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Heidi Montag: Spencer and I Spread the Sex Tape Rumors

Heidi Montag: Spencer and I Spread the Sex Tape Rumors

The Hills star Heidi Montag blogged this little bit on her official website: “Me and Spencer did spread the false rumors about Lauren [Conrad]‘s sex tape.”

Three words: Spencer and I.

FYI: On last night’s episode of The Hills, Brody Jenner looked Lauren straight into the eyes and said that “100% for a fact that [Spencer and Heidi] did it. Rumors are floating around the Internet claiming that people hacked into Heidi‘s blog and published this — what do you think?

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  • fer


  • tara

    perezhilton already verified someone hacked into her site.

  • fer


  • shesaloser

    I totally believe that Spencer did it and she found out about it. They both are losers.

  • Nope

    Dont believe it, I luv Heidi. Lauren did do a tape.

  • loveme

    no one hacked into their site, i know this for a fact.

  • Lissa

    This really kinda surprises me. I mean-at first I thought that it was them for sure but as time went by; it actually started to seem like Heidi did not know that Spencer did it. Anyways, thanks again Jared!

  • anonymous

    i think heidi and spencer did it out of revenge on lauren after they all stopped being friends. i think heidi and spencer just need to have a reality check. look heidi lost lauren and audrina because of spencer, she lost ellie because of a promotion and spencer lost brody because he was hanging with lauren. If spence and heidi did break up in the future they wouldn’t have anyone to go to because they lost them all. They need to grow up and get their friends back.

  • heidi and spencer blow

    If her website was ‘hacked’ i bet they did this themselves so these two media attention whore could be in the press cause no one cares about them…in fact most people wish they would disappear

  • cmm

    WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE??? Heidi and Spencer???? little teenybopper actor wannabes????

  • lawrencia

    They are publicity W@ores, they just want hits for their site. And when will they stop talking about Lauren for their own gain, it’s getting ridiculous, leave the girl alone.

  • no they did not

    Heidi is a good girl. Lauren is really the conniving one, she is fooling people. Both are fame ITA. but,Heidi has a right to be with her man, if he’s a mistake or not.

    Lauren was chasing down Christian man’s in Laguna Beach when she knew he did’nt really want her. That makes Lauren a desperate hoe. Giving it up, when you know the man dont really want you,, is using you.

  • sasha

    stupid idiot.

  • Jenn

    We all know it’s true whether she posted it or not. My God, leave Lauren alone. They just want publicity as usual.

  • rach

    Shocker that this comes out a day after the episode airs leaving us in limbo about whether Spencer and Heidi started the rumors! They are completely publicity driven and don’t care about anyone but themselves. It’s obvious… they have NO friends!!!

  • Sabrina

    If they did hack Heidi’s website (which I personally don’t believe), they also hacked Spencer’s because he just posted a very simular message:

  • jay

    Lauren was a dum hor.e on Laguna Beach, you are right,
    she was heavier too. She chased that man with no morals.

  • BabyFAce43

    whats heidis website that you found it on jared? i wanna go onto it but i cant find itttt
    And i totally think that spencer spread the rumorsss!

  • fake

    Lauern C. doesn’t want to be famous..haha.. yeah right.
    LC reminds me of the girl who was never pretty, skinny enough, in her mind.& when they loose weight, look ok, they still feel not good enough.
    LC was trying to measure up to Kristian.

  • me

    The exchange between Heidi and Spencer last night said it all. Spencer didn’t try to hard to deny it and instead gave Heidi a look like you know full well we started it. It was obvious Heidi was playing dumb for the camera.

  • tara

    according to perez they hacked into both spencer and heidi’s sites.

  • lola


  • me

    OHHHHH Go to her blog!! Every entry is changed to make Heidi and Spencer look bad. LOL it’s pretty funny to read..

  • back stabbers

    Heidi lost Lauren’s friendship because of Spencer. Lauren gave Heidi an ultimatum, him or me basically, what kind of friend is Lauren?

    Your’e suppose to support your friend through her ups and downs.

    What a coincidence the sex tape comes up again. Lauren’s camp has something to do with this.
    It’s to obvious to blame Heidei’s camp.

  • Laguna

    Audrina face is all teeth- a skeleton’s face with a bad over-bite.
    Lauren is not a goody-goody- stop the madness!
    Go watch her on the first shows of LB. She’s scandilous!!

  • jenna

    what a f ucking loser

  • [~Famous~]

    This whole thing is fake, can people actually be stupid enough to believe any of it?!?

  • PS

    Who needs enemies when you have “friends” like Heidi? On Jen Bunny’s birthday it was Heidi that pushed Jen and Brody together. They whispered about it all night. Heidi knew full well Lauren liked Brody and she was setting Brody and Jen up behind Lauren’s back. Heidi is just as much a scum bag as Spencer.

  • ashley

    Whether or not, she did in fact post that on her blog, I do believe that she and Spencer are responsible.

    But as of this moment, after reading the article about Spencer on (,,20152651,00.html) I realized, that I just can’t support this conceited a$$hole anymore, by tuning into the Hills. So I now refuse the watch the show. Kind of sucks because I do enjoy Lauren and crew, but as Lauren said in last night’s episode “it comes down to what’s right and what’s wrong” … and it’s totally wrong to show any support for that Spencer fool and in turn help him become a billionaire.

  • cme

    Does Spencer work? Last night Heidi said something like it’s called work give it a try sometime. Is the Hills Spencer’s only career?

  • connie

    both of them are just losers.

  • Tealeaf

    Eventhough I dislike Heidi..Iam glad Jared hasn’t put Kim Pordashian on his d-listed famewhore is enough.

  • fernanda

    I think its all bullshit and MTV invented it to make some drama on the hills,cuz LCs life is just so boring.

  • Jackie

    im so over the hills after 2 seasons…i think in this season, both of them r publicity hungry and always creating their own drama.. sumhow both heidi n lc has let the popularity of the show get into their heads

  • Grace

    i highly doubt anyone hacked onto it,
    i dont like them,
    they are the fakest couple ever.

  • ashley

    please!!! i nno heidi is all an act. i dont need a paper to tell me that she spread the runors. jared, thanks for posting this because its all true. heidi and spenser are perfect for eachother because they’re both stupid asses

  • coco

    What’s so weird is this. Spencer hit on Adrina last season and Heidi and Adrina aren’t friends anymore. Then Spencer couldn’t wait to party with playmates when he thought Heidi went to visit her mom. At the end of last season, they showed Spencer having 2 cellphones where the second one is for the “Spence player”. He said he’ll stay a player. Didn’t Heid watch those episodes. All her friends tried to protect her (not only Lauren, but her co-workers too).

    I think they totally spread the rumors since when they were at Ketchup with Jason and Lauren there too, they were saying “Maybe they’re back in the movie making business”. They said so many false and bad stuff about Lauren in the past so… Remember when they said “Lauren couldn’t get into clubs if not for us” Are they in denial or just out of this world. She is Spencer’s puppet. She does anything Spencer asks her, it doesn’t matter if she has to lose her friends. If they’re not talking to Lauren only then maybe I understand but they’re not friends with anybody. Spencer and Brody even broke up. Heidi is in love and she thinks that Spencer is the whole world. If they break up in the future, she will have an awakening for real!

    The show is about Lauren Conrad. Everybody else is accessory. If you read the info on MTV, it says clearly “A reality show following Lauren Conrad from Laguna Beach to LA”.

    Everybody knows they spread rumors about Lauren so why does anybody need to hack their website. If you’re a hacker would you hack their website… of all the website on the internet, would you choose Heidi’s and Spencer’s

    By the way, did you read Spencer’s quotes in Radar Magazine. The second quote says :”It’s so much cooler to have people come up to me and be like, “Spencer Pratt!” and know my name, than to be Orlando Bloom, who’s famous for being some pirate”. The link is


  • Meg

    on her site it says it was hacked. bummer….even after all that she STILL won’t admit it :/

  • drama

    28 PS : 10/16/2007 at 3:19 pm
    Who needs enemies when you have “friends” like Heidi?
    Honey Lauren aint all that. Audrina better watch her back. Lauren is a lame fake hoe herself. MTV has tried to clean her up. But she is no better than Heidi?

    Lauren needs to take a look at herself instead of pointing fingers, her past aint squeaky clean. Grow up Lauren and stop whining. You have not been and still isn’t as innocent as you put on.

    MTV has you all in their greedy hands. Drama Queens wanta be’s.

  • Taylor_Blue

    I bet that they did do it!!

  • lihara

    straight from their website

    US Magazine: Speidi wedding registry is FAKE!!
    September 30th, 2007

    CLICK HERE to view the article about how some prankster is registering for $425 Tiffany & Co. silver salt and pepper shakers in Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt’s name and the hundreds of responses. Okay okay, we had our friend be the “prankster” so that we could call usmagazine and sell this story to them. SO WHAT, you would do it too if you weren’t as famous as Lauren and desperately wanted attention!

  • Sophie

    why would you set such bad and false rumos that hurt someone real bad. its horrible.

  • katie

    totally 100% believe that heidi and spencer did it.
    thats just the kind of people they’ve turned into.

  • julia

    it was “hacked,” but we all know that heidi + spencer really did post it.. for publicity. hahaha jk idk.

  • Regina

    What a stupid bimbo. It’s Spencer and I. You stupid c unt, go back to Z-list world where grammar is not vital.

  • not guilty

    Great young couple!

  • http://justjared melissa

    spencers a asshole he spread the rumors

  • kp23

    loser faces and eat crap stupid hedi and spencer grrrrr

  • kate.

    what a surprise.!

    [sense the sarcasm.]

  • mfer

    Lets work towards ignoring stupidity!! Don’t support these individuals and they will go away….IGNORE THESE POSTS ON BLOGS AND DON’T LEAVE COMMENTS!!!!

    mf’s hope for a world of smart and honest people.