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America Ferrera is Hispanic Woman of the Year

America Ferrera is Hispanic Woman of the Year

America Ferrera is honored at at the 1st annual Hispanic Women in Entertainment breakfast held at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel on Tuesday morning. The Emmy Award winning actress wore a cute navy lace dress by Monique Lhuillier.

“It’s an honor to be in such esteemed company,” the Ugly Betty star said. “And it’s a thrill to see talented women recognized for their work behind the camera.”

Publisher John Kilcullen said America “is a leader for all women, but especially those in the Hispanic community. [She is] dedicated to advancing the position of Hispanics in television and film.”

Congrats, America!

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  • hey

    Congrats America, she looks great here

  • Starbucks fanatic

    Awww, she looks lovely – one of the sweetest smiles ever.


    What a wonderful spirit she pours out through that smile!

  • kat

    how?? is she not an american?? how stupid.

  • NO

    black people get a month.. hispanic get a breakfast. and whites get nada.

  • Somepeople

    Hey Stupid aka Kat,

    Since they are having the 1st Annual Hispanic Women in Entertainment celebration. It would mean, they have never been recognized before this.

    She is American, but her roots are in a Latin country, for her it happens to be Mexico. Assimilation is wonderful, forgetting your roots is not.

    I like her, she is cute and keeps true to herself and her culture.

  • Katie N

    # 5 No.

    White people have everything else. that is why you have to have special months/ events for people who are left behind, a.k.a. minorities.

  • Frenchy

    I like her. She’s a smart cookie. Very educated. A complete change from the other latinas out there in Hollywood.

  • Katie N

    Jared thanks. but the title is misleading. She is the hispanic woman in entertainment for this year, not the hispanic woman of the year. There are so many other very very accomplished women in other fields, doctors, lawyers, politicians…

  • kat

    her roots are american mexican native not latina you idiots. the real latins comes from europe.THIS IS JUST SHIT!!

  • god Bless America

    Of course she’s American she was born in the US and her name is America! Her family is from Honduras which is in Central America. You really can’t get more American than that.

    Congrats to America.

  • kat

    this shoud be call it american natives awards not hispanic.

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    all fat asses should lose weight like usa.

  • April

    What a load of CRAP!!!! Either you are American or your not. Last time I checked I don’t get any awards just because I’m white. These days you get awards if your Black, Mexican, Gay, Lesbian, or you have saved a puppy. What the hell ever happened to just being proud to be alive, hard working, and having morals and values? Have we lost all those things so now all we can celebrate is where our ancestors are from? Well how bout Someone have a parade for me! I am part Scotish, Irish, Indian, and who knows what else. I want an award, a parade, a street and park named after me, and hell why not, a full on Holiday. Maybe they are just celebrating that she is NOT one of the MILLIONS of ILLEGAL Mexicans over here sucking the life out of America. If that is the case Hurray America, good for you, may many more mexicans, (doubtfull) follow you.

  • Regina

    “to see talented women” – Flattering ourselves are we?

  • anon

    “And it’s a thrill to see talented women recognized for their work behind the camera.”

    She is praising all the unsung talented women that no one knows about and who hardly get recognized for their work. America is not behind the camera, she’s in front of it.

  • X

    12 kat : 10/09/2007 at 2:01 pm
    this shoud be call it american natives awards not hispanic.


    Hispanic = from Spanish speaking country in the Americas.

  • Natalie

    #14 – Oh poor you. Being white in America, I’m sure you face such injustice. There is nothing wrong with being proud of who you are and celebrating it, especially when America tries to make you ashamed of being different in any way. History books are written by white men, all the major corporations are owned by white men, many of the major celebrities and models in magazines are white, therefore setting the standard of what “beauty” is and if you don’t match up then you are just not good enough. Good for you for being Scottish, Irish, and Indian. . . if you’re proud of it, why don’t you fight to get some recognition for it like black people, hispanics, gays and other groups have?

    Anyways, I am getting off of my soap box. That is all JMO. As a black girl, it pi$$e$ me off when people tell me I don’t deserve to get a special day, month, or events for my race when we have worked for it. Nothing wrong w/ being proud of where you came from.

    America looks GREAT!! love her =) She is smart, talented and beautiful. I just started watching Ugly Betty and thoroughly enjoy it.

  • the_original_nika

    Go girl. God that is one fabulous dress, love it.

  • April

    Whatever, Black people I agree have worked hard. The ones that have, have a lot to show for it. I have no problem with different races or recogniton for hard work. But just because she is a minority and works does not mean she needs all sorts of recognition. I know plenty of minority people that actually work hard everyday and do not get a lick of recognition. Hollywood and the minorities that sit on their asses all day are the ones that seem to want so much recognition. Maybe if they actually went to work they would not have so much time to sit around and come up with stupid awards and holidays for themselves. If you think being white these days is so peachy you would be way off. We have to work harder than everyone else because all the poor wittle minority people need someone to pay for all their wellfare. Also the minoritys get first crack at everything if they show up with any kind of education and a will to work. By the way the world is the same for all. We live in a 95% Mexican town. My kid gets made fun of and threatened and treated like crap by many kids just because he is white. I am tired of Mexicans and Black people acting like it is only them that get it. Whoever is in the majority hands it out, and the rest just have to take it. The deal is there are good people and there are crappy people in every race, and you don’t need an award just because your Black, Mexican, White, or anything else. People hand out awards and trophies like candy these days. It does not even mena anything anymore. If you want an award in my opinion you need to have achieved something more than just being a Mexican that is in Hollywood!

  • kat

    so she got an award bc she speaks spanish. haha shit

  • marina

    april… are you aware that there are many more countries in America than the USA? Are you awaare that there are immigrants from other countries in the USA (and all over the world)and not just Mexico?

    And just an opinion,
    LatinAmericans, hispanics, latins, etc, they are all labels which meaming changes from wherever you are, there is also anothe label as Iberoamericano, there is no need for those labels, at least not in my country, THANKS GOD

  • flo

    Congratulations America!! Yeah, go on with your bad self and leave an impression for the hispanics that will follow in your footsteps in the future. Well Done!

  • ARIL

    she looks absolutely gorgeous..i love her dress, her smile, her attitude…and…her boyfriend is really hot!!!!I like about her the fact she’s one of the few famous people to be smart but especially to stay true to her self not becoming full of her self and fake!!!SHE ROCKS!!!!

  • skittles

    Congrats america ur so awesome and some people on here arn’t very nice like kat for example just saying! :)

  • skittles

    :) :)) :( :(( :P :0

  • claudia

    ask her if she really is pruod of her Honduran roots? It’s ironic, she even accepted this award if she is ashamed of her own father, who died in August 2010 and she didn’t even attend his funeral.!! She should just say”I am thrilled that thick-lipped women like me, who abuond in the streets of HOnduras, can get a break from the prototype hollywood ones. Thanks Dad!!

  • claudia

    she should thank her DAD who just passed away this week August 22, 2010, (oops she was nowhere near the funeral) for her full lips, rounded curves that abound in the Honduran streets, where she is from!!. IF NOT THAN DESIST OF ACCEPTNG THE AWARD!!!