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Justin & Jessica are Gym Buddies

Justin & Jessica are Gym Buddies

The couple that works out together… stays together?

Fitness buffs Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel share a laugh as they walk back to their hotel in Toronto, Canada on Tuesday. The paparazzi-hating pair gave photogs the evil eye when they noticed them ‘hiding in the bushes.’

Justin, 26, and Jessica, 25, worked out together at their fancy schmancy gym, The Yorkville Club in Hazelton Lanes.

Timberlake is poised to expand his trophy collection after picking up three nods for this year’s American Music Awards. For now, he’s in town to film his new comedy The Love Guru. The singer/actor was spotted on set with costar Verne Troyer last week.

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  • Biggest zanessa fan ever

    jessica looks sick?!
    i hope they wont be for a long time together!
    i don’t like them!
    camaron is betterfor JT!

  • me

    hahaha, Jessica Biel is looking hella rough lately. This just proves the wonders that having the right hair, and makeup can work on even average looking people. I’m going to have to say that Justin has been looking craptastic also. He certainly looks older than 26. See kids, this is the reason why you should stay away from drugs.

  • gyongyesz

    she’s not sick, she has no makeup on :D

  • winki

    she is not attractive

  • http://emma nina

    she looks so bad without make-up

  • louna

    ugly ugly ugly
    boring couple
    biel is so ugly OMG

  • Rita

    I think she looks a bit washed out, but looks great makeup-less. Great skin, great features.. I heard that Cameron Diaz had bad skin, plus she’s old.. Jessica Biel is so much more natural and better!

  • Lisa

    She looks like a man. Cam is too old for him; she needs a big iron to straight out the wrinkles on her face. Or, more simplier, a face lift.

  • Jessie

    To #1,
    How would you know who is best for JT, are somehow privy to personal information? And who hopes negative things on couples they have never met?
    Jessica is pretty, she looks like someone who isn’t wearing make-up, came from the gym and then had cameras in their face. Cameras and bad lighting make even the most attractive person look bad when they aren’t wearing make-up. With that said some people just have too strict a standard of beauty, I hate to be judged by it.

  • KrungKrung

    i would love justine and scarlett together but i actually like scarlett and ryan together, make sense y’all?

  • scarlet.r

    I’d hardly call jessica biel ugly, i know i look a hell of a lot worse when i come from the gym, also she has great skin. but really it isnt anyones business but justins who he goes out with, just cos you buy his records doesnt mean you have the right to choose his girlfriend.



  • West

    The miracle of make up-Jessica Biel

  • Sara

    she looks like a dude and dull! what the hell does he see in her?!

  • ??

    jessicsa looks 35
    she had wrinkles already aging bad

  • YURI




    #12 NEON CANDY


  • whatever

    Okay, first of all….they’re coming from a gym. I think Jessica looks lovely, seeing how she has no makeup on and is wearing sweats. And to Sara who wants to know what Justin sees in Jessica…I don’t know her, so I can’t comment on her personality, but um, have you seen her body in “Chuck & Larry”? I wish I had a body like that.

  • Sara

    Who gives a crap about her body?! That’s all she has. She can have the best body in the world, but if you have no personality and stuff—-what good is she? She just looks boring, no and no personalty! No to mention, she can’t act for shit either!

  • Erin Leigh

    I think it’s cute that they’re wearing matching brands of clothing. They must pick out clothes together. They are both wearing Roots, which is a Canadian clothing brand! Oh, and Jesica’s beautiful with or without make-up and hair products, you people need to quit hating! I think they’re a great match!

  • Maria

    Scarlett, who said we are choosing his girlfriends? If we don’t like her, we all have a right to speak our minds and say so. I think she is ugly. I don’t get her appeal at all. All she has going for her is her ass and Justin. If it weren’t for those two things, nobody would give a crap about her!

  • Maria

    How do you know they are matching. You can’t even see the brand on his sweats.

  • meee

    i’m sorry but i just don’t get her appeal!!….she looks like a boy…

  • samantha

    lol @ the evil eye. Justin looks cute. :)

  • Amber

    I think Justin look really sexy here.

  • :-p

    Boy, if looks could kill !!!!!!!!!!! We’d all be 6 feet under right now.

  • magnus MFA

    Yorkville Club SUCKS!!!

    Crappy ass gym.

  • Mat

    From a guy’s perspective, I don’t find her attractive at all. I’m all for strong women that like to work out, but she looks too masculine. Her face isn’t that pretty either.

  • Mila

    JT could do wayyyy better than her!

  • Tealeaf

    She looks like a butch gym teacher

  • Erin Leigh

    #22 Maria:
    In the first picture you can see the RC emblem on Justin’s sweats which stands for Roots Canada, you can go to their website and look if you don’t believe me.

  • Erin Leigh

    #22 Maria:
    In the first picture you can see the RC emblem on Justin’s sweats which stands for Roots Canada, you can go to their website and look if you don’t believe me.

  • Mili

    Jessica is Ugly. I can’t believe Justin is dating someone like that. She looks like a man, even when she didn’t do gym before.
    Love Justin, but he must be becoming gay.

  • Maria

    Ok. Sorry. I didn’t notice the RC on Justin’s sweats.

  • Kate

    Lmao TeaLeaf. That’s so true!

  • Lori

    wow! i guess it’s true that she has been following him around like a little puppy. wait!—more like a big ugly dog. LOL!

  • carrie nae

    They kind always have the same demeanor, though….

  • roflmao

    I would LOVE to see pictures of all you people who are dissing Jessica. I am SO sure that you guys are all model material, LOL.



  • bebe

    She’s not very attractive. She looks like Native American or Asian in these pictures. I just don’t see what’s so attractive about her.

  • Bitsy

    Does anyone think it is really serious between the two? A lot of pics showing up lately of them together, even acting like they don’t like their pics taken. The Packers game was kind of strange. Down on the infield sidelines getting videoed? Do you believe the rumours he gave her a promise ring. If he did, I guess that is why she is everywhere with him. I’v read where he supposedly said she is the one. But I agree with most everyone on this, just is not that pretty without makeup and although I have not met her, don’t like the the demeanor she gives off, like get the F away from me, I am better than you.

  • anon

    Both ugly!

  • Kaya

    Yeah, she’s giving them dirty looks now, but wait till JT dumps her and she’ll be scrambling for media attention. People barely cared about her till she got with JT.

  • Ash

    That story that he got her a ring was most likely bullshit. Her people probably started that story to get her more attention. The story about her big dog Tina killing her other little dog got no press but her relationship with Justin does. That’s pathetic! Her dog killed her other dog because she is busy following Justin Timberlake around to get some publicity!

    I’ve never read or heard anything about Justin saying she’s the one.

    Love Justin, can’t stand Jessica. I don’t get her appeal and she comes off fake! She looks boring and like she has a stick up her ass! If it weren’t for Justin, no one would give a shit about her!

  • jess

    um,yeah, she is giving the paps the evil eye…so fake….she lives for this sh*t, it’s why she shamelessly chased justin….fame wh*re. is justin blind as well as dumb??

  • jess

    40 bebe : 10/10/2007 at 2:42 pm
    She’s not very attractive. She looks like Native American or Asian in these pictures. I just don’t see what’s so attractive about her.

    wtf is THAT supposed to mean?

  • kel

    Jessica reminds me of Michelle Williams a bit. When she was with Heath Ledger she gave papz dirty looks as well, as soon as Heath dumped her she was all smiles for the papz. Poor ugly, untalented Jessica, when Justin dumps her she’ll crave media attention.

  • Bitsy

    The part about the dog killing her other dog was awful. You used to see pictures of her all the time out running or whatever with the pitbulls. That was another strange thing. You did not hear much about it at all. And what happened to the dog that killled the other does she still have it I wonder.

  • Ash

    Yes, it was awful. Maybe if she wouldn’t have been spending so much time on Justin’s dick, then it wouldn’t have happened. Usually celebs get bashed when that sort of thing happens, but I guess Jessica’s people tried to hide it, then they were contacted and came up with a bullshit cover story. And yes, she still has the other dog. She was seen walking it at Justin’s concert a few weeks ago.

  • crissy

    I know I’m not the most beautiful girl in the world, but if you’re dating a famous person and have already been photographed in the area with him throughout your stay wouldn’t you at least try and look presentable?! I don’t like her hair at all, always looks greasy since she colored it. And I don’t find her the least attractive, her upper body is very manly but she does have nice legs and butt. I assume that she’s very nice, down to earth, because Justin is with her, but that doesn’t mean that we have to like her. If you look at pics of her pre Justin she was always smiling and mugging for the camera, now she puts her head down, doesn’t smile and quite frankly looks like a bitch! I don’t see the appeal in her at all, but I’m not Justin…she must be good in bed! LOL Hope it doesn’t last too much longer, but I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of pics of her in New Zealand/Aus now that she’s been dumped from her next film. Didn’t she say in an interview for “Chuck and Larry” that she would never ditch her girlfriends for a man and be a puppy and follow him all around? I swear I read that somewhere..nice to see she’s taking her own advice.