    She has a HARD face! Her chin look like she would stab the H*ll out of you! LOL

  • Frenchy

    The couture clothes she wears makes Sarah Jessica Parker look like a bag lady. Posh should have been the one cast in the Sex & the City film.

  • Guillaume

    This whore never smiles !

  • Regina

    She really knows how to dress, but seriously she looks tired.

  • galaxy

    Busy days before SG concert. She’s full of energy!!!


    She writes well. I was wrong about this woman. I thought she was dumb as a rock. But her words are fresh and thoughtful, not limited to “That’s hot”…”Ooooh, how cute”…”Ummm, I don’t know”

    Victoria, I’m starting to like you, and even with that pout.

  • BBperfume

    Of course she is busy having ppl doing hair & make-up while she poses, open her door, book her flights, cars and going to dinner while playing in her food to pretend to eat. Bcoz after she’s done at Fashion week, she”ll be a lazy bimbo, with her s & asistant waiting on her untiul she plans another shopping spree.

  • Love her

    I love Victoria’s snark. The British women really have that snark humor down pat. She’s fabulous if not a bit over the top.

  • yawn

    9 Guillaume : 10/08/2007 at 12:04 pm
    This ***** never smiles !


    She’s British dear. Americans are the only ones who who walk around smiling 24/7.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    12 WEDDING PEACH, how is she thoughtful and articulate? Until she reflects on more serious world issues, reflect about poverty,global warming, child soldiers in Darfur and other war-torn regions, then you can say she’s very reflective and thoughtful.

    Bcoz all she does is her blog is describe how fabulous, major, amazing, gorgeous clothes are, and how fun it is to meet & dine with the rich celebrities and designers! Quite shallow!

  • kay

    can’t make a TROLL look pretty no matter how much you pay for the clothes! she sounds sooooo superfiical and fake, like she has no other worries in the world than who designed the clothes she’s wearing. people like her bore the hell out of me.

  • Eathan

    She looks amazing!

  • http://HTTP///victoria-addict.SKYBLOG.COM vICTORIA6ADDICT

    she’s ssoo fabulous and beautiful
    stylishh and she have a humoum
    I like her

  • Manddy

    “Bcoz all she does is her blog is describe how fabulous, major, amazing, gorgeous clothes are, and how fun it is to meet & dine with the rich celebrities and designers! Quite shallow!”

    Couldn’t agree more! That’s the impression I got while reading her blog.

    I wear the most fabulous clothes, I live the most fabulous life, I meet the most fabulous people, I… I…I…I… enough please!!!

  • lynn

    All you victoria admirers -what’s wrong with you??????? She is about as shallow and uninteresting as a human being can possible become. she is FAKE & DUMB!!!!!!

  • Kate


  • Leah

    victoria –i wish you a real life and real worries (beyond what designer pays you to wear his clothes and what snobs watched you at the dinner table). pathetic.

  • ed

    LOVE her
    vb ROCKS

  • tony

    i thought i dated a couple of pretentious wanna-be’s in the past –this chick puts things in perspective. how can you become so full of yourself? she is sick, in the head.

  • Pondering

    Posh is ok, but where is Cruz, I dont expect to see him that late at night,(I guessing it was late) but why bring the child all the way to Paris lo leave in a hotel with the babysitters, why not just leave him in LA where he would be with his brothers.

  • He-who-shall-not-be-named

    Oh well, on the other hand she’ better not pretend to portray any humanitarian image when behind the scenes she doesn’t really give a rats ass. This woman barely talks about child upbringing, despite having 3 kids. The only things he’s ever said about her kids are what she bought them or who their names are..I’m starting to like Brandgelina more even if at times I thought they were all about publicity wh#@$..They get down and dirty for their humanitarian causes, are hands-on parents, not just writing a check to flaunt their name to charity.

  • Koko

    has anyone else noticed that the Bechkams kids concieved by 2 most beautiful parents on the planet,are not the most adorable or attractive kids of all? Except when their mother exploits them for fashion like making Cruz drag his own luggage with her sweater wrapped around his waist .I mean i know very child is cute, but the Beckham kids are not as cute for having hot parents! They look like regular kids except for being filthy rich.

  • gisele

    she’s so blunt about what a diva she is– that’s why she sooo great!!! DIVA. DIVA

  • It’s not that serious

    She reminds me of the late great Diana Vreeland, editor in chief of American Vogue. Diana would have loved Posh.

  • IMO

    one word!!!!! SUPERFICIAL

  • IMO

    # 28— Koko you sound Coo-Coo do yourself a favor and STFU

  • smooth

    Cruz is with her because they travel to London to see David’s father after that.
    Fashion is her job,that’s what she does best,she is part of fashion industry-so I don’t understand why do you people complain about her blog.
    Beckhams do a lot of charety but they never never show that.
    Don’t like Vic’s look here,she must treat her skin.

  • RIC

    I think Victoria is grand.

    She is a British star, and also shines like one.

    There is a lot of negativity surrounding Victoria and her family at the moment,which is all a load of ********!

    She is a sytle icon without any doubts, and hey everyone has their bad days.

    I wish Vic all the best loads of luck with all she shall be taking part in T.V.,Spice Girls etc. Hello to David and little ones.

    David please do not be upset or stressed regarding your performance so far in the USA,things like this happen-I also hope your father well now.

    Vic if you are in the UK come down to Notting Hill Gate I would love to see you,it is near my home and bumping into you in Matches or Portobello would be great to see you home.


  • Cynthia

    Love her, she’s sooo fierce!

  • April

    20 Manddy : 10/08/2007 at 12:22 pm
    “Bcoz all she does is her blog is describe how fabulous, major, amazing, gorgeous clothes are, and how fun it is to meet & dine with the rich celebrities and designers! Quite shallow!”

    Couldn’t agree more! That’s the impression I got while reading her blog.

    I wear the most fabulous clothes, I live the most fabulous life, I meet the most fabulous people, I… I…I…I… enough please!!!

    I agree with them. Victoria needs to get over herself, she’s not some fabulous actress she just got lucky by marrying David.

  • loveme

    i love posh!!!!!!!!

  • Wooden Legs Angelina

    she loves her fan at least she does not hate her fans the wayt he JPs hate their fans and feel they are missing something in their life

  • robert

    she looks like a 12 year old boy


    #16 Okay, so she’s not a PhD candidate. But in its context her writing is wonderful, not excellent, but wonderful. The bulb might not be of the highest wattage, but she can at least express herself well enough to give us a peek into her wonderful world of fashion, froth, and frou frou. I liken it to peeking through a fence into her world, while she describes that little bit that we can see so that we can at least understand what makes her so high-octane happy.

    Never mind Darfur, North Korean missiles, oil crunch, and
    murdering psycho Jihadi-Islamists (oh yes, I went there)
    that stuff is too stiff of a drink to choke down. I prefer
    bubble gum and cotton candy. Serious stuff requires adult

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  • Idetrorce

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  • im 27

    hi mom its cruz