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Mischa Barton Gets Detained By Airport Security

Mischa Barton Gets Detained By Airport Security

Mischa Barton tries to smuggle an energy drink into an LAX airport terminal on Tuesday in Los Angeles. But at one of the checkpoints, she was stopped and detained for a little while by airport security. Tsk, tsk!

Jetsetting Mischa should know that you’re not allowed to carry-on liquids unless it’s in a 3 oz. sized container or smaller!!!

Ms. Barton was accompanied by her photographer mom, Nuala Quinn, and her pet pooch Ziggy.

20+ pictures inside of Mischa Barton going though airport security

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mischa barton airport security 01
mischa barton airport security 02
mischa barton airport security 03
mischa barton airport security 04
mischa barton airport security 05
mischa barton airport security 06
mischa barton airport security 07
mischa barton airport security 08
mischa barton airport security 09
mischa barton airport security 10
mischa barton airport security 11
mischa barton airport security 12
mischa barton airport security 13
mischa barton airport security 14
mischa barton airport security 15
mischa barton airport security 16
mischa barton airport security 17
mischa barton airport security 18
mischa barton airport security 19
mischa barton airport security 20

Photos: Gabo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • Jane

    first…i think she forget to throw into the dustbin

  • dalia

    SHES PRETTY..although looking a bit tired, she’s always gorgeous. her hair colour washes her out tho. dam.

  • Amor

    her dog is cute

  • C

    She is a stupid asshole

  • ninah

    nice hair, shame about the 50+ pounds she’s gained since the oc…

  • gaby


  • Emma

    Oh.Gee. She’s sooooo fat. Shut up 5 and 6.
    I think she’s gorgeous. She’s put on, what? Like 3 kilos? Big whoop.
    Atleast she is at a beautiful, healthy weight.

    Anyways…I like her dark hair and the dress. Doesn’t beat the blonde waves but it suits her anyhow. Ziggy is too cute!

  • Emma
  • winki

    She is not sexy. She is just ok, nothing special

  • Linda

    I agree with #8. Nothing special. She has the ugliest legs in Hollywood. I don’t care for her wide hips either.

  • kathastic

    omg she is so not fat…seriously people!

  • bloodywakeup!

    Soooooo cute and beautiful!!! Not her but the doggy!!!

  • C

    Her body is huge but face is so small… she is not pretty at all

  • alex p

    something happened to her legs… they used to be so nice

  • nona

    ooohhh, she’s obviously a terrorist and the homeland must be protected by those minimum wage airport security screeners. keeping america scared and cowed since 2001.

  • Anne

    She has a really pretty face, but her lower body isn’t great – she has wide hips in comparison to her upper body and her legs are shapeless. That said, her face is lovely.

  • cIARA

    Yayyyyy Lucozade – thats the best drink ever..I miss home

  • sherry

    People wonder why so many young girls have eating disorders and at earlier ages all the time. And then you read about how people think Mischa Barton is “fat” and there’s your answer. If young girls think everyone finds this slim actress fat, of course they’re going to think they need to starve themselves or make themselves puke. Mischa Barton looks just fine to me, she’s not fat at ALL.

  • Jessie

    I like the new hair color. And people please…she is not fat. She was a skinny teenager when the OC started, now she’s a woman with some body fat.

  • Regina

    What a stupid cow. They clearly ask that liquids are not allowed on planes, so why does she go ahead and do it?

  • JJ

    shes really gorgeous.. but i think shes more prettier in the oc

  • PRETTY-on-the-outside


  • Hulla

    her legs have ALWAYS been ugly

  • :-p

    Ok, honestly, for just traveling and going to and from the airport, I think she looks 1,000 better than most celebs do!!! Atleast she knows how to dress cute, wash her face & hair, and smile and she doesn’t try to hide under a ridiculous “disguise” (hat, sunglasses, homeless person attire). I mean, I know she isn’t working anymore :-)…but she still seems to have more class and composure and self-confidence than most of the full-of-themselves dweebie stars. She is young, she is pretty….let’s face it. So what if her hair is darker or if she doesn’t live in a gym 24/7. She looks more natural. We rip Victoria Beckham apart for fake-tanning and starving herself…well, Mischa looks how Victoria would if she’d just be herself and stop trying to look like a blow-up doll, carbon-copy Barbie. This is what a HEALTHY woman looks like. Seriously, I do think the haters calling her “fat” or “ugly” have forgotten what true health looks like. This is it. Not everyone is born with stick legs or gets huge implants…and thank goodness.

  • meeshhead

    Well put #24! But let me correct 1 of your points. She IS working. She’s been shooting 8 films, all to be released in the next 18 months. She has also been doing charity work all over the world, plus her many fashion endorsements worldwide! She’s a beautiful person inside and out! The bashers should direct their hate on people that deserve it, not MISCHA!!

  • blah

    “She IS working. She’s been shooting 8 films, all to be released in the next 18 months. ”

    that’s a hella lotta porn for one ugly skank to do but i guess she’ll do ok.

  • blah

    s-k-a-n-k is a bad word now? is this romper room? jesus christ.

  • meeshhead

    Hey Blah: You probably live up to your name! Wait a minute. Why am I dignifying your thoughtless bash with a reply?

  • gabo

    shut up! she’s fkin stunning

  • loriann

    not fat but her legs have a weird, matronly shape. it’s not really that subjective. people can SEE it, kind of stupid for some of you to think that they won’t comment on it. but her face is pretty. as an actress she’s completely worthless, though. win some, lose some.

  • Janet

    She looks good, she looks healthy. Stop the bullshit. You want to fat and fugly try Scarlett Johannson—the latest Elle pictures are hugely photoshopped. She’s plain heavy.

  • Poor Mischa

    Have they no heart at all?

    The poor dear hasn’t had nearly enough time to recover from the psychological trauma of:


  • M

    She’s what you call SKINNY FAT. Her legs are shapeless and gross!

  • Laura

    I’m sick of celebrities who think they’re above the law. That being said, who cares if her body is not perfect? She’s an actress, not a model, so she shouldn’t be judge by other than her talent.

  • Marissa

    Mischa looks absolutely gorgeous. i think she is normal. Everyone doesent have a perfevt body. So get over it guys. Its not like your perfect. Micha is lovely, beautiful,entalegent,gorgeous and wonderful person

  • Lather30

    I wish you guys would leave Mischa alone and stop bashing her so much. She’s a gorgeous young woman and a talented actress. And she’s definitely not “fat”, pregnant, stupid or anything like that. So please stop posting all these lies about her and calling her names, and show her the respect she deserves – not just as an actress, but as a person.