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The Beckhams Look a Bit Koi

The Beckhams Look a Bit Koi

David Beckham drives wife Victoria home after the pair had dined out WeHo’s Koi restaurant on Monday.

According to People, the Spice Girls will allow fans to pre-order hard copies of their new album at for 24 hours only between midnight on Oct. 17 and 18.

The girls are also set to perform at the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show, which tapes in Los Angeles on Nov. 14 and airs on CBS Dec. 4. Their world tour kicks off Dec. 2 in Vancouver.

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  • connie

    i like the colors she’s wearing.

    any zanessa news coming up, jared?

  • EbolaHater


  • connie

    oops sorry, ebolahater. =[
    i didn’t mean to beat you. i was just commenting.

  • Bite me


  • amy


  • ashers

    who actually gives a flying fuck about these beckhams anymore. victoria is so far up her own anus she wonders who turned the lights out, and david hasn’t played any decent football in ages.
    i am in england and its a relief that they are no longer splashed on our papers every day now. the rest of the spice girls can get lost too.

  • ratty…

    Seriously who really cares about them? Except maybe themselves! Over-Inflated-Egos for BOTH of them! He still has a bit of talent left, that is when he’s not injured and delegated to bench duty, and she is as useless as the day is long! Not too mention: drab, hideous, vile,… she actually looks like some kind of rat that a cat might drag home… she may be Living the high life, but what an absolute WORTHLESS human being she is!

  • http://justjared Jenni

    Yea i want zanessa news
    please track them down or something!!!

  • frank

    OMG -where are her big bug eye sunglasses?? she should always cover up those ugly rat eyes! she is repulsive.

  • ?????

    He looks like he is thinking to himself ” WHY AM I STILL WITH THIS SKANK?” LOL

  • http://justjared Jenni


  • jailisa

    some people just know how 2 hate ahters dis is to all da ahters of posh and becks get alife they have one u all seem not 2

  • Kim

    Love her!

  • lawrencia


  • B

    Please just go back to the UK and raise your children with all of that money you do not deserve. He is gay, she dresses like a hooker and poses like a fool and I feel sorry for the children that have them for parents.

    They are an embarrassment to even themselves and are too unintelligent to even know it.

    Have you heard the guy speak – we thought it was a girl speaking.

  • n.o.l.a

    i hate her bright blonde hair. she need to tone down the color now.

  • Itis

    I’m so dissapointed with David Beckham. I”m sorry, but I’ve been a soccer fan all of my life and never have I seen such a fragile player. Me thinks he shoul retire and give back the money he hasn’t earned. I was so excited to have him play with the Galaxy…but I just don’t give a sh*t anymore.

  • Lulu

    People, he’s coming back to playing on thursday. the guy had an injury tha neither real madrid or the galaxy let healed properly, that’s why it took so long.
    And about the money he earned :
    1: He didn’t get 250 million in one time you know, he’ll have through 5 years.
    2: The Galaxy already made a lot of profit out of him.
    Get a brain instead of bashing people with no point exept your stupidness.

    And i still don’t understand people who hate them (with no good reason, pure free hate, based on arguments that are far far away from being facts) but still manage to open every single topic about them and leave a comment.
    Get a life people.


    # 18: Why should it bother you if ppl. don’t like them? What, are you on their payroll or something? Get over it- the Beckhams’ are NOT ALL THAT-AND NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO KISS THEIR RICH A****, AS SOME OF THEIR “CRAZIER”, “LOONEY-TOON” “FANS” DO!

  • Cynthia

    Love this couple, they’re going out to dinner. I guess the cook had the night off. Nice seeing the Beckhams!

  • smooth


    Don’t try,they will never listen to you: haters love to hate-it makes them happy

  • smooth


    You are not soccer fan and for sure not LA fan,because no fan will talk like this about player of his team.
    And if Beckham helps LA to reach playoffs in two last games this victory will have to do nothing with you because you “don’t give a sh*t anymore.”

  • vicky

    I wish we had more pix from this nigth !! I love them so much..They are the most stylish couple in the world !

  • kt

    #18 and #23 –you guys must be on the beckham payroll, cuz who else in ther right mind would adore these self-absorbed media whores. vb is nothing but a materialistic snobby nobody, and why is her husband benig paid millions for not even playing?

  • yankees.

    cute couple

  • VWik

    you guys better fuck off from this page! If you don’t like them better don’t come n visit beckhams’ page! if you’re a chinese, u’ll know this word:Diao, Haolin Yong…If you’re a english, u’ll know this: Bitch, as stupid as a dog! kick your fat ass! Beckhams’ are the most stylist couple in the world…you guys who don’t even support them better fuck off from here! they didn’t need you this useless stupidness guys! as better fuck off as far as possible! better fuck off to HELL! don’t even appear at here! this is not your page! you must go as far as possible! You guys never have beckham’s feeling…If you are them, how you feel?…you all fucker fuck off from here as fast as possible! and i’m not on beckhams’ payroll…I’m just a person who know to respect people, and don’t hurt people feeling…TRY TO RESPECT PEOPLE! Then you will get happiness if you respect other people feeling…IF YOU DON’T SUPPORT THEM OR DON’T LIKE THEM, BETTER DON’T COME AND VISIT THEIR PAGE…better Beckham don’t visit this page and read you stupid brainless guys’ comments! It’s just hurt his feeling…My words:David Beckham! You’re the perfect man in this world…Victoria, you’re very lucky married to this gorgeous guy…and your kids are cute! hope you have a happy life!


    To ashers and ratty:

    You seem to care for the Beckhams enough to post a hate comment.

    There goes your answer.


    Do these two overrated people go to dinner every night? or is it just so the papz can get pics of them. WTF is she going to eat anyways?

    So much for him being injured, he’s gone to LA to get loads of $$ and because his wife wants to be huge celebrity in La La Land.

    Can’t stand the pair of them, wish they would go back to UK where they belong, coz most of us americans don’t give a sh*t about them.

  • VWik

    I think you’re a selfish person…Why you don’t allow people to live in America?! Weirdo…people got their choice to choose what country they should live in…Is it your bussiness to allow this kind of people or that kind of people to live in what country?! it’s not your business! have you been heard of this?: David was so excited about soccer in america…if u haven’t heard that before…better u this useless guy fuck from from this page right now!~

  • Doni


    Oh I hate the Beckham I can’s stand their guts….they receive too much attention, they’re over-rated blah blah…what should I do?? ..I know I’ll find news about them in blogs and spend my time and energy telling people how they don’t deserve any time or energy!!