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Victoria Beckham Cruz-es Out of Paris

Victoria Beckham Cruz-es Out of Paris

Victoria Beckham leaves her The Ritz Carlton hotel on Tuesday and prepares to depart from Paris with youngest son Cruz, 2 1/2. The mother-son team headed to the train station and reportedly caught a ride back to London.

How cute is Cruz in his Polo polo??

Posh spent the past few days hitting up the shows at Paris Fashion Week and shooting her Elle Magazine photo spread.

10+ pictures inside of Posh and Cruz leaving Paris…

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posh cruz paris 01
posh cruz paris 02
posh cruz paris 03
posh cruz paris 04
posh cruz paris 05
posh cruz paris 06
posh cruz paris 07
posh cruz paris 08
posh cruz paris 09
posh cruz paris 10
posh cruz paris 11
posh cruz paris 12
posh cruz paris 13

Photos: Eliot Press/Bauer-Griffin, KCSPresse/Splash News Online
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  • grana


  • :)

    LOVE the bag Victoria ;o)

  • babygirl

    Oh my goodness. So cute! I wonder if their kids are all well behaved. Anyways VB is a great momma. Yesssssss, Spice Girls on December 4th — Yeeeeeee!

  • jade

    is the kid holding a package of cigarettes?
    looks like it..
    cute though

  • me

    The hotel she was staying at is THE RITZ!

    NOT – The’ Ritz Carlton’ which is obviously a chain.

  • helen

    Why take the little boy to Paris when it seems she hardly spent any time with him. Between fashion shows, dinners and fashion shots, he could have had more fun in LA with his brothers.

  • JAS

    I love her and how cute is Cruz..

  • shimmershimmerx

    Totally cute

  • Flisbeth

    Those boys are just ├╝ber cute

  • Elle

    Sorry but his not cute! What’s so cute about him??? Look @ pic 2…

  • Lulu

    #4 These are not cigarettes, it’s a chewing gums pack ;)
    And she spent the whole weekend with him, there are pics of it.
    And she probably took him with her because David is back to training and will probably start to play this week (they don’t have an army of nannies to take care of their kids like everyone thinks).

  • hey

    OMG..Cruz is so cute

  • About Time

    I hope Cruz enjoyed the hotel room, it must have been fabulous and jampacked with toys too keep him busy whilst mum stutted her stuff (or at least tried). . .

    P.S Thats not an insult I love Vicky.

  • so boring~!

    WOW! What a DEVOTED MUM VB is… How special of her to take along her 2.5 yr. old son and spend such “quality” time with him-between all of her fashion shoots, dinners, fashion shows, hobnobbing with her “celeb” friends, where oh where does she find the time?? How special Cruz must feel to be able to tag along with Mummy to one of the prettiest cities on earth and then be allowed to “hole up” in one of the most expensive hotels, to play and be cuddled by MINDERS! WOW- SO SPECIAL! :) She truly is a WORLD-CLASS-MUM!, I am impressed… why did she take little Cruz to any of the wonderful parks that reside in Paris, the carousel, an ice-cream shop? All kiddie-friendly places, Er- NO, of course not- it is ALWAYS about her, now isn’t it?

    I agree with you Helen- he would have been better off left at home, no doubt that is where she wanted to leave the little sprog!

  • MAJOR!!!

    She Looks so much better dressed down and with her kids than, made up over the top. In this picture I actually thinks she looks sexy, I love the scarf and the bag, and the coordinating Baby. Whyy isnt normal enough for this woman.

  • Starbucks fanatic

    What an adorable little boy! If she looked like this more often I’d be a fan.

  • smooth

    Do you people read posts? It was 100000 times said that they travel to London to see David’s father,that’s why Cruz with her.


    I bet that little boy loved going all the way from LA to Paris just to sit in a hotel room with a babysitter while his mom, went out who*ing herself for the papz.

  • BBperfume

    It looks like Victoria is actually reading those celebrity blogs about herself! In those recent pix,she has a totally different attitude towards her son in public than when she arrived with him last week. Now it looks she’s tryin to appear to attend to him affectionately while they walk together. And Posh is actually taking the train to London!She isn’t soo much a diva after all!
    i totally agree with you #14so boring~!. That child has been stuffed in a hotel room all those time?. At least Brandgelina try to accomodate some kiddies activities in every city they go to. So I have respect for them as parents little bit more now.

  • eATHAN

    She’s heading to London, where she will do a photoshoot for her DVB range, and also film the new Spice Girls video called Headlines. She’ll be back in LA by the weekend, and then next week she’ll fly back to Tokyo to launch her cosmetic range V-Sculpt, that she sadly had to cancel few weeks ago.
    After that it’s all about the Spice Girls – tour rehersals and lots of promotion on US TV and an exclusive first performance at Children In Need in London.


    I feel sorry for that kid having a mother like that. She’s so obsessed with herself she hasn’t got the time or the inclination to be a normal mother.

  • Tealeaf

    He is cute

  • Frenchy

    LOVE THAT BAG!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katie N

    Yes, Cruz is a cutie. I also wonder why he was taken there away from his brothers. Mom did nothing but going to fashion shows, we did not see the tot with her.

  • C

    Cruz is cutest boy…
    Well I dont like Victoria at all…but why cant she take her child with her?? Its her child, and I believe of course she has feelings for her children…at least she doesnt pretend to be so much attentive in front of papz like Angelina does…if her child wasnt comfortable with her I bet she would never dare to bring her son with her…I believe at least as a mother she is not bad, al though I really dont like the way she seeks media attention.

  • Jim

    Cruz is super cute.

    He’s gonna look exactly like his father when he reaches 20. can’t wait to see that.

  • real smart Vicky!

    Real Smart giving a 2-year-old chewing gum… isn’t she AWARE that gum is a choking hazard? What an unbelievable twit this woman is… why doesn’t anyone call her out on her lack of mothering/safety skills, hmmm? or is it the same ol’ same ol’- the “rich” can do NO WRONG? She’s useless…

  • C

    #26 Jim

  • grana

    They look like a pack of playing cards to me. What kind of gum do you people chew?!
    The reason she probably didnt take Cruz out and about is because of the large number papparazzi following her around, not the the best situation for a 2 year old be put in. Look how many cameras are on them here, they were only walking a few metres…

  • LJ to you, like she will spend her time to reading your stupid comments here..I have seen lots of pictures from her with her kids ‘affectional way’..but of course some people only wants to see different way..’rolling eyes’

  • Lulu

    #27 What makes you think the gum is for Cruz?

  • gaby

    her kid is sooo cute.

    LOVE HER shes gorgeous, skinny and has great style

  • barbie

    The little boy is holding onto playing cards. The title says SNAP! Victoria looks really pretty and the little boy is incredibly cute.

  • Lulu

    LMAO “Mom did nothing but going to fashion shows”, she went to 3 fashion shows during the week, and 2 of them were at night when Cruz was probably already sleeping.
    She did a photoshoot for ELLE, that must have took her about maybe 3 hours.

    She probably spent the rest of her trip with her son, there are lots of pictures of them in Paris from this weekend.

    I love how people see pictures and thinks it reprensents an entire day, when it actually represents a few seconds; you guys make me laugh real hard judging somebody you know nothing about.

  • jess

    Victoria’s outfit is so FABULOUS!! LOVE it! :)

    She looks amazing!

    Cruz is he cutest kid ever!

  • Irishgirl

    Cruz is super cute! He is the spitting image of David!

  • Flisbeth

    So if she takes her son with her on trips she is a bad mother, but if she goes away without them she is bad one as well?? Really no way for her to “win” with some ppl is there?!

  • flamboyan


  • teri

    #34 Lulu: i totally i agree with you. its really hard to please everybody and some people would pass judgment merely because they are envious of that person…and i dont believe that victoria is a bad mom, if they pay attention to the pictures, since that’s where they judge her, they will actually see that she is a very devoted mother. if whe is not, then why would she bring the kids to barneys for them to play and enjoy, sit and wait while her kids play soccer, make an effort to carry and be with her kids all the time, inspite of the busy schedule that she already has. if that is not a good mother then what else it is?

    some people would instantly believe what they see and not on the whole picture. and she is not attention hugger, it is those paparrazis who are always after her, besides she is not doing anything extravagant to get attention and yet they all seek her and her family, is walking and being with your kids and family already makes you an attention seeker?…go figure!!!

  • natalia

    The kid is 2 1/2…a toddler…so what if she takes him with her? She has every right to especially since he isn’t going to school yet like his brothers. One thing I like about the Beckhams though and one thing people can never complain about them is that they make sure the kids have stability in their lives home-wise and school-wise. With the other boys in school and David training and getting healthy, she probably felt it was best to take him with her. Once he starts school, she won’t be able to take him away at any time. And how does anyone know how she spends her time with him when we don’t see her?

    Anyway, Cruz is just too cute. He’s looking more and more like David when he was a young boy every day.

  • wtf

    This is the cutest little boy, yet!

  • courtney

    love them both posh took Cruz with her because she did not feel comfortible lifing him home with the nannie el david was at work and the other 2 boys where at school!!!!!!


    OHH.. ye

    she spent aloot of time with cruz i saw pictures of her in paris woth hiM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    love the beckham family

  • sema

    Toby is so hot.
    I like Victoria’s outfit.that’s just my style.Cruzie looks super cute in his outfit.He’s a cutie pie.

  • RIC




  • Clara

    We all have our own individual opinions… none of us knows her… it amazes me how some of you will go to no ends to “defend” your “idol”… I’m sure that none of you has children of your own- if you did, you would realize that it is a full-time, 24/7 repsonsibiltiy, so what if some think that she is super-mom or a shit- mom- she could be one or the other or something in between, point is- she is more often than not AWAY from the family home doing garbage such as promoting her herself to keep “Brand Beckham” in the forefront, seems to me she is more intersted in that than actually parenting her children… I know one thing, alot of working regular moms out there would LOVE to have her “freedom” to be able to spend each and every day with their child(ren)… it’s sad to see someone with that available to them- throw it away because they are too ego-centric and too set on their own needs… I often wonder what her “fans” see in her to make them idolize her, because from where I am sitting all I see is a very vapid, ego-driven, stop at no cost woman who is hell-bent on keeping her needy-self in the public eye. She is not someone to look up to at all- she is narcissistic, over-indulgent, has illusions of grandeur, “famous” for nothing mess… if she had a bit of humility built into her character she may appeal to more of the masses… she is sorely lacking the “personal” touch.

  • just saying…

    Too bad VB’s driver couldn’t speed her through the Alma tunnel on her way out of Paree- Princess Di style- that would’ve been great!

  • helen

    maybe you lot dont no but dina (hrh) death was beein looked into and she went to the hotel when she new they would take pics plz send her bk to la we hate her in the uk

  • cindy

    Finally! A celebrity who lets their kid walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Caroline

    This cutie is lucky to have so stylish mom!

  • kymmie

    so agree with 39 and 40! you just took the words right out of my mouth.