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Brad Pitt Visits 'The Changeling'

Brad Pitt Visits 'The Changeling'

Brad Pitt puts his arm around his leading lady, Angelina Jolie, on the set of her new film, The Changeling, in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Cute couple now and forever!

Jolie plays a mother whose kidnapped son returns home but suspects the boy who comes back is not hers.

The Changeling is set for a November 7th, 2008 release.

15+ pictures inside of Brad & Angelina on the set of The Changeling

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brad angelina the changeling set 01
brad angelina the changeling set 02
brad angelina the changeling set 03
brad angelina the changeling set 04
brad angelina the changeling set 05
brad angelina the changeling set 06
brad angelina the changeling set 07
brad angelina the changeling set 08
brad angelina the changeling set 09
brad angelina the changeling set 10
brad angelina the changeling set 11
brad angelina the changeling set 12
brad angelina the changeling set 13
brad angelina the changeling set 14
brad angelina the changeling set 15

Photos:, Andrew Shawaf/
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  • Regina

    They look good!

  • Dancer

    A new thread! Nice to see you keep up with things Jared. Thank you.

  • Regina

    Woohoo! Finally first comment and Brad is set to start filming State of Play soon.

  • Ana

    why are they putting as much make-up on her possible to make her look whiter? she must be an extremely old mother in this movie

  • connie

    aww! that’s so cute. =]

  • lady t

    I am too excited about this new thread…

    God bless the Jolie-Pitts!

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared.

    It was posted that Brad and the children had been on the set visiting Angie.

  • SaRaH

    luv them

  • SaRaH

    welcome brad :D

  • Here’s The Deal

    There he is! Aww goodness, they look so good together. I am seriously loving Angelina’s dark hair (the color anyway….the style is blah….).

  • saraicita

    Sorry Haters:

    OMG!!! my Brad is beautiful, gorgeous, sexy, hot & his woman is very lucky!!!

  • Africa

    Lovely family. Love them

  • [~Famous~]

    sounds like a good movie.

  • Lady G

    4 Ana : 10/17/2007 at 6:28 pm


    Have you ever seen movies from this time frame on Turner Classic Movies channel? That’s just one station that broadcast old movies. The women were very pale looking during that time — also someone explain why in the Angelina Jolie is the Changeling thread, IIRC.

  • susieqt

    Oh my God too!! They look sooooo happy together. Thank you Jared. You just made my day, again!!

  • Andrómeda

    They look so happy together!!. Thanks JJ.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the thread Just Jared. BP and AJ are a cute couple. I wish them and their adorable children all the best. Thanks for the links to other pictures of AJ on the set. She is a beautiful woman and looks great in her period clothing. Peace to all.

  • Regina

    You have to admit, the blurry girl in front of Brangelina is probably loving her job at the moment!

  • bite me


  • Petra

    Ang is gorgeous!

  • Tijen

    I’ve always liked Angie with dark hair.

  • Regina

    Sorry Haters:

    There is NO haters on this thread (not yet). Just ignore them and enjoy the pictures. The term ‘haters’ is really overused.

  • just interrupted

    the trolls would die.
    all these BS tabloids are so stupid.No wonder that most of them , if not all of them are single.I think it is why they relate a lot to someone else.
    hello missouri fan didn’t hear anything from you? hope you are doing
    african girl, jill, anustin and real tita i miss your are really interesting
    peace from germany

  • showers of Blessings
  • (LOVE- J )

    Tabloids are stupid.

  • emma

    oh, she looks so SWEET!!! she looks so innocent and soft in that wig. Brad must love it.

  • Tijen

    Thank you for this new thread Jared.
    Angie looks so happy and peaceful.
    I think she is enjoying playing this role in this movie.

    My husband and I are going to se AOJJ tomorrow night, and I CAN NOT WAIT. I am sorry for some of you fans who can not see it in your towns yet. Just be patient.

  • julia

    Thanks Jared, I love the pics.. What a nice surprise.

    love this one with their arms around each other.

  • Mzslil

    Brad visiting this baby on set….priceless. Eat your hateful hearts out trolls.

  • Katrina

    Oh, come one, Ana. “Extremely old mother” – looking like that? She looks fresh and cute, and you know it.

  • http://pplrreallystupidiftheybelievethetabs..itsallabouttheifmeanitridiculouswhyevenfeedinto..bradandangiehavingbeenbreakingupsincetheymet samara

    awww that is the sweetest thing ever…i wonder whos watching the kids…u tend to get used to the whole gang

  • Jill

    LOL! Jared, did you say “Cute couple, now and forever”? Aniston’s fans are never gonna forgive you for that!

  • Hiya

    Thanks, Jared, for these gorgeous pics! They just radiate happiness and love!

  • appetizing

    I love this couple.

  • piper, with a low

    4 Ana : 10/17/2007 at 6:28 pm

    You haven’t seen a Jean Harlow movie, have you? In nearly every candid shot, that girl was tanned; but when it came to her movies, she was lily-white. So much so, she bacame the beauty standard for the Nazi German regime.

  • Tijen

    Tabloids are just trying to mess up people’s minds.
    People need to come and check out the happy couple’s most recent pics here at Jared and skip the tablods at the check out isle.

  • DUI

    Does anyone else think she looks way too thin. Especially with the make-up, she looks almost skeletal. I hope she’s okay.


    And there is Waldo!! LOL!! I missed Brad!! So the poster on IMDB who said that Brad and the kids where visiting her was correct! They look so good and so at peace!! Angie is all smiles!! They seem to enjoy the little privacy they can have.

    Love them!! Thanks Jared!!

  • http://justjared dina #1

    Brad had to come and check on his babies’mama. During the 1920′s so I’ve read, the woman used corn starch as face powder to controll the shine. They didn’t have a lot of cosmectics like they do now. Cosmectics weren’t being mass produced then. That is what I read somewhere many years ago. Don’t remember the book or what. Peace.

  • Janice

    Aw cute, Brad came to check on his leading lady. Angelina looks like she is having a great time on set.

  • guli

    Wow Jared thank you sooo much!!!!!!

    They look great!

    Hello everyone!!!!

  • Rose

    Love Brad and Angie,what a gorgeous family (and kind).

  • briseis

    Awwww, so so good-looking together! Love them both! Thanks for the new thread, Jared!

  • sharon

    omg, finally i see my Brad. I just miss him so much. I love him so much.

  • is lainey referring to jen?

    from lainey

    Secrets from the BFF
    Old gossip now leaking, courtesy of her BFF – in whose chair she sat after her split, receiving therapy and getting pretty at the same time. That’s what friends are for.

    Only lately her BFF is getting tired of her attitude problem – friendship is apparently on her terms and the BFF is treated alternately as servant and confidante. So since the BFF can be as catty as they come, secrets are starting seep, shedding light on several mysteries, including weight, children, and heartbreak, all pointing to one cause.

    Male hormones???

    According to the BFF, she took male hormones as a way to stay thin. As a result, she miscarried at least once, which is what resulted in the big break – she lost love because she was obsessed with being skinny…so says the BFF. The BFF also confirms that she has since stopped, which is why her body is back to lovely.

    Still…her reputation, or her looks for that matter, won’t be lovely for long if BFF keeps yapping. In many ways, in one very critical way, she needs her buddy more than her buddy needs her.



  • http://justjared dina #1

    Those two large guys in picture one look like bodyguards. Maybe Brad brought them with him.

    35 piper, with a low :

    I remember reading that also. Yeah, if you look at those old movies the women all have really white chalk like faces. Peace

  • sharon

    They are so happy and so in love.

  • tabitha

    Nice to see both of them on the set of Angelina’s movie.

  • jo

    Angie looks like an ano sack of bones.