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Scarlett Johansson - "Elle" November 2007

Scarlett Johansson -

Scarlett Johansson has established herself as an iconic film star at the ripe age of 22. She has revived Woody Allen‘s creative muse and is about to drop an album. Scarlett is the November 2007 cover girl for Elle Magazine. Here are some of Scarlett‘s interview highlights:

On being Woody Allen’s muse: “We’ve joked about that word. Woody says, ‘You appear and my writer’s block is cured.’”

On Woody Allen: “Woody’s mannerisms and his wit are classically him. But when you know someone, your conversation has an intimacy that you couldn’t have predicted from seeing him on the screen. Woody surprises me all the time. On film, you see his neurotic side but not his sensitivity.”

On being fondled by Isaac Mizrahi at last year’s Golden Globes: “I was so mortified. Holy moly, that was bizarre!”

Elle’s November Hollywood Issue hits newsstands nationwide on Tuesday, October 16th. Full article inside…

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Credit: chateauxs; Photos: Giles Bensimon
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  • Frenchy

    She seems to be on every cover, not that Aniston woman.

  • the_original_nika

    iconic film star!? who writes this shit. She´s a very good actress IMO.

  • the_original_nika

    She´s not a*

  • Uta

    I used to like her when she started appearing in movies. But meanwhile I can’t even stand to see her face. She is so full of herself. And 3 Woody Allen movies in a row, you godda be kidding me. Yes, he is a genious, but he is also known for having molested/abused his own children. So wouldn’t I rather find it creepy that he is so hot for me, dear Scarlet??! Eeeeew.

  • louna

    she is so boring
    what is her talent yes BIG BOOBS

  • Regina

    Holy moly, does the chest area on the front cover look photoshopped or what?

  • Bryan

    Hideous eye brows wtf ,dry ugly colors hair , puffy noise she looks like a tranny with that dry yellow hair and black slutty skirt nothing classy .

  • James

    Love her
    scarlett ftw!

  • suzy

    Iconic? what has she done that people have actually seen? Apart from looking pretty in all the fashion ads. I would call keira knightley more ‘iconic’ for at least i have seen her in loads of things but even she is just a beginner.

  • CD

    Oh no not that fade boring overrated ” attention whore ” ughhhhh btw what is she doing now

  • kat

    she is hooooooooot! beautiful girl, i’m gealous.

  • Maria


  • Talentless Ho

    Fixe that nose , change this horrible colour hair and eye brow already and put your feets on earth little pretentious talentless ho .

  • Regina

    Fixe that nose , change this horrible colour hair and eye brow already and put your feets on earth little pretentious talentless ho .

    What a pathetic shallow idiot that you are.

  • Regina

    Fixe that nose , change this horrible colour hair and eye brow already and put your feets on earth little pretentious talentless ho .

    What a pathetic shallow idiot that you are.

  • Regina

    Stupid thing posted twice. :)

  • nothing

    I haven’t seen in her in anything where she made me think she’s a great actress.


    Love the dress she’s wearing on the cover.

  • eb

    You haven’t seen “Girl with a Pearl Earring”, I take it? She was *great* in that (as was Colin Firth).

  • Jamie

    I like her, but she is getting a bit full of herself. She’s not that huge a star and she hasn’t had a hit movie.

  • MEG


  • :-p

    Ok, how small is her waist!?! Is it that small in real life?? I don’t recall her being that thin in some of the real life photos, like at the airport looking like a homeless person. Anyway, photoshopped to perfection here. She is cute and she can act…love her in the Woody Allen films and all her roles so far.

  • Andy

    Im tired of her. She’s not that talented. She’s mean spirited and a slut.

  • mickey

    Scarlett is amazing. For someone who can’t act and who is that average looking to receive the volume of hype from so many credible sources is truly amazing. Imagine if she actually warranted the attention.

  • benji

    iconic film star my ass…try a dirty wg^re who blew everyone by 19. Have you ever seen this chick in person? Shes “11 and looks like a fat little pig with flapjack boobies. Good pr goes a long way

  • adri

    Not sure about her talents, but she sure is Gorge.

  • stellartes

    I love her the most!
    She is breathtaking…

  • joan

    she’s so of this immature people,who worship one person and hate all the rest.Jared do some advertizing,get some new people on this blog.

  • Cindy

    I completely disagree, iconic is not what i would describe her as, but neither would i say she’s as horrible as others have mentioned. I just don’t get what all they hype about her is.

  • manta

    Well, I’ve seen her in various movies and think she’s a talented actress,and for the one who wondered what she did that pepole actually saw: Lost in translation,Match point,Girl with a pearl earing.
    I also saw The Prestige,In good company and thought she was prety good in them.
    Maybe the term iconic is a bit too much but calling her talentless is exagerated too.

  • emélie

    lost in translation is one of my favorite movies and I adored woody Allen’s films ever since I was little, how can I not like scarlett johansson.
    She’s a pretty girl with an own style, that’s what I like about her.
    that dress on the cover is gorgeous btw

  • Jamie

    Gorgeous? She’s a short chubby chick with fake boobs.

  • angie

    i like scarlett and thats partly because she doesn’t starve herself- she’s curvy and she looks good! but in the second pix, her waist is tiny- too tiny which is ridiculous! otherwise, she’s a very beautiful and talented girl. i wish to see her on the oscars nomination someday.


    I’ve seen pretty much every film that Scarlett is in and I think she’s a very talented actress – and certainly very good at picking projects that showcase her talent. I’m also looking forward to her album of Tom Wait covers – should be interesting.

    I’m rather surprised at the level of hostility towards her by some of the people posting – especially those who haven’t really seen her films or interviews. What exactly are they basing their opinions on if they don’t even know the films she has been in?

    Scarlett is a smart cookie and not one of those actresses that can easily be lumped into the ‘dumb blonde’ category. I think some here are misinterpreting her intelligence and confidence as pretentiousness.

    PS ‘Lost in Translation’ won a number of awards, so yes, she has been in a ‘hit movie’. I believe Girl With the Pearl Earring did quite well also. In Good Company, The Black Dahlia and Match Point are also great films.

    PPS I’m also a huge fan of Angie and Brad, so don’t go lumping all the haters here into one category okay? I would think that any fan who appreciates intelligence, talent and beauty would like both Scarlett and Angelina.


    Whoops – I forgot her career starting film!! Remember “The Horse Whisperer” with Robert Redford? Scarlett was the little girl whose horse was so badly injured. She stood her own in all of the scenes with Redford and Kristin Scott Thomas – girl has chops!!!

  • Betterthanyou

    This girl is talented and more. No hit movies? Check out her box office take at boxofficemojo. Just don’t take into account the United States because there are other countries in the world, you f*cking morons.

    Remeber – us “Americans” are the ones that have The Game Plan and Good Luck Chuck scoring big at the box office. Yeah – we should definitely look to what is number 1 at the box office to tell us if a movie is good or not…

    I swear – some of you people act like 12 year olds. Wait – you probably are. Such losers.

  • Sunny

    Scarlett Johansson is box office poison! I simply don’t understand why she’s getting all these roles.

    Really, she’s a mediocre actress… vapid, with empty eyes.

    But her pouty lips and large bosom are apparently all that’s required to make older men salivate and fall all over themselves to cast her.

  • Betterthanyou


    I think you need to learn what box office poison means, because you clearly do not know at all. Read a book before getting on the internet and trumping yourself up to unimaginable proportions, loser.

  • somegirl

    i used to be a pretty big fan of scarlett, i think she’s absolutely breathtaking, but the thing is that now she knows it, so she’s too cocky. she’s smart, or seems that way, but she’s so smug it overshadows everything else. i’ve also seem a large number of her movies and no, she’s not a very good actress. the way she acted in ghost world is the same way she was in lost in translation, a love song for bobby long (which was a serious stinker, i dont care if it was an indie) and the same way she is in every other movie. it’s ridiculous and boring. i’d rather see keira knightley any day, she’s beautiful and refreshingly honest. plus she actually has some range.

  • eloise

    The boobs are the most impressive thing about her, the face not so much, the hair is hideous, but, the girl can act. She’s got boobs and she can act. What’s all the fuss?!? She’s not ALL THAT. But given how our society exalts mediocrity …

  • stefanie

    I like her as an actress. Message to Lindsay- this is a young, talented actress!!! She has talent…you have coke.

    She has a great future ahead of her.

  • (‘@’)

    Talented, 22 and sexy = bright future!!

  • donatella

    scarlett has wooden acting.. i had seen some of her movies: the black dahlia, lost in translation, the prestige, the island, etc… she kept playing mostly same characters: a girl who uses her sex appeal to seduce.. i agree with no. 38, i used to like her lots when she appeared in lost in translation but now, this girl had gone too arrogant, worshipping herself and the more she opened herself in interviews the more we know that she is actually an airhead.. well afterall thanks to woody, he saves her career somehow

  • Cynthia

    She’s one of the best dressed actresses in hollywood, but I am so not a fan of Scarjo. She seems like a know it all.

  • Lookslike

    The dark eyebrow trend needs to go now!

  • bataglio

    still cow-like

  • Laura

    I think she’s gorgeous and talented. But I agree, she’s a little bit overrated and a little too full of herself.
    I admire the fact that she has managed to stay out of the young hollywood’s party scene, and aside from the elevator incident with Benicio del Toro, her career is virtually scandal-free.
    But she still hasn’t earned the right to be considered “iconic”. Good actress, yes, but iconic… I don’t think so. At least not yet.

  • betterthanyou

    You people seem think you know Scarlett (know it all? full of herself?)

    Guess what! You don’t.

  • pancakebottom

    loved “lost in translation”
    nice bod too :)

  • be-n

    damn i love her!!!! she’s absolutely hot and sexy…
    and i think she’s pretty talented too.
    probably the term “iconic” is too much but you cant say she has no talent or that she isnt beautiful.