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Suri Cruise is Purple-licious

Suri Cruise is Purple-licious

Katie Holmes takes a stroll through Tiergarten park in Berlin, Germany on Sunday with daughter Suri, 17 months.

The mother-daughter was joined by grandma Mary Lee (mother of Tom Cruise) and a bodyguard toting a baby bag by Goyard.

Baby Suri looks adorable as always, carrying around her own bottles of milk and Ziploc containers of snacks!

Tom has been busy in town filming his WWII flick Valkyrie, which is also filming in Berlin.

UPDATE: Apologies, images removed!!!

15+ pictures inside of Katie, grandma Mary and baby Suri

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  • candice

    She is so adorable.

  • Not Impressed

    Awesome, this child does own a pair of jeans! They both look very cute!

  • Bite me


  • Lara

    So adorable! They look like a loving, normal family!!

  • Hmmmmm

    alien baby.

  • funny

    she is adorable.and Katie looks good too.

  • smooth landing

    Suri is at least 3 and a half years old. Hope her nose looks better when she gets older its so flat and wide. Katie’s clothes are better, but she looks aged and tired. Katie has the worse tree trunk legs. Trying to be hopeful for them. Did they just land in the forest? Where’s the space ship ?, I don’t see it. Oh there’s the alien grandma who watches so they don’t escape. OK. Wierd. Tom’s mom is the Queen Bee Cult leader. Scaryyyyyyyyy!

  • faraway

    She is cute

  • Penny Lane

    2 bottles of milk at her age??? She gonna be a chubby toddler before long then.

  • ?

    full of PR,when will they stop using their kid for their career?Tom has two other kids too,where are they?they have never seen with Tom!!

  • Charlie

    I agree, Suri is NO WAY 17 months old – look at the difference between her and Kingston or Shiloh who were born around the same time, they are clearly more ‘baby’ looking where as Suri is a full blown toddler, at least 2.5 years old!
    WHat the heck is the deal with this? Katie really did look fake-pregnant in her ‘pregnancy’ too.

  • ang

    she is cute but for sure she is not 17 month.she seems even bigger than Violet Affleck.

  • just saying…

    I feel bad for Katie- not only is she married to a psycho-scientologist-freak, but she has to endure LIVING with her mother-in-law on a permanent basis! I shudder at the thought… sorry, no woman (brainwashed or not, rich or not) should have to endure that “nightmare”…

  • renee

    I don’t find that kid cute. I think she’s a bit creepy looking.

  • ryu

    so cute & loely~!!

  • showgirl

    Where are Tom’s other kids? :(

  • Rob

    I never see this baby looking happy. I wonder if they ever play with her and make her laugh.


    Suri looks and acts like she’s 3 years old.

  • Pokeman

    she looks old for her age. I think Shiloh dresses much, much cuter than Suri and I don’t like her hair style. Anyway, she is still cute.

  • Alexanderina

    I am sorry but Suri don’t look 17 months, she looks like she is 2 and half years old or even 3

  • cori

    This baby looks happy. She’s cute!

  • poor thing

    16 showgirl : 10/15/2007 at 9:47 am
    Where are Tom’s other kids?


    His adopted kids must think the world ended when suri was born. You hardly see them now. Hopefully Nicole’s giving them lots of attention.

  • \\\

    Does anyone have a picture of Grier Henchy, Brooke Shield’s daughter who was supposedly born on the same day? Because, I swear, this kid ain’t 17 months, she looks almost 2 years old by the way she walks. She ain’t no toddler no more, which she should still be at 17 months. What kind of idjits does Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes think we are?



  • cori

    “Hopefully Nicole’s giving them lots of attention.”

    I somehow doubt they get much attention from either “parent”. Just a guess!

  • nettiesmith

    Why is this child still carrying a bottle? She is older than 17 months old and is not cute.

  • POPY

    The 17 month old kid can`t walk as well as she can.I swear that this kid is not 17 month.she at least is 2/5 year old.

  • emily santiago

    What’s with Grandma? She looks terrible with this awful expression on her face. Doesn’t look like a much fun stroll in the park. They all look very awkward. They only do this for the publicity, right?

  • ya-ya

    Is Suri cross-eyed?????

  • FugTom

    I think suri is afraid of her alien daddies hair cut.ughhhhhhhh

  • catherine

    wow please stop being negative…she looks like a 17month old,my son is 14months and they have the same height,not all kids developped the same,obviously most of you don’t have kids.just because she is tall and active makes her what….a 2year old.

  • MMM

    Katie NEVER smiles anymore and her eyes look drained of all life. Suri has Katie’s nose before her nose job so it is likely that Suri will get a nose job later in life too.

  • Debbie

    I have movies of when my children were her age (17 months) they were walking just like she is and carring things just like she is here. Wow – So many children haters here!!!

  • you guys are stupid if you really think they lie about her age. most 1 1/2 year olds DO walk and run around and stuff.

  • Chica

    I like the baby of this piture, she is beatiful all the littlee babies are beatiful becuse they are made of Gods image. people they have to stop calling women and babies ugly becuse nobody can make a person.

  • Anne

    I like Katie’s hair – think it looks fresh and sets off her naturally pretty face – she looks good without makeup. I DO think she should avoid tight jeans – despite being in great shape, her legs have a “tree truck” quality – rather naturally thick in comparison to the rest of her body – and don’t look good in pencil pants. By the way – why is Tom’s mom ALWAYS hanging around – I feel sorry for Katie having to have her mother-in-law so much a presence in their lives. That women needs to find her own hobbies, friends, etc.. Move out on her own and stop living through her famous son and his new family. Ugghh!

  • coco

    she is cute.but not in a shilot or violet kind of way..more like a unique looking way. lets just say if these three babies were to look upset, I think suri would look the scariest

  • ?

    Why she is coping VB in her style?

  • lmfao

    there is no way in hell the little girl is only 17 months old. Someone is not telling the truth.

  • v_v

    she is NOT 17 months old….try two years ! that kid is WEIRD looking!

  • Mia

    How Tom end up married to this unatractive Giraffe I have no idea….

  • Two buck chuck

    Please, she’s right on target for height and development for a 17 month old. What’s weird to me is that they haven’t weaned her off the bottle yet. Most pediatricians say to get rid of those at a year old to avoid attachment issues. Regardless, she’s an adorable baby and her dad may be a fruit loop, but she looks happy, well adjusted and her parents actually spend time with her instead of shoving her on a nanny.

  • throw mama from the train

    Suri has a strange shaped nose. Her eyes at times seem almost chameleon like. ITA Suri is 2 1/2 years old. No way is she younger. I see they stop dying her hair black. Grandma looking as if she’s a horror movie character. Spooky cicumstances Katie has this child in.

  • BBperfume

    I agree Suri is very developed, active and smart. Just look at her trying to do stuff by her little self! At least Katie is really hands-on and a natural with her kid, unlike Victoria Beckham who is never seen taking her kids out to play in the park, but drags them around briefly in between airports or using her youngest as fashion accessory on her Fashion week trip.

  • sinna

    I have to agree with some of the posters that says Suri looks way older than her age, at that age most kids still has their soft, cuddly cuteness, but Suri looks grown. Both of my kids were born 9lbs and grew big for their ages, but at 17th months they still had baby features.

  • Erin

    That is why no one saw Suri for quite some time. Because she is really older than they want us to think. There is no way that is Tom’s baby!

  • NANA

    Violet is cuter than Suri.

  • sinna

    Then again pictures can be deceiving, mayybe the pictures makes her appear to be older than what she is..oh well

  • ashers

    i have come to the conclusion that suri was made from donor sperm/katies egg and born earlier than they claim (probably to make sure everything went ok before they went so public). it is strange how tom was’infertile’ for years and got katie pregnant almost as soon as they met.

    for the record, i have a 17 month old son – yes, he walks, but he does not walk confidently like suri appears to, and her manual dexteriy is that of an older child. my son also has a more babyish look about him in face and body, which suri appears to have more the look for a little girl , which they develop around 2 and a half to 3 years old.

  • dorianne

    thee first thing i thought was this kid is not just 17 months old…she is much too sturdy looking for a kid her age and as one poster said the celeb babies in that age group and who look like real kids their ages are gwen stefani’s kingston and shiloh pitt who is every inch still babies at their current ages…
    i don’t know for sure where thsi kid came from but she does look much older tha the age they show her to be, and for sure this child is not tom cruise biological child…
    so sad for these 2 power couple to have to go through such a pompous charade and parading this child like she was a model wearing all these designer duds at her age…