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Halle Berry: My Baby Will Be Eco-Friendly

Halle Berry: My Baby Will Be Eco-Friendly

Four-months-pregnant Halle Berry plans on being an environmentally conscious mom!

“They even have organic disposable diapers now that you can use,” Halle told People at Monday’s Hollywood premiere for Things We Lost in the Fire.

“I’m working on the nursery, but it’s all going to be organic and eco-friendly,” she elaborated. “There are so many things out now that you can use. I’m going to really try hard to make it all organic!”

Longtime model boyfriend Gabriel Aubry, 32, rubbed Halle‘s stomach, wrapped his arm around her, and grasped for her hand. How cute!

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  • gorgeous

    what a gorgeous couple! i love them!

  • debbie

    Beautiful couple!!

  • angelina_mmm

    ot; he’s really nothing special in looks department

  • ?

    baby, baby talk..mmmm..I thought she was done with that.

  • Natalie

    Her boyfriend is so hot.

  • Flisbeth

    amazing looking couple

  • sinna

    O.K. I like Halle, she’s an O.K actress, and I know she’s happy that she finally got pregnant, but I’m starting to get really tired of her talking about her pregnancy every minute. I thought she said that she wanted to promote the movie and not talk about her pregnancy all the time. She should take her own advice and just promote the movie and focus on that. People are going to get really tired of her.

  • Lexyane

    it’s gonna be a beautiful baby!!!

  • jocasta666

    Halle–beauty and grace personified.

    Gabriel–nom nom nom nom nom.
    (The man is beautiful!)


  • BBperfume

    He shouldn’t expose that guy of hers to much in the media.That’s what happened to Britney, bcoz he should have kept K-fed in the background where he belonged!

  • Maria

    Gosh. Halle is glowing!

    what a beautiful, hot, sexy mom and dad to be. what a lucky lucky child.

  • feebz

    what an absolutely gorgeous couple! halle’s even more beautiful than ever… more proud to see this half-British (her mum’s English) celeb make her huge mark than Sienna wha’eva…

  • PinkRose

    Thing is, if Halle does a “People Mag” interview, every other blog, magazine and entertainment show is going to report on an exerpt and reprint the pix for the next two weeks. That’s how we get tired of seeing the same things and hearing from the same people over and over again.

  • Here’s The Deal

    They both look good, but Halle really stands out. She’s so gorgeous….I can’t wait to see this baby!

  • whatever

    What else can she talk about beside the pregancy, people? They are so boring in every ways, including the look department: shallow, especially the boy toy model

  • kiano

    Damn she looks really great! She totally shines.. And I never saw a good picture of Gabriel before and wow! He’s totally hot too. I’m sure they are going to be great parents! God bless them!

  • whatever

    What eles can she talk about except the pregnancy, people? They are boring and uninteresting, including in the look department: shallow, more so with the boy toy model

  • Hugo

    He cleans up good.

  • Michelle

    Hansen, I mean, Gabriel…”he’s really hot right now” :-)

    THAT MALE MODEL IS SMOKIN’HOT!!! Halle is always gorgeous, if this kid isn’t the best looking person EVER to be born in the history of mankind, than I don’t know who would be.

    Best wishes for health, happiness and love to all 3 of them. Any wedding bells in the near future??? Will they still be together a year from now??? I hope so!!!

  • karina

    Halle looks really great and fresh=) Beautiful couple!!!

  • msguidedmama

    hmmm, organic nursery…nothing organic about leaving your baby in a nursery Halle !

  • msguidedmama

    hmmm, organic nursery…nothing organic about leaving your baby in a nursery Halle !

  • the_original_nika

    DAMN I want her looks, dark skin ages so well.
    and that man yum..

  • MMM

    Cloth diapers are her best option if she truly wants to be green. Organic disposable diapers still fill our landfills. She is an idiot.

  • DUI

    They both look so good. I’m happy that’s she’s finally happy and with a man who seems to treat her well.

    PS- when she was on Letterman, she said Gabriel speaks to her baby in French through her bellybutton. How cute is that!

  • MMM

    If she wants to be really earth friendly then she should use cloth diapers. Any disposable that you toss in the landfill is not the best option if you are gung ho about saving the earth.

  • aida

    BBperfume : 10/16/2007 at 4:00 pm
    ” He shouldn’t expose that guy of hers to much in the media.That’s what happened to Britney, bcoz he should have kept K-fed in the background where he belonged”


    The model boyfriend doesn’t really like the exposure since he’s a very private person, according to Halle. (Fan of halle here) Plus, he’s not K-fed that doesn’t have a career other than “the guy that hooked up with the pop princess and bore 2 of his kids.” This model boyfriend has a successful modelling career before Halle and still is. The thing is that part of the deal of being with someone like Halle is this constant pictures being taken. That’s how it is. I’d say that this model dude is serious and crazy enough about Halle to stick around despite. Congrats to Halle and the hot boyfriend!

  • Regina

    She’s trying too hard with the eco-friendly thing. No one cares Halle. Stop trying to be Leo or Cate or anyone else, basically!

  • Jay

    I think she is a tool. Just another celeb jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon. I don’t buy this bull. I mean, I guess it’s admirable, but at the same time, I don’t think she would’ve been that concerned 4 years ago.
    And will she ever stop talking about her pregnancy!

  • Gabriel Aubry Lover

    Such negative people



  • Like Chocolate

    IT’S AN ALL AN ACT!!!!THE BABY IS A PUBLICITTY BONUS…it’s a SHAME IT’S A B*stard…with money.

  • Ana

    why does it seem like he does not speak at all…is it just cuz all of the focus is on her? I swear I’ve never even read a comment from him much less heard the man speak.

  • Somepeople

    Let me see, an eco-friendly nursery, in a huge mansion that sucks up energy like a sponge dropped in a bucket of water after having been left in the desert sun for a year.

    Yeah, eco-friendly…okay, if you say so.

  • Jim


    No wonder he’s a model. He really knows how to make himself stand out in the pics even standing next to someone of Halle’s caliber.

  • Linda

    omg…they’re so beautiful they make me sick… Go Halle!!!
    So yeah, I’m going to hit up that gym!…

  • hm

    Gabriel is pure hotness – I’ll have his baby anytime……

  • Miapocca

    Sinna, you are so this point I dont think I feel sorry for her when he K-FEDS on HER…

    It just a matter of when…

    Once you put your life out there you give toooo much permission for the paps to dig especially when it starts to hurt..

    This is the bloody 3rd time she claimed her LOVE to whoever happened to get close enough to get a sip of her milkshake….

    Poor Halle…at least this time she got a baby out of the deal…from where I stand sh epicks teh wrong guys ans she is bad at relationship….the David Justice thing was ooosooo hush hush, I am wondering if the full story other than her wanting to kill herself come up oneday

    FOr the number of time she has faileD, she should know to simply shut up and enjoy her pregnancy in PRIVACY…

  • Miapocca

    Yeah…right I would sure love to see his bank account compared to the “pop princess”///pop princess could buy him and Halle both several times over..He may be successful, but NOT that RICH…dont even know anything he is in …besides what kind of stupid man reamins in moidelling for so long…cant he use his brain and diversify lie Tyra Banks, Hiedi Klum and Kimora…..DUMB DUMB DUMB…..I think he tried the fucking couch for parts with Halle, but so far it aint working..girl needs to shore up on her legal documents before that baby is born…

  • two-teeth

    That statement is so ridiculous. But I should’ve expected nothing less from some one so inarticulate. Regardless of how much money Britney may or may not have, she still isn’t to be compared with halle, and gabe is nothing like k-fed. I guess to you her supposed money excuses all her wrongs and makes her a better person than she has so far proven to be, some great lady. Callous, shallow, and ignorant you are. For the record, Gabriel does own a restaurant, plans to open more, wants to open an art gallery, and is a musician and designer. So know what you are talking about before you speak. Even if Britney has as nuch money as you think, its ultimately not done her any good has it?


    I would like to add that since Gabriel is not a gold-digger, and is a reserved person, would he really want Britney anyway, filthy rich pop princess that she is? And in addition to being ignorant, you are also sexist.

  • wtf

    Stop talking about her pregnancy? She’s suppose to talk about her pregnancy, she is an expecting mother who thought that she would never be able to have a child. You people at the blog are absoluting amazing and i don’t mean that in a good way! You sit on your fat azzez and beg for the same tired photos of those freaks and you never stop. OH THANKS JJ FOR THE PHOTOS OF HOLINA TAKING MADDOX TO SCHOOL EVERYDAY, BUT YOU TIRED OF SEEING A FEW PHOTOS OF HALLE PROMOTING HER MOVIE AND ANSWERING QUESTIONS ABOUT HER PREGNANCY! No wonder they talk about you stupid azzez on other blogs!

  • box office bomb

    halle’s movie was a box office disaster this weekend. it BOMBED so bad. didn’t even come in the top ten. i think it barely made top 15. worst i’ve ever seen. maybe she needs to pimp her pregnancy a bit more to get more people to see this movie. crash and burn.
    so angelina, nicole, reese and now halle with movie BOMBS this year.

  • ????SSDD

    SSDD on JJ. Think Halle’s trying too hard with eco-green thing with all of her excitement in being pregnant. If Halle doesn’t want to talk about her pregnancy in public as stated on The Tavis Smiley Show then don’t and talk more about the movie.

    So Aubry is ambitious with wanting to open more restaurants which he’s been saying for a year since he opened his place in NYC. As for him wanting to open an art gallery (gay red flag) I don’t know or his design i.e. interior design (gay red flag) skills-hope Halle has hired a professional to do her baby’s nursery especially looking at his skills at his cozy restaurant which looks like a bordello. It wouldn’t surprise me if the in-vitro stories were true or the new one from a few weeks ago was that Eric Benet is really the frozen pop as farfetched as it sounds could be true–LMAOROTF.

    As for his music skills I heard he’s lousy, don’t know if the rumor was true that he was in Pras last video with the band–not wanting to get into the music or acting business as he has said on some website about him because you can tell when you are lying, guess he forgot that when he was twinking out a few weeks ago on ExtraTV with AJ–yeah right? Don’t think any of his future projects will materialize. As for the KFED thing only time will tell–he does have a job and Halle has made it clear about him paying for his own stuff with the AMEX debaucle from this summer and having him work as much at the restaurant as he does.

  • correction JJ

    BTW Aubry is 31 not 32…JJ…you also still spell his name wrong in your blog–don’t you use spell check. Of course, her movie bombed which is a shame bc it was a good script, another movie she made for the wrong reasons. She still say she needs to make amends to India or her sister’s kids b4 doing a movie to prepare her for mother hood.

  • HalleGabriel

    As for her movie bombing, there is still time left. After all, most of those movies higher than hers had already come out after all. If it made the top 15 then that is still good. It may go up slowly or still gain an appreciative audience.

  • eko

    “Eco-Friendly” – I dont think so.