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Britney Spears Shops Neiman Marcus

Britney Spears Shops Neiman Marcus

Britney Spears drops a few pretty pennies as she shops at Neiman Marcus, just over an hour after leaving the Los Angeles Superior Court in tears.

After showing up to court five hours late, Britney, 25, was granted one supervised night/week with her two sons.

Said Mark Kaplan, K-Fed‘s lawyer, “He agreed – didn’t have to – but he agreed that he would allow that additional time … provided that there were additional assurances in place that made him feel the kids were protected.”

Brit‘s attorney had asked the court to consider her mom, Lynne Spears, as the monitor. Aww!

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  • tia

    finally she looks normal!!!!!

  • hey

    I like her blue top but thats about it

  • Jamie

    Ew! It looks like she just woke up. Who goes to court in jeans? Doesn’t she own any suits that aren’t 10 sizes too small?

  • Life is good

    How do we know that she was 5 hrs late ? Are you saying that the Judge and K-Feds lawyers sat there all that time ? It could have been delayed for any number of reasons

    “He agreed — didn’t have to — but he agreed that he would allow that additional time ”

    They are not his property they are his kids so yes he needed to ensure that the kids get time with their mum and BTW they both were order parenting counsellings which I am pleased to hear. Parenting is hard enough without their wacky mix thrown in.

  • Jennie

    her top is cute, so i’m guessing her and her mom have reconciled?


    #1 tia. I agree… She looks normal….

  • me

    She didn’t leave in tears. Try not to rely on TMZ too much they are usually wrong. X17 has footage of her and she is smiling, laughing and very happy.

  • eli

    Disgusting TMZ is saying she was appalling to the Judge and sarcastic and then X17 says she said I got them back I knew I would. The self righteousness of this piece of trash makes me sick. How could a judge let this wreck of a fat, drunk and stupid have children back. does not teach her shell never learn

  • eli

    Oh and nice outfirt NOT, she went to cuort in that what a stupid piece of trash I cant believe she is in NM, i guarantee you she picks the only piece of junk outift that entire store has she looks like she dressed at a garage sale serioulsy she needs to go away so sick of this mess

  • sillyme

    Oh, sure, that makes since. Have the monitor be someone on Britney’s payroll. Britney’s mother is hardly impartial.

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    hurry up and die.



    I have went to court in jeans! And how do you know that she didn’t change when she left the court room, these pictures could have been taken at any point of time!

    AND maybe, just maybe k-fraud got the time mixed up! He is *SSHOLE! Her outfit is COOL! I have seen worst!

    I think that she should get her kids back, she is a decent person, and all of the haters can kiss her ass!

  • Life is good

    How would TMZ know what happened. Reporters were ordered out of the room. Of course everything an “insider” reports is true right…

  • shoes4life

    All the media outlets are reporting that she was late due to taking a sleeping pill the night before and overslept. That is why she was late to the meeting concerning her children. Why would she do something like that when she needs to be on the best behavior so she can get her children back, to me she still have a lot of growing up to do and she is in need of some serious outside help.

    They also showed more pictures of her out and about flashing the world with no underwear.

  • katieash

    Well, unlike yesterday, or the day before, I don’t keep track, she at least showed up with her privates covered. Her attorney, however, had to advise her NOT to bring her Coke (Coca -Cola) into the courtroom.

    ‘Night all, peace,

  • Barbara

    I hope she bought some drawers.


    When are you people going to get off of that NO underwear, and SHOWING Her underwaer kick? Sh*t it is people that show their breast all day, and everyday! IF the paps didn’t aim for those pictures, then you would have never seen them! How about, you taking a picture of your cooty so you can shut the hell up! )=

  • EVE

    K Fed’s lawyer makes him sound so generous. The judge made that ruling. I doubt he asked K Fed if it was OK. Didn’t K Fed’s lawyer issue a statement prior to the hearing that basically opposed the hearing? Well, all of a sudden, K Fed “decided” to “allow” Brit some extra time. It was never up to him.

  • Lauren


    If that doesn’t show a changed person, i don’t know what does!

  • Sanjuanpuma

    Another shopping addicted freak. You would think she, would get some good taste already. She already dresses like she’s in the trailer park. Same some money B*tch and, shop @ Wal-Mart! That is how she looks anyhow!

  • justmeagain

    yesterday she showed her crotch again! go to if you dare.

  • Madi

    Uh wtf how are you 5 hours late?

  • sillyme

    Her people said she was late because she took sleeping pills and couldn’t up? Oh, right, that’s definitely the kind of thing I’d want to put out there if I was trying to get my kids for overnight visits. Luckily, the kids weren’t with her last night, right? Cuz, if she “overslept” who would have taken care of them?

    And, please, Kevin haters, please answer me this. If Kevin is such a horrible person, then why didn’t the judge take the kids away from him? I guess he’s not as bad as you want us to think, or at least not as bad as Britney. Because, if he was, you know X17 would have it plastered all over their site. But, instead, the worst they can dig up is that he still smokes cigarettes. Quick, call Child Protective Services!

  • lki

    I like her top! hate the jeans


    holy crap batman, she is wearing pants!!!!!!

    Good job Brit…now straighten your life out

  • None

    Well, what did she buy? Wasn’t she going to go get her hair fixed next at some salon?


    that’s all she can do….spend money.her life is meaningless…but that’s just my opinion so….

  • ver

    She looks so much better all covered up and looking decent for once. But that doesn’t really look like something you should wear to court.

  • Just me…

    This girl it’s a fashion disaster!!!

  • http://- liz

    seriously man..why does she go out without underwear?? 0_o

  • kane


  • Mediterranean

    I really don’t care what she wears as long as she doesn’t show her private part and boobs.

  • kathy

    eli jealousy is a crime, u should be in jail,

  • michelle

    Oh Lordy, I can see those same fugly boots under those horrible jeans. And that top is WAY too tight around the arm. I am glad that she has pants on though – huge improvement. So, photogs, what did she buy at NM?????????? Can we look forward to a more fahsionable Britney in the near future or did she just get some x-small thong underwear/swimwear for the ocean and hats with birds on them????

  • michelle

    Who’s hand is she holding in the second pic????



  • Cynthia

    She wants her family as monitors because she wants to party, and dump the kids on them of course! She doesn’t deserve that overnight stay with her kids. She’s still a clown and an unfit mother, I give her a few days, she’ll be indecent again.

  • Sarah

    someone please hire this girl a stylist…

  • kirsten

    Nr 11, you;re disgusting. Have a nice day

  • Lina

    that kentwood trailer trash should just shop at wal-mart, big brands can never buy her class anyway.

  • Britney is pathetic

    She is such a loser. Seriously a poor excuse as a mother & human being. She needs to keep her mouth & her legs shut.

  • Trailer britney

    Can’t we all sue Britney for infringning in our lives? Enough of this idiot. I’m so tired of hearing about her – she is worthless.

  • katherine

    RE: lack of panty pics.
    1)Obviously on purpose, no on would make that error twice. 7xs?

    2)Ladies place their knees tightly together before pivoting out of an enclosed space. I personally do not wear panties all the time, but it doesn’t matter, as I know how to exit a vehicle.

    3) The coke in the court building. Only poor trash thinks it’s proper to carry food and beverage in public. Yes, it has become acceptable to a point. But never in a building, especially a courthouse. If you remember popwreck almost dropped her soon in NYC. Why? Because popwreck was carrying a Glass filled with a softdrink while walking down a NYC street. Also, she stole the glass from the restaurant.

    4) Jean to court or church or the like. Dress codes are not relaxed for the lazy are arrogant. Relaxed dress codes are for those in reduced financial circumstances. Example: religious services can be attended in jeans ONLY IF that is your best outfit. Not bc you don’t WANT to dress up. Same goes for court, dressing well along with grooming is a show of respect to your host be it a friend’s wedding, a Court of law or the house of God.

    Popwreck is not mother material, simply another babymama purposely getting knocked up to steal a man from another babymama.

  • Tealeaf

    She isn’t wearing that top like a dress…WHOPPEEE!

  • Marilu

    I’m in her corner. I hope that she can turn herself around and wow us all!

  • http://google mediha

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