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Reese Witherspoon's Morning Glory

Reese Witherspoon's Morning Glory

Reese Witherspoon is in unusually good spirits as she clears security at LAX airport on Wednesday in Los Angeles.

It’s always a pleasant surprise to see Reese smiling for photogs. Oh happy day!

Reese, 31, is in talks rumored to join a top secret romantic comedy, the J.J. Abrahms-produced Morning Glory. According to several Entertainment Weekly sources, “[the screenplay] has been printed on Mylar-like paper that can’t be photocopied. And it’s only been made available to agents who represent A-list talent.” Wow!!!

The film follows a struggling NYC news producer (Witherspoon) who recruits an iconic, egotistical anchorman (Harrison Ford) to revive a failing network’s morning show. Aline Brosh McKenna (The Devil Wears Prada) wrote the script, Roger Michell (Notting Hill) is directing.

20+ pictures inside of potential Morning Glory star Reese Witherspoon

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Photos: Dean/Gabo/Bauer-Griffin
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  • thats_right

    She is cute :) But Angelina Jolie is cuter than her :)

  • bataglio

    hope the script doesnt call for reese to hook up w/ford; i’m all for older men, but that’s xtreme

  • Natalie

    Love her. She looks cute here and has the best skin.

  • Vanessa

    Cute :]

  • [~Famous~]

    I peeped her Leno – cute personality, but FUG!

  • HEY

    Do we know where she is going today? Are they having a premiere in NYC??

  • -

    she’s cute, love her.

  • Jennie

    i really love her hair and her bangs ! she’s gorgeous.

  • gaby

    love herr!!!

  • gaby

    love herr!!!

  • janelle

    She’s doing the talk shows Thurs/Friday then maybe going to Rome for the Film Festival.

    So the kids must be home with the nanny. She should blow off doing all this press. I don’t think Rendition is going to be a big box office winner even with all her hard work.

  • sarahPUFFY

    reese is awesome – they have so many cute pix of her at – she’s a seriously gorgeous girl.

  • Amy

    I love her.

  • Jade

    Love Reese.She is a classy gal.I hope she is happy,she sure looks like she is.

  • HEY

    Rendition isn’t listed at the Rome Film Festival on IMDB?? Isn’t her kids b-day this week she wouldn’t miss that would she? I think Ms. W has some issues she was alittle odd in her interview on Jay Leno last night maybe just nerves.

  • Courtney

    She is really cute!
    I want to see her new movie…

    (if you wanna click my name to check out my celeb site..)

  • ivermom

    Love Reese, she looks gorgeous here

  • Susan

    Please don’t tell me that Witherspoon and Ford will be romantically involved in that movie…..He is WAY TOO old! And I love Ford.

  • Chelsey

    I saw Jake on Conan O’Bryan last night. He said that when he gets done with his interviews he is headed to Rome. He did not say why he was going. Not sure if its business or a vacation. If Reese is headed to Rome too, then she’s going to be with Jake. Stay tuned.

  • some info

    Reese is going to NYC and then to Rome, but she will be home early next week, it’s her son’s birthday. As for who is watching her kids, her parents are, if you watched Leno last night she said her mom was in town and was present during the show. He ex is filming and London for his current movie and will be doing the same for the movie after that. Odds are she got to NYC tonight, she is set to appear on the Today show friday morning, I’d bet the Rendition premiere is tomorrow. Reese is one of the few hollywood mothers that does not have a fulltime Nanny, she only uses them when working on jobs.
    Kinda of normal to have your parents watch your kids, but that is what she is doing, I’m sure if they need help they have it, since she is rich, but I still find her parents being around really normal.

    She is smiling because she will be with Jake for 4 nights.

  • Anon

    Woot! She’s probably with Jake right this minute. As we speak! In NYC. The screening of Rendition, is on October 21st at the Rome Film Festival. So they are probably going to leave NYC Friday and go to the festival for press on Saturday, the screening on Sunday and then home ot LA. BTW, #20. I think now that Rendition is almost behind them there will be a lot more than 4 nights together LOL!!!

    I noticed she seemed kind of nervous on Leno. She was all bouincy and chirpy and talked ono-stop about her kids and Halloween. One thing she said tho. She was “back East at a county fair and the kids saw some pigs in a race…” There were rumors she was at Martha’s Vineyard with Jake and then there were some pictures of her with her kids at the fair when they were caught by some photographer. But no pictures of her with Jake…yet… but if they are together, we will eventually see pictures. And if they aren’t we won’t.I can wait.

  • some info

    During Leno she talked about going to the fair back east with her kids and the pigs. That was for sure the fair on MV she was photographed attending. So, why bring up something like that on Leno unless it was a secret shout out to someone. She never said she went back home or to her parents, she just said back east.

    She is legally free to move on now, divorced in the sense that she can marry again, as of Oct 5th. There is a reason for everything.

  • O

    omg i don’t want to see Harrison Ford as a leading man opposite Reese ! THAT’S JUST GROSS ! WTF

  • Anon

    LOLOL!!! # 23. That’s why they call it “acting.”
    I can’t believe Reese wuld be doing a movie where her romantic partner is Harrison Ford. Ewwww! Why doesn’t Reese do a romantic comedy with Jake! I would love to see them do a remake of the old movie, The Philadelphia Story. She’d be great in the Katherine Hepburn role. And he’d be great in the Cary Grant role.

  • +++

    Reese is a very versatile actress, loved all her rom-com movies.

  • 456

    Jake and Reese as a couple are sickening. I can’t believe there are people or at least one person who blog about it and get all excited and imagine that they are together.

  • http://- Joanna [Poland]


  • movie fan

    Janelle #11 You’re an idiot. First off, the kids have TWO parents. Who says they are with a nanny? They are likely with their FATHER.
    Why is it that people are so concerned with the kids of some celebs, but they never ask these questions about other celebs, who also have kids? Very revealing of where your sick mind is and how much resentment you have in you.

    Secondly, what does it matter if Rendition is big at the box office? You do press anyway, and maybe more so if the studio feels it hasn’t been overhyped and people might need to hear about it to get interested in going. DUH!!
    Besides, not everybody is all about cheap thrills for the masses. Maybe an interesting part, a challenging script, a chance to work with a certain director, a schedule that fits with co-parenting, there are many reasons for enjoying making a movie that has nothing to do with whether or not idiots like you even understand the film and want to see it.

  • lolz

    Who dares anger the Reese troll???

  • Marina

    Harrison Ford is too tall and too old…bad choice.

  • Regina

    Another romantic comedy? BORING! You can do much better Reese, you have the talent and you showed it to us when we saw ‘Election’, ‘Walk the Line’ and ‘Freeway’!

  • b.

    movie fan

    YOUR ARE AN IDIOT. So well informed,huuuuu. You know her???????????????????? Everyone is entidelt to his own opion,without getting names for that!!!!!!!!!!! I hate reese,ihate reese she`s a liar and someone who always dissing people without beeing asked for it,you IDIOT.

  • Kyla

    Jake & Reese make a horrible couple together. I want to literally vomit everytime I see either of them. They don’t even fit the mold. I have been watching their recent interviews and cannot believe that they could possibly be together. I see absolutely no warmth to Reese whatsoever. She seems very stuck up and snobbish to me. And she is always struggeling for answers to the questions in these interviews. She is not prepared for them. She looks like she is making things up as she goes along. As for Jake, all of his interviews since the Toronto Film Fest, I swear he is acting and looking more and more gay everyday. I do’nt ever remember him being like that before. Something very weird is going on with him these days. Its really creepy.

  • jessy

    I saw Jake on the Ellen DeGeneres show this morning. Ellen tried to question him about whether he was dating anyone or not. AGAIN, JAKE DODGED THE QUESTION.!!! And on Regis & Kelly this week they tried to question him about his social life, and his answer was “I have a very good social life right now”. So it seems Jake & Reese are together still.

  • mina

    #11 I read that rendition was so bad that some critics had to leave in the middle of the movie so you might be right about it not being so good at the box office. I also heard that Ben Afflecks movie although his critic friends are giving it a thumbs up is really crappy.

  • Mikala

    I too heard that Rendition was a crappy movie. With so many other movies coming out this weekend, I think I will go see something else. Besides Rendition will be out on DVD and cable before you know it. Save the time and money for now.

  • Anon

    I saw a sneak preview of Rendition and it is very good. I find it interesting that there is a deliberate effort by some people to convince us not to see a movie before it is even out just bcz they say they “heard” it isn’t good. Ebert thought it was perfect. I respect him. There are a few other professional film critics I respect that said it is very well done.
    BTW: Jake is excellent.And Meryl, Reese and Peter are excellent. Alan Arkin is excellent.Omar Metwally is absolutely awesome. What a performance! And he is hot! If you don’t even go see it how will you ever know? Why would you let someone else make that decision for you?
    What a sorry bunch of jerks you are.

  • Cristiane Vallim

    It is very sad that the Hollywood studios is a kind of Sex Disneyland for actors at present. It would be a beautiful place to work and culture! The director Victor Salva filmed oral sex with a 10 years old actor boy in studios of Disney. There are actors whose indirect advertisement for drogs too. Angelina Jolie told taht she tried all kind of drogs some weeks ago. Reese Witherspoon don’t appear in studios and let the director Joe Carnavan and the people waithing for her. She has an argument with a paparazzi (Tood Wallance) and the police found him death in a Motel after that…Jake Gyllenhaal fight with another actor in studio during Jarhead filming and Mark Ruffalo complained that he don’t study the script when he is filming…Both of this actors…Reese Witherspoon and nepothism Jake Gyllenhaal don’t have interest to work…If this gossip about them is true..for them the studios are a good place to a orgy and to win easy money without work and with corruption. The drog dealers would be happy with advertisemnt and probably pay a lot of money for the actors whose help them. The corrupt authorities of USA government will be happier because they will win more money than actors. Perhaps USA can be like Britsh Empire whose exported Opium for Chine in the past apart all money that USA win with weapons!!! The prostitution mafia will be happy with immoral actors too because they can sell a person several times not once like drogs…

  • jj

    Rendition is 40% rotten on RottenTomatoes and 23% rotten for “cream of the crop” which are the major reviewers. Are they are sorry bunch of jerks simply because they didn’t like the movie?

    I have certain actors that I would buy a ticket if they were reading the phonebook in a monkey suit. It wouldn’t matter to me what anyone said. Your pissy attitude isn’t going to convince anyone to see this movie and it isn’t going to make it “perfect”. So why don’t you stop attacking everyone who doesn’t share your opinion?

  • Brandy

    Please do not put reese and jolie in the same category.
    anyway reeese I think you a wonderful Parent keep up the good work.