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Jude Law Does the Mambo Repossession

Jude Law Does the Mambo Repossession

Jude Law takes a walk around Yorkville on his day off of filming his latest movie Repossession Mambo currently filming in Toronto, Canada.

The forthcoming futuristic adventure thriller Repossession Mambo also stars Forest Whitaker. This will be Miguel Sapochnik‘s directorial debut for Universal Pictures. The film is about a repo man, who is made up of artificial organs and struggles to make payments for his heart transplant. Unable to provide the money, he runs from his former partner.

Pictured below: Jude on the latest cover of Vanity Fair Germany. Article here in German.

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  • Somepeople

    1st and who caes?

  • [~Famous~]

    rotflol @ that hair! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

  • Natalie

    LOL, DAMN… his hair looks jacked up. He needs to shave it off or get some plugs, ASAP.

  • the_original_nika

    LOL the hair, I hope its for the movie.

  • G.

    He looks so stupid with this hair… damn it ! this guy is becoming ugly !

  • Laura

    I like him with longer hair, I don’t care it’s thinning, he’s so cute!


    Does anybody know whats happening to his hair????? I love Jude bald, with hair, half head of hair, but seriously whats going on with this mans hair?????

  • sharyllee

    Oh No about his hair. But I always love him no matter. He is still beautiful to me… his hair is for his new movie.

  • Just me…

    I never found this guy cute…And even less now!!!

  • Daphne

    I knew Jared would have the photos. Thanks! He looks good as always. He seems to be working on his day off — the binder looks like the script.


  • liz

    Oh god, WHATEVER, everbody! You must be a bunch of 12-year-olds! He has his hair cut short for a movie…he’s had a hairline like this for a long time…so what’s the big freakin’ deal? God…I’d bet if Jared posted some of your fat-ass pimply pictures, we’d REALLY get entertained! What losers!

    Good to see pics of Jude!!!!!

  • angie

    I think it’s hilarious how immature and superficial people are, and that these are usually the same people who tend to accuse celebrities of being superficial! This guy is filming a movie right now. He doesn’t like the haircut, but that’s what happens for movie roles sometimes.

  • sheryl

    Yay, Jude pictures!!!
    Yeah, all you need do is read his recent interviews, TIFF articles, or blogs by people who have actually seen him in person (both male and female) to know that Jude is even more handsome in person, no matter what hairstyle he’s sporting.

  • [~Famous~]

    LMAOOO its just going to get worse.

  • kmoo

    Ewwww, he needs a wig or hair plugs. He is balding and doesn’t look cute AT ALL.

  • liz

    No, Jude will always be okay…he’s got the best eyes and smile!

    #14 and 15, however, I’m sure your pimply-assess will get fuglier and fuglier than what they are now…double fug.


    Deal with it!

  • hum

    BALDY .

  • liz

    sorry my vagina smells and i’m a FUGLY bitch

  • liz

    my vajayjay’s smells and i’m fug


    JUDE LAW Is so GAY!

    HE IS SOOOOO UGLY! Sienna, bought life to his ugly self, he is soooo ugly! He might as well shave it off! DO yourself that Favor JUDE! PLEASE!

  • Daphne

    I am with Liz#16. Jude Law will always be beautiful inside and out. I LOVE HIM.

    I suppose #18 is an imposter, with a mental age of an underdeveloped 10 year old.

  • zena

    #20 i agree with ya

  • liz

    Yes, Daphne, #18 is an imposter, and I’d bet that’s it’s way past their bedtime and mama doesn’t know they’re on the computer.

  • Elsie

    Liz is right… er the original not the fake liz18&19. Jude Law ugly? Are you people so sick with envy your bile has gone to your eyeballs? Why is this place crawling with pimple arsed losers all of a sudden?

  • liz

    And #19 as well.

  • ericap

    Love ya, Jude! I kinda like your hair cut short but I hope you grow it back out when you are done filming!

  • wassup

    Man, his hair is almost gone. He’s getting very very bald. I never understood why this guy was considered handsome.

  • brenda

    I wish I was in Toronto right now. It would be very cool to run into him on the street! He is so yummy!

  • brenda

    Wait, how do you figure his hair is almost gone? He’s not even partially bald…? I know sometimes people have big fun ragging on celebs just for the heck of it…but he’s hardly anywhere near bald (?) And I know bald…my brothers have been partially bald (no hair on top but hair on the sides and back) since their late 20s.

  • annie

    Nice receding hairline! He should start hanging out with Heath Ledger.

  • Daphne

    I know what you mean Brenda. I live 5 hours drive away from Toronto and wish I could be there right now, but woe I got work. Besides I wouldn’t want to stalk him. If I know where and when they will be shooting I can go and hang around the Mambo movie set. Maybe I’ll bump into him *sigh*.

  • anna

    na dont even talk about my man heath ledger
    he still look good

  • angie

    Jude look good, period.

  • law

    he’s a gaya

  • brenda

    Oh yeah, I’d like to “bump into him” hahahahahaha…more than once…

  • brenda

    Oh yeah, I’d like to “bump into him” hahahahahaha…more than once…

  • annie

    The hair is not for a movie – that’s his natural; hairline. It’s been receding for awhile. In a few years, he’ll jave a ten-head.

  • angie

    Yes, Annie, I agree, as stated in some posts above, he has had this hairline for a while…which is why I find everyone’s comments so amusing, and figure that some of you are right, it’s just a bunch of kids who don’t have anything better to do. And if it is half gone in 10 years? So what. If Jude wanted to do something about it, he would, but obviously he doesn’t give a shit.

    And yes, it’s cut short for the movie…he said so on TV the other night.

  • Daphne

    He cropped his hair for the movie. The hairline is natural. It’s been that way since AI (2001). You can see it clearly in photos from 2001 and also in a 2001 video interview with Charlie Rose where Jude had his head shaved. He does have a receding hairline but it’s been the same at least since 2001.

    I miss his curls, but he’s got to do what the role requires.

  • sheryl

    I miss his longer hair, too, and I’d guess he’ll grow it back when the movie is done shooting.

  • Mery

    Jude Law has been cleared of assaulting a photographer in September.

    “Jude Law allegedly attacked a photographer outside his London home” report all the media. Now I don’t read nothing.

    Jude is beautiful. His bones are perfects. More or less hair don’t change this.

  • selwyse

    I could give a rat’s ass about his hair; Jude’s face has always been the moneymaker! He’s gonna be like Paul Newman and stay gorgeous well into his old age. All these haters, I bet they’d melt if they ever saw him in real life.

  • al

    he is getting bold,but he cover it with the long hair usually.

  • Pole

    It’s amazing how many ignore the fact that he has the same hailine he’s had for a good while. He’s not going bald, he’s just doing a movie. Short hair, long hair – he looks great either way IMO. Thanks Jared :)

  • black

    Well….it´s just the way it is……if his hair is receeding- so be it!

    I actually think it´s cool that he doesn´t seem to care anymore.

    But if he had full hair again it would make him look ten years younger .

  • Regina

    I really don’t like the hair. He’s best hair was when he did ‘Alfie’. I think it’s for the role, though.

  • haruhi suzumiya

    He looks a bit like Putin

  • sheryl

    #42, you are absolutely right!

  • fug


  • +++

    This film look like another bomb for Jude Law. Did he ahve a box office hit before ?