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Jennifer Aniston - "Harper's Bazaar" November 2007

Jennifer Aniston -

Jennifer Aniston is featured in the November 2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar! Pictured is the subscribers cover, newsstand cover pictured here.

She shares about possibly moving to New York City and wanting to be Oprah! Here are some highlights from the issue, which hits newsstands October 23:

On how she would like this story to begin: “I’m ba-ack.”

On her previous movie roles as a checkout chick in The Good Girl and a broke, pot-smoking maid in Friends with Money: “I like those roles. I feel comfortable with them. They’re more real. People can say, ‘Oh, I have relatives like that, I dated a guy like that, or I have a friend like that.’ They’re relatable.”

On what the public says about her: “I used to care a hell of a lot more about what people said or thought. But that had to change when my life was under a microscope being scrutinized and my personal life was being talked about. You have to go, ‘This is not acceptable in any way,’ whether it’s about me personally or in business, success versus failure. It’s so negative. It’s such bizarre negativity.”

On living a day as someone else: “I would love to be Oprah – for just one day.”

If she worked in the government: “I’d be a spy. A very glamorous spy who plays poker and lives in Monaco. And has affairs with Daniel Craig.”

On a possible move to New York: “I can actually visualize it again, for some reason. I don’t know, I’m just tired of Los Angeles. In New York, you’re not just in that same car, looking at that same dashboard, driving down the same street.”

On walking 40 blocks in New York and nobody noticing her: “If you can get away from the paparazzi and they don’t know where you are, you can actually walk, walk, walk.”

On critiques of her box-office performance: “I’ve read things that said I wasn’t successful at the box office or that my big hit was The Break-Up. But I said, ‘Wait a minute. There was Along Came Polly, which did really well, and Bruce Almighty was a pretty big movie.’ But they’ll single out Derailed or Rumor Has It, movies that didn’t do well, in order to support their agenda.”

On Friends: “I don’t think anybody thought Friends would become what it did. It’s all good, though. It’s nothing but blessings. But seriously, who actually dances in a fountain?”

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  • take care

    i think of you Norman
    merry Christmas
    kiss to Dolly

  • mork

    Jen got Brad on the rebound from Gwyneth(it’s true) then Jen totally re-worked, re-did herself into a Gwyneth clone,she re-created Gwyneths long hairstyle(because up to meeting Brad, Jen was wearing it much shorter in the Rachell-look) and she became Gwyneth-blonde, then Jen started dropping poundage, she lost 30 pounds very quickly to look like what she THOUGHT BRAD WANTED, a blonde, thin,long haired goddess look, but everyone knew Jen was NEVER quite enough to pull a Brad Pitt. But all those housewives, mother’s,plain janes, girls-next-door, across the world fell in love with them, because here was this other-worldly Handsome guy, with this pretty-but on the plain side, re-worked girl next door. I think Brad did love her, but she wasn’t his soulmate. He walked in and met Angelina and it was fireworks, she had beauty to Equal his, she had brains, she was adventurous,she had an Oscar, she had a extremely successful Film career and she had adopted a child, she was learning how to fly planes, she was exploring the world, she was a UN Ambassador, she was going to Washington to speak to Congressmen, Senators. Then there was Jennifer his wife, America’s sweetheart, flying to her movie sets to build her movie career, entrenched in the Hollywood machine,trying to get her film career going, not wanting children at the time, hoping for good scripts and worrying about her weight,her hair highlights,she was part of the golden couple,she probably never thought Brad would want out, they had everything, the world thought. He called her golden, but then a Goddess named Angelina walked into Brad’s life, and it was obvious, THEY were meant to be, she was his soulmate. The Tomb Raider and Troy ,They were meant to be together.

    So true ………..

    I agree with whomever said Jen has a lot of catching up to do, but the problem is she’s approaching 40, she needs to think like those golden day Hollywood stars and marry a Powerful, High Profile Movie Star or Director, in other words she needs to marry and A-LIST Hollywood,Respected person with clout. The problem is she is still treating herself like a 20something, poor lady. You know it was earth shattering for hr to lose Brad to the beautiful and exotic Angelina Jolie when Jen did every plastic surgery trick she could to look like America’s Blonde Blue eyed sweetheart.
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA……..Jen go find a hot movie star dude and marry.

  • soap

    She’s awful, huh, mork. I for one Hate this SOB

  • I am nice

    I wish Jennifer well.

  • hmmmm

    happy @ 12/14/2007 at 1:24 pm

    So why did Jennifer proclaim that she is ‘baaaack” in the harpers interview. Does she have a movie to promote?

    As for covering her face – hmmmm don’t get me started on this topic!!


    If you look at Jen’s previous pictures, you’ll notice she had this ( ) around her mouth. However, on this pic, that ( ) is not prominent. Why?

    BOTOX !!!!

  • no jen fan

    i wish aniston well after her 2 rhinoplasty in 1 year. Too bad not vince or paul wants to have her back

  • Istanbul

    She looks so cute, she has something special 8-)

  • Tijen


    Are you from Istanbul?
    I am from Ankara.

  • Joanna

    She is the best, beautiful, she has talent, she is cute, I LOVE HER

  • Julian

    She’s so shallow. So ordinary. Cute maybe but not beautiful.

  • genie

    Way overrated!

  • jjkson

    I heard a rumor that Jennifer Aniston was seeing that gorgeous Jason Lewis….Now that is perfect. He is way better looking than Brad, and she could work magic with him, her life would be back on track. Jennifer, make this work with him, and then start a small charitable something or other and put yourself back on the map with him. He is the perfect one to do it with…..figure it out girl…
    TO JASON LEWIS>>>>>> GO FOR IT ! SHe is beautiful, sweet, and rich, what more c0uld you ask for. Have babies together soon >>> your babies would be as cute as any other….
    I hope someone tells jennifer this or she reads it on her own…..ive followed your story Jen, and I still feel sick for you…ha and i dont even know you…but i can kind of relate as i think many other girls can …..
    Take this advice seriously, Im telling you this is the way to go…..he is the perfect one to recover with……xo

  • hexrex



    GOSH ANISTON FANS ARE JUST THE PATHETIC CREATURES IN THIS WORLD. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • blondie

    Someone suggested that Jennifer should marry. But, how do we know that “her money” was not the very thing that came between Jennifer and Brad, in the first place. Remember that from the moment
    that they said their “I Do’s, there was one trajedy after another, it seems. Brad always stepped up to the bat, with t.v. answering the
    phones for donations for this cause and for that cause, and can’t you just imagine him asking Jennifer to dig deep into her tightly secured pocketbook, with screaming “NOT my money!!!” Use your OWN!! Maybe that was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I don’t think that she will marry, unless she gives birth, first. (IMO)

  • blondie

    I guess what I was trying to convey, is that if Jennifer was to actually marry someone, then that someone might try to get their grubby hands on Jennifer’s hard EARNED money, and THAT would never do!!

    If she were to marry, then she might have to answer to her, then, husband, and he may turn out not to be as agreeabe as sweet Brad.

    If she were to marry, her new husband may want them to move away
    from the Arquettes….and then where would she be?

    Too many problems that we can not even list them all.

  • blondie

    Oh, the HORROR!!! What if Jennifer got married, and then Angie ran off and left poor little lonely Brad to cry all alone in his very expensive bottle of wine, with no one to talk to, and with Jennifer all married to a possesive man. What then? Married Brad. Single Jennifer. But wait a minute. Brad and Angelina are not officially married. They are just very much in love and very much devoted to each other. So, they are all single. I think that Jennifer should marry, if she falls in love. That is the deal breaker. Jen ain’t in love. Vince may love her. But does Jen love Vince? It is said that Brad has love for Jennifer. I think that he loves her in a echo sort of way, and as a remnant sort of way: like
    when you throw out your old rugs, and they set at the drive-way,
    waiting for the truck to haul them off, you might walk past and sigh
    for the rug, and wish that things could have worked out….but Damn,
    the new rug is fresher, cleaner, less worn, and the moment passes,
    and you thank your lucky stars that you did not stay stuck on stupid.

  • tess

    Who cares about you ASSessment “blondie”? I guess yourself but with a different name.

  • blondie

    Tess! Thanks for the ride, lady.
    I tried to tell a joke, and I left out a word or two in the key part,
    as usual. If I had typed the word “her” money, you might be
    laughing your pointed head off, by now. I repeat, that it was a joke.
    Ever heard of the word. (Smile.) Go out and see the movie called,
    Sweeney Todd, and imagine that I am a sweet little barber, and
    that you are my eager client! That ought to gap your mouth open
    in roaring laughter. Hold that double chin up, real nice for me.

  • bataglio

    blondie: “like when you throw out your old rugs, and they set at the drive-way, waiting for the truck to haul them off, you might walk past and sigh for the rug, and wish that things could have worked out….but Damn, the new rug is fresher, cleaner, less worn, and the moment passes, and you thank your lucky stars that you did not stay stuck on stupid.”

    …a truer, more poignant description of love gone bad has never been uttered; heck, Shakespeare could have taken notes from that. in all seriousness, though, i howled w/laughter… and i agree that it’s probably the way B feels about JA.

  • n. carson

    Angelina will dump Brad when he least expects it and he’ll be seen crying down Pacific Coast Hwy, on his way to his interview with Diana Sawyer to beg Angelina to talk to him, like her father use to do…If she’ll cut her Dad off, she’ll have no problem cutting Brad off if it suits her. Angelina is a witch and thinks only of herself.

  • drew


  • blondie

    If Jennifer becomes really pregnant, then I will have to stop
    talking about her altogether. What great event will Jennifer call
    on her good pal, Courteney for next? Jennifer’s birthday is just
    next month. Same place as last year? We shall wait and see.
    Oh, wait. Valentine’s day comes first? I have to run and check.

  • n. carson

    Brad will go to the movie set to meet Angelina on a movie she is working on in a year or so and she won’t be available, she’ll be busy in another trailer, or she went off to flying lessons. She won’t come home that night, she’ll call the nanny and have the kids brought to some posh hotel near the movie set and live there for awhile. Brad will go to the hotel with his overnight bag thinking he is welcome to stay, but Angelina will tell him she needs some ALONE time. He will whimper back home and then go again to the movie set the next day, Brad will be told Angelina is somewhere on set, but she must have stepped away for a few moments, hours will go by, no sign of Angelina. The director will tell Brad, Angelina was finished for the day and somehow they must have not informed him, she went back to the hotel. Brad will go to the hotel and a famous, hot actor will be waiting at valet service for his car as Brad parks his motorcycle. The actor will nod hello to Brad and leave as valet brings his car, as Brad walks down the hall to Angelina’s suite, a flashback comes to his mind as he remembers the actor he saw a few minutes ago waiting for his car, Brad remembers he was in that exact same place at the front of the hotel, waiting for his car a few years ago after meeting Angelina at the hotel near their movie-set, before driving home to his wife Jennifer. Brad opens the hotel suite Angelina has rented, Angelina looks up from the cup of tea she is sipping after having taken a hot bath and says Brad we have to talk. Brad knows in an instant “it’s over for he and Angelina because she has suddenly fallen for her new co-star ,the hot actor waiting for his car at valet. Angelina looks at Brad and says, I did not expect this to happen, I wasn’t looking for this , you must understand, I’ve never loved like this before. Brad sits on the bed and cries. Six months later Angeina and ————–* are the hottest couple on all the magazines. Brad is on telling pals, he and Angelina are discussing how the children will spend their vacation time with her or him and his mom.

  • jules

    n.carson, give it up. You are sounding like a loser like your sad pathetic idol. HOPEFULLY, JEN FAN JUST GO AWAY. SICK & TIRED OF HER.

  • JenFan

    Hey Jules -

    considering this is a post about Jennifer Aniston on the cover of Bazaar, the Jen fans won’t go away. Why are all these Jen-haters here, making more than 800 comments! You are retarded and insecure.

    Yeah to Jen! – she’s got success, class and beauty! Love her!

  • ha

    oh yeah her ROYAL FUGNESS> hate your beeyotch jen fan!!!!!!!!

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  • anketse hailu

    you talke about jen she is fabilase girl she is funy talinted she is every thing bradd you will never gat her again you miss something from her her smile ok jen i am proude of you you rock my world it dosn’t meen nothing to be lowlly. i love you .

  • http://_____________________ Chanella