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Heidi & Spencer's Perfect Polo Match

Heidi & Spencer's Perfect Polo Match

Polo princess Heidi Montag and fiance Spencer Pratt spend the afternoon supporting his friend during a polo match on Sunday in Santa Barbara, Calif.

Spencer had taken Heidi to the Santa Barbara Polo Club to watch his friend J.W. Hall compete in the Wickenden Cup. Heidi was not spotted stomping any divots in her Yves Saint Laurent Tribute platforms!

Come on, you just gotta laugh!!!! These pictures are so funny!!! Viva Speidi!!!

15+ pictures inside of Heidi and Spencer working the cameras at a polo match

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# 1

While it is funny to laugh at these idiots, I think it would be even funnier NOT to give them the attention they are seeking. That would be funny.

# 2

Just noticed that Heidi looks a lot like the horse she is next to, as does Spencer with his big teeth. Oh, now I see the humor in these pictures!!!

# 3


# 4

this couple is sad and soooo fake, they are pathetic…i think jared should not put pictures up of them, it only encourages them

# 5

Hold on, why are no other people there? Ugh, another photo op? Pathetic.

# 6
Two buck chuck @ 10/15/2007 at 10:33 am

Looks like some sh*tty remake of Pretty Woman. With Mr. Ed playing the role of Vivian and Skeezy McSleaze playing the part of Edward.

Straight to video.

# 7

these two really really really suck at life!

# 8

I have had enough of these two. They are so irrogant and ignorant! They need to live on their own planet!

# 9

Now this is something to laugh about::::

Trouble in paradise for The Hills’ Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. She just found out that her boyfriend Spencer ‘s been pocketing a lot of money – at HER expense. Heidi has been aware that for the last six months Spencer’s been tipping off paparazzi when they’re going someplace special. She figured it was good PR for their TV show. But recently she inadvertently learned that Spencer has been splitting the profits with the photographers. When the exclusive pictures sell, HE gets half the money. He’s probably made close to $100,000 from one Hollywood photo agency and he never gave Heidi a dime! She’s NOT happy.

What douchebags!

Will you please stop posting pictures of these talent-less nobodyz! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

These pictures are so fake its not even funny, you can tell that they are all posed.

Ewww ……….. heidi se merece un mejor NOVIO =S !!!!


Lovely couple Heidi and Spence @ 10/15/2007 at 11:00 am

Such a lovely couple.
Their Representing USA and European Countries and all Countries Abroad.
Starting to really really LIKE THEM. Just Lovely!

just jared, nothing against you but can we have a new post, dont care what as long as not them, i would love a zac, vanessa, or zanessa post, but really anything. seeing them right when i click on your page makes me want to throw up!

#14, you forgot to add such as the Iraq and the South Africa.

Don’t know who they are and don’t much care to find out, but for some reason they just really really annoy me!

Heidi’s hair is a beautiful color. Spencers golden curls are nice. Their da bomb. ITA. num 14. I find them interesting too.

Have U heard Heidi’s new music. It’s a hit. Later.
Thanks JJ luv to hear news on this young duo.


The guy is really ugly!!!! Yuck!!!!

I agree, seems like a photoshoot. What a couple of pathetic c unts.

If everyone thought the rumors Spencer started about Lauren were bad just wait and see how bad Spencer trashes Heidi when he dumps her.

He is ugly and she is uglier. A couple of famewhores. Pathetic.

please please for the love of god Jared please stop with these two they just make me furious and once i see them on here it makes me not want to come back to the site just because i hate them so much and dont want to even look at the photos

i say we start a pettition to stop pictures of them being shown on this website they are pathetic

What!! does she think she is royalty with that hat on..they need to get a life!

Sanjuanpuma @ 10/15/2007 at 11:40 am

Oh! Sigh…..Those F@cktard’s again!

WTF, why are they trying to pretend that they are royalty or something? Losers.

hey jared don’t post about these that looks like they are posing for a magazine.. post about vanessa , zac or zanessa….. please jared!!!

You don’t get anymore phonier than that. Their relationship is a sham.

Jared don’t stop posting about them, I love seeing these sort of photos, makes me really laugh about how pathetic they are.
Some people (myself included) don’t want to read about zac or vanessa so i don’t look at their article, if you don’t like looking or reading about these two, scroll down the page!!!

I agree with all of you who are tired of seeing pictures of Heidi and Spencer. Honestly, seeing them is enough to turn me away from the site; I hate knowing that by viewing the site I’m helping them make even more money that they don’t deserve. NOBODY cares about these people … people need to stop showing them interest and supporting their ways.

oh my lord, these two are just too funny!

I see she has the ring on again! These two are pathetic!

where does she get the money to buy all those expensive designer clothes. What does Spenser Do for a living?? How can he afford a BMW M6??

Oh to actually be able to use a polo mallot on thoses two boobs! That would be the ultimate stress relief.. wack a Speidi!!!

I F***** dislike them both!!!!they are ridiculous!!! seriously, spencer looks like the horse in the picture….hahahahahahah…trying to pretend they are royalty?? I don’t think so losers!!! They are both sooOO Ugly…Ew!!

combustion8 @ 10/15/2007 at 1:15 pm

Look! its mr. Ed and wicket the ewok… what douchebags.

They are total posers. I read somewhere that the show is fake. They filmed Heidi’s tearful goodbye to Spencer at LAX and then 5 minutes later filmed her wearing a different top running back to his arms like she was returning. What a sham!! I agree it is Mr. and Mrs. Douchebag Mcdoucherton

Please stop posting these losers! I don’t love to hate them…I just hate them!

They’re both so ridiculous and fake. Keep posting on them. It’s fun..downright sport to watch them get smashed to bits by their haters and detractors. They are both hollywood bottomfeeders.

Do they really think they’re fooling anybody with these “candid” photo shoots? They are so pathetic. It’s so obvious that these photos are planned.

they are so stupid….they’ve gotta know noone likes them

SwedishGirl @ 10/15/2007 at 1:57 pm

I’m with Tatum and everyone else who is sick of seeing these two plastered all over this site. It’s about enough to make me go to Perez’s site instead, and I HATE Perez’s site.

wow, their poses are more obvious than Kate Middletons. impressive

they probably rented the car before they came and will return it on their way home…

as annoying is there are im actually happy when there is post about them bc its fun to laugh at them.

Nooooooooooooo! Make them go away!!!!!

I have no words I’m literally speechless. Oh wait yes I do this is the most pathetic attempt at fame I have ever seen and the worst thing about it is it’s totally working!!!

no one cares bout this two

Why do they always always always come to Santa Barbara every weekend for their “vacations”? Technically, I don’t think you can call it a vacation if you don’t work and aren’t actually taking a break from anything other than their already leisurely lives. Please stay out of my town. None of us want you here. It makes us all look bad.

why are they dressed from a decade ago? Men with pleats in their pants! Houndstooth, that hat! Blonde hot ironed hair! I love this site when it shows current trends and people with character but they are famewhores and even making fun of them still means we have to look at their stupid antics………petition a ban on these wankers.

p.s. LUV how hard these two are trying to appear classy and cultured. Nice try at the PR save, but we’ve all heard horrible words like “beef curtains” come out of your silver spoon-fed mouths and money can’t buy you class. Ask Britney Spears or Paris Hilton, the latter of which is still, sadly, a more legitimate celebrity than those two combined.

They’re sucky people! Friggin’ hate theem.

Rachel Nguyen @ 10/15/2007 at 3:00 pm

They have the paps on speedial.

i dont understand this stuff at all….if you’re going to pay someone to take pictures, you should make itlook natural not posed. Stupid.

the only thing i like about these two is spencer’s car. it’s freaking nice!!!!!! i’ll probably date him just for the car, ok maybe not.

why would they even go out on public they should stay between the cameras just doinng what are they faking .i HATEEEEEEEEEEEEE THEEEEEEEEEEEM.

another question, why isn’t anyone else there??? noone is sitting in the stands…and no background people.

Hey ya’ll Spencer gotta make his money somehow, and these fake photos shoots are his bread and butter.Let the man earn a living in peace lol

Trouble in paradise for The Hills’ Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt. She just found out that her boyfriend Spencer ’s been pocketing a lot of money – at HER expense. Heidi has been aware that for the last six months Spencer’s been tipping off paparazzi when they’re going someplace special. She figured it was good PR for their TV show. But recently she inadvertently learned that Spencer has been splitting the profits with the photographers. When the exclusive pictures sell, HE gets half the money. He’s probably made close to $100,000 from one Hollywood photo agency and he never gave Heidi a dime! She’s NOT happy.

mOANA LISA @ 10/15/2007 at 3:26 pm

Oh Jared, why do you even bother? At least the ironic reference to “Pretty Woman” didn’t escape you either. A ***** is a ***** is a *****.

mandyrila @ 10/15/2007 at 3:46 pm

this two are more than pathetic pls jared stop posting pics of this to wannabes

thats so sad and pathetic!

Dude, I don’t even know. There’s something wrong with these people


bahahhahhahahahahaha! They look SO FAKE and POSEY! I wonder if they even realize that they’re not even coming off as real and genuine!! Their bodies look so stiff and placed…

Don’t know them, but they look cute.

so f*cking pathetic… its sad really

ok heidi is jus supid and spencer is using her for fame

It’s like they’re playing dress up or something

Okay, does anyone else see Howard K Stern/Anna Nicole WANNA-BE’S when you look at them?

AND check out Spencers pants and shoes. If he has money, he’d be dressed properly not in some kind of Goodwill handme downs.

LOSERS ! Look at her with the hat. She’s a dickhead ! Seriously… get a life Heidi

Alexandria @ 10/15/2007 at 6:37 pm

God. Can all of their “out and about” photos be ANYMORE STAGED? It’s absolutely ridiculous. I am so sick of these two.


I am surprised there is not one of him yelling at her for sitting on his car. There is one of Prince Charles yelling at Diana for sitting on his car. I wonder if these two goofs knew about that photo, they would have done the same. Posed of course.

too funny..

these efftards are hilarious!! just b/c he bears a slight resemblance to prince harry (had he been born ‘special’) does not mean they should hang around horses and act like they know how to spell ‘kensington’!

WHY ARE THEY SO POSEY????????????? ITS PISSING ME OFF. if they want professional pictures they should go somewhere else, not smile for the paparazzi. im really trying to figure out what they’re up to, because i honestly think that either their relationship is fake or something.

LOOK! It’s the photo shoot for the Sears Christmas catalog! Or is it JCPenny ?
Either one. These posers are LOW class.

They look pretty nice to me. The young lady is very pretty.

MMM took the words right outta my mouth!! ;D

How can you not think of horse when you see that Heidi horse?

Was she performing a horsey trot at the event?

These two need to go away….now.

Heidi is sweet. I heard her on the radio. Smart too.

Spencer has a good heart.

Hahhaha… Heidi deserves this loser if she keeps staying with him. He is not good for her and she’s STUPID for staying with him. So these two losers deserve each other…
He just want all the fame and money… And she’s a dumb blonde for real!!

Spencer loks rather “HAPPPY” in picture #3 where he is standing RIGHT NEXT to the jockey and Heidi is WAAAAYYYY over on the other side if the horse.

You can’t see Spencers right hand in that picture.
hhmmmmmm Wonder where it could be????

do people who post nice comment being sarcastic??

Every time I see them I wonder if they’re shooting an ad for a dentist or something like that, they have the same big teeth!

What’s with this hating. Awesome couple, she has a nice singing voice. She’s cute.

i think this is pretty funny, every time we see them, it’s like they have paid paparazzis to make their own photoshoot.
funny like i said…

God, I’m so aching to shotgun their faces…

I think they look great. They should do a show 2gether. Camera’s following them around, then do the wedding. Like Nick and Jessica’s ‘Newlyweds’. I’d watch.

he is wearing skater shoes to a polo match! that is a horrible fashion no no!

and they look so fake like they are posing for a magazine or gap ad!

WOW, You think with all of the money that spencer is supposed to have He would have worn much nicer shoes to a Polo Match. Say like some Gucci or Dolce & Gabbana loafers? And why are theese two famous? They can’t act or anything for that matter. They are a few steps lower then Paris Hilton another one who is famous for who knows what.

I happened to be channel surfing and just found out who these two dumb bottled blondes are. Hedi is from Crested Butte Colorado, they had shown Her and Spencer going to visit Her family and she lives in a house the size of my walk-in closet? I am from Colorado and attend many Polo matches myself and would not be caught dead in His outfit and besides they would not let you in the Polo Club dressed like that and we are not Beverly Hills? We do have dress codes at our Country/Plo Clubs.
Specer let loose and go spend at least $600.00 of your girlfriends money for some real shoes if you are going to be attending a Polo match!

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