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Angelina Jolie is a Garage Kinda Girl

Angelina Jolie is a Garage Kinda Girl

Angelina Jolie drops off son Maddox, 6, the Lycée Français de New York school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Tuesday morning.

The mother-son team entered through the garage entrance this time. How do you think the family decides which entrance/exit to use each time?

And if you didn’t get the memo, Jon Voight was reportedly at the Waldorf Astoria hotel (where the Jolie-Pitts are staying) to see his goddaughter. He supposedly still hasn’t met any of his grandchildren, including Shakira Zahara.

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angelina jolie garage entrance 01
angelina jolie garage entrance 02
angelina jolie garage entrance 03
angelina jolie garage entrance 04
angelina jolie garage entrance 05

Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • brissy

    I love this woman

  • falcon


  • Shar


  • falcon

    Congrats, Brissy!!!

  • brissy

    i guess everyone still asleep in the US and other parts of the world. Good morning Australia

  • n.o.l.a

    Even when they use alternate entrances, the paps still photograph them.

  • Poobear

    Cool pics, thanks JJ.

  • brad pitt

    I probably had a crisis in my 30’s. I had a turbulent life (while married to his ex). Some of my movies flopped. My career suffered greatly.

    Life is too short. I need life to be everything I want it to be. My ex and I decided to end the charade because we both want to lead meaningful lives. Together we cannot have purpose driven lives because we have divergent goals and different priorities in life. I respect the deep friendship we shared for seven years. Angelina is not the cause of the break-up of the farcical MERGER.

    After meeting Angie, I became a NEW man, both intimately and artistically speaking. She is my great love, the mother of my kids and she means the world to me.

    Angie and I are as much as in love as in the first day. I am totally committed to her. She is the only focus in my vision for the future.

    … Brad Pitt

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared for the new thread.

    Even more evident that no matter which entrance Angie or Brad use the paps will find a way to get shots of them.

  • Sarah

    Fat lips.


    For those of you give give a rats arze, I believe Gwenyth Paltrow’s marriage is toast. Look at the link his husband is now sleeping on the decks of ships.

    Poor Palty he let the good one go and now sweet angie is reaping the fruits. She must be kicking heself.

  • Lola

    Do you think her lips get crusty and when Brad kisses her he bites off her skin on her lips?

  • PinkRose

    Reportedly, is the ooperative word. I bet Voight was nowhere near the Waldorf. Rumour. Where are the pix?

  • Regina

    Poor Palty he let the good one go and now sweet angie is reaping the fruits. She must be kicking heself.


    You sick Angie fanboy, he’s uncle just died and you have the nerve to talk about someone like that? I hope you remember that Angelina Jolie has two FAILED marriages under belt? And there’s no sign of a breakup for Gwyneth. She’s lasted more long with Chris than with Angie’s two FAILED marriages combined.

  • Rihanna the biggest midget in the game

    why does she look super skinny in some days and healthier in others?

    Anyway, we really don’t need to see them every single day.

  • dean

    HOW LUCKY ARE WE?!?!?!?! We get 12 more years of this daily drop off and pick up routine. HOPEFULLY Maddox will go to college and then on to grad school so we can get even MORE daily pics of the kid going to and from school.
    It NEVER gets old!!!!!

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  • the real tita

    #10:Then we’ll assume you have anus like lips since you seem to envy those with full lips.

  • angel

    jj thanks for a new threadangie is a great momlove her


    Regina go take a nap. or your medication whichever one works faster.

  • Sarah

    #10:Then we’ll assume you have **** like lips since you seem to envy those with full lips.


    That was an experiment and you pretty much failed. You people on here can’t go with one second without using the word “jealous” or “envy” when replying to someone who has a differing opinion to one other. I don’t mind Angelina Jolie, it was just an experiment…you people take things too seriously. Carry on with your Jolie-masterbating, now.

  • pete


  • angel

    17 saysthanks for the posti am dissapointed that is still not playing in my area

  • Chan

    Super Royal Mom, Angelina and the Jolie-Pitt Family are AWESOME!

    Thanks Jared for all your hard work.

  • Arora

    Seems the trolls are out in full force. BAMPZS fans, it’s time to kick their asses out of here.

    *To those who find pictures of this wonderful family boring, why exactly are you here? Just skip and go to the threads that concern you. We BAMPZS fans are very grateful for the pics. Thanks JJ.

  • oh please

    Oh please Angelina is a spoiled little rich girl who has to stay in 100,000 dollar per month suites at the Waldorf.

    What a bunch of hypocrites!!!!

  • the real tita

    #16: You forgot that Zahara, Pax and Shiloh still have to go to their school. If I were you, I’d find another hobby instead of watching the JP kids getting dropped off or picked up from school. You don’t have to look, you know but I guess you never thought about that. You are the architect of your own misery.

  • Regina

    Regina go take a nap. or your medication whichever one works faster.


    Medication? Says the person who makes stupid assumptions? I’m sure if I said that Brangelina were on the verge of splitting, you people would get angry.

  • anon

    “the real tita”, some people don’t like lips full as Angelina’s! Tastes are different you know?

  • the real tita

    #21: okay, so what did your experiment net you? Do you feel superior now?

  • ©-!
  • the real tita

    #29: Some people is the operative word here, isn’t it? You come here to tell us that you don’t like her lips? For what? Seems to me that if you don’t like it, you won’t keep looking at it. What kind of people are you?

  • woot!

    It’s the same old regular side driveway entrance. Don’t know how it got labelled a garage, but there isn’t one. You can see the gates that lead to the street. Part of the driveway is covered by the building, part — in the middle — is open. Anyway, just thought I’d put that out there again.

    As to how they choose the entrance. I’m sure they use the driveway when it’s available! It’s a bit more private. :)

  • anon

    “Oh please Angelina is a spoiled little rich girl who has to stay in 100,000 dollar per month suites at the Waldorf.

    What a bunch of hypocrites!!!!”

    “oh please”, i agree with you, but be prepared that you’ll be bashed a lot by Brangelina admirers because of your comment. ;)

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    I love this lovely mother.Angie for sure is happy and glowing lately,If she is not pregnant for sure baby making is on the work.

  • Tijen

    I am getting jealous of seeing these folks in short sleeves in New York City. We haven’t seen the sun in about a week now here in Oregon. And the forcast doesn’t look any better.

  • neph

    So definitely not pregnant.
    Didn’t Clooniuqa and the rest of you Loons guarentte she was knocked up again?
    Oh well, made fools of yourselves again.

  • Chan

    Angelina has the juicey lips, I can only imagine what she does to Brad with those beautiful lips.

    Back Off, Theres much love for this family.

  • woot!

    37 Tijen : 10/09/2007 at 3:13 pm

    Not only in shortsleeves but sunbathing in the park in bathing suits! Today is a tiny bit cooler, in the 70′s instead of 80′s! Crazy crazy weather. :)

  • Anonymous

    He supposedly still hasn’t met any of his grandchildren, including Shakira Zahara.
    That’s because his daughter is a self-centered, me first – I could care less about my kids BIT**.

  • art

    Why do her boobs grow and shrink on a daily basis?

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    lol @ “I love this woman”

    loving a stranger, how cute.

  • jjb


  • BBperfume

    The world’s role model Santalina has forgotten about ” Honor thy Father and Mother”

  • angel

    38 says,you never know,am sure she is working on it,or maybe she is

  • mag

    #43 because she wear a push up bra it makes the boobs grow.

  • !!!!!!!!!!

    we won`t see them when they are in L.A,so fans enjoy these pics as much as you can.we will miss them while they are in L.A.

    I want to enjoy their pics while they are in NYC and I will do it with ignoring haters.

  • angel

    what is with one or two crazy fools trying to mess up the thread for other people who want to have fun,trolls are nothing but a bunch of lonely idiots,ignoring is the key,is boring going through the same shit with retarded beeyoutches

  • angel

    48 46 44,same person,just ignore

  • angel

    49 says,so right,is good to have peace around here