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Jennifer Aniston - "Harper's Bazaar" November 2007

Jennifer Aniston -

Jennifer Aniston is featured in the November 2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar! Pictured is the subscribers cover, newsstand cover pictured here.

She shares about possibly moving to New York City and wanting to be Oprah! Here are some highlights from the issue, which hits newsstands October 23:

On how she would like this story to begin: “I’m ba-ack.”

On her previous movie roles as a checkout chick in The Good Girl and a broke, pot-smoking maid in Friends with Money: “I like those roles. I feel comfortable with them. They’re more real. People can say, ‘Oh, I have relatives like that, I dated a guy like that, or I have a friend like that.’ They’re relatable.”

On what the public says about her: “I used to care a hell of a lot more about what people said or thought. But that had to change when my life was under a microscope being scrutinized and my personal life was being talked about. You have to go, ‘This is not acceptable in any way,’ whether it’s about me personally or in business, success versus failure. It’s so negative. It’s such bizarre negativity.”

On living a day as someone else: “I would love to be Oprah – for just one day.”

If she worked in the government: “I’d be a spy. A very glamorous spy who plays poker and lives in Monaco. And has affairs with Daniel Craig.”

On a possible move to New York: “I can actually visualize it again, for some reason. I don’t know, I’m just tired of Los Angeles. In New York, you’re not just in that same car, looking at that same dashboard, driving down the same street.”

On walking 40 blocks in New York and nobody noticing her: “If you can get away from the paparazzi and they don’t know where you are, you can actually walk, walk, walk.”

On critiques of her box-office performance: “I’ve read things that said I wasn’t successful at the box office or that my big hit was The Break-Up. But I said, ‘Wait a minute. There was Along Came Polly, which did really well, and Bruce Almighty was a pretty big movie.’ But they’ll single out Derailed or Rumor Has It, movies that didn’t do well, in order to support their agenda.”

On Friends: “I don’t think anybody thought Friends would become what it did. It’s all good, though. It’s nothing but blessings. But seriously, who actually dances in a fountain?”

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830 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston - "Harper's Bazaar" November 2007”

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  1. 26
    fu*k maniston Says:

    debbie poor pathetic debbie,one of the jen hens

  2. 27
    Joanna [Poland] Says:


  3. 28
    lovejen Says:

    This totally cracks me up! Look at all the haters! Get over it and look in the BAMPZ archived threads. She is beautiful, successful, and happy. Is there a timeline for someone to be remarried after they divorce? I don’t think so. Get over it and leave her alone already!

  4. 29
    fyi Says:

    ensemble….she should do the odd couple with courtney…for tv

  5. 30
    fu*k maniston Says:

    jj where is my comment,i better leave,this woman stinks

  6. 31
    green-eggs-and-ham Says:

    I’m not a hater but I must say she is pretty shallow.

  7. 32

    Elle est trop belle, Jennifer ANISTON c’est la meilleur de même que Vince VAUGHN. VIVE VAUGHAUNISTON. ;-)

  8. 33
    Spirit Says:

    what made me LOL, was her answer to:

    If she worked in the government: “I’d be a spy. A very glamorous spy who plays poker and lives in Monaco. And has affairs with Daniel Craig.”


    Hahahaha! oh, man….. *still cracking up*

  9. 34
    Gadla Says:

    Jennifer is capable of real growth because she is accepting of who she is, and doesn’t pretend to be better or conform to some image of how she should behave.
    She is relaxed, and caring without too much of drama.
    She brings happiness and joy to the world.
    Her show Friends is a highlight in many impoverished countries, and it takes people away from their hectic life and they laugh a little bit.
    Isn’t that goodwill as well?
    And charity is best when it is silent.

  10. 35
    fu*k maniston Says:

    32 you are desulutional,i just hate her,thats that,she is shallow,pathetic and a liar

  11. 36
    Debbie Says:

    26 fu*k maniston : 10/15/2007 at 4:33 pm
    debbie poor pathetic debbie,one of the jen hens


    And Angelina and Brad’s – I know you don’t know how to handle people who don’t hate. Relax, you will get over it someday!!

  12. 37
    fyi Says:

    and as for moving to nyc and being tired of la….blah, blah, blah, …..she’s the one who is tired and BORING…this is her excuse for defending a move to nyc to study acting without admitting it

  13. 38
    Spirit Says:

    There is so much depth to her character…. ROTFLMAO!!!!! “I’d be a spy” LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 39
    fyi Says:

    careers on a hiccup never last

  15. 40
    fu*k maniston Says:

    38,what charity,shut the fu*k up if you have nothing to say,all this ***** knows is tan her ass and run on the beach,open your eyes and see her for what she is

  16. 41
    faithhasissues Says:

    23 – hmmm. You’ve got to be kidding me!! Really??!! There’s not a job where you can be a spy who plays poker in Monaco and has affairs with Daniel Craig?!! You’ve got to be kidding me!!!

    Get a life 23. Either that or a brain.

  17. 42
    fu*k maniston Says:

    this witch is not worth it,i hope she is exposed soon

  18. 43
    fyi Says:

    it’s not that people want to deliberately be mean to her…it’s just that she says the STUPIDEST things…..she gets in trouble when she opens her mouth…obviously she is much better with a crutch….let everyone else lead you around…including the dogs…hide behind another cast….and don’t do interviews!

  19. 44
    whatever Says:

    Love you Jen! Beautiful smile and even better on the inside! Keep up the great work!

  20. 45
    Ew Says:

    Ack! “ba-ack” in what way? What has she accomplished?

    and now she’s knocking Friends? Doesn’t she realize it’s still her only claim to fame (besides her porned-out personal life).

    this woman’s delusional is she thinks she can compete in any real talent pool. (and that cover, soo airbrushed! you can barely see her nose, which is why she looks half normal)

  21. 46
    Jess0 Says:

    Brad said receintly that he used to be superficial. So It makes sense that he has moved on from Jen. I don’t think I could stand hearing this woman talk about herself all day. She says she likes being somebody you can relate to but aspires to be a bond girl. WTF?

  22. 47
    fyi Says:

    how the $#% did brad pitt ever marry this pop-tart….he must have been high every single day!

  23. 48
    Jennifer Aniston's barren womb Says:

    Still Ugly.

    Still Barren.

  24. 49
    Regina Says:

    ARE YOU SERIOUS,HER NEW HAIRCUT?She has this haircut since 1995.but she still is ugly.

    You’re an idiot, it’s clearly sarcasm…

  25. 50
    faith Says:

    ~ Why does she cares so much about boxoffice numbers and what people think about her?

    Her comment about Daniel Craig is about FANTASY and she was obviously being flippant.

    The witches have been eating stupid pills tonight.

    Delusional hens.
    She has a lot of money and you would think someone pushing 40 wouldn’t care what people think of her. Instead of naming all the other movies that made money thanks to her leading men, she should say if she’s modest, I would love for people to see my movies but if it doesn’t make money, it’s not going to stop me from continuing to do what I love. But no, she’s defensive.

    The interview is testing to see if she has anything interesting to say about the goverment. But that’s asking too much from her.

    This interview is just to promote her Blist status. No A list would do a national magazine and promote nothing.

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