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Vanessa Hudgens Dropped by Disney?

Vanessa Hudgens Dropped by Disney?

High School Musical starlet Vanessa Hudgens has not signed a $1 million contract with shoe giant Skechers, reps for both Vanessa and Skechers tell Maybe next year!

And to make matters worse, OK! is exclusively reporting that Disney will not be asking Vanessa, 18, to join the feature film High School Musical 3.

At fault? The nude photo scandal.

“Disney finally decided that they don’t want her back,” says an insider. “They feel that as long as Zac Efron is in the movie, all will be fine. He’s the real star – the household name – and, most importantly, he comes without baggage.”

Who supposedly will replace Vanessa? Cheetah Girls Adrienne Baillon or DWTSSabrina Bryan (both 23).

Says OK!‘s source: “The producers think that after Dancing With the Stars, Sabrina will be more famous than Vanessa.”

Two words: YEAH, RIGHT!!!!!

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  • renan

    first o/

  • yoyo63


  • denise

    omg wat!

  • Liz

    No Way i wont watch it!No it’s not true! is it? i dont want it to be true! shes my fav nd with out her there is no plot or story! so is it true or false?

  • lidia

    OMG!!!!! this can’t b true!! go onto popstar’s myspace and ask them if it’s true cuz ok! has been known to write things that r 100% false and popstar always has the right deets! i’m gonna go ask them rite now!! i cant believe this!! if zac had any brians at all he would tell the disney people that if they were’t gonna put vanessa in it then they could shove his contract where the sun dont shine if u know wot i mean!! OMG!! i cant believe this!! i’ll DIE if she’s not in it…it wasa momentary lapse in judgement…what happened to disney sticking by her??
    we should start sum sort of petition or sumthin 2 KEEP HER INNNNNN!!!
    soz this was a bit long but im just shocked!!


    same here jared… Yeah Right!!!!!

  • Boris

    OMG! NO! Poor Baby V.. I hope her career’s not over now.. And on top of that she apologized for the nude photo scandal thing.. she really doesn’t deserve that.. We love u Baby V!!!

  • alexxxxxxxxxxx

    STUFF THT!!!!
    YEH RIGHT Adrienne nor sabrina can replace vanessa
    its not right
    and disney will just loose faith and supportrs
    wait a second
    who said tht zac will even be in the movie if vanessa isnt in it?
    so OK! might be lieing
    stupiddddd disney
    trust me ull pay BAD if u replace vanessa
    whoz with me?
    raise a hand

  • kaileyk

    i am not going to see high school musical 3 if vanessa hudgens not in it!!!!

  • victoria

    omg!how can they ever replace vanessa???thats just so stupid without her on the set it will not be as fab!sabrina and adriene from the cheetah girls do not fit the character gabriella at all..i think the rest wont be really liking it without v coz they are like a happy family especially zac and ashley……..this sucks…..

  • victoria

    im not goin 2 watch hsm3 without baby v…….ims sure it will be very hard 4 zac to do romantic scenes now without v……no matter what im supporting baby v all the way 100 percent!if young kids will be watchin it they will be asking their parents ”mummy,why does gabriella looks different”?……..

  • Boris

    Oh BTW, Zac’s birthday’s tomorrow…

  • charli

    if Vanessa is replaced in HSM3.. it wont be as popular.. why? cuz Zac & Vanessa have REAL chemistry happening. If Disney replace her.. they’ve made the WORST mistake.
    Seriously, what are lil kids going to say to their parents? “Why does Gabriella look different?”
    And the parents will go “oh hun. thats cuz disney fired her cuz of some nude photos”.. yeah that will be a great conversation.
    i personally doubt that i’d watch it at the cinemas cuz its not worth paying to watch a couple with a lack of chemistry.. yes i maybe a Zanessa fan, but it’d be weird watchin someone else play Gabby.. the role that V made famous. It wouldn’t be fair.
    I hope Zac and the others stick up for Vanessa.. and so should all of us Vanessa, Zanessa fans…
    without Vanessa.. HSM3 is ruined.

  • victoria

    there will so not be any chemistry between troy and gabriella……argh!i just so hope that this is all a rumour or understanding……i hope that v’s future will still be bright and zanessa will go strong and keep holding on………

  • mhm.

    Well how wrong can Disney be.

    Half the people that have watched High School Musical 1 & 2 wont watch 3 if Vanessa isn’t in it.

    Wont be the same even if only one of the characters gets dropped, but one of the 2 MAIN ones.


  • Just Jared


    charli, that is the flipping funniest fake made-up conversation I have ever heard. Kudos to you!

  • Boris

    Yeah and #14(Victoria): Talking about chemistry.. Zanessa won the “Best Chemistry” award at the Teen Choice Awards..

  • charli

    aaand.. “Sabrina will be more famous than Vanessa.”

    thats hilarious. i’m sorry but most people i know would have no idea who the hell Sabrina is… but Vanessa on the other hand.. she’s already famous.. ALL OVER THE FRIKKIN WORLD…

    Disney should stop living in the past and let this whole nude scandal slip by. Yes it was wrong.. but how was she to know that it’d be leaked for the whole world to see.

    BABY V supporter for life!!

  • alyssea

    WTF!this is so damn bullshit!if v is replaced hsm 3 would not be dat nice or popular….i juz dun tink dis is fair to v…..i juz hope dat other cast from hsm 1&2 will be there 4 v and stand up for v and dat they will support her 100percent through dis especially v……

  • andrea

    i think that Disney-dropping-V-from HSM3 thing is complete bull.

  • VanehudgensitalyFan

    nnooooooooooooooooooooooo hsm 3 Will stick Vanessa without! Disney Silly! W Vanessa! Adrienne Baillon or Sabrina Bryan are stupid and
    Not slap The stupendous success as Vanessa! ! ! Vane

  • mhm.

    Ohh yeah forgot to say,

    “The producers think that after Dancing With the Stars, Sabrina will be more famous than Vanessa.”

    Who’s Sabrina?

    Seriously. I don’t have a clue who she is, Dancing With the Stars isn’t shown on any of the common channels.

    So how are the rest of the world meant to know who she is?

  • shortie

    eff disney, i hate them. i was gonna be an extra in hsm 3. since, v is not in it, i’m not even trying to be an extra. i will never watch any effin disney movie, if they cancel v. eff disney. i’ll give my disney shit away and keep my old hsm stuff away. my cousins will be so sad. eff disney, they can go to hell and OK! magazine can effin go to hell. this betta be a lie. if it isn’t eff disney and that damn effin magazine.-_-

  • alyssea

    disney is juz makin the most stupid and wrong move!so wad if zac is in the movie it still wont turn out nice…btw sabrina and adriene is older then zac im sure they will feel weird……and the cast wont be the previous happy,big and lovin family they use to be if v is not in the third movie


    I dont get! i thought disney will stick to her! what on earth happen?!

    Im praying this all just a dream!

    Baby V were here for you! everything will be fine.

  • alexxxxxxxxxxx

    IM SO ANGRY about this
    i will seriously start a petition if i have to to leave vanessa in hsm3
    i like prac dnt no who sabrina or adrienne or wateva her name our really
    i just sawe them on cheetah girls once
    but vanessa
    i see her like everywhere i go
    in magz
    on billboards

    i swear this better be sme stupid NOT FUNNY joke
    i will hate u disney
    and im sure a lot of others will if vanessa leaves


  • shing

    OMFG!!!!!! I’m not watching HSM3 … HSM3 will not be the same without Vanessa !!! Disney channel is going to lose lots of fan !!! And Jared, you’re right… All I’m saying is that no one can ever replace Vanessa Hudgens, no one!!! Everyone deserve a second chance, am I right?

  • andrea

    and IF this turns out to be true, then i’m sorry to say this, but Disney’s shooting themselves in the foot.

    by taking away V, they’re destroying the very thing that makes HSM appealing – the chemistry between V and Zac.

    hell, maybe the rest of the HSM cast will just say no to HSM3, and Disney’s gonna be in deep, deep, shit.

  • VanehudgensitalyFan

    Vanfanculo Disney

  • bec

    it wont be the same with out her.. disney is making a HUGE mistake if they dont have her.. yes zac is a main part of it but so is vanessa..!! the whole ZANESSA thing kids love them both!! it just wont be the same.. and i defently wouldnt enjoy it as much with out her.!!!! OMG i hope they dont make it with out vanessa OMG!!

  • Spirit

    If this is true I am NOT watching HSM3!!! arggggggggge!!! I am pissed! I never thought Sabrina was a pretty girl. IMO. I cannot see anyone play Gabriella but Vanessa.

  • Ani

    OMG!!!!!! HSM 3 without Vanessa will be nothing.I won’t watch it if it’s like that.she can’t be replaced.This is fucked up.I totally support V!!!!

  • alexxxxxxxxxxx

    im questioning now
    who said the OTHER ppl will be in hsm if vanessa is not
    ULL PAY belive me
    zac might not even do it if V is nt in it
    has disney questioned that
    or is OK! lienong like they USAULLY DO

  • linkjma love ss van

    what, what, what?, a kidding?, i’ll not watching hsm3, i hate disneyyyyyy, hate, hate

  • Jess

    This is definitely untrue. Its ridiculous Sabrina would never be as famous as V just by dancing with the stars.
    No one would watch it without Vanessa.
    And i hate that they say Zac is the real star, that is so not true.
    But OK is unreliable

  • kathastic

    if they don’t offer the role to vanessa, then i hope zac doesn’t sign up

    the movie will be nothing without her!

  • Samara

    I cant believe how can they say that Zac is the only star… and the rest of the cast??? I like Zac but I think that it’s a compleatly madness if they don’t want Vanessa in the film ¬¬!! goshhh! truely I think they are making the wrongest thing… ummmm, nobody want Nessa out and the film will be a shit without her… OS ODIO MIERDOSOS!!

  • fresh

    who cares?

  • anonymous

    hsm want be the same without v….im not gonna watch it.

  • Del

    If ness isn’t in hsm 3 (which is going to be released in cinemas), i don’t think that anyone will watch it, apart from those fans of the replacement.
    zac and the rest of the hsm cast have stuck by ness throughout the scandals, and i think that they will stick together through this other hurdle ness has to jump. remember they are “all in this together”.

    just a message for ness if you’re reading, i, along with all your fans are behind you, as far as the sky can reach. don’t worry you’ll get over this, and with flying colours.

  • katie

    in the ok! article. Adrienne Baillon is trying to convince disney to have zac and cody and brenda song in the movie and other disney stars!???!!!! that is so stupid! why don’t they just make it as disney star’s movie then, instead of hsm. lmfao. i hate that girl.



    There can only be one lifeguard for Zac… its Vanessa!

  • lexie

    I WILL NOT watch hsm3 without vanessa in it!!
    NO WAY!!!

  • may

    two words: NO WAY!

  • Spirit


  • TH

    Don’t believe OK magazine. I mean hello they said they nessa and Zac had broken up.

    I think it is a load of bull to be honest. There isn’t even a script yet. So NONE of the stars are even signed. They all want to read the script first, so until the script is out and they have read it, I doubt that anything will be getting signed.

  • Erin

    boycott hsm3!

  • troy

    First let me say this is just is another hooey of from Okay Magazine. Just a couple of weeks ago they were reporting that everything was hunky-dory and cameras on “High School Musical 3″ were set to start rolling in January. Now they are reporting that after issuing statements that “Vanessa has apologized for an obvious lapse in judgement and we hope she has learned her lesson,” and giving every indication they accept that apology they are JUST now deciding the scandal which has died down by the way is something they can’t overlook? Why? What’s changed? Nothing that’s what. If they had made a move like this IMMEDIATELY after the photo was leaked, I could understand it. But a month later? No huh-uh. This doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    Besides it was reported in TV Guide a week after the story broke that Disney was carefully monitoring public response via e-mails and callers to Radio Disney and it was mostly supportive of Vanessa. So I say again if this nonsense is true-which I don’t belive for a minute that it is-what’s changed?

  • denise

    hsm 3 will be sucks without her!! omg! wat a stupid decision!

  • mayi

    two words: NO WAY!
    this cant be possible! high school musical wouldn’t be the same and wont be that appealing to the audience without vanessa!
    she’s a good actress/singer thats not a fair judgement. just for 1 pic everything over??? come on! disney! u’re dumping just like that after bringing millions to you!!!