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Britney Spears: Might I Offer You a Straw?

Britney Spears: Might I Offer You a Straw?

Britney Spears offers a straw to paparazzi… for unknown reasons.

The pop princess was out for a coffee in Malibu with another female friend/assistant at a Starbucks in Malibu on Tuesday.

10+ pictures inside of Britney Spears looking pretty in pink…

Just Jared on Facebook
britney spears straw 01
britney spears straw 02
britney spears straw 03
britney spears straw 04
britney spears straw 05
britney spears straw 06
britney spears straw 07
britney spears straw 08
britney spears straw 09
britney spears straw 10

Photos: Banks/Martin/Splash News Online
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  • t

    oh britney………….


    She’s so crazy…

  • anon

    i don’t know if it’s the angle, but she looks terrible in these pics

  • shutup


    maybe the paparazzi had a coffee but no straw?

  • bleh

    BLEH.. ghetto

  • brandy

    she has bald spots…

  • Chicacherrycola

    Is it just me or has she gained more weight? That arm, that belly……. Is she really 125 lbs like her police record says?

  • renee

    she dont look too good

  • N

    Who the hell is doing her extensions.

  • justmeAGAIN!

    HOLY MOLY!!! she is wearing pants!!!!!!!!

  • Laura

    I hate when people lead celebs like they don’t know how to walk. I bet some celebs have gotten use to being mindless and pay people to think and walk for them.

    What importance do you have to deal with britney that you can’t go and watch dancers who want the oppertunity to tour with you. I guess it takes a lot to impress you.

  • H

    Britney honey after seeing how horrendous your body looked in that outfit at the vmas I would recommend laying off the frappucinos from starbucks

  • krissy

    i agree her hair fuckin sucks! you’d think with all her damn money she would make it look at LEAST a little better.

    fuck this bitch, where’s zanessa at!?

  • Kt

    Please tell this poor girl to dress appropriately! She is so white trash! Oh one more thing, wear some fricking panties for crying out loud. She needs a good hard spanking.

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Typical trailer trash sh!t!!

    Sh!itney!! How can we help you if you won’t even help yourself!!??

    Go home..

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    oh yeah… 125lbs my ass!!

    More like 125lbs for just her ass!!!

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    Do you think Britney’s a vampire?! I’m starting to wonder.. Because Vampire’s supposedly don’t have reflections huh?

    That’s the only explanation I can think of, for why a person would leave the house looking THIS BAD!! I mean, she didn’t even brush her hair!!

    I doubt she’s had a shower in a week.. Which poses the question, Could Britney be a witch? Like the Wicked Witch of the West in Wizard of OZ? Is she afraid that she will melt? That she will disappear? (except for the implants of course) lmao

    Just random thoughts I had to put out into the universe..

    Vampire? Witch? Or just trailer trash? lol :P

    Thanks Jared.. How’s my bag doing? ;)

  • BBperfume

    Can’t homegirl stay home and let her asistants and bodyguards run her errands.? It’s repulsive seeing her evryday in the tabloids and i’m willing to believe that her photo value has gone down drastically, since there’s over abundant supply of Britney Spears. I believe the story that says she’s doing this on purpose bcoz she fears America will forget her, especially that she hasn’t had a hit record in 3 yrs.

  • Matt

    She is an IDIOT.

    Unfortunately, one rich idiot.

  • Tammy

    Jared please stop calling her a “pop princess” she’s no longer a pop princess, she’s more of a trainwreck, has been, or pop tart. Those names are more fitting!

  • Ashleigh

    To #18 BBperfume —– Britney does this on purpose that’s why I don’t feel sorry for her. She loves the attention. THink about it… If it weren’t for her erratic, off the wall behavior. would people still talk about her pathetic ass?? The answer is no, and she knows this. So expect her to keep up her crazy ways!

  • moi

    Chartiy, Britney styles

  • Matt

    JARED, listen to Tammy # 20!

  • rach

    im so tired of looking at her crazy ass evertime i go on any celeb website. Where is Zanessa? Can we have one of those post? pleast just jared!

  • LINA

    she loos beautiful!

  • cocainehead

    Yup straw for her “coke”. Sniff, sniff.

  • dora

    Maybe the “former” pop princess fits her bill.

  • an20

    she is still POP PRINCESS…. wait until there’s someone who comes up with the SAME IMPACT…. WORLDWIDE…. and dont even mention rihanna… yes, umbrella went number one… but that’s it…

  • eli


    can we say GAin 40 pounds in the last day or so?????????


    can we say GAin 40 pounds in the last day or so?????????


    can we say GAin 40 pounds in the last day or so?????????

  • Katie G.

    Is this girl allergic to looking good???? Seriously why is she always going out looking terrible. Her hair looks disgusting. Uggh I’m so fed up with this trainwreck.

  • an20


  • nat

    she looks great!

  • irish garcia

    she’s getting crazier by the minute!

  • Jessie

    I’m not even a Britney basher, but I won’t to know how, I want to know why she makes every piece of clothing, no matter how expensive, look like trash. I wear my JCrew/Gap clothing by far more tastefully than she does. I only wish I had access to her resources. And someone should tell her that weaves don’t have to look bad. Beyonce wears them, average income black people wear them and so does everyone else in Hollywood at some point in time and it doesn’t look like an animal has just created a nest on the top of their heads.
    I’m just so sad for the embarrassing state she’s in right now. I hope she can straighten up.

  • an20


  • Lynn

    Pretty? NO!!! Not even close!! She is such an attention w**re!! Send you’re F**KING assistant to get your coffee!! She can’t stand not to be seen and photographed, and she’s such a loser that she doesn’t even bother to take a shower by the looks of her! Two words for ya Brit..SHOWER & PROACTIVE!

  • Lexyane

    what a generous girl!!!!!

  • salma

    stopppppp posting pics of her she’s a stupid crazy bitch

  • yoyo63

    I think the only reason she looks terrible it is because she is too fat.

  • Tussi

    At least she´s got her nails done. Much better than before.

  • Dastickupkid

    NO, Homegirl can’t stay at home! WHY should she stop living her life, Just because some Haters say so?


    She looks nice in this tank top & Jeans!

    You would think that people see that she is looking better, and YOu would think people wasn’t the haters that they are, so their low_lives having asses always have to say something off the wall!

    Well, Keep hating, Because she is the one that is cashing her checks, while you are working hard, andkissing ass to get to where she is at! The sad thing I bet you that most of these people are 30 and UP! SUCK HATERS! She is only 25 1/2!

  • don’t hate me cause you ain’t me..

    DASTICKUPKID – Are you freaking blind?

    You are like the only person who thinks she looks nice?!!

    Oh.. I’m 24.. I’m younger then Sh!tney.. So just proves how much you know you fcukin idiot!! lol

  • agathi

    god she is seems like a whore!!!whyyyyy???

  • agathi

    god she is seems like a whore!!!whyyyyy???

  • Silvia

    Her arms looks huge!! She`s a rich woman!! She can do better than that!!

  • Rage

    Chicacherrycola, I also noticed her weight on the police report… I checked Lindsay’s and she is almost the exact same height and weight… although Lindsay is not a small girl, Brit looks alot more dumpy then her… what you think?

  • Kelly

    What a mess!

  • Kaia

    Geez, she’s not fat at all, would everyone be satisfied if she was stick thin and anorexic looking? Would that make everyone happy?

  • Susan

    I miss the old Britney that use to care about her appearance.

  • Francophile

    48 Kaia : 10/17/2007 at 9:21 am
    Geez, she’s not fat at all, would everyone be satisfied if she was stick thin and anorexic looking? Would that make everyone happy?


    Why going overboard ? Just because people think that she is fat doesn’t mean she has to go anorexic ? there is an in between that is healthy slim.

    Slim, healthy, tone and leanly curvy are an option and does actually exist : Halle, Amerie, Kylie Minogue, Heidi Klum, Elle Mac Pherson, Cindy Crawford are all of the above. Naomie Campbell never strike me as an anorexic but as an healthy leanly athletically built…never anorexic but slim, tone and healthy.