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Jennifer Lopez Yucks It Up With Letterman

Jennifer Lopez Yucks It Up With Letterman

Jennifer Lopez (in Temperley) shares a laugh with host David Letterman when asked about the possibility of being pregnant at The Late Show with David Letterman on Tuesday in New York City.

During the show, Letterman acknowledged that parenting is challenging, causing Lopez to smirk.

J.Lo also performed “Do It Well” from her new album, Brave, out today. Watch the interview below and the performance here!

Jennifer LopezThe Late Show with David Letterman, 10/9

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Photos: J.P. Flio/CBS
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  • Jennifer


  • Me

    FIRST! People really need to drop this whole pregnancy thing. It’s up to her if she wants to be open to her personal life. Other than that, let it go.

  • Nanana

    now,, that’s disgusting. just yes or no. what’s the big deal about it?

  • toni

    She’s not gonna answer. If Christina doesn’t have to answer to anyone, why does J.Lo have to?

  • havemercy

    She looks great!

  • chloe

    does JLo & Marc think people are stupid?

    I hope she stops performing. It’s dangerous…she can fall!

  • angel

    its her thing if she wants to respond or not, but the whole thing is getting really sick, and i got sick of her a lot time ago, is it just me or her new song is a flop¿??

  • Linda

    maybe she’s waiting to get past her first trimester. Some people are a little superstitious about telling anyone in case something happens. Miscarriages are most prevalent in the first 3 months, so she’s probably being cautious. Anyway, if she doesn’t want to tell the public, that’s up to her. It’s her business. If she is pregnant, I wish her a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby in the end.

  • natasha

    The Jolie Pitts must be getting through money like wildfire. Between the private aircraft, the endless hotels, the security, the schools, the helicopter rides and Brad’s fedoras their bills must be huge.

    Their lifestyle is incredibly lavish, I’m not begrudging them it, just remarking that it doesn’t fit very well with their image of Mother Theresa and Ghandi.

    Now while I’m at it, how much humanitarian work have they done this year? She went to Iraq for 20 minutes, okay. But other than that?

    i think I smell hypocrites.

  • LdyDior

    She’s pregnant,in loose fitting clothes,it’s hard to hide that belly, she must be about 4 or 5 months…God Bless them all!!

  • beibii

    ok, pregnant or not, i dont care. BUT i hated that she was laughing like a horse 70% of the time they had a conversation and she was rolling eyes all the time. the whole thing just felt very uncomfortable. i hoped that she would at least come out and say – yes, im pregnant and thanks for congrats. but nada. boooo jenny!!!

  • smile

    I love her dress. Very beautiful

  • quiet no more

    natasha you’re on the wrong thread

  • mara

    Gosh I wish people would get off this “is she pregnant or not”. If she is you’ll know in a few more months.

    People are just giving her more attention than she deserves, i’m sure she loves this also, because she has a new album that’s out, so she’s getting more publicity because everyone is speculating whether she’s pregnant or not!

  • jh

    you can tell she’s trying to hide her pregnancy by slouching in her chair. haha. i dont understand what the big deal is. be like halle berry and announce it! =P

  • yuuuki

    well jlo cant admit shes pregnant, not yet, since her album was just released and she has alot of concerts to do. everyone would be concern if its announced that she’s pregnant.

  • trish

    As much as I want her to come out and confirm it — it is her decision to make. Some people, like Halle, are ok being open about their pregnancy, but maybe Jennifer feels she’d like it more private. It probably makes her uncomfortable to put it out there and get even more attention. I mean, if she announces it, the press may come up with more stories about her baby or baby plans.

  • Nanana

    13 quiet no more : 10/10/2007 at 1:03 am

    natasha you’re on the wrong thread

    it’s no surprise, because she has a wronged head.

  • xoxo

    she’s got this winningly charming, genuine personality.

  • Erin

    At least she’s not on EVERY friggin talk show talking about her pregnancy….take notes Halle! Sick of looking at you!!! I respect Jennifer for wanting her privacy, very classy

  • lalal

    luv her but she laughs when things r not funny

  • NJS06

    She is pregnant no question. She dosnt have to say anything. I think the only reason she isnt confirming or hiding is to get attention.

  • Lucky7

    She forgot Carrie Ann Inaba !! She’s one of the judges on Dancing with the Stars.

  • Lucky7

    Nevermind….just finished watching the rest of the video clip..heheh my bad

  • Laura

    I agree is her choice to keep that information private. But I honestly think that she’s doing it for publicity purposes. She’s always been really open about her private life, and a pregnancy it’s not something you can hide forever. People will find out eventually if she’s pregnant or not, and since she’s on promotion she can’t hide from the public eye. She will be giving interviews and she knows that people will ask her about her pregnancy, so give it up already!

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