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Zac Efron @ Australian Kids' Choice Awards 2007

Zac Efron @ Australian Kids' Choice Awards 2007

Until somebody better comes along…

Zac Efron covers up his hairy feet on the orange carpet at the Nickelodeon Australian Kids’ Choice Awards 2007 at the Sydney Entertainment Centre on Wednesday in Sydney, Australia.

TV presenter and comedian Rove McManus got his hands around the teen heartthrob. Lucky guy!

Zefron not only co-hosted the show with Aussie pop group The Veronicas, he picked up a blimp for “Fave Movie Star.” High School Musical 2 also picked up the award for “So Hot Right Now.” Congrats, Zac and the cast of HSM2!

UPDATE: One reader from down under is reporting Zac “split his jeans.” Did he bend over too far one way or the other? Are his jeans too skinny?? Hopefully more details will surface…

25+ pictures inside of Zac at the Australian Kids’ Choice Awards 2007

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51 zac efron australian kids choice awards
52 zac efron australian kids choice awards
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zac efron australian kids choice awards 19
zac efron australian kids choice awards 20

Photos: Gaye Gerard/Getty, Don Arnold/WireImage
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  • http://JustJared kathryn

    he’s hot! yey!first.

  • Zeli

    He looks like he doesn’t want to be there, as if his mind was somewhere else.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    ROVE!! YAY!!!

    When Zac was here for Hairspray he was on Rove’s show.. Zac never answered the ‘Who would you turn gay for?’ question though… Hmmmm.. Wonder why? :P

    You’re really on the ball today aren’t you Jared with all the news from Auzzie Land! :)

  • http://yahoo lor

    i heard that zac SPLIT HIS JEANS. can anyone tell me awhat does it mean?I am not an american so i dont know what it mean.


    I miss zanessa so much! I hope she’s w/ him….

  • Just Jared

    That means he ripped them, lor. We need more details!

  • http://yahoo lor

    thnx JJ


    btw jared luv ya thanks for the pixes!

  • betty

    #4, split his jeans, means they ripped, usually in the crotch area!!!!!

    he didn’t not answer who would you turn gay for, rove never gives him the chance to say anything. reading a little too much into that i think!!!

    hope zac had fun, and enjoys the rest of his time down under. my man needs a haircut though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    hopefully he gets one prior to his next event, which i believe is the hollywood film festival?!

    thanks jj–btw, where’s vanessa?

  • davvvv

    hahahhah tonight if he did split his jeans, and when it airs… mannn youtube!!! poor zac.. oh well we will see!


    Congrats! to HSM2 and Zac for picking up an award.. too bad the others are not there..i wish vanessa was..

  • Rockstar

    split his jeans ehh?? hmm..can’t wait to see those pics…

    he’s so hottt =]

  • amy

    he wore the same outfit to the press conference yesterday, he only changed his shoes…very strange!

  • Biggest zanessa fan ever


  • Z & V Fan

    Thank you…I needed my Zac fix today!

  • TH

    OMG! He split his jeans. Well I know he was in a referees shirt and he got slimed :D

    Can’t wait to see the show tomorrow on Nick

  • Z & V Fan

    #13 Amy, actually he wore a sweater not a jacket…

  • TH

    For anyone wondering. He didn’t slpit his jeans, he got slimed on his crotch area but that was it.

    Also during his thank-you speech for HSM2 he thanks everyone BUT Vanessa and then at the end he was like “did i forget anyone?? Oh yeah Vanessa”

    I think it was a joke or something. But yeah most of this info is from a forum I go on.

  • lozzielou

    i was there and he did forget vanessa and it didnt seem like a joke because u could tell when he was doing the teleprompting jokes it, he genuienly forgot her mentioned everyone, it was funny most people laughed i know i did since you’d assume she would be first but she wasnt.

  • Zac efron’s wifee

    Hess sooo hottt

  • ilya


  • galindafied

    he seriously needs to stop doing that stupid hand pose thing, he needs to act normal and most be a total gay, looks like a lesbian with that hair, fake tan and those skinny jeans, does he have any other kind of trousers??? least he didnt wear those annoying flip flops

  • lozzielou

    seriously everyone in australia wheres flip flops get over it, its pretty common i met a guy of a local soap and he was wearing them its not that big of a deal!

  • Nat

    I can see the press all over that about him forgetting her name…

  • zane

    oh men, he forgot Vanessa first???? I think he is playing safe!!! Anyway, congrats to the HSM cast and him for getting the the male hottie !!!

  • kathastic

    congrats to zac and hsm2!
    its a shame the rest of the cast couldn’t be there though

  • http://yahoo lor

    WTF He forgot to mentioned vanessa? vanessa is like a lucky charm on that movie without her its like it can never be winning the billboard and it can never be that phenomenon right now. I HATE ZAC FOR DOING THAT TO VANESSA.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    #9 UGLY Betty.. He’s not your man firstly.. So lets just have a reality check..

    He did not even attempt to answer the question.. I remember because we watched it with the pure intention of seeing what his reaction would be..

    He’s a cool dude and decent looking.. I just wouldn’t be that surprised if he came out in the future whether its 5, 10 or 20 years and came out of the closet..

    But hey, one day when you’re married to him you can come back to us and let us know.. Since he’s your man and everything.. I better let Vanessa know that you’re coming for him.. LMFAO!! :P

  • Sandy


  • Teresa

    He DIDNT rip his pants.

    He got slime in his underpants.

  • http://yahoo lor

    WTF he forgot to mentioned vanessa? its like vanessa is thier lucky charm on that movie… i mean w/o vanessa they can never win an award at the billboard.w/o her it can never be as phenomenon right now.I HATE ZAC FOR DOING IT TO VANESSA.*****

  • ann

    ew, haha, he looks gay. then again, when doesn’t he?

  • bettybaby

    hey 29

    chill the f**k out!

    someone needs to learn how to take a joke.


    I wonder why zac almost forgot to mention vanessa’s name hmmm..

    Hey there zane!

  • zane

    V-loyalist- Hello! What’s up?

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Betty.. I’m chilled..

    I don’t care whether he’s gay or not.. I think he and Vanessa are talented actors, and except for the whole nudity thing, they would be great role models.. They’re not into the heavy party scene of hollywood & they are able to converse in an intelligent manner..

    You just needed a dose of reality..

    You gave me a good laugh though.. So when’s your big day with Zac? You should give Jared the exclusive on your wedding!!! Vanessa could be your bridesmaid!!! :P


    Im still in the ofc zane, its 10:30 pm here, but im about to leave now. How are you? hope ur doin good. Just stay cool ok! Don’t be bothered why zac forgot v’s name..we dont know whats in his mind…

    Gotta go zane, Hoping for vanessa sighting or zanessa next jared…

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    BTW I don’t think you were joking.. You geniunely believe it..

    I’m only kidding.. Go ahead and have your fantasies..
    What’s life without a few dream?

    But if it was a joke.. Hey girl, That’s cool.. Thanks!! I had a good laugh..

  • Z & V Fan

    I can only hope his “forgetfulness” was an attempt at a joke considering many people were waiting for him to mention her and forgetting her would only start the rumor mill again.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to seeing the show!

  • Angelica

    I need a video!!
    thanks for posting Jared!

  • ahah

    zac forgot mentioning vanessa ?
    how could he ?
    that’s just soo mean .
    i think vanessa should dump him .

  • crazy_c

    What?! He forgot to mention Vanessa? My goodness! He shouldn’t have done that. I was thinking that maybe he did it in purpose but according to # 19, he genuinely forgot about her. So, I really don’t know.

    Argh! I really hate when a guy forgot to mention his girl’s name.

  • bettybaby

    so glad i made your day.

  • emmaluvvs

    i REALLY HATE his hair!!!!! i can’t stand him these days…hes not smiling ALL the time!! its annoying me. he thought hes sexy huh. his hair made him looks like a girl u know!!!

  • Bri

    Gross hair

  • tomo

    his hair looks BAD!
    he’s hot though

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Oh.. You didn’t make my day..

    You just made me laugh..

    I had a great day.. Life is good!!

    Hey Jared, Do you know anything about Vanessa going to the Philippines for Christmas? There’s supposedly a rumour going on over there that she and her family are going over..

    Just curious cause I’ll be over there at that time.. If she’s making an appearance or anything, I’d love to take my little cousins.. You’re the man!! Keep up the good work ;)

  • azzzz

    WTF!!!! He forgot to mentioned Vanessa!!! GO TO HELL!!!
    and PLEASE. STOP posing the same pose EVERYDAY. PLEASSEEEEE!!!!

  • quote

    Vanessa, dump him already!! hes an AS.S seriously!! i hate him now!!!!!!!!

  • zyraluvsBBV

    You have got to b kidding me! How could he genuinely forgot to mention bbv’s name . that’s just soo mean. i can bet w you. if v know’s abt this, there’s gonna b a WorldWar3 in their lives. i hope it IS a joke. BUT, also.. if it’s really a joke,he really nids to know how to joke & the limits of joking. i hate this.