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Jake Gyllenhaal @ 'Rendition' Premiere

Jake Gyllenhaal @ 'Rendition' Premiere

A super scruffy Jake Gyllenhaal and costar Reese Witherspoon get thisclose to each other while speaking to other people during the after-party for the premiere of Rendition in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday night. The two did not even make eye contact with each other on the red carpet!

Look, even director Gavin Hood is trying to bring them together!

“It’s interesting how our stories intersect even though we don’t talk to each other in the film,” said Reese of her lack of interaction with Jake in the film. “You’re anxious to see what other people do with their side of the movie.”

30+ pictures inside of Jake Gyllenhaal @ at the Rendition premiere…

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jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 01
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 02
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 03
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 04
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 05
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jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 18
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 19
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 20
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 21
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 22
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 23
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 24
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 25
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 26
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 27
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 28
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 29
jake gyllenhaal rendition premiere 30

Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin, Mark J. Terrill/AP
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  • princess

    first??? they look cute together….

  • Susan

    What’s up with the beard? He would look better with a goatee. He’s way too sexy to be wearing all that facial hair.

  • C


  • Anon

    I think they’re trying way too hard. I saw her recent interview about the movie. When she was asked, she said, “I’ve known Jake for years.” and kind of laughed. Like they are old buddies. Yeah. So based on the fact that they know each other, and they are working on the same film, even tho they have no scenes together, wouldn’t it seem likely that at the premiere, and the afterparty, they would at least exchange pleasantries and laugh and talk, maybe get a picture together? Everybody was taking pictures with each other. It was a night to celebrate after all. So these two act like they barely know each other? I don’t think so. My guess is that they just want to get thru all the publicity stuff for the movie and not have it be about them. And that’s just as good a guess as anything else.

  • michelle


  • Shrugging an atlas

    Mmmm, love me some Jake with facial hair

  • YEP

    The movie seems ok but it’s nice to see Gyllanspoon.

  • anon

    Jake looks very old with the beard.

  • Flisbeth

    I love Jake

  • passingby

    The beard is for the movie he will be filming in November (Brothers).
    I agree with others, they are working to hard not to be photographed together, which means they are together. Reese & her ex Ryan can now legally re-marry, but they have not resolved their money or custody issues. What does that say, it says that one or both are ready to move on with somebody else.

  • Tina


    Check out first pic – she looks scary!

  • Regina

    What’s happened to him?!

  • remember da truth

    No, Michelle #5, but she does have dark circles under both eyes, doesn’t she?

    She looks cute there, looking over at the camera on Jake.

    Totally agree — they are trying TOO hard to make it look like they aren’t together, so they are making it obvious that they are. But if they want to make their publicity all about the movie, then good for them.
    I don’t get why people feel celebs OWE them announcements and confirmations of their personal lives. Who they are or are not dating, if they are pregnant, whatever — that is their business. I like how Beyonce and Jay-Z have STILL never confirmed that they are dating! They don’t have to — just live your lives.

  • passingby

    Just cause you don’t give a beep about Reese doesn’t mean he shares your views.

  • Anon

    Gahhhhh! I hope U R wrong. I hope that facial hair is not for his next movie. Bcz he looks really awful to me. Jake has a beautiful face. Yes. He does. And he is hiding it under all that mess. No Likey. And if the director of his next movie lets him do that, he needs his head examined. The director needs to understand. The camera loves Jake…so don’t try to hide him. When you make a movie, you make it for people to see it. If the director wants people to see it, then he needs Beautiful Jake. Bcz Jake just is.

  • Jane

    jake…u are so HOT!

  • jane

    They are going to great lengths to avoid being photographed together, but that just proves they really are an item. If they were just friends, they wouldn’t bother.

    Actually since Reese is now officially divorced, why bother trying to conceal the fact that she’s dating again?

  • madonna

    I hate this guy. He looks like a RAT that he is.

  • socksnsandels

    Her divorce just was finalized! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy@!

  • annie

    This is deja vu of Brad and Angelina at the Mr. & Mrs. Smith premiere.

  • Jules

    why don´t they just be together? i MEAN , when u are in to someone u don´t care about anyone , how boring should be date someone and u tcould not even hold hands in public…give it up reese and jake , go out and make out in public !!!!
    or move on…i wanna see some love!!!

  • Anon

    #18 madonna, why U B hatin’ on Jake??? He didn’t do anything. Ryan cheated on Reese. Everybody in H’wood knows what a ‘ho Ryan is to her.
    So Ryan threw her away…and the story I read is that SHE went for Jake, (and who wouldn’t) not the other way around.

  • Anon

    Hey, Jared. The fact they didn’t even make eye contact is a dead give away. They know that if they even LOOK at each other. Boom. It’s over. Busted.

  • madonna

    Jake=a RAT.

  • luv

    do we know who was the girl Ryan supposedly cheated on Reese with?
    The thing is that WE do NOT know shite about their lives!

  • devilgirl

    Madonna seems to have some reality issues. Or at least some Jake issues.
    I just wonder why someone would write that and not say why. Issues

  • luv

    Anyone cares to answer me? I’d like to know that. I never thought of it before. (post #25). Thanks!

  • passingby

    ryan phillippe filmed a movie in Austin with Abbie Cornish, she is the girl he was caught with, eating out. She wasn’t the only one, there were reports about him and waitresses while filming in Canada also. He is reported to still be seeing Abbie Cornish and they have signed up to film a movie together after his current movie (in london, just started filming) is complete, they will also be doing promotion for Stop Loss in March. Do the math, signing on to do another movie with her says it all. It’s not that people don’t know about it, it’s just that they don’t care and Reese doesn’t talk or bad mouth him.

  • Anon

    I remember about the waitress in Canada!!!! And I remember seeing Reese and the kids in Canada with him right after that rumor surfaced. They were outside walking around “window shopping” in Toronto and the report was that they were all together up there while he was working. Now it all makes sense. I think he was causing a scandal and before it could blow up, she flew there with the kids to quiet things down. People don’t realize that she was not only reallly trying to save her marriage, but she was also trying to cover for him when he was being rotten. She looks beautiful and I hope she is with Jake. He looks like he is a nice person and fun and he is hot.

  • Tim

    reese looks smoking as always

  • Helena

    They look sooo cute together!!

  • luv

    Thanks! I wonder Why would he cheat around that much while having children and so supportive and doted wife at home.Weird!
    Good luck to the children and their mom!

  • foafoal

    Reese and Ryan separated right before he left to make Breach in Canada. He went off the rails and she went up there to calm him down and talk him through making it through the awards season as a couple. He complied. After he wrapped Breach he moved to a rented house although they made it look good with some family pictures on the beach that summer since the rumors were all over town by that point that they were no longer together. Word is that they almost reconciled but then didn’t. The original plan was to stay “together” until after Flags came out which had the added bonus of giving it enough time so that it would not look like they faked their way through the awards season. By the time their separation was announced they had been separate for a year. They both tried to hold it together. They are both good people but they just grew apart.

  • Clementines

    I think Reese knows Jake is a great big fake and is having a secret laugh about it..

  • ann

    reese is a sLut! he’s trying to steaL jake away from me!

  • Shelby

    Yeh, it looks obvious that they are trying really hard to stay steered clear away from each other. I remember Reese saying she had known Jake for a long time. If this is the case, then why look so cold to each other at the Toronto Film Fest and now this premiere? It only makes it more obvious that they are trying to keep their relationship out of the public eye. They both must think WE ARE ALL SO STUPID AND DON”T KNOW ANY BETTER!!!!! Give me a break!!! Im not seeing this movie because Im sick of their games. I have lost all credibility for both of them. Anyone else sick of them, should not see the movie either so the movie doesn’t get high ratings the first couple of weeks!!!!

  • Talia

    Jake looks like crap and has been for the last couple of months. What is he doing to himself lately? He use to be so cute and handsome. Not anymore. He even looks alot older than his 27 years. Too much sun maybe????

  • D.J.

    “They look sooo cute together!!”



  • Anon

    If what 33 is saying is true, then possibly Jake was dryin’ her tears long before we ever knew they was separated.Things don’t just happen when we find out. They happen sooner. Only the people who are in it knows for sure. Shelby #36 you can stay home if you want to, but i hope lots of people will go to this movie. This is Reese first really serious adult movie, with Meryl Streep, too and Peter Sarsgard. Also Omar is a hottie. Even hotter than Jake.And so what if she and Jake don’t want the rotten press in their personal life! SO WHAT? Who are you to be fed up. Do they owe you something? Why do you bother to read stuff if you get so mad. Sometimes some of us think it’s cute how they are. No harm there. They are both cute. But I agree his beard is horrible. H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E.

  • D.J.

    “And so what if she and Jake don’t want the rotten press in their personal life! SO WHAT?”

    Would you behave like that around someone you date for months?

    And why if you are single and everyone already thinks that you are in a relationship?

  • lAw

    Jake’s face looks really chubby.

  • What

    Some really immature comments here. First of all, Jake’s facial scruff is for his upcoming movie “Brothers”. Why people freak out of it is beyond me. I think he looks great both with the facial hair and without it. he is 27, not five. Also, what is with all the nasty comments as if you know Jake and Reese. You don’t so how can you be so vicious and have such judgements. They aren’t killing anyone. Jeez.

    As for the movie, I saw it and it was very good. Jake gives an excellent performance, as do Peter Meryl, Alan and Omar (who I don’t think is hotter than Jake, but equally as good looking).

  • the_original_nika

    word #42, word.

  • chriscroker


  • Anon

    42 I am probably older than you. I know I am not aces with speaking English. OK. But I can have my own opinnion about Jake’s beard. I don’t have to like it. So what if it’s for the movies. SO WHAT. It is just a beard. Short hair or long hair. Beard or no beard. I can have my own idea of what I like. Just like Omar. I think he is a hottie. Maybe hotter than Jake for me. SO WHAT. I agree though tat some people on here are very mean about Reese and Jake. These people are crazy even if they are not immature.

  • marian

    Does someone can confirm if they really denied the relatioship in the premiere final or they didn´t say anything?

  • Anon

    They neither confirmed or denied. They talked around it.”We have no scenes together.” “I’ve known him for years.” “It’s amazing the stories they come up with isn’t it?” The strategy is to dismiss it out of hand and turn it into a joke or just go on talking about something else. Altho, at one interview, (written) a reporter did ask Reese if she was with Jake and Reese went silent.I mean she turned to stone. And her publicist who was there, said, “Miss Witherspoon will not discuss her personal life. Next question.” Now if the reporter had kept up that line of questioning, Reese would have left the room until the reporter was escorted out, never to be included on any press lists for any other celebs that PR firm handled. It is not cool to break the rules. They tell you what you can ask ahead of time and if you screw up you r out. Now on the red carpet, reporters are told by their bosses what questions to ask. They can ask away, but they get no answers. Reese and Jake are very smart about this. They especially like live stuff bcz they know there are time constraints so if they just keep blabbing about nonsense, they will “run the clock.”

  • Emmy

    Jake says himself in an Access Hollywood interview that the beard is for the Brothers movie he is filming in November.

  • Hal

    What Jake does for sex is very mysterious. Either he doesn’t have any or it is very QT. Why would he want to marry her? She has two kids already and is 33 (as I recall) and probably not interested in having more. Would he want to be just a daddy in law? If you read the divorce decree it is clear that she has to keep Phillipe covered with health insurance, etc., while their property is being divided. The divorce came as she rose to be a very high earning actor, and he did not. I suspect most Hollywood splits and stuff is money, not sex, related. She [I would bet] didn’t want to allow him to continue to share in her high earnings. So she dumped him. Now all her money is for herself.

  • marian

    Thank you 47! It´s said that they denied in the premiere. The people really make up stories. I think Jake and Reese are trying to keep their private lives. If their romance goes on strong I think they´ll go a public in right moment! If not, we will never know if they were together! As Jake´s fan I am very curious but the most important to me is watching his movies! I think he is gorgeous, though I prefer him without beard and with not too short hair, and talented actor.