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Angelina Jolie: When It All Falls Down

Angelina Jolie: When It All Falls Down

Angelina Jolie was seen falling down on the set of her new movie, The Changeling, in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

Director Clint Eastwood can be seen working nearby.

Thanks for the instant replay, TMZ.

Angie took the fall like a trooper and got right back up. Back to work, I say!

Angelina Jolie Falling Down
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  • Beth


  • llm

    2nd – i am off today.

  • Bite me

    ok then

  • R

    Man, thats funny!!! I never thought i would see her fall. I guess she is only human, at the end, she is not that Santa Bullshit

  • Lynn

    That was wierd!

  • Regina

    Oh dear.

  • Ivy


  • Michelle

    nice sounds effects :o)

  • [~Famous~]

    damn you jared. lmao

  • juju

    Now even Angelina sliping on set becames news?

    Like someone said in TMZ, it must be a slow news day.

  • ?

    oh dear,still beautiful.


    Going to bring over my comment from the last thread, with a little adjustments.

    In the last couple of months I’ve seen Beyonce, Aguilera and Stefani each take big nasty spills while performing. Beyonce rolled down a flight of stairs.

    I think this video is funny, made me laugh and shows that Angelina is prone to accidents just like everyone else. Like a hard working pro she got up real quickly. She’s still beautiful and only human.

  • nova

    Hopefully she is OK.
    Is she preggers? She fainted during filming of TGS . We all know SHILOH is on her way.

  • Here’s The Deal

    Lmao! Love ya Angie, but I have to admit that that was funny.

  • julia

    I don’t find it funny at all.


  • Regina

    All you Angie fans have to admit – that was HILARIOUS.

  • lady t

    Angie is such a trooper…She is truly a professional.

    Umhh…She always said that she was clumsy and that was why she wore so much black but I won’t hang up the pregnancy theories just yet…

  • funny

    That was funny,hopefully she didn`t get hurt.


    The video is barely visible, for all we know she could deny and say it was a body double and no one would question.


  • Maggie

    You rock Jared. You made the haters so happy.
    Maybe Brad needs to feed her.

  • peret

    Whatever Clint didn’t want to cast Angelina.

  • njnc

    Yeah, but it looks like no one noticed. Where’s the bodyguard?

  • Two buck chuck

    Dang. Maybe there was a strong breeze and it knocked her scrawny azz over.

  • Dancer

    Thanks Jared! Love how she gets right back up. I hear Donald Trump said she wasn’t beautiful and he knows because he owns Miss USA and Miss America. Angie is far more beautiful inside and out than those twits.

  • juju

    13 nova : 10/17/2007 at 2:39 pm
    Yes, she is ok, she got right to work.

    No. She just slip.

  • Amy

    She’s only human????? WTF? NO.

  • ?

    22 peret

    and you know this how?

    21 princess

    honey go back to FF,your way in speech is just perfect for that blog.

  • http://justjared princess

    i cant stand this bitch

  • Regina

    The video is barely visible, for all we know she could deny and say it was a body double and no one would question.

    Well put it this way: Nobodies perfect and even Angelina knows that herself (or does she?). Anyway who cares if she did fall anyway? If she says that it’s a body double, it clearly isn’t, her face is shown at the start and she’d end up looking silly. It proves she’s just human and is not perfect as everyone claims her to be. Nobody should be making a big deal out of it.

  • http://justjared princess

    what is ff

  • kat

    haha cute!

  • funny

    haters are so funny just say this!!!

  • angelina_mmm

    Beyonce is by far the best ;)

  • worth reposting

    bringing this over from the other post

    1006 dina #1 : 10/17/2007 at 2:27 pm

    When I started posted on JJ almost two years ago, when Angie was pregnant with Shilo. I would get so angry at the ignorant, vile, racist, hateful, and just mean spirited comments. I had never posted before on anything. This was my first experience. Posting 101. I literally got headaches. I wondered how people could be so mean as to wish harm on children, unborn babies, etc. Then slowly I began to realize that these people were some extremely unhappy people. And that most of their hatered had nothing to do with the x, Brad, or Angie. They hated because they were lacking something in their own lives. These are people who are empty and all they know is hate. If it weren’t the jolie/pitts it would be some other couple. It is just that the jolie/pitts are the flavor of the month so to speak. I was just on’s home page. And there was Donald Trump calling Angie a hypocrite. Here is a billionaire with all of that money. Homes around the world. Businesses that are sucessful. A semi-attractive wife, and a lovely son. Yet this man has to take pot shots at Angelina. Donald is like one of the trolls. His life is empty, plus he wants publicity. Someone upthread mentioned Angie’s checkered past, she was not being negative. Angie has done somethings that she is not proud of. But they were to herself. No DUI’ that can harm or kill someone. She was self destructive. She owns up to this. She accepted her responsibility for her actions and changed. And that is one of the reasons they hate her. Because she refused to stay where she was. She was strong enough to change. Not everyone is capable of such strength. Some people never change. Even those with money, DT. And JV hates her for it because he was never able to break her. To make submit to his BS. Plus she has done better than he has.

    Now when I read, mostly I skip them, posts by the trolls I laugh. Because they are so obviously stupid. They are still all of the things I said above. But now they are also hating on the shoes she is wearing in a movie because they don’t look like 1920’s shoes. Research and design department handles costumes. Please. Or her wig is too brown. Her lipstick too red. This type of ignorance should be bottled and studied. DT and JV should be taken out of their collective misery. Fans, true fans not the ones who try to divide the jolie’s from the pitts, we should never spend another second on these fools. Or the tabs. The jolie/pitts/little jolie/pitts are doing well. Let’s be happy for them and include them in our prayers. Peace. :smile:

  • Anon


  • http://justjared princess

    i doubt she is human or someone who enjoys making her brother is so not human

  • funny

    I was waiting for this kind of comment,wish her something bad for next time?really are you human?probably you are gonna kill her If you see her in street,right?

  • Jen’s Barren Uterus

    JJ you’re so funny with the picture above the video.

  • http://justjared princess

    making out with your brother is not human and enjoying it is by far sickening

  • lora

    16 Regina : 10/17/2007 at 2:40 pm

    All you Angie fans have to admit – that was HILARIOUS.

    Um, I didn’t find it very funny. I could barely see it and it was just ho hum, Angie fell down and got back up. But I guess that is just me.

  • lady t

    How twisted can the mind be for some of these self proclaimed haters/trolls? Angie’s human and she had a human moment. Move on…

    She has said it herself that she’s clumsy and that’s why she has worn so much black in the past.

    The only drug addicts here are the ones addicted to tabloid trash, and the only anorexia persons are the ones who fein over the fantasies of the past instead of feasting on the present or the future…

  • ?

    37 Anon

    Why you are talking about this?she just fell down,what are all these speculation.

  • Jen’s Barren Uterus

    The Jen fatty Hags think it’s funny. In fact, it’s made their miserable year.

  • Thank You

    God forbid she’s human and trips like the rest of us.

  • coco

    Who knows perhaps she did fall on purpose just to make those who wish her falling down happy.

    Amazing how she knows to deal with this kind of people!

    Love her much more for it! ;-) ;-) ;-)

  • funny

    43 lady t


  • http://justjared princess

    she is not fucking human she is an idiot the only thing good in her life is shi and brad, not for long because she sucks, hater sorry not a hater i wouldnt want to look anorexic and a homewrecker

  • Spirit

    That was news… I trip, slip, and run into walls all the time… who cares??? I love this woman!!!!

  • Jen’s Barren Uterus

    Princess (BUAHAHAHAHA) go feed your jelly belly and watch some Friends reruns.

  • oh

    i see the trolls from popsugar have arrived