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Suri Cruise is an Us Weekly Cover Girl

Suri Cruise is an Us Weekly Cover Girl

Us Weekly has chosen Suri Cruise, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes‘ adorable little daughter, as this week’s cover girl!

The tab tackles Scientology and how it’s affected Suri‘s upbringing:

Suri was fed a mixture of barley water, milk and corn syrup, as advocated by L. Ron Hubbard, instead of formula and breast milk.
– She is too young to take classes at the Scientology Centre, but is constantly surrounded by believers, including her two nannies. “Tom doesn’t like associating with people who aren’t Scientologists,” says an insider.
Suri is not scolded but instead explained that bad behavior (like throwing a toy) is the “wrong action.”
TomKat are very lenient and don’t give Suri many rules. “They always want to please her,” said an insider.

The article closes with Us calling Tom and Katie “typical parents.” TYPICAL?

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  • lawrencia

    you must be kidding me.

  • diane

    wow firrrstttttt

  • Lobo

    Katie, take your daughter and RUN AWAY

  • piper, with a low

    US Weekly is fcuked!!


  • stacey

    Wow. That’s just put me off TomKat as parents. Sounds like Suri will be one SPOILED BRAT.

  • Diana

    Funny, that the other kids are out of view now that they have Suri as their new prop.

  • Bite me


  • Amy

    They are typical parents. They are doing what they believe is best. We all do. And then we pay the price when they are teenagers.

  • laura

    she looks so much like katie, it’s unbelieveable!!

  • Steph

    Another future messed up kid in Hollywood!

  • emily santiago

    that’s just gross, using your daughter because she has two loser parents that noone wants to see. sorri for suri.

  • haruhi suzumiya

    they even do e-meters to little kids!!

  • http://JARED.COM WARAY


  • Anonymous

    Suri is the most photogenic celebrity child in her age group. She’s adorable.

  • annabel

    cute suri but this scientology thing cant get through my head

  • LJ

    Cute, but i hate when USWeekly put kids without their parents in cover..

  • Jan

    Corn Syrup???? Too much sugar for a baby.NOT good.

  • aliens amongst us

    Suri will definitely need a NOSE job. Her nose is messed up. Katie shops to fill the void of her unhappy life with gay alien cult leader Tom. Her mistake is leaving Suri with cult Queen ‘throw mama from the train’ grandma. One of her many mistakes.


    Who cares about Us Weekly??

  • outer space

    The child will grow out of those expensive clothes in no time,what a waste, most 3 year olds go through clothes fast. Suri will too.

  • WTH?

    Beautiful Child!!!!

  • Regina

    Oh my god, that is so adorable! But seriously she looks about 3/4 years old!

  • yorick

    Us Weekly has a lot of nerve.

    Just a few months after that stupid “Inside Katie’s Prison” article, they have a nerve to pretend to never happened.

  • yorick

    This article is bullsh!t by the way folks

  • Toms not da dad

    Three yr. olds should’nt be wearing designers clothes.
    Weird!Don’t worry bout Suri’s flat nose,
    Katy will have it fixed like she did her own.

  • Lauren

    it sound okay execept for the barley water. yuck!

  • Karen

    Suri is darling…and her parents are doing things their way, how they think it should be done…who cares what everyone else thinks…and who believes the crap in Us Weekly, anyway?

  • Estelle

    US Weekly is so full of shit. Giving a baby barley, milk and corn syrup instead of breast milk or formula in this day and age would count as child abuse. Suri would clearly be malnourished.

    There was a health nut couple I heard about on the news that gave their baby only soy milk (not soy formula) and apple juice because they believed it was the healthiest thing to give their baby. It died at 2 months and only weighed as much as a newborn and they are going to prison.

  • Frenchy


  • jeopardy!

    Those people who keep criticizing Suri’s nose please lay off, willya? She will grow into them (or not) and have it fixed (or not) maybe in future, but for now stop picking on it and just enjoy the pictures of a cute little girl (no matter who her parents are!)

  • give it til 2008

    Cant wait til the truth comes out bout the catholic woman marrying the cult leader. Suri’s real age and the truth about those scientitology(sp?). They aint fooling nobody.

  • kAY

    Us Weekly… give me a break and I don’t understand why folks have a problem withe the relgion Katie and Tom choose to practice. It’s none of your business. People get over it, not one of us really knows what goes on in the “Private” life.

  • BB

    No more scientology robots.

  • dido


  • areaon


    What does THAT mean?

  • WHAT?

    Typical? Brainwashed mother and cult leader father is typical these days? Hmmm.

    I predict Suri will run away at 16 with Maddox and they will live together on his preserve in Camobia. After successfully being deprogramed, she will write a tell all book about her gay father and the evils of the “church”. LOL!

    Run Suri run!!


    CAN’T WAIT!!!
    New issue of Entertainment Weekly, Page 19:

    “EW has learned that the manuscript of Andrew Morton’s upcoming unauthorized Tom Cruise biography just landed in the New York City offices of its publisher, St. Martin’s. The book – due Jan. 15, according to an industry insider – is the dirt-digging latest from Morton, the
    best-selling author…”

    He did it!!!

    Somehow Andrew Morton hid from Xenu and will, hopefully, rip the closet door off Gay Midget Dwarf’s fraud existence! LOVE ANDREW MORTON!

    As for just how scandalous the tome will really be – I reported two years ago that when he first started the project, St Martin’s went to great pains, VERY expensive pains, to secure unprecedented tight ass legal protection for themselves and for Morton. Needless to say – it wouldn’t be necessary unless the contents are explosive!

    Wonder if the GMD is losing his shit? It’s terrible timing. Lions for Lambs opens in a month – hailed as his big comeback, some even say he’s gunning for Oscar, this will undoubtedly damage those chances especially as the reported release date falls just one week before Oscar nominations are to be announced.

    How will he counteract the Homo whispers and the sinister church revelations? Poor Katie and Little Sci are going to be busy.

    Chills, chills, chills.

    Praise Xenu, ah-Thetan.

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    Barley water ,milk and corn syrup? OMG.No wonder she’s so big for her age.

  • funny

    Really this Us weekly **** should stop putting kids in it`s cover,This isn`t funny anymore.

  • Preesi

    Heres the Scientology Baby Formula recipe

  • http://justjared paula abdul

    I wouldn’t want to be the one to change her diapers,barley water and milk,that shit makes you gassy.

  • Francophile

    36 WHAT? : 10/17/2007 at 11:19 am
    Typical? Brainwashed mother and cult leader father is typical these days? Hmmm.

    I predict Suri will run away at 16 with Maddox and they will live together on his preserve in Camobia. After successfully being deprogramed, she will write a tell all book about her gay father and the evils of the “church”. LOL!

    Run Suri run!!


    Dies !!!

    I am in stiches !!!

  • oh dear

    It is sad to see an innocent child raised by a cult and to especially watch a Mother allow that is so disturbing on so many levels.

    Katie – you sold your soul and now your childs and for what – all for the promise of money and fame. You disgust me…

  • starstruck

    Katie was blinded by her love for Tom Cruise, the movie star.

  • Marilu

    Barley water mixture vs. breast milk. Does L. Ron Hubbard know more than God in regards to nourishing a baby? I think not.

  • lol

    lol she looks like william mapother.

  • Tom is sick in da head

    When Suri rebels and needs counseling she wont get it, cuz Tomya dont beleive in doctors.
    Remember, they have different bedrooms,Katie and Tom.
    Tom opens his back door to let in his many male lovers, all 4 ft. 9 inches and look like Prince,and Katie to let in Suri’s real father, and a catholic priest for her confessions.
    Suri wont go to normal schools so we wont ever get to know her true age. Suri will be resentful and rebel. How many times can you take a ride to Saturn and not be bored.

    Katie is to blame for this. She’s tall enough and has legs built like a tree she could kick gramndma martian and her child dwarfs @ss and take Suri on the space craft and live on Mars .
    What is she waiting for?


    This “scientology-mixture” is “better” than breast-milk? I think NOT~! Even ppl. who do not have children, would be able to concede that b. milk would be the most important nourishment/food- that parents’ can choose to feed their child/children… What absolute MORONS Tom and Katie are- more so Katie for going along with such *rubbish*… I totally agree with # 5- Stacey, Suri will be one HUGE SPOILT BRAT with this type/style of parenting- kids need to have boundaries/rules/and need to know that the parent is the parent and the one “in charge”- without that- they will flounder, manipulate the you-know-what- out of the parent(s) and you will be left with a “nightmare” child… I guess in Suri’s case- it doesn’t matter if she turns out to be a “nightmare”- Tom and Katie can always delegate discipline duty to one of the two nannies they employ- only in LALA land!– Gotta Love it! (sarcastically-speaking, of course~!)

  • lol

    I think she’s closer to baby Zahara’s age. almost 2.

  • Mediterranean

    I love Suri. She is a very beautiful girl.

    If she wants be a Catholic nun one day when she grows up, I shall crazily laugh at it. The future is not ours to see, Tom!