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Pamela Anderson Wedding Pictures

Pamela Anderson Wedding Pictures

Pamela Anderson gave OK! an exclusive look into her Oct. 6 wedding with Rick Salomon.

“I am finally fulfilled in my life in every area,” Pamela said in her cream denim Valentino gown. “I’m having the best time in my life.”

Rick, 39, organized the entire quickie ceremony and Pamela’s driver and confidante Errol Lyon gave her away with the blessing of her father.

Rachel Ashwell of Shabby Chic transformed a villa at the Mirage with white roses, balloons and hundreds of votive candles.

This is the third marriage for both Pam (Kid Rock, Tommy Lee) and Rick (Elizabeth Daily, Shannen Doherty).

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  • Fleasha

    Slow news day…

  • Kim

    where are the pics?

  • alexxxxxxxxxxx


  • sandrea

    entire quickie ceremony! hahaha! nice!

  • Dastickupkid

    PAM SL$TTERSON, can kiss MY everybody’s ass!

    WHO CARES? She will be modeling another Wedding dress in about 2 years from now! It might be sooner! Rick, might call her a sl@t, and she might get mad! I bet that men need a flashlight to enter her P*ssy! They might trip,& fall inside! LOL

  • Letícia

    and where’s the pics ?

  • Letícia

    and where ARE the pics *

  • Lovenicolekidman!

    this is her wedding dress ?
    she is a b*tch !

  • juleee

    uaahm… a bit short for a weddig dress ?! she`ll never learn it…

  • Meredith

    photoshop.I can’t they let her have kids…

  • Rae

    She looks like a blowup doll. And just as dazed. And really, your veil should not be the same length as your dress unless it’s floor length.

  • Julz

    shabby chic matches perfect!

  • Cookie

    Tacky, thy name is Pamela.

  • Mieka

    What?? No white bikini this time! I suppose that would be tacky for a third marriage. Proper etiquette would require an ivory bikini for her third try.

  • Iris

    I think she actually looks gorgeous. Like Barbie.

  • angelina_mmm

    Hayden Panttiere :)

  • Sam

    Congrats Jared, you’re the first to post the picture!!

    ps. cream, denim and Valentino should not exist.

  • Kim

    Why cant i view the pictures?

  • Flisbeth

    oh my

  • remember da truth

    Really, a DRESS this time? No bikini? Maybe she’s maturing!

    I bet her father just said, Yeah, whatever, go have another wedding. He’s probably so past being embarrassed or caring what she does anymore.

  • SkankyHO

    why does she always look like a skanky slut when she gets married. I give them 3 months before they file for divorce. I feel sorry for those poor kids of hers that have to watch her marry dirty man after dirty man.

  • rach

    cool she is married again……Where are some Zanessa pics?

  • susan

    she is such a skank…now that her looks are starting to fade, all she can do now is make media headlines…if I was a man, I’d be terrified to sleep with her…because we know she’s probably contracted various type of diseases from sleeping with such equally skanky men…she is such a bore…move on!!

  • susan

    haha, can’t believe this site censored me…all I called her was a sk***. Is that really a curse word? Come on now Jared…

  • Yoet

    she is absolutely ridiculious!!! Her third marriage…she needs to take herself seriously or otherwise no one will…She seems such an easy woman….I don’t understand, now days people don’t take marriage seriously, that is why they marry so many times…I honestly don’t like Pam…Ew!!

  • ???

    JJ stop re-printing OK magazines bullshit. I’m sick of reading about their lies and it keeps the story alive! I’m speaking of your post before this one!

  • hmmmm

    A infected bride- oh yippee. Serial bride, what’s this the 3rd time. He’s the guy who slept with, or rumored to have been involve with infected Parasite and the se.x tape. Gross.

    Pam needs to sit her but.t down somewhere. You are no longer 20, Mrs.Thang. Stop running around nude in front of your young sons. And take that exta large cement out of your chest. Sure from rhe waist down she looks ok. But where’s her dignity. Delusional hag, you can look nice without this over exposure to the public you thrive on. This right in your face. She’s just nasty to me. A Wedding is another way for her to get her has been @ss some attention, even more coverage, he had dealings with Parasite.

  • liza

    and just how many marriages will it take to completely f*** her children up?
    I think this will do it!

  • Jackie

    you know, this woman bounces around marriages, does Coke and is always pictured wearing a slutty outfit and drinking hard liquor. And you people want Britney’s kids taken away?

  • pathetic&desperate

    Pam is so flipping NASTY. ITA, removed the bricks they look ridiculous. Poor kids, a drug induced hoe for a mother. Where’s CPS when needed?

  • (‘@’)

    She looks absolutely awful without make-up!!

  • piper, with a low

    Usually, photos in b&w improve the subject… not this time.

    There is something seriously off about these pictures. Her eyes, the way she’s standing. She was a model, you know. She knows how to arrange her body in order to take an attractive picture.

  • miranda

    oh my god what a slut…..did she get pregnant by her friend and then decided to marry him?? why is she f ucking her friend anyway??? nice wedding dress….. mmm NAAAAT!

  • Ha!

    She’s such a joke. But she still has great legs!

  • Marilu

    Pamela’s legs look great, but on the occasion of her THIRD marriage, and at age 40, I think that she could possibly have tried wearing something more – dare I say – conservative.

  • Ace tomato

    This is getting SCARY. Pam at 40 still runs around as if she is Pam at 25. She’s in great shape, but she is showing her age. I would have guessed by now she would have figured out a way to back away from her image and transition into being a little more tasteful. She’s got to. This is pushing the barriers for 40, and on a lot of levels I think Good For Pam.

    But . . . what is she going to do at 50? She is at the tipping point of descending into a Baby Jane.

    So very not sexy.

  • Angel eyes

    Oh my gawsh, it’s Hooker Barbie? where can I buy one
    and how much?

  • lops723

    I always thought she was decent, but not after I saw Kid Rock’s interview on larry King.

  • Ally

    “cream denim Valentino gown.”

    Should’ve been “cream denim”, or “Valentino gown.” That is an unholy fashion creation Pam. And how in the world is that a “gown”???!!

  • prep revival


  • funny sh*t


  • remember da truth

    Who said this isn’t conservative? She usually marries in a white bikini! And with Kid Rock, did it lots of times!

    This is a huge step up for her. She’s actually wearing something that covers her ass and tummy.

    The pictures ARE weird. Almost like the nightvision tape of Paris by Pam’s husband!

  • alessandrajordan

    i hate celebrites like this who needs to get married to get some sort of attention.

    she puts the S in STUPID.

  • ryza

    The Bride of Chucky

  • Mama

    she is a nasty pig George Clooney hit it right when he said ” I already had a pig I don’t need another one!!!! Grow up Pammy your looks are starting to slip. Jeez grow up

  • http://bam pebbles

    she looks like a junkie whore transvestite trash trash trash plastic trash:)))))))))

  • biman

    where are the pics