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Orlando Bloom: Car Crash Victim

Orlando Bloom: Car Crash Victim

Orlando Bloom got into a car accident in Los Angeles last night around 2:15 a.m., according to TMZ.

Orlando, 30, was driving two female friends in a 2003 Toyota Matrix registered to Dariusz Wolski, the director of photography on the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. He was apparently cut off by another driver, causing him to crash into a parked Porsche Cayenne.

Riding in the backseat was celebrity stylist Cher Coulter, who suffered a laceration on her head and a fractured neck. No word on who was riding shotgun yet, but she reportedly was cut by her seat belt. Orlando seemed to walk away from the accident unscathed but paid close attention to his friends.

Mr. Bloom got into the accident 15 minutes after leaving “Green Door” nightclub in Hollywood. He was reportedly not driving under the influence.

UPDATE: Orly‘s rep just released a statement: “Orlando Bloom, who was in a minor car collision late last night, is grateful that no one was seriously injured. Bloom called for help immediately following the incident. He spent last night at the hospital to be with his childhood friend who sustained a minor neck injury. He is thankful that emergency services arrived so quickly and that the ER staff at Cedars Sinai took such good care of his friend.”

20+ pictures inside of Orlando‘s car crash…

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orlando bloom car crash 01
orlando bloom car crash 02
orlando bloom car crash 03
orlando bloom car crash 04
orlando bloom car crash 05
orlando bloom car crash 06
orlando bloom car crash 07
orlando bloom car crash 08
orlando bloom car crash 09
orlando bloom car crash 10
orlando bloom car crash 11
orlando bloom car crash 12
orlando bloom car crash 13
orlando bloom car crash 14
orlando bloom car crash 15
orlando bloom car crash 16
orlando bloom car crash 17
orlando bloom car crash 18
orlando bloom car crash 19
orlando bloom car crash 20

Photos: Chris/National Photo Group
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  • raniiii


  • Nicole



  • suzy

    Been hearing crazy shit like he tried to walk away b4 being reminded by the paps that if he did it would be a hit & run.

  • thats_right

    Where was Jennifer Maniston I thought he was her toy boy oops she changes men so fast just like changing underwears. I hope his ok though.

  • the_original_nika

    oh lord.

  • right…

    He was drunk.

  • belts

    Riding in the backseat was celebrity stylist Cher Coulter, who suffered a laceration on her head and a fractured neck

    So much for no seat belts. She would not have broke her neck if she remembered to wear the belt. Also remind your kids.

  • Fug Face Dwarftard

    Lmao.. alcohol will do that to you.

  • mesa

    Odd enough on TMZ they have a video of him walking “away” from the crash, until a paparazzi tells him to go back and deal with it or he could be charged with hit and run. They also a video of him 15 minutes before the crash jumping into some guy’s car and arguing over the guy’s wife. The police DID NOT take a breathlizer, but then say he wasn’t under the influence, yeah, ok, right!

  • kathy

    WTF he tried to walk away from the situation..what a dumbass LOL

  • dam

    His drunk azz was no victim. I’ve seen the videos, another celebrity gets drunk, drives and blames it on the paparazzi.

  • kathy

    and he can’t deny it, he was caught on tape LOL

  • Aleh

    SO BAD,,

  • kara

    He tried to hit-and-run! what an asshole.



  • mesa

    TMZ changed their story, eariler they reported that Orlando jumped into a guy’s car and argued over his wife, now their saying the female said it was an ex-boyfriend.

    Oh well, the caption to the video is still the same “Dude, that’s my wife!” lol

  • Natasha

    Poor Orli! Hope it all works out =D

  • Regina

    He’s lost that fug ‘tache. THANK GOD!

  • PingyPonga

    One thing i dont get, was his friend who got hurt or the other person who was driving the car got hurt?

  • ria

    PingyPonga, at first it was a female who was driving, she was the brunette in one of the videos on TMZ. Then midway, Orlando changed places with the driver – so he was the one driving when they got into the accident. The blonde, who was bleeding quite a bit, was in the backseat and the brunette was in the front seat. The police said that Orlando wasn’t intoxicated but I honestly believe that he was high on something because his behavior before he got into the car and his behavior after the crash was just very odd.

  • ami3057

    good thing orlando wasnt harmed… hes the celebrity. hhmh… who were the 2 girls i wonder….

  • fat guy in a little coat

    Apparently all of you should consider yourself very fortunate. You have obviously never experienced any kind of trauma that would cause the onset of shock, or you would consider the possibility that he was walking away for that reason. He may have been pretty out of it and was trying to get his head together. And I don’t believe for a minute that the pap was calling him back out of the goodness of his heart. He was creating drama in order to make the video more valuable. The vultures were probably upset that nobody died.

  • ria

    I forgot to say that not only was the blonde hurt, but the brunette was injured too, I think her neck was fractured but I’m not 100% sure if that really was her injury. But the woman with the blonde hair was bleeding really badly…

  • wow

    by looking at these pics it looks like the guy in the black t shirt was the one that got in the drivers seat after orlando walked away.
    was he trying to cover for him?
    he is also the one that gave orlando some water to perhaps sober him up?
    where did he come from? was he a friend?

  • WTF

    There’s no excuse for his behavior, NONE! Any person in their right mind who sees someone bleeding and hurt would never JUST walk away! His first thought should of been to call for help, not to leave. I feel the paparazzi was concerned for Orlando, could you imagine what kind of trouble Orlando COULD of gotten in, if he was charged with a hit and run? My opinion is that the paparazzi saved Orlando a buttload of trouble!

  • RUthie

    “The vultures were probably upset that nobody died”

    Very true. Isn’t it interesting that THE PAPS said dont walk away or you will be charged with hit and run? That created a story in itself. Like they are suddenly so caring about the people the hound relentlessly. New reports say he was tested and drugs and alcohol have been ruled out.

  • xxxx


  • Anon

    #22, fat guy – you are so right. I’ve been in a car accident and you are dazed even if you’re not injured. And you can’t even trust the videos – the one at X-17 is edited, BTW. Why is it that every time someone in Hollywood is in a wreck, they HAVE to be drunk? And he wasn’t acting strangely, he seemed very calm to me. And I’d be willing to bet that the paps CAUSED the damned accident – on X-17′s video, you can even hear one of the paps say so! (Why else where they all there RIGHT after it happened?) They’ve blocked him off before, and blocking off or cutting off their victim’s car is their standard M.O. (And sorry to report this, but he passed the alcohol and drug screening at the hospital.)

  • Janice

    He’s lucky he didn’t kill anyone!

  • Sunny

    Most of the reports from the Papz at the scene say Orlando tried to leave the scene of the crash and offered no assistance to the injured women. He was persuaded to return to the scene because of the serious consequences if he did leave, ie, hit and run.

    As for the cut off… papz following didn’t see that. They saw Orlie ram the parked Porsche, however.

    Police didn’t test Orlie at the scene of the crash for alcohol or drugs. why?

    Orlie has been a bad, bad boy, if only because he was trying to flee the scene and abandoned his injured passengers.

  • wow

    He was a block away and had to be told to go back to the scene.
    He only then took out his cell phone.
    When the pap was talking to him telling him he would be in deep shit then he understoond and went back.
    Why walk away. There was not a need for privacy to make the call since obviously the paps knew what the situation was anyway. The only call that needed to be made was a 911 call and anyone could have made that.

  • Natalie

    Glad to hear nobody was seriously injured.

  • Anon

    Geez, glad I’m not his friend. Nice to know if I bleeding on the road he wouldn’t stay by my side he’d just run to cover his own ass

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Chelsea

    What does Orlando’s camp think everyone is stupid? It was caught on tape to see with our own eyes… and I saw that he DID NOT immediately call for help! He immediately walked away!

  • Christine

    okay for all the people who are attacking this just shut it you dont know the true story, neither do i …all that matters is that everyone is okay

  • Krystal

    The last time I checked this was a blog for people to leave their thoughts and opinions!

    Since when did you become the blog police? and think you have the right to tell people to “shut it” … That’s just plain RUDE!

  • katherine


    You are not a VICTIM when you hit someone from the rear.

    Who writes for these sites anyway?

    Back to school!!!

  • Samy *=D

    O! my gosh!!!!

    Orlando Terriblee………….

    bye kisess =*

    - Samy

  • katherine


    You are reporters of sorts, albeit, not on real news items? Correct?

    The car was OBVIOUSLY being driven over 40 mph and hitting a standing target.

    Common sense people, serious vehicular incident.

  • udnjunhoa

    Odd enough on TMZ they have a video of him walking “away” from the crash, until a paparazzi tells him to go back and deal with it or he could be charged with hit and run. They also a video of him 15 minutes before the crash jumping into some guy’s car and arguing over the guy’s wife. The police DID NOT take a breathlizer, but then say he wasn’t under the influence, yeah, ok, right!

    ^ ermmmmm shut up!

    gawd, get ya facts right, hes smart enough not to drink and drive, and im very sure the police wudnt have treated him differnt and not breathalised him,

  • udnjunhoa

    AND im sure he was only trying to walk away cus he was aware there were twat paps everywhre, waiting to get pics for stupid people like u

  • magnus MFA


    Ever seen a low impact collision?

    Now you have. That’s a MINOR accident.

    I doubt he was drunk at all. Hell even if he was…as a sober person how do you avoid being cut off and corralled into a car parked roadside? You can’t.

    Anyone who has driven in LA knows this shit happens to everyone at least once.

  • katherine






  • ria

    #28, if you saw the video on TMZ, there was a video of him (before the accident) arguing with some dude in a car and it did seem like he was drunk or high. You could tell something was odd about him, if you actually looked at the video. From what I’ve read somewhere, he was trying to holler at some girl and was arguing with the girl’s boyfriend or husband.

    The only reason I said that he was acting odd because of the way he was acting in that video before the accident. I’m not saying he was drunk, but he appeared kind of high. I see a lot of guys like that after a night out with friends. A lot of them are high on something and they always act belligerent like they wanna fight someone and they always try to get into an argument – doesn’t matter what its about or how trivial the matter is, they don’t realize what they’re doing cuz they’re high (or drunk) and don’t give a care in the world with how stupid they act or sound, during the argument

  • Abby

    this happened outside my friends place and she said the he wasn’t the one driving!

  • adri

    The videos that are out there conveniently start in the middle of the action both times. We don’t see what prompted Orlando to speak to that guy in the car, and we didn’t see the actual wreck or the Orlando getting out of the car. He could have been trying to get the paparazzi away from the accident, he could have been walking to get help, he could have just been dazed and not thinking clearly. The girl in the car that wasn’t seriously injured didn’t seem to be upset that Orlando had walked away from the car.

    Also, in one of the videos you can hear a guy talking in the background saying he’s a witness and the paps caused the wreck.

  • lol

    Scalp lacerations often look worse than they really are – they bleed a hell of a lot as a natural defence mechanism…the skull protects the brain, so the body bleeds extra to signal the extra danger. I saw the TMZ video, Orli WAS acting v. v strangely & he had at least two females calling him repeatedly & telling him to stop what he was doing and basically calm down. He looks like a complete idiot overall & this isn’t the first time he’s been involved in a vehicular accident.

  • Mesa

    41 udnjunhoa
    I’m not the only one who feels this way, so don’t single me out, dumba*s!

  • Mesa

    42 udnjunhoa
    The paps were and DID take pictures whether he stayed at the scene or if he walked.