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Halle Berry: Stop Asking About My Pregnancy!

Halle Berry: Stop Asking About My Pregnancy!

Pretty parents-to-be Halle Berry and model Gabriel Aubrey arrive at LAX airport after a flight from New York City on Saturday. (Ms. Berry is 4+ months pregnant.)

Halle recently sat for a quick Q&A at a recent press stop to promote Things We Lost in the Fire:

Why do chicks find Benicio [Del Toro] so sexy? He’s not the most handsome dude around. He’s mysterious. You don’t quite know who he is, no matter how long you know him. You get a feeling you’ll never know him. I think women respond to that. And he’s talented. If someone is talented, I don’t care what they look like, that’s sexy.

Ever wish you’d never become an actor and could just live quietly? I’ve thought that when people ask me personal questions. It’s because I’m in a movie they didn’t like and there’s nothing else to talk about. But it’s frustrating this time, because it’s a movie I’m really proud of. Maybe there will be a reason [one day], but it’s baffling me now.

And finally, after being asked about her pregnancy for the upeenth time, Halle put her belly down and said, “It’s disheartening to have every question be about my pregnancy. I’m getting most asked not about the film.”

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  • Gabi Frones

    1st! =D

  • Bite me

    Halle you should have the christina and Jennifer Lopez route and not say anything

  • Gabi Frones

    OMG, this baby is gonna be so beautiful! =)

    I love Halle Barry, she is so pretty! and Gabriel Aubrey, well, he is sexy!

  • Regina

    She’s actually thinks anyone cares about her pregnancy? She clearly got knocked up by that little boy just to promote the movie.

  • quiet no more

    appearently people do care cause they keep asking her about it.

    she kind of opened the media to it by announcing her pregnancy. its sad cause the movie looks really good.

  • blackwoman

    Her pink man don’t look to happy. I dont’ give a fuck about her having her baby can’t stand the bitch

  • blackwoman


  • funny

    their kid will be so cute,they are nice and beautiful Halle so much.

  • funny

    6 blackwoman

    stop judging from pics,your comment don`t make any If they smile and kiss and hug each other in fron of camera that shows you they are happy couple,STFU that calls PR.

  • http://deleted DF

    oh boy, WTF is your problem black woman and regina?

  • Regina

    she kind of opened the media to it by announcing her pregnancy. its sad cause the movie looks really good.

    When she was on Letterman, she had a 10 minute interview and they only talked about her new movie for about 2 minutes, which is pathetic and proves again, why she’s promoting her baby more than her movie. I mean, the man who knocked her up can’t even speak proper English.

  • oh please halle

    she needs to suck it up as it comes with the territory.

  • Moreaces

    Regina : 10/14/2007 at 5:28 pm
    She’s actually thinks anyone cares about her pregnancy? She clearly got knocked up by that little boy just to promote the movie.


    Do you actually realize how retarted that sounds.

  • Moreaces

    Regina : 10/14/2007 at 5:28 pm
    She’s actually thinks anyone cares about her pregnancy? She clearly got knocked up by that little boy just to promote the movie.


    Do you actually realize how stupid that sounds.

  • ?

    11 Regina

    what is your problem with her man?she can talk with him and understand him,so don`t worry about them.

    OMFG can`t you wish one woman in this situation best without criticizing her for everything.Are you human with human feeling?this woman will give birth to innocent kid in afew month,just wish her and her BF best If you are human.

  • Natalie

    It’s hard for me to feel sorry for someone who is raking in money by the millions. She is famous, so people are gonna talk. Anyways, Im happy for her and her boyfriend. He is hot.

  • opinion

    I really like Halle but she can’t act. There was only one movie I thought she squeak by in, and that was Gothica, and even that wasn’t so great. I just took Perfect Stranger back to the video store, it was a snorefest. Even when she starred in Xmen, I was glad she didn’t speak much. Monster’s Ball was awful and I thought she degraded herself, the se x scene was nasty,not appealing.

    I recently saw old tv reruns of Knotslanding, that old tv night soap show she was in, she did ok in that. That was before she had the nose job and lost weight. Acting lessons would help, she has potetial, I like her.

  • lula29

    I loved Monster’s Ball. It was good. I didn’t find it at all degrading and still don’t get why some people were so offended by the sex scene.

    She acted her best in that role honestly, and I only noticed it when I re watched the film.

    Perfect Stranger was terrible! Lord, it was awful. Gothika I didn’t watch, not my style of movie. But Perfect Stranger, she overacted every scene.



    She shouldn’t of said sh*t in the 1st place! She wanted sympathy, NOW SHE HAS IT!

    IF she wasn
    t a actress what the F*CK else would she be?

  • Natalie

    Halle’s man?
    Dude ride that gravy train

    Halle Lee Daniels got you that oscar the producer of MOnster ball pls aknowledge that he did …
    also why did you leave the scene after you ran over that guy ? scandel she killed someone but got off
    how is this fair?

  • smalle


  • opinion

    Oh I 4got I liked her in Boomerang & the Wedding was ok. Except for the sex scene in Monster’s Ball, was’nt as bad, but no seconds for me.

    ITA lulu29 with your Perfect Stranger comment.

    I still stand by it being a snorefest. Took awhile to finish watching it, lots of breaks.

  • al

    aging black woman with major issues

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • Jade

    I have seen her on a few talk shows and she is the one talking about
    her pregnancy and telling a little more than anyone cares to know.

  • nona

    only oprah can inquire about the pregnancy.





  • lydia

    I’m glad J.Lo never commented on it. She might have also been aware that people will only ask about the details of her pregnancy and not ask about her album and tour.

  • Bad pr move Halle

    Another bad pr move with less than a week before your movie is out. Guess you haven’t learned anything from your radio faux pas years ago in Chicago when you were in the greenroom without realizing you were on the air when you made an asinine comment about you thought doing radio interviews was stupid (using more foul language). Still a bad move about not talking about being pregnant with diabetes in ANY of these interviews. Is NO COMMENT not in your vocabulary, you’ve been around long enough in the movie biz to know this.

    Am in agreement with most of the posters. It’s great your pregnant. You’re the one who started this whole thing making comments in every interview bragging about the daily and weekly pregnancy updates. If you don’t want to answer the question–say no comment. We have been bombarded practically on a daily basis with the latest updates of her or Aubry saying stuff, them shopping for baby stuff, the death threat letter reports and beefing up security only to be seen last week going solo when you were shopping or apartment hunting or something in NYC, etc.

    Thought you weren’t going to give any more interviews. Seems you’ve been the only one talking and talking…like the Everyready Bunny. Major TMI.

    As for the pix, no neither look too thrilled to see the pappis, maybe a long bumpy flight. Don’t want to read too much into the photos.

  • PRETTY-on-the-outside

    Boohooo.GET OVER IT!!!!she went bragging to the whole world like she is the first woman to ever get pregnant on earth.She needs to pray for her bastard child and why she’s acting like it’s okay to have kids out of wed lock.and folks, you don’t know how this baby is gonna turn out{how it’s gonna look} . i’m sure it’s going to be a regular pale skinned baby with two parents with money. just like shiloh.i understand she’s exited, but God giveth abnd he taketh away, so she should stop bragging.

  • Koko

    I would like to know how Halle’s getting on with her French-Canadian in-laws, bcoz they are forever whining about their identity being peril and still fussin over their territory. Now Gabriel has permanent residence in U.S, has knocked up an African-American and the grandkids will end up speaking English! How’s that for Quebec nationalists!

  • don’t buy the bs about halle learning French

    Hey Koko,

    Don’t know what his folks reaction is but the latest BS is Halle’s learning French.

  • kan

    SHe is very confused about how to address her life in general…not unfahtomable.

  • kan

    gabriel seems like an airhead anyway. She needs sound afvice on how to handle stuff publicly bc it sounds so lame nowadays

  • mickey

    Halle is such an idiot. Of course people are going to ask about her pregnancy–there are worse things in the world. She should be glad they don’t ask her about her pitifully bad acting.

  • Spay / Neuter

    Come on ppl ! I’m sure Halle is raging hormones and at least she’s not playing the maybe I am but Maybe I’m not ! guessing game , besides can’t they ask about her freaking movie ? SHEESH ! It’s no wonder why reality t.v is so popular -

  • A Certain Smile

    See the haters are out in force and the liars. The car accident no one was killed. In fact, Halle had a head injury that was more severe than the woman who was in the other car. She plead no contest tp leaving the scene of an accident and the other woman was paid for her car and minor bruises. Stop lying, she did not kill any one.
    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. all she did was annouce her pregnancy. christina and J Lo have not and they are criticized for not doing so. Now Halle is criticized for doing so. these people can’t win no matter what they do.
    Gabriel speaks English very well. How well do you speak any other labguage? they have been together for over 2 years. He is not a boy he is a grown man. Never knew a man to be almost 32 years old to beconsidered a boy. He also is successful and makes his own money.
    His father was the first one he told he was in love. His father spoke about it to the Canadian media so he is probably not as racist as people like most of you on this blog.

    Halle looks beutiful as usual. The press is for the movie so maybe just maybe she would like some of the questions at least to be about the movie.

  • not so

    Aubry doesn’t speak English well, he speaks with an accent. Have seen the TV clips. They will be together 2 years next month. He was in foster homes. How reliable can his father be? He also announced it before their relationship was made official. It was in the same article that his manager was bragging about Aubry’s small paultry salary at the time being $25/27K-$30/$35K per photo shoot and clammed up when he was asked if Aubry was using Halle for his personal gain.

    You are right Halle didn’t kill anyone. She did have 2 hit and runs. And did have to have stitches from her head injury from when she was drunk which Oprah and Warren Beatty got the charges reduced and Oprah made her work off her debt when she did that TV movie w/Michael Ealy.

  • Roberto

    love Halle,and if u were asked a million questions about something, i bet you’d get tired of it too!!!

  • Mediterranean

    Dear Halle, then you should stop talking about it! It’s you who has started, right?

  • Youpi

    She is much older and too ugly for that guy……

  • Mediterranean

    The reason she has been with this guy might be that they can’t communicate well. OK, it’s enough sarcaism.

    At the end, everybody got what they want, she got the baby and knows the father, he got the fame.

  • BBperfume

    42 Mediterranean : 10/15/2007 at 4:55 am
    The reason she has been with this guy might be that they can’t communicate well. OK, it’s enough sarcaism.

    At the end, everybody got what they want, she got the baby and knows the father, he got the fame.

    ROFLMAO !!!!

  • RCG

    People are so judgemental of Ms Berry. Good grief. She sure brings out the ulgy and hatred in people.

  • nettiesmith

    I am so sick of halle berry. all she does is complain. she complained about being the only african american at school, she complained about failed marriages (I think she was the problem) and now this. get over yourself.

  • esj3515

    If you are sick of her.. then don’t watch her. That’s not hard.

  • Hypocrite

    Oh get over yourself already what a hypocrite bitch you are the one who were who is and still talking about it ! she is a pretentious ho and act like a diva with her employed one of theme talked about how she was not treat theme well .

  • totally agree

    What a waste. She brought it up first and it should be fair game since she has made it such an issue since her divorce from Benet of sooooooooo much wanting a child. Now, all of a sudden, now that she is going to have one whether by a facade or not, she suddenly doesn’t want to talk about it. Halle when are you finally going to grow up. If anything her pregnancy updates will hurt her movie not help it. Which is too bad bc the script isn’t too bad and neither is the director. Halle’s character doesn’t really come alive until the end of the movie. Halle you really need this movie to do well if not your career is definitely over. If so, Gabby better be looking for another sugarmomma to mooch off of.

  • wannabe PR agent

    The reason ppl want to know about the pregnancy is because there is nothing else that seems relevant about you Halle. Sure you’re doing a movie but what else is there about you that is interesting. Your comment, just like Mr. Pitt, concerning marriage is laughable. What you really are saying is that you don’t have the ability to commit to one person for the rest of your life. That, my dear, is not an ingredient for a superstar. For example, Michael Jackson, with all of his weirdness, was a superstar, an icon, until his image suffered. It wasn’t necessarily his looks, it was the continuous allegations, his inability to communicate in public, his ignorance of business, his alienation from his people, and his refusal to recognize that these issues would hurt him in the long run. Your marriage to David Justice was based on Lust. It was one of those “Burger King” marriages where unless you can “have it your way, you get out of it”! Your marriage to Eric was the same. He was never a SEX addict. He wanted to help you save your career. In any event, Halle Berry is irrelevant. She should be calling Tyler Perry about now. It’s amazing how famous African Americans only want to embrace that fact when they are not as popular as they once were. In my little wannabe agent opinion, she should answer the pregnancy questions that she doesn’t want to answer by saying ” I appreciate your concern, everything is well at this time. Now if you don’t mind, why don’t we let the rest of this interview center on the movie” Thanks- Stars are still made. I would love to have the chance to turn Jessica Simpson’s career around. I would do it for free just to prove I could.

  • dianad1968

    this is halle berry MO. she is one of the most hypocritical celebrities ever. when both of her marriages ended, she had an agreement with both ex-husbands that everything will be done privately. and then she did a horrible interview in a magazine about the first husband, david justice, i remember david saying he felt so betrayed, because no matter if he was a scumbag, they had an agreement. then she went on her friend oprah’s show and called her second husband eric a sex addict.
    she does these things all the time. i have never liked her. gabriel better not piss her off.