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Mark Wahlberg Makes Girls Cry

Mark Wahlberg Makes Girls Cry

Mark Wahlberg waves to his female fans as he leaves Live with Regis and Kelly! show on Tuesday. The 36-year-old hunkalicious actor left some fans in hysterical tears! Marky Mark, you so sexy!!!!!

Wahlberg is in town to promote his new crime drama We Own the Night costarring Joaquin Phoenix, Eva Mendes, and Robert Duvall. He plays Joseph Grusinsky, a police lieutenant who has followed in the footsteps of his father, legendary Deputy Chief Burt Grusinsky (Duvall).

We Own the Night opens in theaters this Friday, October 12th.

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Photos: Mike DiSciullo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • neil

    I have nothing against him but I am mystified how women fall over him. Girls, what is it I’m not seeing?

  • 123


  • I’m not feelin’ it

    Sorry, but crying???? I’m just not feelin’ it! Were they hired?


    I know the way she feels! Man, well, I wouldn’t cry, I think that I would be in AWE of him 1st, then my HOT BLOODED INSTINCTS WOULD KICK IN! He is one hotttttttttttttttttttttttttt man!

    I would Do Brad over him, but If Mark Played the role of “BOBBY MERCER” I would do him in a Heartbeat! :D

  • piece of mind

    what a loser LOL

  • angie

    Um….I’m thinkin’ this is kinda weird…

  • Treasure

    thats funny.
    very funny.
    and rude .
    but i d c.
    im bored and all

  • sheryl

    I can’t take this seriously at all…oh wait, were they holdin’ New Kids on the Block pictures?


    waittttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt ^^^^


  • over it

    stop it. he is human and although he is a very nice guy, he is just like everyone else. And, from what I hear, only average in bed.

  • brenda

    ^^^ Oh, like it matters…

  • brenda

    Sorry, #11 post was a reply meant for #9 socksnsandals.

  • liz


    Wow if I were him, I would want to pretend this didn’t even happen…can anyone say whattadouche? I bet this girl just realized he wasn’t Zac Effron or something…wait, but she’s holding Mark’s picture…well, in that case, I bet it was because her mom made her stand in line to get an autographed picture for her…

  • liz

    Continuation of @13: Or she realized how short he is, take your pick.


    no 13, I am pretty sure that she could tell the difference from that FRUIT CAKE ZAC, and MARK W.!

    ZAC, is TOTALLY GAY! and yes it does matter BRENDA, the DENT FENDER! hahahahahahhahaha anyway!

    MArk, is so much talented than DONNIE, OK! He has made numerous of movies! I swear you people think that ZAC represents a REAL MAN! PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE!

  • jess

    he’s a good looking guy, but to CRY over seeing him on the f#$%$ street??? what a dumba** that chick is lmao

  • jess

    and on top of that it looks like he didn’t even sign her stupid picture hahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahaha

  • From the block

    #15 I agree, Zac and his tweenie fans piss me off. He’s overrated. Ive seen far better looking TRAMPS on the street. And Mark is much more of a man than Zac. Oh and Zac’s twenty soon so cut the teen bull shit.

  • liz

    Hey socksnsandels, back the heck UP!!!!! I don’t give a shit about Zac Effron…I was talkin’ about the GIRL IN THE PIC!!!!

    I know exactly what movies Mark has been in…you’re not educating me about anything I don’t already know…

    And NO, it doesn’t matter if he was in NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK or not…I don’t give a shit!

  • Grace

    If you’ve ever seen Fear, you’ll know how charming he can be, and then how feckin’ scary!!!

    He’s really cute, and talented. He’s HYSTERICAL in I Heart Huckabees and The Departed


    ok LIZ, are you finished? Who asked you if you cared, and further more DO WE CARE, that you DON’T CARE?

    All that I am saying is that this is one fine man, he isn’t like that sugary gaping piece of gooey candy, that ZAC IS! OK! :D

  • the_original_nika



    WELL spoken from the BLOCK!

  • tres`hot

    I think he is bodylicious….yummy.. ;)

  • liz

    socksnsandals is bipolar! You didn’t ask me shit, I TOLD you! Nobody asked what YOU think, either! I bet you are the freakin’ crybaby in the picture…

  • ?

    marky mark and the funky bunch. rotflmao

    He’s still hot! I wonder if his body is still has hot as it was back in the day.

  • erica

    He is so short, like, Tom Cruise short.


    NO LIZZIE, by the way you are whining, I think that you are Bi-polar! LIZZZZZZZIE, did you take that lithuimn today, you know that you have to be on a strict medicine schedule…stop skipping dosages! OK! OK get it out! If you insist on taling about sh*t that non aguementive, then GET THAT SH*T OUT! AND STFU! thank you! BYE LIZZZZIE! :P


    talking, and non argumentive!

  • liz

    ^^^socksnsandals is fucking ridiculous…you’re the crybaby asshole in the picture…and that makes me LAUGH my ASS off!!!!

    NOW stop being an idiot and hypersensitive JUST because everybody doesn’t go into a crying fit over him like YOU do!

    What are you….12???? If so, wow, Mark’s really got a lot going for him…

    And what the hell is “Talking and non argumentive”? Your bipolar tendencies shining through?

  • nope

    is she blind?

  • KrungKrung

    saw his movie Shooter, it’s pretty good and he’s very good in action movie y’all and drama too.

  • ****

    Correction, he makes whores cry…which is a good thing.

  • Laura

    He’s cute, nice and sweet. But crying? I thought it only happened to members of boy bands.

  • steve

    i guess all of you worthless people have nothing better to do with your lives than sit here and negatively comment about how a young girl is very into an actor and happened to get emotional when she saw him. get off her back and worry about your own damn lives…p.s..the stupid picture was signed… and dont bother commenting back to me because i wont be on this site again…have a great day!!

  • Tony in NC

    I love how all the haters on here talk shit about a young girl that got to meet her favorite celeb. I am proud of her confidence and the fact she is a real person and actually showed her excitement. Most of you fugly whores and fat bastards couldnt get a dog to lick your ass, so i can understand why you would be jealous that a hollywood star took the time to talk to her and give her a hug. You shou]d be ashamed of yourselves for bashing a teenager, now…go f*ck yourselves :)

  • Callie

    ok i happen to be the cousin of the girl in this picture and you all seem to have a problem with the fact that she cried! are you really serious that you care so much that she cried! yea maybe its a little silly but he’s her favorite actor and she got excited! steven and anthony your coments are histerical! haha and so true! so please comment back if you must but i can assure you i actually have a life and i will not be fighting back with you! i was there and after this picture was taken we met him again and he signed her picture and took a picture with her! it’s not so serious that you have to offend a young girl so harshly! it’s not that serious! i’m proud of you jo and im so happy for you!

    love you jo!

  • joanna

    haha thankyou steven anthony and callie !! i dont really care what people say about me though cause they dont even know me! but whatever i know what happend and why i cried and the fact that these people have no lives !! and yes Mark did sign the picture for me later that day and took pictures with me and was soo sweet and adorable !! and i cant help that he is my idol since i was little and you guys saw my pictures on myspace of me with Mark

  • joanna

    haha thankyou steven anthony and callie !! i dont really care what people say about me though cause they dont even know me! but whatever i know what happend and why i cried and the fact that these people have no lives !! and yes Mark did sign the picture for me later that day and took pictures with me and was soo sweet and adorable !! and i cant help that he is my idol since i was little and you guys saw my pictures on myspace of me with Mark so what ever these people need to get lives other than TRYING to hurt peoples feelings .. cause its not working!! so w.e they can go Fcuk themselves! thank you and have a nice day!!

  • kelly

    wow yea i’m happy for this girl! go you! you met mark wahlberg that rocks! all these haters are just jealous! if they have a problem click the f*cking X at the top of the page b!tches! you go girl! congrats!

  • mine

    well what I read you all wish as the name says hes mine and is sometimes is mediocre in bed otherwise hes the best and in bed doesnt count its all around what does. He may be what you you read but you have no idea, NONE so look at your own life and read upon it please!

  • Buttercup

    Joanna, it was nice of u, meeting Mark Wahlberg……..I hope, sumday Ill get 2 meet Mark Wahlberg, as well. Tht’s been my dream ever since, i sw him in 4 bros!!!

  • http://angelbaby mandy

    u are so hot in fear it was a good movie that u ever did.

  • http://angelbaby mandy

    u are hot

  • http://myspace Erica

    I’m not sure about crying hysterically,but he is absolutely gorgeous! Oh, I would just love to marry him!

  • Doesn’t

    Dude she’s in shock, u get like that when u see a sexy star like up close. I cried when I saw Pete Wentz live at Fall out boy, cauz u see this ppl on pics but when u see them in real life it’s like wow your speechless. Plus I would cry 2 if I saw Mark Wahlberg that close he is so damn sexy. Thank u jesus!

  • Doesn’t

    Joanne u r the luckiest girl in the world!

  • :) :)

    i can’t blame her. i’d prolly cry too :X
    i love him. haha.

  • Lola

    I’d cry too if I saw him !!!

  • anonymous

    ok so i know this girl and im not saying my name cause i know she will be mad at me for saying ….

    but …..

    Her Name is Joanna Lopez and this is her FaceBook.