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Britney Spears' Booking Info

Britney Spears' Booking Info

Britney Spears turned herself in at around 9:20 PM PDT to be booked on charges stemming from an August fender bender.

The pop princess sashayed into Van Nuys Valley jail at 9:25 and was booked at 9:26. She wore a black mini dress, black leather jacket and silver necklaces. Britney was there about 45 minutes while being booked on misdemeanor counts of hit-and-run and driving without a valid California driver’s license. She was fingerprinted and photographed, so a mug shot should be released any time now!

LAPD Sgt. Mike Lopez told Us Weekly, “She comes in and we put her information into computer, fingerprint her, lifescan and electronically scan hands and palms as well, and photograph her. She will be issued a release from custody citation, which tells her next court appearance.”

Britney‘s info listed on the website of The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is as follows:

HAIR: Brown
EYES: Brown
HEIGHT: 5’5″
WEIGHT: 125 lbs.

There’s video footage here of Brit Brit walking in and out of the her booking. Check out the rest of Brit’s booking info below!

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  • faith

    No way she’s 125 more like 130

  • paola

    only 125 lbs??? ummm….i think she must have slipped someone some $ to lie about that!

  • faith

    Just look at her arms and thunder thighs. She swears she’s only 125 lbs at 5’5

  • TT

    IT´S official !!!

    in this, you can contest!!

    is true!!!!

    is there!!

    so shut up!!!

  • Gia Jolie


  • spooky


  • Jocasta666

    It just figures.
    First am pic of Angelina is her working on a film.
    First am pic of BritBrit is being booked into jail.
    Ooops, breaktime’s over.

    Ya’ll have a good one!


  • marty

    i refuse to believe it. she is big boned, still has a lot of muscle mass and then she’s got an ever increasing layer of fat on top of that….at 5’5??? she’s gotta be AT LEAST 135 lbs! AT THE VERY LEAST!!!

  • kelly

    125 pounds my ace~

  • pink vodka

    she is npt even worth my words, too ridiculous for words. she is clearly laughing at this ststem and joking running around with a pink wig on after all the troubles she has, she is not taking anyof this serious. dumb bitch

  • jessica

    could she be more outright in showing her disrespect for the legal system??? i hope they show the judge in charge of her hit and run hearing and the custody judge these photos….hopefully, they will be as insulted as they should be and throw the book at this pathetic loser. she’s got some nerve.

  • ace tomato

    5’5″ 125 lbs. would make her a size 4-6. No bloody way.

    I think you are guessing her weight low, folks. I am 5’4″ and 130 lbs. and a US size 6-8 [38-40]. That’s an inch shorter and five lbs. more than B. Spears claims.

    She looks like she would currently wear a US 8-10 or even 10-12 [42-44], which would make her weight more likely 140-145 lbs.

    You can tell the DMV whatever you want. They don’t weigh you. The police get the weight from your driver’s license [they don't weigh you either].

    I’m just sayin . . liar liar pants on fire

  • jessica

    ace tomato,
    AMEN! she so full of it with 125! she was 125 lbs maybe 2,0000 frappucinos ago!

  • ?????

    SHE WILL BE OK! They should lock all of you up, for sugarcoating your lives, like they are perfect!

  • an20

    omg…. you guys are so obesessed with her weight… she’s 125… so what? she’s not fat!!!! why is it hard to believe? besides, pictures and videos make you gain more weight,,,,

  • get real

    she looks like she’s having fun a disneyland or something. whats so funny? idiot

  • love brit

    i remember they messed up on lindsays weight so idk about Brit

  • Two buck chuck

    What a holy retard.

  • margaret

    Half the Time they take your height and weight from your license.

  • Jbo

    I don’t know guys… She COULD be 125… I am 5’7″ and weigh 133 and I have to admit I’m getting a little soggy in the mid-section, but I AM over 30 :P

  • Billie

    No way in hell is she 125. And she’s ridiculing the justice system the whole time. What a joke.

  • Frances

    Ya, pics and videos always add the pounds. I’m 5’3 and 95 lbs. I’m underweight I know, but in my photos, I always look bigger than I really am. My mom was looking at my wedding photos (and because of the stress I had lost even more weight), and she casually (maybe thoughtlessly?) remarked, “Why do you look really fat here?”

    So I can believe Britney’s just 125 lbs.

  • no way 125 lbs.

    Brit weighs at least 137-146 lbs. My friend has her height ,body shape, and this is her weight, she lied,they hardly ever weigh you if at all,just like the DMV doesnt weigh you, you just give them your weight.

  • Jess

    Brit is crazy…UAL!
    hair pink?HUAHUHUAHUAHUHAHUA It’s crazy!only!
    uh uh, I lovee Brit Spears!
    You don’t is normal!:O’
    but I love you!;)

    hoho’ bye…

    AH! your new music GIMME MORE is brilliant!
    I adore it!


  • fernanda

    well it dose look like she is 125 lbs in the video

  • empress

    lmao! it shoudn’t be surprising that brit would put her weight down as 125 lbs knowing that nobody would check it and that somebody might leak that information…

    she’s extremely embarrased at the current shape of her body, which is understandable seeing how she used to look back in the prebaby, predivorce, preshotgun marraige, precrazy days!

    there’s NO WAY she’s 125, she’s probably about 140…

  • bataglio

    nah, she looks 5.5 and 125. that’s what 125 looks like on a 5.5 frame, and that’s why a 5.5 girl should not break 110.

  • PinkyLea

    How do you know this shot was taken when she was at the police station? Were you there to witness this or better yet…..maybe you took the photo yourself. Since all we see in the lives of these stars is the 5 seconds that it took to take the picture we have no idea as to what is actually going on..
    You guys believe everything you read on a celeb rag site? I hope not….

  • Gwen

    Forget about her weight let’s talk about her height,she doesn’t look taller than 5’2” to me. She looks really stocky and her legs aren’t very long at all.