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Why Britney Spears Doesn't Wear Underwear

Why Britney Spears Doesn't Wear Underwear

Finally! A friend of Britney Spears reveals the reason behind the pop princess has so many frequent (and indecent) exposures.

Find out the answer inside!


The answer: She just doesn’t like to!

Here is In Touch‘s report on the reasoning:

Why Britney Spears Doesn’t Wear Underwear

A longtime friend of Britney Spears is exasperated that the singer keeps exposing herself in public. “The underwear thing is ridiculous – and I’ve told her,” Tuesday Knight, a jewelry designer who has been a friend of Britney‘s since 2003, tells In Touch. “I’ve said, ‘You cannot walk into a store wearing just a shirt with your underwear off.’ I’ve told her that no one will take her seriously when she does this.”

Tuesday believes Britney‘s insecurity after her divorce from Kevin Federline led to her exposing her private parts. “I love Britney – adore her – but she brings a lot of it on herself,” says Tuesday, 38. “I’ve heard Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney talk about how they shock Hollywood just for the fun of it. They were discussing how they could play a little joke on all of us.”

Britney has always been a good mother,” she says. “I want people to know that she’s the better parent – not Kevin!” Tuesday adds, “Britney asked me, ‘Doesn’t anybody get to see this part of me?’ The answer is, no, they don’t. People just read about her not wearing underwear.”

Tuesday blames Kevin, 29, for Britney‘s transformation from international pop star to train wreck. “I knew Britney when she and Kevin first met,” Tuesday says. “She remade her entire life so it was all about him. She didn’t even want to sign a prenup. Since then, I’ve watched her spiral downward.”

Now, her problem of flashing could get her in even more trouble with the law. “The rules on indecent exposure are the same for everybody,” says attorney Myles Alderman Jr. of New York’s Alderman & Alderman law firm, which does not represent Britney. “If you can see her exposing herself at eye level, then that would be sufficient evidence and could create a legal issue.”

Before that happens, Tuesday hopes that her friend will realize that she doesn’t have to humiliate herself to get attention. “Britney doesn’t need to do it and she knows it’s stupid,” says Tuesday. “But she says that she just doesn’t like to wear underwear.”

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  • jaelyn


  • [~Famous~]

    Cause she a pathetically clueless whor`e who loves to show her buddies [the paps] her dirty vajayjay.

  • justmeAGAIN!

    oh, GROW UP!!!!

  • Lexyane

    if she doesn’t lke so…why are we want to oblige her??
    If there aren’t that much papz around her taking her pics, NO ONE will be able to know that she doesn’t wear underwear!!!!

    Look, maybe Jessica ALba, Scarlett Jo or, Angie DO NOT wearing underwear!!But no papz are here to take the picture ;p

    think about it!


    ummm.. yeah, that made no sense lol

    I’m sorry but I don’t feel bad for Britney anymore.

  • angel

    IN TOUCH right? ok…

  • Ashlee

    Ok now i luv her music and stuff but what has she done to her life? I mean come on now. Britney needs to get her life straight then maybe she can get the fans she once had back.

  • the_original_nika

    Grow up woman.

  • angie

    outta touch,BS.She for sure is not friend,Why someone`s friend should come out and talk about her friend`s privacy.I don`t see her as friend.

  • Marieme

    Again…more excuses from enabling friends! If I was behaving as stupidly as that skank, my friends would read me the riot act. All these lame enablers are just afraid of alienating a “star.”

    Of course, the biggest person to blame is the idiot machine known as Britney. This is not news.

  • lol !

    hillarious !

    The smell in that car must be funky as hell with those leather couches..

    She really is too much : no decency and insanity at its best ! If she doesn’t like putting some oanties on, then put some longer skirt, idiot !

    You are just an addictive sexhibitionist !

  • shauna

    That’s the problem with Britney. Britney will not do, what Britney does not want to do. Regardless of the consequences. She has a lot of growing up to do. To give the excuse that she doesn’t like to wear underwear when she has exposed her genitals to the entire world is pathetic. She has serious emotional issues to deal with, but then, we all know this.

  • sillyme

    Oh, what a surprise. A “friend” of Britney’s blames Kevin for ALL of Britney’s problems. I guess she forgot about the quickie marriage to Jason Alexander when they were both high on drugs. Britneys problems started long before Kevin. If anything, being with Kevin seemed to mellow her.

  • MMM

    I thought her reason was going to be an infection or an STD, not that she just doesn’t want to, which is lame. Grow up Brit.

  • Regina

    That’s not really a reason, is it?

  • Michelle

    I’m with #5!

    Also, underwear was created not only for modesty reasons but for HYGIENE. Not many women in their right mind would feel clean or sanitary about sitting on public restaurant chairs, public club couches, or even on your own car seat without some form of cloth between the gazillion germs and the opening to your insides. DUH. Not to mention YOUR germs that YOU spread by not covering those areas up. I mean, would anyone here like to remove their underwear and then sit where Britney has sat on her car seat? Not me. Where HER gross bodily fluids have imbedded themselves into the leather in her car? I’ll pass on that, thank you. Just saying – this whole thing is gross in addition to be being EXTREMELY tacky. It is NO wonder they all got pink eye. Between the pacifer trading and the no underwear, it’s a downright germ-fest at her house.

  • lol !

    There are things in life you don’t like that had to be done nevertheless when you are in public !

    That’s the growing process ! Little children like going on the nude and learn that they have to put their panties and skirt on and cannot do that in public !

    Next time, Britney will go out with no panties on and no skirt on…cause she doesn’t like to !

    Lame excuses !

  • Mediterranean

    Let’s say she is sick from top to toe. Needs help.

  • required

    throw her in jail for indecent exposure. poor britneys bad marriage makes her expose herself. im so tired of this pathetic attention skank.

  • Taylor_Blue

    that makes sense….NOT!!!

  • It’s Britney, b*tch

    STOP IT BRITNEY..This is a really stupid thing to do when you’re in the middle of a custody-battle…Kevin will use this against you.

  • Clementines

    She’s a pervert and wants to shock you for her jollies

  • michelle

    That is digusting. I’m with # 16. She’s right about the whole germ thing.

  • michelle

    That is disgusting. I’m with # 16. She’s right about the whole germ thing.

  • Lillianne

    Geez, be careful where you sit if you go to her house.

  • Preesi

    “Tuesday blames Kevin, 29, for Britney’s transformation from international pop star to train wreck. “I knew Britney when she and Kevin first met,” Tuesday says. “She remade her entire life so it was all about him. She didn’t even want to sign a prenup. Since then, I’ve watched her spiral downward.””

    Then Britney herself did it. Not Kevin.

  • EvilLynn

    @ #25

    ….and never, EVER buy a used car off her…

  • musky

    Ew weee that smell
    Can’t you smell that smell
    The smell that surrounds you!

  • take this puppy away from her !

    poor puppy…smelling that stench when it is next to her…ewwww.

    Poor babies too, I wonder how those little boys subconscious would be affected by their mother genitals stench all over the place each time she is next to them without panties on! Little children are very aware and sensitive to the intimate smell and perfume, especially when related to their mother who is the one who is in direct physical contact most of the time with them…with the cuddling, the hugging, ect…and I bet it is worse in privacy, that she may go on the nude in front of them !

    she is insane and sickly immature !

  • infestation

    I need to throw up!!!What a nasty azz skank!!!!!!!yuck and gross.

  • LINA


  • diane

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww she has cellulite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can seeeee it in that pic!!!!!!!!!



  • Mindy

    A friend of mine hung out with her one night a few months ago and she said Britney acted like she was her best friend even though they had just met. My friend said that the no underwear thing came up and Britney said she hated seeing dirty underwear so if there is no under wear to catch the gross stuff, then she never has to see it.She said she started laughing saying that a pair of her dirty underwear would prob sell for a million dollars so she’s not going to let the cleaning lady have that kind of

  • FabulouS.

    Hi! that’s not important or interesting if you don’t show us, the real photo, without stars or anything, thank you!!
    I’m not saying that I’d like to see Britney’s —- but It ‘ll be more interesting I think.



  • whatever

    Britney asked me, ‘Doesn’t anybody get to see this part of me?’

    The answer: yes, we’ve seen too much of you, including this smelly private part. Cover it up, you brain dead dumpass or dumppussy rather.

  • AMY

    The Brit is plump!
    She’s ugly and old!

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    What is wrong with this woman?

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    I’m thinking that maybe her COOCHIE is stink, so she want to give it some fresh air.


    NO one asked none of you to feel bad about her, or comment on her! If you didn’t want to comment, then you shouldn’t of left one!

    What kills me is that none of you people act like your life hasn’t been f*cked up, at one point, or 2 in your life! How is she a Wh*re? she is doing what all women do! They Meet a guy, whether they are single, or not. They have sex, if the sex is good, one, or two of them fall in love, Have babies, If it doesn’t work out, then get a divorce, maybe be depressed! So, this is not the first lady to be F*cked up over a realtionship!

    Maybe, she don’t want to wear underwear. It is probably some people on this board that goes COMMANDO! If the SCUMS wouldn’t surround her car like flies on sh*t, then they would never get those photo’s! She can’t even get dried mucus off of the tip of her nostrils without a picture being taken! “OH, BRITNEY, HAS MUCUS ON HER NOSTRILS, BOYOBOY, SHE IS REALLY GOING DOWN HARD”

    get the f*ck out of here! You mutha******* know that your life isn’t perfect! STOP SUGARCOATING!
    We, that act NORMAL should start that campaign! STOP SUGARCOATING, YOUR LIFE! BE ReAl!



    If her coochie really stunk, Don’t you think that….that defeats the purpose of not having on UNDERWEAR?

    It seem like to me that having on Underwear would keep the stink in, instead of out!


  • Lala

    good for her

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Wasn’t trying to be funny.Did u see me laughing?.I smell stink coochie.

  • to 41

    You need some anger management !

    If Brit wasn’t a celebrity, her behaviour would have sent her to jail a long time ago, period !

    With or without the camera, openning your legs while in public (in her car surrounding by photographers or in a club) is considered as an attempted of indecent behaviour against public order.

    When you are doing it without your panties on, again and again it is a criminal act that put people like you and me in front of a judge for indecent behaviour and troubling of public order…wether you are in your car or not…Nudity or showing of your goodies in public is considered a civil crime !

    And what about all this BS about being depressed ? Her life, divorced or not is till 99,99 % than any other individual on Earth ! She is young, healthy, has no money problems to deal with ! She doesn’t have to deal with cancer or with a dying son, with poverty or violence (she live in a world where she is mostly immune to that) !

    Nothing can justify her disgusted behaviour and nothing can justify the double standard she is receiving while showing off her goodies over and over again to the entire world.

  • jaye

    Hmmmmm. She blames KEVIN? Who was to blame when Britney married that first yahoo because she thought it would be FUN? Doesn’t sound like he was too bright either. Looks like she was working on a train wreck a LONG time and no one was bothering to tell her what a damn idiot she was and IS. Why not blame her break up with Justin Timberlake? It’s everyone’s fault, but Britney’s. She’s such a dumbass. Someone is going to have to commit her. One flew over the cuckoo’s nest and it’s way past time for it to land.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    No matter how mest up she is,is it so hard to close her legs when coming out of the car?.It’s all for attention.It’s not like it’s the first time she did it.

  • Mia

    How bout this… She’s an ignorant, inbred, redneck, waste of space.

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  • oceanspray

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    STOP BEING JEALOUS OF HER! she just have the balls to open her sh#t!