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Tom Brady's Stetson Cologne Ads

Tom Brady's Stetson Cologne Ads

Meet the new Stetson man!

The new face of Stetson Cologne is new daddy Tom Brady, who was photographed on location at a Simi Valley, California ranch.

“I am excited to be the Stetson man,” Brady has said. “Stetson do a great job of reflecting the guy who’s unafraid to tackle the unknown, get involved and be his own person—that’s how I live my life, and I think that’s how men who wear Stetson approach theirs.”

The new Stetson man will appear in stores nationwide in time for the 2007 holiday season.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Brady’s ad campaign for Stetson — YAY or NAY?

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Photos: Peggy Sirota
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  • zahra

    damn he looks hottttttttttt

  • Yada

    Cute guy! First time I have heard of him but he is hot!!

  • KarenA

    Gosh, he does. Hot!

  • KrungKrung

    i likey likey, gorgeous papa.

  • *~*Jinny*~*



  • Nasty

    A wise man(george Lopez) once said “Mas Puto”!!!! LOL

  • quiet no more

    damn too bad he’s a douche bag

  • http://deleted DF


  • Poco

    “Stetson do…”

    I prefer literate men.

  • pancakebottom


  • angie

    Ummmm…who’s Tom Brady? And who wears Stetson cologne?

  • Amri

    HOT, HOT, HOT!!!

  • Grace

    I saw this a few days ago and it still makes me smile.

    I wouldn’t write him off as a douchebag. I’ve read both sides of the story, one that he’s a douche and one that she’s a crazy that tried to trap him. I don’t know so I remain nuetral.

  • robin

    not sure yet. . . i just keep thinking that he probably got the gig through Giselle and then it makes me think that he’s out of his element. i guess i could get used to seeing him in this role.

  • Anonymous

    I think he’s perfect. You can buy Stetson cologne at Walmart. What does that tell ya. Arsehole.

  • Kate

    what a corny d-bag

  • Siliaa


  • Melis

    Stick to football

  • Lolly

    I’ll PASS.

  • Coco

    I know he’s a deadbeat dad, but I’d still hit it. And HOW!

  • socksnsandels

    I’ll pass to! He is a creep, and his girl looks like his make twin! :P

  • socksnsandels

    I’ll pass to! He is a creep, and his girl looks like his male twin! :P MALE TWIN!

  • LV

    I’m in agreement he’s a creep and a complete idiot.

  • Dal

    He looks great! He is so handsome. He has it all – looks, talent and he’s a genuinely nice guy. He is always smiling and friendly to his fans – young and old.

  • neil

    Yeah, Tom! Living the life!
    I got me a man crush on this boy.

  • poo

    if it smells like men who abandon their pregnant girlfriend after years of dating to date a boring supermodel… i’m not buying it.

  • Helga

    should have bean with Gisele Bunchen in that photo…

  • Looks fade

    If he is unafraid to tackle the unknown he should go and visit his new born son. Who the hell buys Stetson anyway?

  • amy

    Like he’d actually wear that cheap crap!


    Abandoned the mother of his child.
    Hopefully Bridget finds a man way better than this cream puff,
    marries him, and tells HER son to call that man Daddy.

    Stetson man is just a concussion away from being finished.

    Anger Issues much. You bet. Bridget carried that baby by herself.

  • Justjaded

    I wonder if he banged the girl in the ad right there on the grass (probably). Bridget was having unprotected sex with a mental midget AND a jock, come on, that has “future baby mama” written all over it. Look at him! Hot as hell.

  • Bobbie

    He is smoldering. Too bad Gisele wasnt in this ad with him. They are the epitome of a gorgeous couple.

  • purple gem


  • did he even read this?

    Gets involved! How ironic!

  • jazzie

    He’s a creep and a deadbeat dad. I would never buy that crap, but if I lost my mind and decided to purchase it, I would see his Bush-loving, deadbeat dad face, family value’s hippocrit and come to my senses! He’s a douche bag.

  • Erin

    Was Gisele considered for the Stetson Man campaign. She looks like more of a man than he does. What man fathers a beautiful son and dumps the mother for Gisele. I think Bridget is so much prettier than Gisele the ape. This is the cheesiest ad campaign I have ever seen. I wonder how many times he has seen his beautiful new son. Probably once. I think Gisele is a nastiest thing alive for sending Bridget a onsie with the word “supermodel” on it that is just plain tacky. Did she not understand that the baby was a boy. Come on grow a brain Gisele.

  • Colleen

    Gisele for Stetson man I second that!

  • Erin

    Colleen you are one smart woman!

  • Erin

    I think Tony Romo should be the Stetson Man – now he is HOT! and I bet he is not a deadbeat dad that cheats!

  • angie

    #35 Erin:

    Are you serious, Giselle sent a onesie that said “supermodel” on it?

  • think first

    He looks better in candid pictures.

  • Erin

    Angie, yes she did and Tom stayed with her after that. That to me said that he has no feelings for the mother of his baby OR his baby. That was a dig by Gisele to Bridget and if you ask me Gisele dosn’t even close to being as pretty as Bridget. Tom was a FOOL! I think that they deserve each other because they both have no CLASS!

  • Erin

    I see he practices what he preaches by getting involved. I wonder how involved he is in his own son’s life. NOT MUCH! I can’t believe that Stetson would lower themselves to pick him for their spokesman! He may look good but he has no character or morals or standards. It is pretty sad.

  • Jess


  • abby

    Hell Yeah, love him

  • sean

    I hate when people do this. Do what you do Brady. Don’t sell out. Stick to Football.

  • Anonymous

    Nice pictures Stetson. But could you use the picture where he is turning his back on his son?

  • tomas


  • http://deleted Pam

    Brady is hot. He will be a great dad. Great choice Stetson.

  • Carlie

    He’s a handsome guy. However, in the responsibility dept. I think he sucks.