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Javier Bardem: Penelope Cruz's New Boyfriend

Javier Bardem: Penelope Cruz's New Boyfriend

Penelope Cruz and her new costar hook-up Javier Bardem are Hollywood’s latest hook-up.

According to Page Six, “Cruz showed up at the New York Film Festival this weekend with Javier Bardem, and the two were ‘very touchy-feely,’ our spy said. ‘They held hands when they thought no one was watching, and she kissed his cheek, and he put his arm around her.’ Saturday night, they showed up with Bono to the premiere party for No Country for Old Men at Gabriel’s, sat in the back room and left together.”

And even more recently, Penelope, 33, and Javier, 38, were spotted dining at Baboo Restaurant. The couple kissed and hugged each other outside the restaurant. Watch the video below! UPDATE: Apologies, video removed! Watch it here.

FYI: Cruz and Bardem costar in the top secret Woody Allen Spanish Project, out 2008. It’s the film that also stars Scarlett Johansson and Patricia Clarkson.

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  • Manila girl

    that’s not really a flattering pic of javier

  • latina

    She sure loves her co-stars. Tom, Matt and now Javier. Do your thing girl!

  • kelly

    He looks like a camel.

  • morini

    Couple Spanish!!! Thanks ;)

  • Ruth

    Lucky girl!

  • grace

    pene is such a hollywood slut!ewww she´s disgusting!

  • http://deleted flower

    I like this couple because they are spanish like me.

  • me

    I am spanish too, I hate this couple cause I hate her, I love Javier Bardem he is such a good actor and although he might not be standart gourgeous to me he is plus so masculin. She is well evrybody knows jumps from one bed yo anotherone speacilly with her co-stars.

  • Katrina

    I love Javier Bardem! So sexy. Although Penelope’s been around, I can see why he would be attracted to her.

  • Elle

    She’s been with him already years ago and now she’s gone back with him.

  • Angie

    UGH, she’s such a whore!!

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    her fug over exceeds his.

  • Iris

    A ver cuanto duran….

  • lori

    Hottest couple ever! I hope it is true. I love them both!

  • into

    he is ugly sorry.

  • KC

    She’s going to run out of men soon. She’s been with EVERYBODY.

  • anon

    I thought Penelope was a lesbian? It’s well known in Spain.

  • Miss wally

    They costarred in one of her first big movies, if I remember correctly…it was basically Spanish soft-core porn, called Jamon Jamon (ham ham?)… so maybe this is a re-hookup?

  • Cynthia

    She’s very PROMISCUOUS! EWWWW!!!

  • Corleone

    They are best friends. Penelope knows him since she was 18. Stupid Americans, get your facts straight.

  • Corleone

    17 anon : 10/09/2007 at 1:48 pm
    I thought Penelope was a lesbian? It’s well known in Spain.

    She’s a tomboy, everyone knows it. Not a lesbian, though.

  • ana

    everybody in Spain knows she is not lesbian, but i don´t think she is with Javier, they are just friends.

  • barbie

    Javier Bardem starred in the Almodovar film LIVE FLESH. He looks really gorgeous in that film, as the detective who becomes crippled!

  • gi

    They are friends for sure:)
    if they are making “the most” of their time together I don’t know.
    if I was one of them (available and willing) I’d have fun;)))))

    …and the y are good looking, YESSSS

    (not spanish, if you are wondering, not american either)

  • Chele Belle

    I do not hate either one. Have enjoyed watching JB in several films including Live Flesh, Second Skin & Before Night Falls…if you need visual proof of how sexy he can be watch Between Your Legs.

    Good for Penelope…you certainly picks them…but this is by far her sexist one yet…sorry Tom AND Matthew.

  • Souhila

    It’s been 15 years they’ve known each other , I think they are just good friends!

  • eb

    “Jamon Jamon” is *not* soft-core porn. Christ.

  • pancakebottom

    she’s a rat face and her voice is irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lk

    Javier was really good in Before Night Falls. I think they make a great couple

  • Dove

    Well… Javier Bardem is an amazing actor, and he’s so atractive, I hope, if this is true, that it doesn’t hurt his career…

  • sabri

    I love him! I hope she won’t let him down as she does usually… Very Lucky Girl…

  • http://popsugar Manu

    Javier and Penelope knows each other for years, I am sure that they are just good friends, I don’t like them as actors and I have never met them in person. And Penelope being promiscuous or lesbian is a bunch of BS. People talk about what you know!!! Penelope was not liked in USA because of the relationship with Tom Cruise, but look at him now!!!

  • ****

    Lovely couple…now if only they’d do an Almodovar film together.

  • mar

    javier dont¡¡¡¡¡¡i hate her,javier is so masculine and good actor,she is a b… and really bad javier but not with her¡¡¡¡¡

  • sue

    Penelope cruz is a very stunning women, but what lets her down is all the men she has been linked to. I think she is a fantastic actress and if people have got anything negative to say about her in relation to her looks or her acting are just jealous.

  • vegogo

    I hope is true. They are both excellent actors. And whether or not she has slept around or not, she is single and free to do whatever she pleases with her life. Javier is super hot!!!!

  • magico

    The music video P’s made with her brother and sister is revoltingly incestuous. She’s devoid of talent but greedy and ambitious to the point of amorality.

  • Pene

    Penelope is so damn sexy. Javier is a stud, with very manly features. He probably has a big penis too. You can tell by looking at his face.

  • foreignergrl

    I think it’s surprisingly sexist the way we STILL talk about women in the 21ST CENTURY!!! If she were a man NOBODY would be counting how many women “she” had in the past. She jumps from bed to bed? So do men and we dont find them disgusting. On the contrary, that makes them desirable bachelors. Why is it different with us? Why do we, women, accept and perpetuate the masculine view of feminine moral, which is so convenient to men and so unfair to us?

    I think she is beautiful, talented, and lucky to be liberated enough to jump in whomever bed she choses to jump in. I just wish more women would admire her attitude instead of criticizing her for it. I love that she is unapologetic about her life. It is, after all, HER life and the bes that she jumps in are nobody’s business.

  • PaulaBarcelona

    Penelope CRuz looks great and Javier looks normal….
    And I a tired that you puritains keep critizasing her for her roances. She has the right to date everyone she wants… I hate when people critizes her about that just because is woman. What about Bruce Willis, and a lot of men in hollywood that change of girlfriend everyday you do not insult them? you are cra* and chauvinistic. It is disgusting!
    she can date all her co stars if she wants hell ! at least she has good taste! stop insulting her because you wish you could have the life she has and date the guys she does! get a life!

  • PaulaBarcelona

    I think exactlly the same as you! a lot of women criticise if a women has several romances… But girls!! open your eyes??? you can not see that you are putting stones in your own roof???
    Women we need to help eachother and not go against eachother…
    Who make that woen could vote in all the democratic countries?? always were women fighting for our rights, and never men…
    so stop being stupid and support the right of freedom of woman in all aspects
    Hi from Barcelona ( spain)

  • Julian

    I LOVE Penelope Cruz and
    she just won an Oscar.

    It’s an old new… Haha.
    But I have to say I really really hate
    women who talks bad about her
    just for being so slutty… So what?

    Men think with their dick, so why
    can’t women??? Cause they don’t
    have a dick, but let their think with
    whatever they want to. Damn it.

  • Ivana

    Oooh yes, she is soooo happy as Ruth says! And pretty also. Javier, mmm the one and only.