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Jake Gyllenhaal @ Letterman

Jake Gyllenhaal @ Letterman

Jake Gyllenhaal hypes up his new film Rendition at the The Late Show with David Letterman taped at NYC’s Ed Sullivan Theatre on Monday.

Tuesday, Jake will hit up The Today Show, Live With Regis & Kelly! and Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

Watch Jake‘s appearance on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross from this past weekend here and here. Watch Jake on Letterman below!

Jake Gooberballs!!!!!

Jake GyllenhaalThe Late Show with David Letterman, 10/15

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  • mmmkkkk

    what the hell has happened to him..he is starting to look like a douch bag!

  •;article=104104;title=Civilized%20Personal%20Discussion Spirit

    I will always love you Jake Gyllenhaal!!! :-)

  • Anon

    He has to wear a beard in his next movie, called Brothers. He is co-starring with Natalie Portman and Toby Maguire. I don’t mind scruffy Jake, but I don’t like this beard at all. I saw his pictures in October Interview Magazine and he is gorgeous. Beautiful. Hot. Yeah.

  • Just me…

    He’s sexy!!!!

  • whatever

    The perfect guy for the caveman Show… he needs to shave seriously

  • why!

    YUCK!!! Couldn’t we get a trim for interviews ICKY!!!

  •;article=104104;title=Civilized%20Personal%20Discussion Spirit

    LMAO!!! You know I’ve been to so many threads on this site and every time a celeb has bushy eyebrows, a beard, or a hairy snatch, So many of you insist that they get it cut, trimmed, tweezed and shaved… What is this obsession with being hairless….. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*****can’t stop laughing**********

  • MS

    The beard is for his new movie Brothers, so no he can’t shave it off yet. Jeez.

    mmmkkkk, you sound like a douche bag and Famous we know you are a a hairy gay douche.

    He looks great in the suit. Love Jake with scruff or not.



  • passingby

    boring interview and no personal questions asked.
    Dave seems lame tonight and so are the quests. Jake was boring and so was Dave.

  • Sebastian

    sexiest man or earth! yeah!

  • sigepa

    yah… he looks hottier with this hairy face..i love it!!!

  • Anon

    Why are ppl making such a deal about his beard. I’d be more interested in how it feels not how it looks! LOLOL!!!!

  • Jane

    his cute face cover wit hair!!!! SAVE THE FACE

  • justine

    I am so gald that he has a good mood.
    Make him very hot and beautiful!

  • dani

    Jeez guys, the beard is for his new movie, that’s why he can’t shave it yet! Jake was very self-confident in this interview, very grown up! I like it, but the Jonathan Ross interview was funnier!

  • Jake is gorge

    Beard or not, I would let him shag me rotten!!!!

  • Julianne

    Very entertaining interview. It was alot funnier than James Spader on Jay Leno and I like them both.

    This guy is really funny when he tells the story of the lady calling him Jake Gooberballs.

  • H

    Even with that ugly beard Jake looks hot and his personality makes him even hotter

  • Mel

    Thanks Jonathan Ross!

    I didn’t believe Jake is dating Reese, so it’s nice to hear Jake saying he’s single for the ladies ;)

  • Chelsey

    I dont know if I believe him when he says he is single. I want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but yah know, Hollywood and so many actors lie to cover their personal lives up and then later on the truth comes out. There have been so many rumours of him and Reese together and the latest is that he was spending alot of time at her house with his sister Maggie and Peter Sarsgard. Even so much as one web site to say that they are all planning a trip to Hawaii over Thanksgiving. So it sure doesn’t sound like he is single, does it??

  • Gail

    Jake is totally gorgeous with or without the beard. But I miss playing connect the moles on his beautiful face.

  • karina

    Jake is gorgeous…no matter what other people think;p Luv ya Jake!

  • Anon

    Chelsey I agree with you, from a UK radio interview.

    “Harriet: I’m not sure I want to talk about Reese Witherspoon
    Jamie: Now you’re getting jealous
    Harriet: Oh come on, I don’t know if they’re together or not!
    Jamie: She’s taller than you
    Harriet: Are you together?
    Jake: What?
    Harriet: You and Reese?
    Jake: It’s all about you and me right now… Rendition is out on Friday, can you smell that?”

  • Hal

    Rather lame interview, I admit. He had to say something so he told about a drunk woman in his hotel in London. (Drunks are everywhere in besotted England these days). His imitation of her was a bit awkward, I thought, and the story only mildly funny. The punch line of her calling him Jake Gooberballs fell a bit flat. Very little discussion of Rendition. He doesn’t seem gay at all, but at the same time he has become rather sexless. What he does for “fun” is a big mystery.

  • Hal

    He said as I recall that he was “single” for the ladies, but not for the band, the members of which are called “poofs.” Is one reading too much into this to conclude that he means to say that he is not now dating a girl but that he already has a boy friend (hence not available to “poofs”)? Hmmmmmm……

  • sonia

    He arrived in suite and go away with other clothes.

    anyway, Jake is absolutely hot! I love him! The best thing of America.

  • What

    Hal, Jake doesn’t owe any explanations on how he has “fun”.

    I thought the interview was fun. Jake was charming and funny and looked great. Can’t wait to see Rendition!

  • H

    maybe Reese and Jake are just friends with benefits?

  • melinda

    friends with benefits, with Reese, what a repulsive thought.

  • Annie

    They are definitely seeing eachother. If they weren’t, he’d just say NO when someone asks him. And whether or not the paps get pics of them together…they are definitely dating.

    I love how people back up the belief that jake and reese aren’t seeing eachother by the fact that they barely spoke and stood way far away from eachother at the toronto film festival.

    Don’t they remember Angelina and Brad ignoring the hell out of eachother at every Mr. and Mrs. Smith event?

  • brook

    Jake says on Conan last night he is off to Rome after his interviews, I just saw on a web site that Reese was at the airport in LA flying out. Word is she is headed to the Rome Film Festival. So that means Jake & Reese will be there together. And away from the American paparazzti. By the way, I think her son Deacon has a birthday this week. I cannot believe the good mother that she is, would fly to Rome to be with Jake instead of being home with her son for his birthday!!!! That just goes to show you who she really is.

  • Hal

    I used to think he was not gay, but I now think he could be bi. One reason is that at age 26 he is not married. In itself this may well be meaningless; some guys wait even longer to get married. BUT, his best pal Chris Fischer, about his age, is also single. A bit unusual that both would be unmarried at 26 unless, perhaps, something was going on between them. Just a thought. I have no inside knowledge.

  • Anon

    Do you know many 26 year old males that are married??. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever read.

  • Hal

    I think the majority of males are married at 26. Maybe you know only “confirmed bachelors”. LOL.

    By the way JJ is way behind the ball. Jake can be seen on Jon Stewart calling Meryl Streep a bitch, a “hot bitch.” He obviously hates women, real women. LOL

  • Hal

    I just checked and for the period 2000-2003 the median age for males to marry is 26.7 years. In other words, half are married at that age and half are not. If Jake doesn’t get married soon, or his pal doesn’t, something seems strange there. But be naive if you wish. Fine with me.

  • Hal

    Another little thing about Jake that is far more important than his sexuality. I saw him talk about the movie Rendition that he has done. He seemed hesitant to denounce the practice of rendition and the torture it involves. I was amazed that he seemed unable to come out and flatly denounce it. The only explanation I could come up with is that he is worried some fascist reactionaries in the USA who support rendition might not see the movie or might even denounce it and him if he did. Better play it safe and waffle on the subject. For me this makes him a moral coward.

  • Autumn

    I heard Rendition was not a good movie and that some of the critics walked out in the middle of it. There are many other movies coming out this weekend and I think I’ll go see something else that strikes my francy. Rendition will be out on DVD and cable before ya know it.

  • What

    Hal, you seem to be making some rather harsh judgements on Jake. There are plenty of men both straight and gay who were and are not married at 26. That is no indicater of sexuality at all. Don’t kow why you need to put some group rule on something that is very individual? So what if he is gay, straight or bi, he is a great actor and that is all he owes the public. Also, Jake was joking about Meryl and clearly thinks she is a great actress and person. Really doesn’t seem like he hates (real) women. Also, yo u should watch this video and see that he gives a very clear answer about his feelings on torture (thinks its wrong) and Rendition,,30200-1288318,.html. There are other interviews like that. That is not a moral coward. Considering how people take sound bites and make snap judgements I can understand why Jake has been cautious on what he says. His comments have been edited and judged so bravo to him on giving any opinion when he has every right to not say anything.

    Autumn, I have seen Rendition and it is a very good movie. Despite some bad reviews it has gotten quite a few good ones. Personally, I would rather decide for myself if I like a movie or not. If I based my movie choices on the judgements of critics I would have not seen a ton of movies that I ended up loving. Best to make your own mind up and not base it just on others opinions.

  • Hal

    Hey let’s bash Jake a bit more for the fun of it. I have begun to wonder if his liaison with Dunst might not have been a case of two gays bearding each other. And when their purpose was served they split. How’s that for bashing poor Jakeypoop? PS He better get married pronto and have some kids if he wants to stop the gossip. Just my opinion, of course.

  • Hal

    Poor Jakeypoop. Now Witherspoon says they are ‘just friends’. He needs to learn how to get a gal into bed. But it’s awfully late to start. LOL.

  • What

    Hal, WTF is wrong with you? You are scary.

  • Hal


  • I’mi

    eh Hal your a freak.

  • TT