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Patrick Dempsey is Shirtless

Patrick Dempsey is Shirtless

Grey’s Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey, aka Dr. Derek Shepherd, is the cover boy for Entertainment Weekly‘s annual photo issue, which also includes a 10-page portfolio capturing his McDreaminess. Here are some interview snippets:

On landing/modeling in the pages of a J. Crew catalog: ”It was fun to fulfill that kind of [preppy] role. It was just one of those things that was helping to change my image.”

On his metamorphosis from McDorky to McDreamy in 1999: ”I went and did other things, like starting a relationship that was loving and nurturing (his marriage to makeup artist Jillian Fink).”

On Dr. Shepherd’s romance with the will-o’-the-wisp resident played by Ellen Pompeo: ‘I’d like to see him marry Meredith. ‘All the relationships on the show are deeply flawed, but I think there should be a healthy one to be found somewhere.”

On his upcoming Disney comedy-fantasy-musical film: ”There’s nothing wrong with making a commercial movie if you’re telling a good story. Enchanted felt like the right movie to make. With all the violence in the world, it provides a nice escape. I don’t like pretentious movies. We’re entertainers. We’re not saving lives.”

Entertainment Weekly‘s annual photo issue hits newsstands nationwide Monday! More pictures and quotes here.

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Photos: James White
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  • Natalie

    He’s NOT hot. I just don’t *get* the whole McDreamy craze. I would take McSteamy (Eric Dane) over him, in a second!!!

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    Dr Derek who..? PLEASE! The Woo Woo Kid needs to stop it, and put his shirt on, in my eyes he’ll always be that nerd Can’t Buy Me Love.

  • karina

    He’s handsome,but not much
    Grey’s Anatomy rocks!

  • Sam

    I Agree he isnt that hot!

  • Regina

    Post new pictures of Leo Dicaprio on the Body of Lies set!

  • Mandy

    sooooooo Dreamy!!!:)
    thanks for the pics,Jared!

  • the_original_nika

    Im with #1.
    though hes handsome, but, hot? common…

  • lovedempsey

    He’s extremely hot! Can’t wait to get the magazine.

  • indigo

    EW always does a fabulous job with Patrick’s photoshoots and this is no exception. He is 10 kinds of HOT in these pics and the ones on the EW site. I can’t wait for my magazine to appear in my mailbox!!

  • angie

    He is so handsome. I love his eyes and smile.

  • nobody

    I don’t think this is his hottest shoot! really…he’s a cutie pootooties..but…hmmmm I dunno…
    I thought he looked so much better before the twins…sorry peeps…I do…he’s aged differently!
    He was really dreamy when the show first started..about a year after..who else thinks so…
    he’s kind of got the Daddy think going on I changes people..even your looks and the greys’ start really coming in…

    Kids!!cute as hell,but man..they work you..

  • Kimmy

    he’s adorable!

    Thanks for the pictures!

    please keep posting more!

  • anonymous

    He is ugly and old looking. Gross.

  • anonymous

    He does not even take care of his kids his wife does. He does GA during the week then races on the weekends. Terrible Dad.

  • Bonnie

    He is one SEXY man!! I would not throw that man outta my bed. LOL

  • sigepa

    hottie patrick….

  • kathastic

    hes so mcdreamy!

  • Cynthia

    He’s not hot, he’s sizzling!

  • thegamingamine

    I find him attractive, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t, & these pics are cute, not my favorite of him by far, but he looks alive, the majority of the time he comes off as being either pissed or bored, but in these shots he looks genuinely happy.

  • cnchicago

    He is the epitome of hot and sexy. People Magazine voted him 2nd sexiest man alive for the past 2 years.

  • nobody

    My sentiments exactly cnchicago.
    Two years ago he was at his all time hotness..before the kids, and the bad haircuts! and the wife always doing his styling for photoshoots..I know a lot of people give her credit..but I think that’s when his hair looks it’s worse. Remember the Grammy’s, when his hair was dead straight and looked like someone wet him down. If you go through the issues where she’s done them compared to other’ll see what I mean..really check it out…

  • Milena

    Jared, does exist a Josh Groban shirtless pic??? I would love to see him…

  • Jess

    I’m so sick of him he is not hot and he is not that popular, the media just keeps claiming he is. Now I have to boycott EW for a week dammit. I think that magazine when McStupid isn’t infecting it.

  • Jess

    whoops, typo. I meant normally I like EW but not if I have to see McStupid all over it.

  • ee

    NOT hot!

  • grace

    He´s so damn hot!If my husband would look like that when he´s 40 years old I would jump the whole day!He´s super sexy!Love him soooo much!

  • liz86000

    He is SOOO dreamy… So SO hot!! And I TOO would like for Meredith & Derek to get married!!!!

  • Jessss

    He’s so hot and dreamy !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love PD

  • anita shave

    he’s got a small prick.
    he is NOT hot.
    he is dreamy tho…
    but I would rather HIT on the g a y one.

  • Tallchic

    OMG! He is SOOOO fine! He’s the whole package! Thanks Jared!

  • aly

    Jared, thank you, thank you! That man is all kinds of hot and you just made my week by posting those photos. Now if you could just get a shot of him shirtless by his race car…????

  • Chloe

    He comes across as very vain & arrogant, but then again he isn’t exactly a brilliant actor so he has to trade on his looks.

    His whole career has been built on his wounded dog expression.

    Poor actor.

  • Violet

    Thanks jared! I love PD!

  • Rae

    That’s an awful shirtless photo of him. And he has the same expression in every other picture. He’s just not sexy here, but I’ve been over him for a while. He wants Derek and Meredith to get married? Does he watch the show? They’re awful now and have been for a while.

  • Laura

    Yes, he certainly is hot. He’s gorgeous.

  • wenwen


  • nacha

    He is SO HOT!!! and that photoshoot…yummy
    I also would like Mer and Der to get married, or at least be happy TOGETHER!
    Shonda…you’re so damn stupid…

    I LOVE him

  • shelby ville

    Dempsey is the man. When I saw him in the ‘Enchanted’ trailer I knew it was going to be a great flick, b/c he can be choosey with roles, and like he said, its “telling a good story”. Amy adams is a mega-babe also, can’t wait for it to come out!

  • mands

    natalie, if i knew you or whatever, i would seriously punch you in the face for saying that patrick dempsey isn’t good looking, he is the hottest most sexiest guy i’ve ever seen in my life, obviously you have NO idea what that is because patrick dempsey is the hottest sexiest cutest guy i’ve ever seen with my eyes.:)

  • shelby ville

    You can’t deny Dempsey’s studliness (is that a word) I was just on the My Space page for upcoming ‘Enchanted’ and found this. You can picture of yourself to become a Disney character, enter for a chance to win a trip to New York City. I’m dying for this movie to come out!

  • nIKKI

    Dempsey, UGLY

  • shelby ville

    Dempsey, ugly?? C’mon, he’s a handsome dude. Regardless of what you think of his looks, he seems to be an absolute perfect fit for this Enchanted movie b/c he balances smug but likeable so well. Plus Amy Adams is so underrated, she’s going to be huge. Love her.

  • Jessica

    He is So HOT!!!!!!!!!!! and how would u know if he has a small prick??????? i bet u want 2 find out though!!!!!! from wat ive seen its huge!!!!

  • Maria

    I want him.

  • chad hudson

    he’s actually hotter in person. yes, he’s ‘married’ – but when he’s in the big apple, he’s mine. and for all his hotness or dorkiness or whatever, he’s an attentive gay lover……and i love him!