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Natalie Portman Wants Your Shoes

Natalie Portman Wants Your Shoes

Natalie Portman says, “Please give your running shoes to the Kibera Project!”

Nat and former ER doc Anthony Edwards, in partnership with Shoe 4 Africa, invite you to take part in The Kibera Project. Kibera is Africa’s largest slum where 1.2 million impoverished people live on a garbage dump roughly the size of Central Park without drainage or sewage; many without a single pair of shoes.

Visit for more information!

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  • pooja

    does not look like her

  • Z & V Fan

    Great cause.

  • Carrie

    The children who live in the dumps of Africa are addicted to burning and smelling the glue inside running shoes.


  • debbie

    Way to go people!!!! The more the better and together we can make a difference!!!

  • sofia

    she looks gr8
    good 3 know that she does that kinda of things

  • debbie

    3 Carrie : 10/16/2007 at 12:47 pm
    The children who live in the dumps of Africa are addicted to burning and smelling the glue inside running shoes.



    Where can I find out more information on this???

  • Regina

    The children who live in the dumps of Africa are addicted to burning and smelling the glue inside running shoes.

    I don’t know if this comment was serious or not but…wow.

  • kira

    she doesn’t look like her.. well jared any zanessa news??

  • Evisu

    Looks like a good cause, but not sure about the comment of sniffing the glue inside the shoe???

  • Irishdreams

    Most organization have a pro and con issue to say not to give to this you might be depriving kids of something they need..the only thing anyone can do if they wish to donate and are unsure is to reseach it before they give..I think Natalie looks wonderful and very much like herself..glad she is doing something nobel with her time and celebrity..

  • Z & V Fan

    You can find negatives in any charity organization. The thing is you are help far more people than are being harmed. I am not willing to ignore the needs of many because a few people want to abuse the charity of others. Whether it is this cause or another, it is wonderful to know you are helping another person in need.

  • Money grubbers

    nat and all of your colleagues in this organization: take the millions of dollars you make a year and buy the whole village running shoes! Stop asking poor people to give up shoes to other poor people!

  • Lexyane

    loool you are great!

    she has to give her millions!

    we don’t have money!!!

    but hey Nat you are great =)

  • Jed

    she’s ugly now

  • Grace


  • someone

    I can’t believe some people are taking that shoe sniffing comment seriously.

    And I will say that I don’t know anything about this situation but if a million people are living on a small garbage dump and we want to bring awareness to the situation, shouldn’t we be more concerned with other more important needs before shoes?

  • Neep

    I donated all that I had left in my paypal account which was only 4 dollars :[

  • ver

    that looks more like keira knightley.

  • BB

    once gain, when you say Africa please state the country or area you mean!!

    for heaven’s sake.
    i live in Africa. (Lagos Nigeria)
    i am a lawyer, went to private schools grew up with drivers and maids and nannies.
    And no, my family are not corrupt politicians, just regular educated folk.

    yes, there is ppoverty in some parts of Africa, but its not like every street corner in every country in Africa is famished and disease-ridden!!

    Me and mine really take offence when the whole of ‘Africa’ is just lumped together as some kind of project.

    people please keep your shoes and your money..
    there are enough grants, let the governments of these countries sit up and work on policies that will help their people.

    enough with the sickening and be-littling ‘charity’ causes.
    ‘its so embarrsing to us regular middle class Africans!

  • Sienna

    I think it’s great that she’s promoting charity, she is probably a great person.

    On the shallow side: She has absolutely NO tits …Still gorgeous despite that ;)

  • SaludosAmigos

    Ah whatever, just another pretentious celebrity twit using a charity to make herself look good and noble. Come on, how much effort did it take for her to get made-up and pose for this cheesy studio photograph? And THAT’S what counts for big fight in supporting a charity? I’m with the rest, why doesn’t she donate some of HER precious millions instead of “raising awareness” by posing for a pic, and just getting credit and PR for herself for being oh-so-charitable. Can’t stand these righteous celebs who want to take credit for everything under the sun. I bet if you took the paychecks doled out to Portman, the makeup artist, hairstylist, photographer, set designer, and assistants for this stupid photo shoot, they coulda given a crapload of shoes to the village…

  • Malika

    i agree with BB and i’m glad somebody finally said it, i am not african but i always find it troubling when ppl here refer to africa as though it is all one thing. even if people like natalie portman may mean well or have good intentions, it actually ends up backfiring because it contributes to people’s ignorance about that continent, and thinking african people can’t help themselves and don’t have any agency and just need pitying.

  • BB

    thanks Malika..
    it can be so embarrasing sometimes.
    whenever i travel on holiday to the states or europe, the western media is all about aid Africa this, Aid africa that.

    like that’s all we are, a bunch of sorry beggars!
    well we aren’t.
    my niece takes ballet classes for crying out loud!