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Andy Baldwin: It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA

Andy Baldwin: It's Fun to Stay at the YMCA

U.S. Navy Lt. Andy Baldwin tosses a cap in exchange for a correct answer as he talks with children at a local YMCA about the Ironman Triathlon World Championship, Thursday in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii.

The former Bachelor hunk (okay, he’s still a hunk) will be among over 1,600 athletes from nearly 50 countries are expected to compete in the annual triathlon Saturday in the 140.6 mile endurance event that includes a 2.4-mile ocean swim, 112-mile bicycle race and a 26.2-mile run.

Just yesterday, Andy participated in an underwear run, running around town in his skivvies.

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Photos: Elaine Thompson/AP
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  • Jennifer

    first and andy is great

  • kaitlyn

    Where is Tessa ??? Are they still together ??

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    jared, seriously.. you still keeping him around?

  • Paksiw

    Jared, I am not interested with Andy if you don’t mention about Tessa Horst. They should be inseparable. But where is she?

  • THe runaway bride

    Tesa is not in Kona. She ia in San Fran getting ready for a date Saturday night with some jerk who is going to treat her like shit some day. They will drink plenty of beer until both pass out and will end up getting kicked out of the local bar. Can’t wait to see pictures of that on Just Jared.

  • THe runaway bride

    Paksiw, Tessa is inseparable with her roommates back in San Fran. She can’t handle the love of a good man. I feel so sorry for her.

  • THe runaway bride

    Oops, sorry about the foul word. I should have said, some poor loser is going to treat Tessa like dirt some day. And that will be karma for the way she treated Andy and the relationship.

  • lynne

    Keep it going Jared with info on Andy, some of us like to hear about him. Thanks,

  • THe runaway bride


    You are absolutely right. Andy is a wonderful human being and he deserves the best of everything in life. Thanks for your post and have a good day now.

  • wasa

    please just jared stop reporting about this man .. we are not interested anymore …. he is nothing without tessa ..
    runnaway bride,…. tessa doesnt want to be photographed like andy .. so you wont be seen her photos ..imo you need serious help . get some help from a good therapist ….. maybe after you get well you can get together with andy and all his other girls friends for photo shoot..:)

  • http://google dja

    Andy and Tessa, I thought both of you were mature individuals when the show was airing. Your actions since then have showed a severe lack of maturity. I don’t believe any of the garbage put out about how you two are still together, etc. I believe that if Tessa had really meant that she loved you Andy, that she would have immediately moved to HI to be with you. You are in the Navy, for heavens sake and you surely cannot move to SF to be with her. And Andy, your EGO has gotten the best of you. Where were your stated values when you entered the show, wife, marriage children? Just an ABC line to make it look real so you could further your “celebrity” ambitions. Both of you need to wake up, big time, before you loose each other (if you have not already done so). You both can have one heck of a life, if Andy you let got of your EGO, and Tessa, if you would wake up and not want everything your way or the highway. I hope for the best for you as a couple, but I fear that will never happen.

  • Paksiw

    #6 .. Do you have proof? How do you know that Tessa left Andy for someone else?

  • wazup


    You are absolutely correct. Andy is and will be nothing without Tessa. If he still want a relationship with her, he better get his butt of out the spotlight and go spend some quality time with her, She is a Gem, and if he wants a Gem in his life, he should leave those bikini bimbos behind in his island paradise and take up life on the mainland with Tessa. As for Just jared, it is only a matter of time before Andy will be history for them. January is right around the corner, then it will be Andy who?

    Signed by,

  • wazup


    You make some valid points here so let’s see what Andy do with the information. If he continues to fool himself, then he won’t be hurting anyone, but himself.

    Wait, give it time when the pesky media all turn him, he will wish he had Tessa to hide behind. Shame on him for not following through with the husband, wife, child foreshadowing he talked about on the show.

    And where was his parents to tell him to slow down and spend more time with Tessa? What is going through their minds now as they watch him self distruct. Too bad, his grandpa did not real him in and gave a good talking to. He needs to get out of the spotlight and stop volunteering for everythng and spreading himself too thin wanting to get more and more exposure. He is old enough now to grow up and be a man. His charades is going to get him no where. So if Andy Baldwin knows what is good for him, he better shake himself off, pick himself up, dust hid celebrity wanna be butt off and start all over again with Tessa. A love like Andy and Tessa share is not one to be thrown away for a life as a celebrity. Andy can be a fine doctor in the states and he should pursue it after the deployment. He should also keep talking with Tessa, and maybe she can find it in her heart to forgive him. Andy Baldwin is only hurting himself. Tessa is a gorgeous lady and if he want to be the man in her life then he better straighten up quick before the deployment and beg her forgiveness.

    Photoshoots and hot bimbos come and go, but the love of a good man will always be there to support him in everything you do. Does he want Tessa support? Well, if he does Tessa may give him another chance. Till then, Andy Baldwin has work to do on himself.

    As for runaway bride, he or she is just mad that Andy did not pick that tramp Bevin… Btw, she is a joke! She has no self respect because if she did, she would not be a friend on his myspace. What a laugh.

    Anyway, Andy has work to do on himself and win back Tessa’s love. Lt. Andy Baldwin, MD. what are you waiting for?

  • wazup

    Haha, no more triathlons and photo opportunities while he is deployed. Then what will he do. And when he gets cabin fever and no Tessa to hug and kiss him, what will he do? And when all he can do is stare at the collage that Tessa made him, then what will he do? Andy Baldwin is a big fool if he let Tessa Horst slip through his fingers. What a waste if that was to happen. Andy better not wait till he returns from deployment to see what happens with Tessa, he better go apologize to her now, beg her forgivenes until she accepts him.

    Andy Baldwin, I don’t believe your parents and grand parents and lil sister are proud of you right now. I believe you have let them down and for that you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Andy Baldwin find your way back to Tessa, or you will be nothing, I mean nothing without her.

  • kaitlyn

    #15 So what are you saying that Andy dumped Tessa ??? Maybe its the opposite. Anyway, I do agree that Tessa is perfect for Andy and I am very surprised they are not still together. I just read somewhere that Andy said they are taking a little break from each other but did say that were still very in love. Andy was asked if this was the end of the Andy/Tessa relationship and he said to ask her. I thought that was strange. I googled Andy Baldwin and found that article.

  • wazup

    No, if you read correctly, I am saying Tessa dumped Andy because she got tired of the charade and his need for publicity. However, I do believe Tessa still loves him, and he loves her, so if he get his act together fast, there is a good possiblity that she may forgive him and give him another chance. Like wasaw said earlier, Tessa is not interested in being photographed, only Andy. So if Andy give up wanting his face in every magazine, every newspaper, and on every internet site, and so NO to being photographed, he would be better off. Afterall, life as a celebrity is no fun, and if he had listened to Tessa and take heed about the positive and negative press, they may still have been dating today. It is a lonely spot at the top if one do not have a loving and supportive woman to share it with.

    So, Andy Baldwin can make things right with his girl friend, and he should do it because I too agree that he will be nothing without her. Mark my words on that, and if you know him, tell him I said so!

  • wazup

    I feel sad for the Baldwin family, especially Suzie, because I am convinced that Andy Balwin let them down. I know they love him a lot, so they better get him a therapist to straighten him out stat. Thirty years old is too old to be acting a fool with his life and relationship. Mrs. Balwin, your doctor son needs help now!


    #15, Well said! Deployment is hard, but that is just what the good doctor, Navy man, and celebrity in training need. No photo shoots with with half naked women, no triathlons, no pages in the weekly magazines, no Tessa to use for photh opps and publicity and very little to no partying for six months.

    The Navy is giving him a lot of time to get his act together. I see him running and cycling around here like he is an American idol. His friend in crime Mitch Thrower is pushing him up like JFK Jr, not knowing that he is only hurting the good doctor image. Is that how the doctor want to be remembered?, I don’t think so! The medical profession is a pristine one, so unless he is ready to sort out and fix his short comings then we don’t need him on our team.

    The best thing that can happen for Baldwin is the deployment. The collage from Ms. Horst will turn him into a sap because he will be crying his eyes out because he misses her so much, can’t see her or get his hands on her. That will teach him to walk right and not take the love of a great lady for granted.

    All the triathlons, charities and appearances will all become a thing of the past and all the media will tire of him and he will become a has been. Many of the locals here are speaking negatively about him and want him off our island. We believe he has been getting more publicity than the locals, and we would like the Navy to ship him back to the mainland as soon as his feet touches the US soil after the Bahrain deployment. And when he is in Bahrain make him work twice as harder than any other sailor so there is very little time for him to party.

    Baldwin need to be taught a hard lesson, and that is not to mess with a good woman. He has one in Ms. Horst and he let his new found fame get to his head to the point of losing her.

    Mr. Baldwin, you can win back the love of your life and keep her if you are ready to grow up and be a man, a fine doctor and an outstanding human being. If not, then we want no part of you and will not accept you in any of our medical schools to complete your residency.

    Do not become a disgrace to the Navy and an embarassment to yourself. You have time to make things right with Ms. Horst and yourself, and you have time to get on the right track. All your admirers ae getting tired of your face all over the place, and when people tire of you then you will be history. Do not let that happen to you my colleague, you have time to redeem yourself, and for your family, friends, and TMs. Horst, redeem yourself and get out of the spotlight.

    You are in total control of your life so strive to do better because it is in all of us to do better whether willingly or by force.

    Good luck with all you do and good luck winning Ms. Horst back.

    I am sorry to be so long-winded but I wanted to post something of substance for Mr. Baldwin to read, or his friends and family to read and pass on to him. There is much to be learned from my post so Mr. Baldwin should use it as a tool to improve himself now and in the near future.

  • alex

    Andy Baldwin is a stellar man, and he is beautiful inside and out.