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Lindsay Lohan: "My Talent is a Gift and I'm Going to Use It"

Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan has done yet another exclusive interview and “photo shoot” with OK! Magazine. (Back in August, she was snapped “candidly” reading a copy of the AA book in rehab.)

Here’s a sneak peek of the interview via USA Today:

On her second DUI arrest in less than two months: “[I hit] rock-bottom. Everything in my life came to a point where I had to make a decision; the arrest that night helped me come to a point where I had to make one.”

On how she she plans to stay on the road to recovery: “[By surrounding myself] with good people who have their hearts and their minds in the right places.”

On Lindsay‘s small role in her new film about Tango legend Carlos Gardel: “I’m staying in Utah until it’s time to shoot Dare to Love Me and then I plan on returning to Utah so I can stay focused and avoid other distractions.”

On not saying goodbye to the Hollywood industry: “Absolutely not – never! I’m here to stay,” says the actress, 21. “My talent is a gift, and I’m going to use it in the right way.”

On the the feud between her father, Michael, and mother, Dina: “I wish it would stop. It hurts when two people you love argue with one another. I don’t think any child wants to see their parents argue or see their family fall apart. Unfortunately, it happens, and when it does, they should do it with as little effect on their children as possible.”

On her rehab experience: “[It was] sobering [and] humbling. It made me look at myself, and all of the people, places and things in my life in a different way. I was in there for substance abuse, after all.”

On the potential of relapse: “If I wasn’t (worried), I’d be living in denial. Temptation is always there, but now I’ll avoid it the right way.”

OF NOTE: “Lindsay captured her departure from Cirque Lodge, with her father, Michael Lohan, at her side, with a camera, and several photos will appear in OK! A magazine spokesman says there was no money involved in getting the interview or photos.”

Look for this exclusive interview with Lindsay in OK!, on newsstands nationwide Friday.

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  • fresh

    “my talent is a gift” lol—good luck to her

  • Rachel

    good 4 her. I wish her good luck :)

  • Carol

    She’s only doing all of this so the public forgets, and so that when the jury is selected they’ll see all the good things and forget about all the drugs and the arrests. Lindsay IS the best actress in the world and deserves an Oscar for making people believe she’s gonna stay off drugs.

    And scene.

  • justmeagain

    she has NO talent! get over yourself!

  • Natalie

    I hope she plans to follow through on all her promises. I hope she can really turn it around and use the life she’s been given in a positive way. I don’t know if rehab has changed her, but I do wish her all the best.

  • Jane

    if she doesnt hav talent…how can she be so famous …#4

  • Reader

    Addiction is a hard thing. I don’t think anyone would want to go through that. I just hope she truly does want to change, that way she’ll stick to it and make progress. All the best to her. She should probably get a new crowd.

  • Cynthia

    She does know how to perform. How do you think she got out of doing months in jail? Bitch deserved to do at least 2 weeks in the slammer. Bobblehead tramp.

  • redbull

    I love Lindsay but she’ll probably be at a club in the next few weeks.

  • laurensucksbeefcurtains

    “Hi, I’m Lindsay Lohan and I piss diamonds & sh*t gold! Viva cocaine!”

  • sweet child

    #6 are you kidding me? have you not heard of Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie? They are ridiculously famous and have NO talent. As for Lilo, she said this shit the last time she got out of rehab, so it’s hard to believe her.

  • Koko

    at least Lilo is the most talented on a scale between Paris and Nicole..

  • justmeagain

    yeah, her talent is to get wasted and show her f*cking p*ssy! she’s REALLY talented!

  • Here’s The Deal

    LOL And now she’s delusional……..What talent, sweetie??! :roll:

  • Jade

    She really does have talent.She can act,but most of all she can sing.
    Long before Rehab,she was on an Award show and sang a song about her
    Dad.I was very impressed on that same show,when she sang Stevie Nicks
    song,”Edge Of Seventeen” At that time,I could not believe she was
    throwing everything away.Maybe things will change for her now.I hope so.

  • kjmalc

    Yes i agree, that she has a talent but Lindsay no word for honor…

    She said and promised to her dad that she quits hollywood, i’ve read it from here

    Then now, she’s come out and say “Absolutely not — never! I’m here to stay,” says the actress, 21. “My talent is a gift, and I’m going to use it in the right way.”

    Oh come on Lindsay! it’s difficult for you because you haven’t money anymore if you stop acting in hollywood? why? because you can’t get and maintain your drugs intake?

    Sorry guys but i have to express it!

    Good luck Lindsay!!!

  • anonymous

    I was saddened by Lindsay’s drug and alcohol problem. At least she is taking the biggest and first step. Admitting to her problem and taking the proper steps to correct it. She is a very talented actress, love all her movies. I wish only the best for her and hope she comes out on top. That Georgia Rule movie was a great movie. I reached for the tissue box myself. A must see, she is truly a good actress.

  • Shrugging an atlas

    It may be a gift to her but it’s a curse for the rest of us…cannot stand her films or her “music”

  • nokia

    for people who said she is talentless think about it twice pls… she is a fine and promising young actress she just have to get back on the right track… look at parent trap.. everybody said that they thought its two people in two character.

  • Yily

    Good luck, Lindsay! Keep your mind on your talent and family and friends. Don’t go to clubs anymore.

  • Jane

    #11… u quite stupid.. u use wrong example. both of them born 2 fame..lindsay.. she act when she’s young~ not tru her parents~ watta idiot u

  • Jane

    #11. they both ish famous becoz of their folks…Lindsay act when she’s young. not becoz she has rich parents

  • Jamie

    What “talent” is she referring too? I don’t it has anything to do with acting if you get my drift.

  • so sweet

    If it is true … then good luck to her.


    OK,Despite what the haters say, She might come out swinging!
    I would love for her to show you people that just because you fall HARD, doesn’t mean that you can’t get back up, and be the BIGGEST star! And She does have talent, ANd it is a GIFT. If it wasn’t a gift, then we will see alot of you(the posters) on the BIG SCREEN, but WE DON’T! :(

  • Zenah

    Gift? Talent? Wow! She is seriously lacking in modesty. What can I say? Good luck to her and may she enjoy her jail cells.

  • Mamamia

    I’m FIRST…

  • diehipster
  • thedailybox

    how is no talent a gift?

  • N

    good for her! i still love and support this girl! And I agree she’s a talented actor :) yay lindsay

  • patricia night

    Wish her all the best

  • mariadel barrio

    She is as talented as Perez Hilton and Britney Spears lol. Her gift to me would be to not act at all.

  • oz

    “My talent is a gift”!!!!!!!!!!! Still laughing about that line. What is it with these stars (using the term loosely there)and their inflated egos for lords sake!!! Anyone out there could be an actor/actress. I could be one!! It ain’t rocket science. You stand in front of a camera and say lines written by somebody else – ohhhhh hard work that. Any time stars are interviewed about their work they always say how they work longgggg hours blah blah. However, they don’t point out that they have assistants running around tending to their every need and that they spend most of those hours sitting around being bored waiting for a scene to be ready. And get paid MILLIONS to do it. Yeah, hard job that and it obviously needs lots of TALENT!!! I’m bored beyond belief in my job EVERY BLOOMIN’ DAY but I don’t get paid millions to do it!!! Egotistical stars like Lindsay make me want to hurl because in 10 years time (or less) they will be doing tele-marketing ads for face cream. Arrogant twits.

  • jess

    what talent? she is a mediocre singer, at best, and a d-list level actress! i’m not buying her bs, it’s all a publicity stunt. however, on a human level i hope she cuts her sh*t out and stays out of trouble.

  • Tealeaf

    I hope this girl stays clean and doesn’t end of being a mess like Britney

  • stefanie

    Oh please ~yawn~ She’ll be back in DUI in less than 6 months.
    And she ain’t talented. Sorry.

  • helen

    what talente