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Celine Dion - "Taking Chances" Music Video

Celine Dion -

Celine Dion has released her “Taking Chances” music video from her forthcoming album of the same name. The Canadian chanteuse puts on her spy hat helmet and goes hi-tech in this vid! Celine‘s album is scheduled for release on Nov. 13.

The last show for Ms. Dion‘s entertainment extravaganza at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas will be on Dec 15. Sniff, sniff. I haven’t seen it yet!!! She’s been at it for a total of four years –

Celine Dion – “Taking Chances” Music Video

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Celine’s “Taking Chances” music video?

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  • allison

    I like it

  • kira

    she sings really good!! but she’s not really beautiful oh yeah jared.. some zanessa news??????vanessa or zac?

  • coco

    I loove celine dion i grew up with her music.

  • bite me


  • kat

    Slow news day huh jared?

  • Youwillmissme

    Don’t like this song. Don’t like her look

  • nando

    Was that Ringo?!

  • raul



  • Regina

    Ashley Tisdale? Are you kidding me? No one cares about her.

  • Tugba

    Celine is ok..
    but I want my Zanessa picz!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Flisbeth

    The song is not to bad…but the video is distracting.

  • http://deleted flower

    The song is good,I like it.

  • abby

    I love The Original by Platinum weird but this version isn’t so bad

  • lilly

    nice song but i want more zanessa news & pictures!!

  • karina

    not bad song-it’s all I can say…
    JJ some zac news or picz???

  • Starbucks fanatic

    Don’t like the song. Don’t like the singer. Don’t like the video. Can’t wait for another post to replace this one.

  • woodhorse

    the song says she wants to be Amy Lee/Evanescence and the clothes & makeup say she wants to be Jennifer Anniston. That’s what I think of the video “on this planet they call Earth”

  • coco

    Love it. She is taking chances. She is not singing her usual power ballads.

  • salma

    do you find vanessa hudguns baeutiful??!!!!!! MAYBE I’am blind but me i really don’t she’s cute but not pretty at allllllll plizz answer……….

  • Tugba

    Vanessa is cute, stunning, gorgeuos, and beautiful!!

  • BBperfume

    i almost thought i was watching one of those Mission impossible flicks. Maybe that’s what She wanted to translate by the song taking chances…But she has major make-up, too over-the-top..a bit tranny-ish..But good song though,has has adequate airplay on Canadian top 40 radio and the tune has already grown on me

  • salma

    more pics from EVA LONGORIA pliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiz

  • zac

    i recently saw Celine’s show in Vegas finally and she spectacular live.
    say what you want about her, she may be cheesy but her instrument is amazing.
    i have total respect for her too as an artist. she’s not all about the bullshizz hype, she brings it.

  • ZZ

    Okay I never thought I would ever say this about Celine Dion cause I’ve loved her music so far.But this is just BORING. Her last record in french sucks too.Do me a favor Celine and go back to your old songwriters (JJ Goldman for eg.Ugly make up btw

  • Tiger

    Love It!

    Thanks Jared for sharing it!!

  • Regina

    Seeing as it’s such a slow day, Jared. Post some pictures of the wonderful Naomi Watts at the London Film Festival!

  • Jennie

    i’ve always been a fan of her, ever since i was just 9 years old !

  • Josh

    omg that video sucked, its almost as bad as britneys.

  • Amy

    I like the song a lot, I’m not sure about the video, but good song and at least it’s creative.

  • roch

    omg i love celine!!! thanks so much for posting it…but..honestly.the make up is a lil too much though…but i love celine..and the song…a great comeback!!!!!

  • Michael

    This is that doll from Lars and the Real Girl?
    Daft Punk look more natural than her.

  • Carol

    Love the song but not the video, could have been more romantic.
    Saw her 2 times in Vegas and she is just incredibly amazing in person!!! jared, if you get a chance to go don’t miss it.

  • huh

    OmG LiKe iS EvErYoNe HeRe 13 yrs OLD??!!?!?! Vanessa/Zack are so not interesting…i don’t need to see a photo of them getting coffee every day!!! Celine is pure talent, her Vegas show was AMAZING.

  • Jim

    Wow , I’m impressed. Didnt expect to hear this kind of sound from Celine. This is definitely a good new territory for her.

  • You know what

    The song is nice and the video is good but the two dont match, the video is too fast paced for the song.

  • Youpi


  • melissa

    The video was kinda blah.. but the song is fantastic! I always hear that song on the radio and I was wondering who sang it, now I know! Thanks!

  • Alex

    Fantastic song!! the video… well it could be better and more connected with the song but still its a step forward for a Celine video. Kara and Dave worked with her on the song, they offered it to her so they, the very creators, must think she improved the song. Haters can go to hell.

  • bluemoon

    I love this song, it’s so catchy and fresh! The video is good too.
    Celine Dion is the best snger in the world, the most talented one, and everytime she proves it!

  • kate.

    copy copy copy
    i like the original better!

  • Marta

    Beautiful & real song!!!

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • JJ

    Oh man, what a cool video. I love the chase scene around Nevada. Celine looks great and it’s def a new sound for her. I really like this song a lot and now I’m looking forward to the new cd Nov 13th.

  • valy872

    this song is beautiful!!!!
    Celine has an amazing voice… i think she’s the best singer in the world.. i love her!!!

  • PS

    I love her music! Great song. I wish I could look like her at her age (40). Video is a little unusual.

  • Victoria

    This song sounds like “Halo” by Bethany Joy Lenz…

  • Aurélie

    i’m french and I like Céline Dion when she sings in French, but in English… I LOVE !!!! The clip is really good!

  • Céline

    Yeah my name is Céline as well!! hehe!!
    Anyway I really love her voice, but she could sing better songs, but this song is quite nice!!

  • Jumble

    Boring stuff. Where’s the Cirque du Soleil when you need it?

  • timeywimey

    She is struggling very hard at making herself current. She is not meant for edgy songs. Her vocal style is not suited for this. The video does not go with the song at all. It would be better for a fast paced song. I thought this song would have had a country setting with her sitting on a bench by a courtyard with flowers and horses in the background, not a mission impossible type deal. She should go back to the ballads.