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Kate Bosworth is a Pampering Princess

Kate Bosworth is a Pampering Princess

Kate Bosworth goes for a day of pampering in West Hollywood on Saturday.

The Superman Returns star got another gets another a mani-pedi at Planet Nails, leaving the salon with cotton pads between her toes for the perfect pedicure.

Late in the day, Kate, 24, visited the global private members’ club and luxury concierge service, Quintessentially. Here’s what Ms. Bosworth indulges in daily:

“Quintessentially’s main aim is to satisfy any last-minute requests, from front row seats at fashion shows and spur of the moment chartered yachts, to impossible-to-book theatre tickets or dinner reservations. The benefits of a Quintessentially membership are endless: members receive automatic access and exclusive privileges at the finest gyms, spas, restaurants and nightclubs around the globe. Our travel department is also a fountain of globe-trotting knowledge. They have the best hotels, villas and even private islands at their fingertips and often with money-saving discounts.”

Typical yearly membership runs around $4,000/year. Chump change!

10+ pictures inside of pampering princess Kate Bosworth

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Photos: Louise Barnsley/Matt Symons/, National Photo Group
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  • Natalie

    Eat a sandwich

  • Anon

    She’s been looking a lot better the last few months (she has her boobs back!) but she’s starting to go off to the skinny side a bit here. Well hopefully she’ll get back on track soon. But for the most part she been looking great imo.

  • gena

    She looks horrible!

  • Emily

    I think she should go eat four Big Macs. WEll, she has boobs!

  • funny

    yes I agree gena,what happens to her?she looks horrible not because she is skinny,I don`t care about that part but her face!!!what happened to it???

  • gaby

    i think she looks good, not the face though
    fat isnt beautiful, and she looks good thin

  • wellah

    Eating Disorder is still in effect. She looks bad.

  • eeeewwwww

    look at her neck…she is going back to the way she was last time this year.

    wonder what is going on with her we havent seen the new boy toy in a couple of weeks. maybe they broke up and she is doing the same thing she did with orlando.

    this is the realkate here-dont be fooled by the glamor shots. anyone looks half way decent with 2 hours of professional makeup.

  • Anon

    she’s just not allowed a bad day huh? She look fine in all the other recent candids!

  • sally

    Is it just me or is she losing her looks. She used to be so butiful at one stage. Shes looking used up and emaciated these days.A few pounds would do her real good.

  • hmmmm….

    I like the fact that both her eyes are a different color. It makes her look more interesting.dont ya think???

  • Sinnie

    She is thin!!!!!

  • #11 hey

    No I don’t. She’s Still bland and needs a meal or 2.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]

    cute outfit

  • yukamunga

    its not a bad day its just that this is what she looks like without pofessional makeup. Much older looking for a 24 year old.

    this is kate. anything else is makeup and a paid stylist.Fine if that is what she wants but she is not a natural beauty and I wish people would stop trying to sell her as such.

    thats just the face.what about the body? are you a guy anon? can you tell me that body is ‘hot’ or ‘sexy’. Bones showing and all?

    fine for a ‘normal’ girl at the mall but not someone who they are trying to sell as some super hot glamour fashion icon and serious actress. Just an average chic at the mall.

  • cori

    Not pretty at all, a lot of my girlfriends, who are no movie stars, look better than she does. She’s not even that talented as an actress and still gets payed millions of dollars. Craziness!

  • Kate loves the pap man

    just wondering -since it is common knowledge our little ano friend kate is known for setting up the pap pictures-I have to ask if this was a deal for advertising in exchange for a memebership. Notice how she is carrying the bag just so? and holding the bottle of product as she is walking out?

    Isn’t she the one who has been spotted wearing Target dresses twice now? I don’t think she makes that much that 4k is nothing to her right now. Must be a reason-I doubt the paps were at that random place for nothing.

    after the pics of her in Hawaii posing with the pap man who took her picture to make it look like they just happen to catch her on vacation I will look at everything this girl does as suspect.

  • ?

    can you post that picture of kate and the pap man?

  • Kate loves the pap man

    try here and (page 452) and scroll down to almost the end a post by ‘babyjane’. at the bottom of that there is a picture of her with jean shorts and a bikini top.

    then do a seach on this site for all the pics of kate when she was at the beach in hawaii this summer. They were set up pictues to make it look like they caught her on vacation but it was PR to show she was ‘back in the game’ with a new and improved body.

    if that link does not come up go to dlisted and on the right side where the list of names and sections are click on ‘then and now’ and an article about kate should come up right away. A post in there has the links to the above picture as well as the other pictures from the same day were it was set to just look like fun at the beach with her boyfriend.

  • Kate loves the pap man

    I’m having a hard time with the link right now but go to dlisted and look to the right and click on the section ‘then and now’.An article about kate should come up first. Under the comments there should be the links for the picture you asked for as well as the other pics from this site where it was just made to look like she was on a vacation with her bf and she was ‘caught’ by the paps but really it was a pr stunt to show off her new and improved body.

    if you go to fashion spot it was on page 452 towards the bottom.

  • yes i can

    I’m having a hard time with the link right now but go to dlisted and look to the right and click on the section ‘then and now’.An article about kate should come up first. Under the comments there should be the links for the picture you asked for as well as the other pics from this site where it was just made to look like she was on a vacation with her bf and she was ‘caught’ by the paps but really it was a pr stunt to show off her new and improved body.



  • fat guy in a little coat

    More proof that being worked on by a glam squad for a few hours can make ANYONE attractive.

  • xoxo

    Wow this is scary. She is actually a good actress but she’s killing herself starving.

  • CJ

    You know – some people can just be thin!!! She was never a big girl and when you eat well and exercise (which everyone should do to maintain general health) you’re not exactly going to be a fatty. i think she looks fine…..she doesn’t have protruding hipbones or ribs! get over it. not everyone has to be an obese american fatty!

  • eeeewwwww

    You can look at teh bones showing in her chest area and call that healthy?
    Please tell me you aren’t an ‘thinspirtation’ girl.
    There ARE bones showing-dont deny it.

  • CJ

    oh please I am certainly not a “thinspiration” girl. If you have boobs there is no way you can be starving yourself. it’s ridiculous. i have never seen an anorexic with a rack.

  • fat guy in a little coat


    No one hires her because she’s a talentless hack. It’s the starvation that keeps her from fading completely into obscurity. Getting healthy so Orlando would take the blame for her downward spiral went over like a fart in church, so she’s falling back on a sure thing. Who or what will be blamed this time?

  • fat guy in a little coat

    “i have never seen an anorexic with a rack.”

    Ever heard of a boob job? You’re not helping her by making excuses for her.

  • eeeewwwww

    you didnt answer about seeing the bones in her chest area
    are you telling me you think that looks healthy?

  • CJ

    fat guy in a little coat – if she’s had a boob job then she would be asking for her money back!! she clearly has not had a boob job! And I certainly am not making excuses for her – I couldn’t really give a toss if she did happen to be anorexic and be a skeleton. I just really think it’s average that people always presume that someone who is thin must have a problem! it’s ridiculous.

    and for the record I am not “thin”!

  • CJ

    eeeeewww – i agree totally that yes you can see her bone in her chest but i really don’t think that makes her have a weight problem. i genuinely don’t think she looks unhealthy at all. she’s got muscle on her shoulders and she’s got boobs so she not emaciated at all. it’s just my opinion…..

  • DUDE


  • KCq

    Well all that “Kate Gains Weight Looks Great” talk is over. She starting to look like a walking skeleton again. Did she breakup with another boyfriend?

  • [~Famous~]


  • oooba dooba

    She needs to wear some make-up when she goes out – at least some mascara and some lip color. Her features are too pale and washed out to go without any color. The outfit is not attractive on her. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be attractive on anyone. Since when did Japanese paper lantern lampshades become fashionably chic? She also doesn’t look as though she works out regularly, contrary to what the tabloids say about her having a workout routine. She needs to get back into shape with some jogging, walking, swimming, weight lifting, or something. Too much up and down with the body weight can leave muscles sagging. The bags under her eyes aren’t doing her any favors, either. Well, she’s probably upset about her stylist, Cher Coulter, being out of commission for a while due to the recent car accident with her ex. Not having one’s stylist at one’ beck-and-call can be worse than breaking a finger nail, you know.

  • CJ

    she got had beauty treatments and a facial – so i don’t think wearing mascara and lip gloss was really on the cards.

  • PRETTY-on-the-outside


  • eeeewwwww you mean this AFTER the beauty treatment???


  • Kitty Kat

    Kate needs to go skirt shopping STAT!

  • celery gloss

    wow, that’s an ugly looking skirt.

  • kae

    Okay, for those of you who think that Kate is naturally this thin. Did you see Blue Crush??? She is absolutely gorgeous in that movie and had about 20 more pounds on her frame at the time.

    I think that Kate resorted to what all these young actresses resort to, smoking and anorexia to lose as much weight as possible. I don’t think she looks healthy. I never see a sparkle in her eyes anymore. She was such a beautiful girl!

  • broken toe

    Can someone tell me why this girl is even on the gossip sites or followed by the paps? What has she done? One movie, minor bits in others and she dated OB. BFD. Besides questionable talent she’s not even interesting. Make her go away.

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    What’s all this: If she has boobs she’s not an anorexic – talk?
    Maybe she had a boob job..MAYBE the boobs aren’t even real?

  • Iris

    I wish everyone would stop labelling skinny people as anorexic. I have a very similar body to Kate and I eat more than any of my friends and family. I have been this way all my life and it’s always been very hard for me to put on weight. It is very hurtful when people say that you are not a ‘real woman’ because you do not have curves.

  • me

    Quintessentially is a British company & the proper A list annual membership is £25,000 or $50,000

    The $4000 membership is really basic.

  • cori

    Iris, i’m also as thin as Kate, but i have been this thin since i was a kid (and i have normal eating habits), but she actually had curves a few years ago, she started getting really thin when she was with tiny Orlando Bloom, then when she broke up with him she gained weight again, now it looks like she’s losing it again.
    I still think her looks and talent are overrated and to think that she still gets paid millions for her “jobs” irritates me!

  • my opinion


    there is a difference between ‘real’ women and those that that press are trying to sell to us a starlets. If you don’t have what it takes -then you don’t have it. They should stop trying to make her something she isn’t-some kind of bombshell or fashion icon.It is truely laughable.

    She is fine for some average chick you see walking down the street-but she is not a beauty queen and the more her PR people try and sell her as such the more people will make these kind of comments.They need to give up that ‘next Grace Kelly” fantasy -it isn’t going to happen. She does not have the whole package-actually I can’t even see that she has any of the package

  • lol

    broken toe

    forgive my ignorance, but what does BFD stand for?

    Also, she needs to burn her outfit – along with most of her wardrobe…stick them in an incinerator with a load of hospital waste…recycling them would just be mean!

    Rough face, hasn’t looked super pretty since 2000 – even then she looked unbelievably blah.

  • Regina

    She’s so boring and she makes Keira Knightley look like Kate Winslet (not as if that’s a bad thing!).