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Lauren Conrad & Chris Richardson Reunite

Lauren Conrad & Chris Richardson Reunite

Lauren Conrad is seen leaving WeHo’s Hyde nightclub late Monday night right behind American Idol alum Chris Richardson. (Romance rumors were brewing back in April when the pair were spotted partying together.)

At the MTV Movie Awards earlier this year, Lauren told Just Jared that Chris is a “very sweet kid. He’s just a friend of mine… I’m not dating anyone.”

But they could be dating now! But probably not.

Lauren‘s costar in The Hills Whitney Port (pictured inside) was also spotted at club Hyde

Just Jared on Facebook
lauren conrad chris richardson hyde 01
lauren conrad chris richardson hyde 02
lauren conrad chris richardson hyde 03
lauren conrad chris richardson hyde 04
lauren conrad chris richardson hyde 05
lauren conrad chris richardson hyde 06
whitney port hyde 01
whitney port hyde 02
whitney port hyde 03

Photos: Josephine Santos/
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  • NO

    noooo!!!! she better not be dating him. hes such a douchebag.

  • andré

    i wish i could party on Mondays..

  • Jane

    Chris is so cute!

  • Alessandra

    he`s UglY

  • Regina

    Chris, please don’t lower yourself to that scánk.

  • shopgirl

    Love the pics, thanks Jared! Whitney looks great here, I love her style. She always look so Chic!

  • mighty

    this bitch sure get arounds a lot with people, such a slut.


    Where did his neck go?

  • Jaden

    Love lauren she is so beautiful. she really should focus on brody. they make a hot couple.

  • passion fruit

    boring girl.

  • KC

    Does she do anything besides go clubbing with other Z listers?

  • Pink

    Ooh, that Chris Rich boy is hot!

  • janet

    she’s pretty and he’s cute. they make a great couple.

  • me

    he got fat

  • Nick

    Chris is the farthest thing from a douche bag. He’s a great guy with popular friends. If he was with her, he’d be on her show.

  • Cynthia

    He’s ugly,chubby and he has a FAT HEAD

  • marina

    Chris is a cutie. Lauren and Chris make a cute couple.

  • Nick

    People usually don’t have fat on their heads. And he isn’t chubby. He just has a few layers of clothes on. He’s big on fitness, so he’s bulky. Mother fucking idiots.

  • Pink

    Chris has got the most amazing arms! I like his athletic, football player bod. He looks really good :)

  • Lisa

    chris > lauren

    inequalities make for a bad relationship, so lets hope they’re not dating.

  • Armondi

    Yeah, that’s right, Christopher is the mothereffin’ princess! Back up LC!

  • gaby

    notic the no cameras sign lol
    theyre both fatties haha
    whitneys gorgeous but i dont like her shoes

  • Person

    love chris, he’s so sweet and talented.
    lol @ people saying he’s ugly. chris rich = hot.

    lauren’s awesome too (:

  • cit

    Nick : 10/09/2007 at 2:57 pm

    People usually don’t have fat on their heads. And he isn’t chubby. He just has a few layers of clothes on. He’s big on fitness, so he’s bulky. Mother ******* idiots.

    LMAO – you tell em dude. yea, exactly! he works out everyday for crying out loud. actually he did get bigger since the show, not fat but bulkier as in more muscle-y. egad, the boy is solid as a rock. oh yea and he’s pretty too.

    it really doesn’t sound like they’re dating. not if you go by what they say. so maybe people need to stomp on their overactive imagination just a wee bit.

  • pivens

    Chris is ugly, ew

  • julie

    you people are disturbed. that is ONE BEAUTIFUL MAN.

  • kara

    Wow. I’m just laughing at people calling Chris Rich ugly,and fat…How can you say something like “he’s a douchebag” if you never met him? I’m assuming you never met him because if you did, your opinion of him would change drastically. Okay, that’s it! : )

  • marymary

    Did he gain 80 pounds, he is not cute at all.

  • grifith

    So I went to one of the AI shows and this boy just cannot sing, he pretends he can but he cannot. He is alright but not that cute. They were so cute back in April, I don’t know about now.

  • abigail

    Who goes to Hyde, seriously, that club is so Oklahoma.

  • Nick

    Chris has improved drastically since American Idol. He’s much better in his element, which wasn’t shown as well on the show. I can’t wait for his album.

  • rene

    That Justin Timberfake wannabe will always be known as a Justin Timberfake wannable.

  • harold

    Nick, show me some proof, I always thought he made it far on AI because he is cute, he is not that talented.

  • andy

    Him and Zach Efron will make a cute couple.

  • marina

    Any chance that Chris could make a guest appearance on The Hills?

  • ERin

    all of you are fucking morons if you think Chris Rich is fat…Blake is going to ninja chop the hell out of you…and you’ve obviously never met him if you think for one second that that gorgeous man is a douche bag….and he’s so talented, I can’t wait for his solo album to come out so he’ll shut all of you the fuck up.

  • janet

    Please I don’t want to see his chubby face on the hills, I couldn’t stand this dude on AI, and still cannot stand him.

  • danparker

    Chris Richardson is a talentless twit, I wish he will just disappear. His 15 minutes is up, he is latching onto Lauren for some free press, they all do, poor girl.

  • janet

    lauren is pretty and chris is cute. i think they are just friends but they would make a great looking couple if they decide to date.

  • Miranda

    Erin, you are rocking my world right now because honestly, I don’t think any of these people have met him, or even heard him for that matter. I guess when it comes to his voice, it’s all a matter of opinion but he is not talentless. DX

    Fat? Seriously, people? What is the point of saying something like that? I really don’t get it.

    I guess that’s all because I really don’t know what else to say to you people. I just wanted you to know what I thought of you. ;)

  • soph

    For the record. I’ve met Chris a bunch of times and he is genuinely sweet. He spent hours signing autographs, making sure everyone got something. If it’s anyone I’d be worried about, it’s Lauren. I used to like her…but something’s just off about her these days. But I don’t want to be negative, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  • Brit

    Erin, I don’t know you, but i love you! Thanks for saying that. Being that I’ve met Chris four times this summer, I can assure you all he’s the sweetest thing ever. And if for any of you that think he’s anything less than gorgeous, you’re crazy. And since when has being muscular and well built=fat?
    P.S. Blake/ninja comment =hahahahaha! and soo true!

  • jas

    wtf?! Chris is NOT fat. He’s far from fat.
    I don’t quite understand the ‘ugly’ comments, either. How is he the least bit ugly? I definently am seeing something differnet..

  • katie

    Didn’t he go on an rant tour telling all the weekly magazine Lauren is just a friend, he annoys me to the max.

  • aimelee

    He is not cute but not ugly. Blake is just gross, that beat boxing thing was so overrated. Love this couple by the way.

  • jd

    How is he a douche, someone should explain it to me, please.

  • Nick

    I don’t care if people don’t like him. They’re missing out big time.
    Rock on Chris.

  • julie

    “Chris Richardson is a talentless twit, I wish he will just disappear. His 15 minutes is up, he is latching onto Lauren for some free press, they all do, poor girl.”

    I have nothing in particular against her, but if Chris is talentless, what on earth is Lauren Conrad? I wasn’t aware she was famous for anything but being famous.

    I saw Chris go out of his way to make a whole lot of fans, many of whom were rather hysterical, happy this summer. He was polite, friendly, charming, and almost too accommodating for his own good. I happen to think he’s very talented, but I suppose that’s a matter of musical opinion. But he’s a sweet young man with who was raised right- that’s a fact.

  • Amandaaa

    Mmmm, Chris Rich. And he’s obviously not dating Lauren cuz him & Blake are soulmates.

  • sarah s

    he doesnt look that great in pictures but i saw him when they did the american idol tour and he’s hot as hell in person